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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “HonehSweetehPie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
74kDC(74kDC)Hatchling (f)4,0788361
w1Pqs(w1Pqs)Hatchling (m)4,2398512
9HGhq(9HGhq)Hatchling (f)4,4628951
yMkUy(yMkUy)Hatchling (f)4,3238531
jcrYx(jcrYx)Hatchling (m)4,0618311
WzYLI(WzYLI)Hatchling (f)4,1648704
QVdl6Are 2 Heads Really Better Than 1Adult (m)5,8091,5761
iLeISAntony and CleopatraAdult (f)4,4931,0493
ooIyOIshmael and IssacAdult (f)4,2749361
Pajtwo Fili and Kili oAdult (m)4,3728902
oerJcSafe n SoundAdult (m)3,5519351
axiCBOmnomnom and BlerghAdult (f)2,7781,3502
ArP1OThe Thompson TwinsAdult (f)4,0891,1632
SzRudA Show Of UnityAdult (m)4,5021,1502
VGD8NPongo And PerditaAdult (m)6,1681,3433
guOCpGravitas and PomposityHatchling (m, F)5,2661,1162
dWc2QSpit-SpotHatchling (F)1,8603881
VYQ1lThe Millionaire and his WifeAdult (f)4,0101,2181
D76w7Gilligan- the Skipper tooAdult (m)4,3971,3233
knrxYThe Professor and Mary AnnAdult (f)3,8921,1331
Dui8FNanny Cook and Nanny ButlerAdult (m)4,1341,2192
3CtOsHere on Gilligan's IsleAdult (m)4,7131,1501
Su9Ke3 Hour TourAdult (f)5,0471,2582
Kdo8JThe Movie StarAdult (m)4,9601,2624
KDUL9Precognitive PrerogrativeAdult (f)5,2521,1945
ybsKxsrs bznzHatchling (F)1,6392381
0ayZPBlush and BashfulAdult (m)4,0211,2152
NX0IZMaybe and Maybe NotAdult (f)4,0421,1961
qjlIAS'wonderful and S'marvelousAdult (m)4,2381,2401
clk27workin' hard or hardly workinAdult (f)4,2901,2711
NjUhsPePaw and MeMawAdult (m)6,1971,5201
FYZizBoop and BeepAdult (f)5,5171,4452
ZaZQ1All VerklemptAdult (f)4,8551,3554
3OVZ5Search n SeizureAdult (m)4,7381,2982
mm5y0riff and raffHatchling (F)1,3761982
FHELMEnough TimeAdult (f)5,1519303
KgEfROld Timey DragonAdult (m)6,4477761
f8wnFTimely DecisionsAdult (f)4,1128852
nEP3UHappily Ever AftersAdult (f)3,6929021
nHNxIGnawing AnxietyAdult (f)7,4161,2815
1o5bqNo S'prisesAdult (m)6,7201,2305
kbizPKnew Before YouAdult (f)7,1181,0422
gQ8wz(gQ8wz)Adult (m)6,5181,1591
o45s2Rollicking Good TimeAdult (m)5,4701,1463
C4Utt(C4Utt)Adult (f)5,3821,1512
qAHqgFake GoodnessAdult (m)5,4401,0662
0LLyv(0LLyv)Adult (f)5,4451,0710
mI6LUKubla KrausAdult (m)5,2421,0211
FtjJl(FtjJl)Adult (f)5,5301,1072
B9gbUDeliciously FakeAdult (m)5,1949381
vaTAV(vaTAV)Adult (f)5,5511,0041
vesqc(vesqc)Adult (m)4,9669290
skhuF(skhuF)Adult (f)4,7409421
CcRjM(CcRjM)Adult (m)4,8239581
pv9H3(pv9H3)Adult (f)5,6359462
hpGut(hpGut)Adult (f)7,1601,3271
Sq6UsBreezy BitsAdult (f)4,7281,0641
hcD4ABreeze On ByeAdult (m)6,9791,3472
YMVVZWind In My LairAdult (f)4,6761,0544
UnDdn(UnDdn)Adult (m)6,8591,3490
1a8gv(1a8gv)Adult (m)6,8671,3551
3o3Fe(3o3Fe)Adult (f)4,5051,0601
7N4g4Windblown EffectAdult (m)5,3461,1593
YHYik(YHYik)Adult (m)4,8651,0083
CG3kGClod MonetAdult (f)5,2141,0584
EyGUU(EyGUU)Adult (f)8,7031,4051
kpSm6(kpSm6)Adult (m)7,0941,2664
qP4QoAnd Bob's Your UncleAdult (m)5,5001,1043
e2ylCMy Darling TofuAdult (f)3,5728542
eHnQoOnomatopoeicaAdult (f)3,7591,0951
WRYdBIs That You BlancheAdult (m)3,9208853
Dm0JnPrior EngagementsAdult (m)3,4819491
39iORNeed To Know BasisAdult (f)6,1001,3035
sZzYuMissing MelaninAdult (m)5,9141,0621
YMncMCreamiestAdult (f)6,0441,0973
PWypmWhere's My KissAdult (m)5,7991,0541
VFCgt(VFCgt)Adult (f)4,8309491
ONwPy(ONwPy)Adult (f)7,5501,1770
PvCN8(PvCN8)Adult (f)2,7669083
aV56Ti'm cooler than u think u areHatchling (F)1,2431252
syHadPale PatootieHatchling (m, F)5,0811,2743
9NVjDGreen DeviousAdult (m)5,8309161
VgEWRMaury ChristmasAdult (f)6,0677561
2ZzNBGreen-Eyed LadiesAdult (m)5,0131,0241
2Gqbl(2Gqbl)Adult (f)5,0509981
jAwxk(jAwxk)Adult (m)3,8977741
szF87(szF87)Adult (f)5,8369313
tAmaQ(tAmaQ)Adult (f)11,4571,0504
gc8Gr(gc8Gr)Adult (m)7,0068742
fNHzhThread NecromancyAdult (f)4,7971,0191
Zvbqt(Zvbqt)Adult (m)4,5688271
GAgCk(GAgCk)Adult (m)4,7661,1572
Wnb6t(Wnb6t)Adult (f)4,7811,1512
0PwZAIntake ManifoldAdult (m)4,8851,1465
zo0jc(zo0jc)Adult (f)4,7021,1555
VbKf8Reduced IntakeAdult (f)4,7391,1695
b5eTo(b5eTo)Adult (m)4,9011,1341
Cp9irAsk Your UrologistAdult (m)4,8501,1443
bJCIaConsult Your PharmacistAdult (f)4,4451,2421
wG7PNAbove The FrayAdult (f)4,4271,2242
KdW5mPodiatry Saves LivesAdult (m)4,3561,2331
yfAm7(yfAm7)Adult (m)4,3711,2353
XcK5x(XcK5x)Adult (f)4,4411,2563
yJ8gL(yJ8gL)Adult (m)4,9469101
R9i6hAntarean HedonistAdult (f)4,7241,0381
PNv7zAntarean MysteriousAdult (m)4,7211,0631
FscPCAntarean RaptureAdult (m)4,7141,0381
Kok2C(Kok2C)Adult (m)6,5539201
3MdWcAntarean FlashlightAdult (f)6,2969131
k542wAntarean TektiteAdult (f)5,3931,0171
Lr25eAntarean GlowstickAdult (m)4,6108501
GdrOe(GdrOe)Adult (f)4,7128361
b8YlF(b8YlF)Adult (m)5,2359743
fPUrp(fPUrp)Adult (f)5,3361,0051
1wmhf(1wmhf)Adult (m)5,6591,0263
FUYZn(FUYZn)Adult (m)5,7661,0301
CZQlF(CZQlF)Adult (f)5,2311,0150
80YPK(80YPK)Adult (f)5,8401,1150
VHUR7(VHUR7)Adult (f)5,5591,1171
Ty1br(Ty1br)Adult (m)5,8171,1610
2s34w(2s34w)Adult (m)5,7461,0881
Ovjrl(Ovjrl)Adult (m)7,2451,2901
VKLBj(VKLBj)Adult (f)4,1598461
doCUC(doCUC)Adult (m)5,2989642
Cgn5C(Cgn5C)Adult (f)4,3778541
xo0ep(xo0ep)Adult (m)6,6171,2423
tMqzSIncaneceivableAdult (f)3,6379131
0SHIJBlushing BloomsAdult (m)4,1719661
yTdMTOld-Fashioned RoseAdult (f)4,1951,0152
9EJwpCooo CoooAdult (m)4,4939982
vSo1zUndercooked MeatAdult (m)5,2241,0011
0DIBhAria Kidding MeAdult (f)5,5798981
T89RcEvery Day 3-5 PMAdult (m)4,9659781
D2EQVRefined CoosAdult (f)4,3429002
gaf6ZNewfangled MissAdult (f)4,9479823
G0C1r(G0C1r)Adult (m)7,9841,0663
UAfMcToo ScatteredAdult (m)5,5351,0220
xJRnLMuch  Too  LateAdult (f)5,0999860
l5uU2(l5uU2)Adult (f)5,1781,0220
dxEgm(dxEgm)Adult (m)5,2911,0430
uJkek(uJkek)Adult (f)4,4039511
mWFyd(mWFyd)Adult (m)4,5789881
b53wd(b53wd)Adult (m)4,5099802
z8bZ2(z8bZ2)Adult (f)4,6511,0160
AEd9wBe Ash OneAdult (m)6,3911,1856
nPbsx(nPbsx)Adult (f)5,8611,1041
AJOcv(AJOcv)Adult (m)8,2231,3962
afHXj(afHXj)Adult (f)8,1071,2502
jnFL7Joyous AbandonAdult (m)3,5397871
U9S8GBlissful ObliviousnessAdult (f)3,5287991
81YOJParry WinkleAdult (m)4,0718591
GCU7C(GCU7C)Adult (m)4,0568151
HQAjJ(HQAjJ)Adult (m)5,7629342
1kCPgReazure The StaffAdult (f)5,3599821
UIL36(UIL36)Adult (m)7,2799671
E3jsjSubstitutedAdult (f)7,2699652
mHxu9(mHxu9)Adult (m)6,6021,0992
RO8Y5(RO8Y5)Adult (f)4,6819232
FDxE8(FDxE8)Adult (m)5,9031,0363
5yHR6(5yHR6)Adult (f)5,8601,0222
Ml4V9(Ml4V9)Adult (m)5,3931,0112
qXTq0(qXTq0)Adult (f)5,4231,0773
blpkJ(blpkJ)Adult (f)7,5221,1861
61jMR(61jMR)Adult (m)7,5871,2571
A0wdJ(A0wdJ)Adult (m)5,0149442
jqumk(jqumk)Adult (f)7,4511,2991
adj9w(adj9w)Adult (m)7,4709850
sPBsW(sPBsW)Adult (f)6,0171,0882
Gz9UH(Gz9UH)Adult (f)8,7821,3582
294zX(294zX)Adult (m)5,0829172
eWq8x(eWq8x)Adult (m)5,0919351
3IiJ1At The End Of My RopeAdult (f)6,4511,2834
7OHe1Bubbling MirthAdult (m)5,7199392
D0Ce4Dangerous GasesAdult (f)4,6601,1091
RuLx2Oh So HighAdult (m)3,9801,0701
fLFKMBeans Beans The Musical FruitAdult (m)3,9349693
4VTnfseedy underbellyAdult (f)5,0691,4574
I8M0ZO HelloAdult (m)5,7531,0322
fIxCI80 Percent EffectiveAdult (f)5,8361,0473
328RLFull To BurstingAdult (m)6,5631,1621
7klXY(7klXY)Adult (f)4,6841,0151
DAZvC(DAZvC)Adult (m)7,3941,2532
p2ibpi ate the whole thingHatchling (F)2,5558083
uWtYbJenny Craig's A DivaHatchling (m, F)4,1218341
EeTRF(EeTRF)Hatchling (f, F)4,1371,0261
EqM5ITeam Of ExpertsAdult (m)5,6841,1210
Cv6RM(Cv6RM)Adult (f)5,5661,1381
SWdry(SWdry)Adult (m)5,5671,0040
sFIor(sFIor)Adult (f)7,0981,0141
4YAnW(4YAnW)Adult (m)4,8418781
sMcl7(sMcl7)Adult (f)5,5429711
nfnsV(nfnsV)Adult (m)5,4011,0300
JimLA(JimLA)Adult (m)5,3531,0432
jMqGE(jMqGE)Adult (m)6,3311,1022
D7iNl(D7iNl)Adult (m)6,2851,3302
c2v8CDarkness There Nothing MoreAdult (f)6,9771,4872
kvoldDon'tcha Love My Jazz HandsAdult (m)5,1941,2671
tGl1vThose Are Spirit FingersAdult (f)4,0871,1662
6OnbADarkness Has Sharp TeethAdult (m)4,2041,1663
dAgM1Evil MindreaderAdult (m)3,4481,2014
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