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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “HorseSpirit,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Jo2dGHS First PunchAdult (f)3,5361,28411
DvFldHS DefenderAdult (m)2,7691,0656
3OFheHS Storm ChaserAdult (m)2,6891,0527
7IQLiHS Fallen FlameAdult (m)2,6941,0386
O29FVHS Aqua DeviceAdult (m)2,5446835
whC4fHS FrostfireAdult (m)2,6847937
GGXonHS Swift KickAdult (m)3,0998008
NTi5pHS OrionAdult (m)3,2788248
LIPGBHS Party TimeAdult (f)3,27879832
rsCuGHS StrikeAdult (m)4,0227555
5dFWqHS Dawn's LightAdult (f)4,1339167
znFPNHS VermilionAdult (m)5,5121,1636
CKQz9HS AlinaAdult (f)5,6671,1697
YULQFHS The Blaze of FonoaAdult (f)4,7951,00110
d6bIsHS Flowing ManeAdult (f)4,3801,0697
pW5SvHS Zeus's BoltAdult (m)5,0281,1495
fQ8R1HS Devil's LaughAdult (m)5,1271,1505
Mz3MbHS Love LumpsAdult (f)5,1001,1647
qJI3KHS Roaring FlameAdult (f)7,3021,4025
yZb41HS Hot Liquid MagmaAdult (m)4,8881,1855
9BZoSHS Fields of GreenAdult (m)4,9271,1524
dleazHS DodoAdult (f)5,1981,0736
91B6hHS BillAdult (m)5,2011,0784
uJnB8HS Knight of the NightAdult (m)4,4599124
B39l8HS Jack FrostAdult (m)5,0029093
6wi51HS Magma's BlazeAdult (f)4,8167882
dCtlhHS GarnetAdult (f)4,5907971
CFgUAHS WildfireAdult (m)2,7674196
K3SYwHS Hell's HoovesAdult (m)3,4925116
YJeyoHS PreciousAdult (f)4,3017433
ikRdcHS Roaring MagmaAdult (f)3,4177355
VvUnNHS Accidentally In LoveAdult (f)2,7484851
YuqBDHS MarieAdult (f)3,5425091
p3zJrHS Wild BlazeAdult (m)2,8313982
TBfYjHS Lord of the FlameAdult (f)3,5684924
OKGMHHS Aurora OolongAdult (m)6,0617593
XiOTqHS Sulfuric RoseAdult (f)3,35738710
O3JYQHS Auxio's FlameAdult (m)1,9673427
msTYpHS Qebls's Little LadyAdult (f)3,1642495
fXkWhHS Fearless LeapAdult (m)3,3342694
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