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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hope_Negaroth,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7N90xTime will tell usAdult (m)4,8711,1180
4hoKVLighting the TimelineAdult (m)3,6898062
BIGGmGate Keepers VisionAdult (f)5,1639432
xp49BIt can be changedAdult (f)4,9011,0900
Lo4unTime's Star ReaderAdult (f)4,4459942
TdU9QLet the Stars decideAdult (m)4,4901,0052
XAUTxTime's SeerAdult (m)3,1355882
Aojrq(Aojrq)Adult (f)3,8821,0163
DoaiqVain DreadnoughtAdult (m)3,9451,0822
V7ebILina PaleskinAdult (f)3,1309364
5CRvdShanna PaleskinAdult (f)3,1159343
nWjsXJack PaleskinAdult (m)8,3021,5106
l4qUTShe who Shuns the SunAdult (f)2,7977115
80cUzThey are oddAdult (f)5,2464662
lhQvwI Love my OwnerAdult (m)2,8098662
v063YShenalaAdult (f)2,4988301
VaMchDull AsheAdult (f)2,5268780
uukQtLunomeAdult (m)2,4178022
KqPAqSnowskin AlbinoAdult (f)5,8629625
bceqmShiny AlbinoAdult (f)5,6961,1761
DlmBP(DlmBP)Adult (m)6,1607953
IDGIo(IDGIo)Adult (m)4,1969404
acdb3(acdb3)Adult (m)3,6219732
d9O52(d9O52)Adult (f)5,2089671
xaJuB(xaJuB)Adult (m)4,9741,1061
VAAUU(VAAUU)Adult (f)3,7188941
ysssH(ysssH)Adult (f)3,7408951
vHwx5(vHwx5)Adult (f)3,6049091
ZQHJtFrilled Silver of the PaleHatchling (F)1,4104861
mh2luI Know My Owner Loves MeHatchling (m, F)3,0287013
WFBaP(WFBaP)Adult (m)6,0558332
E6iIj(E6iIj)Adult (m)2,7145133
1xBNQ(1xBNQ)Adult (m)6,8749694
Xwiyd(Xwiyd)Adult (m)1,9636621
Ikuhl(Ikuhl)Adult (f)3,8031,0881
CBddw(CBddw)Adult (m)3,8201,0910
H5vY5Craya Pink-Candy CBAdult (f)5,7289224
zSskG(zSskG)Adult (m)7,7301,0674
9Tyl4(9Tyl4)Adult (m)6,3794275
ar7qNLovecrafter LeandraAdult (f)1,56379710
T92e7Lovecrafter MariaAdult (f)1,5977970
zKMRd(zKMRd)Hatchling (f, F)2,4627241
AOFl5(AOFl5)Adult (f)2,2755940
mUidN(mUidN)Adult (m)2,2235600
Losr8(Losr8)Adult (m)2,6725852
CQtB1(CQtB1)Adult (m)2,0336701
bNHk0(bNHk0)Adult (f)2,1936521
lc5PO(lc5PO)Adult (m)3,0176273
uc5Ai(uc5Ai)Adult (f)5,6441,0994
oUDiW(oUDiW)Adult (f)2,6346992
cf8DnCap of ShadesAdult (m)1,9316816
0fXSjShade Force MageAdult (f)2,0847962
CNInQPearl The Shadow of the MoonAdult (f)2,3056792
2IYa1IB ShadowAdult (m)2,2996892
rA6npNightshadow ShadeAdult (m)2,4057276
rDJKdIB NightshadeAdult (m)2,2877093
e2HgpSeasonal Black FireAdult (f)2,8308273
Ukj2OBlack 'n BronzeAdult (f)2,7237982
BbE5PDark Shade Force MageAdult (f)2,1866595
te18bDead Silver n Black LureAdult (f)2,1546654
FgenAHe is the Blackest ShadowAdult (m)2,1406933
Hs994He Rules the Darkest NightsAdult (m)2,3807734
B7tPaDark Shadows of FireAdult (f)1,3186973
QBYgHBlack Fires of NatureAdult (f)1,4987204
ujAODVoid of Dark PowerAdult (m)1,9547685
kXfgRNight of a Black DefeatAdult (m)2,0017825
553qfThunderous Black VoidAdult (m)5,9731,4805
M8IlpShadow of the Dark RoseAdult (m)6,0131,1944
NPmIWHint of Gold that turned BlackAdult (f)6,1521,2682
qjj6BIce and Shadow of DarknessAdult (m)3,6439424
n0F3dBlack Gold MemoryAdult (m)2,5658492
kD8j9Black Golden DragonAdult (f)1,6667385
GCYsVSilver Moon ShadowsAdult (m)1,6006702
ddGseSilver and Black TwistAdult (f)1,6977493
liOmkSilver Rosy ShadowAdult (f)1,2946451
XvkCCPure Black Shadow LuraAdult (f)1,7978193
ZkXicGolden Shadow LillianAdult (f)1,6186215
YjG0GBlack Skull ShannonAdult (f)2,7225694
yH7t7Black Silver NeoAdult (m)2,3491,1281
uyVJeBlack Silver LuciaAdult (f)2,4591,1401
4RQNiSilver Shadow of TinselAdult (m)2,2461,1291
A87pLShadow of the Silver RoseAdult (m)2,6551,0572
e9tLWPure Black Shadow LukeAdult (m)3,8536841
lryRuDark Magic ShadowAdult (m)3,9406832
YjIpqDark Magic CynderAdult (f)2,2348025
WFvpHBackRainstromAdult (m)2,3259270
4uFjpShadowhyAdult (m)2,3788170
TbHKBBlackStormwindAdult (f)2,1819053
PfA3OPlayingDarknessAdult (f)2,4108281
m3txcBlack Magic MinaAdult (f)2,1325602
KkW4FGlitterShadowAdult (m)2,1116500
mEfNyPure NightTerrorAdult (m)2,5877361
yiKdII'll fall from lightAdult (f)2,3757211
Ahy60Shadows calling homeAdult (f)2,2486402
9QEVCTarnished Bronze and GoldAdult (f)2,5216301
krNDtBlack ShimmerghostAdult (f)2,5265965
mZW5jPure ShadowHeartAdult (f)2,5717047
GkRFqA bit of Black MagicAdult (m)2,8077646
GUCO1Shadowfel Nero CBAdult (m)5,9319164
AiSQlDark Pathfinder CBAdult (m)5,5119025
y0mT7Nightshade Claws CBAdult (m)4,4781,2242
jwHZnDarkness in PurityAdult (m)5,5707665
FdbtC(FdbtC)Adult (f)3,4408682
UYDa9(UYDa9)Adult (f)6,0461,0364
k9R29(k9R29)Adult (f)6,4771,0083
2MiUn(2MiUn)Adult (f)7,6468462
wKCTS(wKCTS)Adult (m)4,1274917
GRhjg(GRhjg)Adult (f)5,3861,1841
ujHPj(ujHPj)Adult (m)3,8769533
yfVUK(yfVUK)Adult (m)6,4969472
93UhU(93UhU)Adult (m)3,7808271
sLHtT(sLHtT)Adult (m)6,6508971
iKUdF(iKUdF)Adult (f)3,5508261
PkSNg(PkSNg)Adult (m)3,8668293
rJBcR(rJBcR)Adult (m)2,6625633
lw2Cs(lw2Cs)Adult (m)3,1294912
dzQ9c(dzQ9c)Adult (f)4,8088541
q9m5o(q9m5o)Adult (m)5,0168031
rmpeJ(rmpeJ)Adult (f)5,0447962
U8k1C(U8k1C)Adult (f)5,8367157
9OscT(9OscT)Adult (m)5,3666231
y5S86(y5S86)Adult (f)5,3636232
rlavq(rlavq)Adult (f)5,3466192
w1IkX(w1IkX)Adult (m)2,2365832
FHJ49(FHJ49)Adult (m)5,8297135
bD8Zf(bD8Zf)Adult (m)5,7717193
Qdnc3(Qdnc3)Adult (m)6,1347064
V3qxJ(V3qxJ)Adult (m)4,9368874
sMOW5(sMOW5)Adult (f)5,7989064
C0CqK(C0CqK)Adult (m)5,5357832
eDSFJ(eDSFJ)Adult (f)2,3765242
NHDAs(NHDAs)Adult (m)5,4487765
O79K4(O79K4)Adult (f)6,3997683
XOnTg(XOnTg)Adult (m)4,4627043
H5ldn(H5ldn)Adult (m)3,9357481
uPv9r(uPv9r)Adult (f)6,8501,0164
1i6pq(1i6pq)Adult (f)5,9021,0272
KA84Q(KA84Q)Adult (f)4,1766982
wHIV7(wHIV7)Adult (f)2,9347091
lk1uT(lk1uT)Adult (m)2,4647101
s2yR7(s2yR7)Adult (m)4,2259654
kSbhc(kSbhc)Adult (f)6,0369773
gr3Ym(gr3Ym)Adult (f)3,6691,0281
A6iym(A6iym)Adult (m)4,2959861
WplRk(WplRk)Adult (m)5,1399572
Cuci8(Cuci8)Adult (f)4,9179383
CtIjB(CtIjB)Adult (m)3,8841,0322
WwaUw(WwaUw)Adult (m)9,4541,0392
2erlS(2erlS)Adult (m)4,6459434
joySZ(joySZ)Adult (m)3,9961,0072
PPSpS(PPSpS)Adult (m)4,2371,0810
SXoeu(SXoeu)Adult (m)2,7294641
jXKT9(jXKT9)Adult (f)6,3229844
OXgbc(OXgbc)Adult (f)6,0231,0074
0uLpa(0uLpa)Adult (f)4,1111,0595
KJcnPRayna of the BlackSliverHatchling (f, F)2,6738434
GZK2IShe is forever youngHatchling (f, F)4,1205621
03QYJTwisted Shadow-MetalHatchling (F)2,2993325
Hik38(Hik38)Hatchling (F)2,6355263
SMDT1(SMDT1)Hatchling (F)2,6835373
rlIVu(rlIVu)Hatchling (F)2,3932744
wC8sk(wC8sk)Hatchling (f, F)2,7396163
JyBKx(JyBKx)Hatchling (F)8331952
vWJUiMr NegashadeAdult (m)2,5178694
IPrkQBlackmagic Vergil PBAdult (m)1,5726070
oampDTiny Black-ShadowHatchling (m, F)2,4206216
mofoVMorrigan's Dark ChildHatchling (m, F)3,4496212
HoEdiLydia DarkshadowAdult (f)4,0561,2637
gfLBsCrim DarkshadowAdult (m)6,7321,5513
pYm7XDead Snowy-DancerAdult (m)2,2738174
rV8zw(rV8zw)Adult (f)3,1251,1504
EDlzq(EDlzq)Hatchling (f, F)4,1749281
UqL0z(UqL0z)Hatchling (F)3,9726731
l2TZHPink Tea LeafAdult (f)1,1275351
cL5pEBlack Blooming TeaAdult (m)2,2211,1686
Zf1B6Sakura Tea CBAdult (f)1,6965883
KZ6ZzMisty BlacktipAdult (f)2,5679163
9q1yzCrimson Moonlight CBAdult (m)1,9418723
uppWQBloodmoon Night CBAdult (m)2,0987050
2qpH1Rednight StormAdult (m)2,1666660
gDXslSora Lark BluewingAdult (f)3,7751,2656
nJHEsBlue Winged SongAdult (f)4,6411,0985
IKa5qMuse of Blue WatersAdult (m)1,7567834
eULcjMuse of the Blue SongAdult (f)2,0506404
FmYMyOceansong MuseAdult (f)2,2709740
A2KILAquasea Manasong PBAdult (f)2,2278093
DFtdjVolcanic SeasongAdult (m)2,0616583
7ZyBjSong of the Tide CBAdult (f)5,5901,0393
bgSlQ(bgSlQ)Adult (m)5,6641,0502
CGr6V(CGr6V)Adult (f)5,1781,1734
ogGId(ogGId)Adult (f)4,6059162
4ng5d(4ng5d)Adult (m)5,2081,0722
hQoFd(hQoFd)Adult (m)6,0729643
zMjuZ(zMjuZ)Adult (m)2,4526243
RVLGs(RVLGs)Adult (f)5,7661,0133
aLoaWSpotting RedAdult (f)2,4617900
VlpJ1Spotting GreenAdult (f)3,7991,0420
BMnRESpotting BlackAdult (m)3,0058574
QQ5rvSpotting TealAdult (m)3,2069161
WgM4bRaging ManasurgeAdult (f)4,8579652
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