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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hollunder,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TZKfDeae VesunnaeAdult (f)90248139
Q61LDeo LenoAdult (m)85654027
b96iDeae CatuboduaAdult (f)1,34948831
2Sk4EDeo QuantosAdult (m)3,31941924
pUmCODeae ThiraeAdult (f)4,59534518
dhpnCDeo ZuranaeAdult (m)5,1996535
OWGFXSir X 'Neverland ThuwedAdult (m)2,2955321
Ve6GMDeae LirmaeAdult (f)3,2024420
xkRBoDeo TartoroAdult (m)4,6094052
NzUhyDeo Diramia i IIAdult (m)4,3613562
Kb5vjDeae Irkia i IIAdult (f)4,4573661
lHc8jDeo Zarto i IIAdult (m)4,5813622
VCxkgDeae Larmia i IIAdult (f)4,5203622
YgbX6Deo Jerto i IIAdult (m)4,6263262
4kM5ODeae RimareaAdult (f)1,7496453
FqkBtDeo RimaroAdult (m)2,4304332
CpruqDeo ZarweoAdult (m)3,4438284
4OFkQDeae BritaraeAdult (f)2,9747671
MUiyLDeae Zybsy IIAdult (f)4,9131,3594
3HuI0Deo YarraoAdult (m)2,7696721
TTn1DDeae CamiraAdult (f)4,0613643
Hg7pIDeae JarithAdult (f)3,7952701
g2rx9Deo ErtosAdult (m)3,7433741
VtDN1Deae RithithAdult (m)4,0413800
0T25eDeo TorithAdult (m)3,8873411
GTibjDeo ZorthAdult (m)4,0923743
mrnMQDeo LitothAdult (m)3,6283972
n3TfGDeo Zirmeo lightAdult (m)2,7816052
DB7sWDeae Quirae lightAdult (f)2,5604282
RKrnHDeae Vae lightAdult (f)2,3463924
oXw9PDeo Quoro lightAdult (m)2,8784543
le4cpDeo Raeo lightAdult (m)3,1195434
rXImMDeo Miare mix IIIAdult (m)3,0785141
N5pMrDeae Himae lightAdult (f)4,6981,5013
D3FCtDeae Xarae lightAdult (f)2,1845292
neySsDeo light LimareAdult (m)2,9924091
g5ZLPDeo Zerato lightAdult (m)3,7394000
6Wb1ODeo GratosAdult (m)2,9983865
i6s7MDeo TuriuoAdult (m)4,0772913
n7cOnDeae GermintaAdult (f)3,44647213
U8RG0Deae YaraAdult (f)3,8063513
faCTWDeae TiraAdult (f)3,8043732
smp0ADeo DertoAdult (m)5,9456951
UG1TsDeo HertonosAdult (m)3,0373194
tF2RyDeae Uath lightAdult (f)3,6294232
wEnaFDeo Worth lightAdult (m)3,4254342
LibEU(LibEU)Adult (f)8,7861,3477
oB77tDeae Kirath lightAdult (f)3,4094763
LWiRjDeo Karath lightAdult (m)3,7063912
5EZDUDeae Tarith lightAdult (f)3,1343642
UcwJkDeo Qurith lightAdult (m)4,0923170
wxLB1Deae Zirith lightAdult (f)4,4733140
bHvPxDeae QuithAdult (f)4,8563410
V7tSwDeae TirithAdult (f)4,4403561
2nAJqDeae JirithAdult (m)4,6533781
9Vi1N(9Vi1N)Adult (m)4,5723061
lsrjw(lsrjw)Adult (f)3,4534281
PxCD3Deo Aeon HorothAdult (m)3,2853091
XvGADeo AlbiosAdult (m)1,12564819
eQiZDeo SegomoAdult (m)68446522
EtT8nDeae OnliaeAdult (f)4,00536725
HVW1ODeae TrinaeAdult (f)2,67040630
QIl5XDeo SenoAdult (m)2,36741130
hYHZSDeae ZaenaAdult (f)2,72641810
kkMdIDeo FornoAdult (m)3,8981,0112
g4kKQDeae Albino GeaeAdult (f)3,4015433
ysPdnDeae Albino BrqueaeAdult (f)1,9015552
5G7DKDeo IrtoAdult (m)3,6262741
00HWXDeae OpraitaAdult (f)3,4743822
U20mZDeo YarothAdult (m)3,7933930
XWiUwDeae Hirath AlmerAdult (f)3,5143600
81I0XDeo Siroth AlmerAdult (m)3,6673970
e34QNDeo Poroth AlmerAdult (m)4,2143901
AfD13Deae Hiuth AlmerAdult (f)4,1064111
MXgpqDeo Itath AlmerAdult (m)4,3383820
ctLPZDeae Horaeth AlmerAdult (f)4,2583121
vm0pwDeo Korth AlmerAdult (m)5,0273390
Kc9wPDeae Klirath AlmerAdult (f)4,5684132
vhDKNDeae Yiarath AlmerAdult (f)4,3324181
vB0l3Deo Ititath AlmerAdult (m)3,9853850
FyEH8Deae Pirith AlmerAdult (f)4,9143440
z2FazDeae Lirith AlmerAdult (f)3,7803400
VKkWHDeo Irith AlmerAdult (m)3,6923781
2xdAKDeae Sirith AlmerAdult (f)4,1633210
DKpJrDeae Girath AlmerAdult (f)4,9623441
z5kwzDeae Rith AlmerAdult (f)4,5823120
fMNduDeo Uritoh AlmerAdult (m)3,0542803
JrAEvDeo Zarth AlmerAdult (m)3,8504120
otjs1(otjs1)Adult (f)3,7773941
odBxUDeae Fratia FloraAdult (f)4,0953691
vgicxDeo Urtos FlorosAdult (m)4,1203572
jII7RDeo Irtos FlorosAdult (m)4,3033603
BES3LDeae Ratinara FloraAdult (f)4,2373592
MWFi8Deae Wirtasra FloraAdult (f)4,2622852
NWikADeo Pritorios FlorosAdult (m)4,5753050
uiTMbDeo Cratiros FlorosAdult (m)4,3672922
S5iGXDeae Ritras FloraAdult (f)4,0403651
xbP7LDeae Gitra FloraAdult (f)4,1483941
6Tq5KDeae Klarisa FloraAdult (f)4,4213502
6mXTVDeae Lortas FloraAdult (f)3,3673932
9fdOyDeae Mira FloraAdult (f)3,7757161
CzvvbDeo Wirath FloraAdult (m)3,7683910
VLBoKDeo Caliath FloraAdult (m)4,6903441
hlybtDeo Acapantoth FloraAdult (m)3,8173890
0yds0Deae Rosarth FloraAdult (f)3,4154460
1YcvBDeo Firith FloraAdult (m)3,5984072
rxf0H(rxf0H)Adult (f)4,1622931
lGYT4Deo Withath AntareaAdult (m)3,3383861
QwPtzDeae Cirath AntareaAdult (f)3,4924291
lqIkqDeae Wirith AntareaAdult (f)3,5654121
FWYlGDeae Riath AntareaAdult (f)3,1554220
vJKPuDeo Firoth AntareaAdult (m)3,1754571
hbBZMDeo Voroth AntareaAdult (m)3,0164161
aAFQcDeo Giroth AntareaAdult (m)3,4963500
cVavcDeae Tiriath AntareaAdult (f)4,7483591
TXGtwDeae Ziothath AntareaAdult (f)4,1223140
TQD1FDeo Baroth AntareaAdult (m)3,9483672
dsTRTDeo Girith AntareaAdult (m)3,2452871
x3PXZDeae Kiriath AntareaAdult (f)4,1093791
6wQkDDeo Xarth AntareaAdult (m)4,1103922
8dVViDeae Jurath AntareaAdult (f)4,0563771
QywKWDeae Birath AntareaAdult (f)3,2303191
RjMmF(RjMmF)Adult (m)2,9282740
dY1RT(dY1RT)Adult (m)3,7852980
P43nk(P43nk)Adult (f)4,3034132
FjVKQDeo Oriath of AriaAdult (m)3,2614341
Y3dYvDeae Yiroth of AriaAdult (f)3,3224411
fka1KDeo Forth of AriaAdult (m)3,6754281
Xe9JkDeo Uorth of AriaAdult (m)3,3643461
3bNorDeae Riutath of AriaAdult (f)3,3163700
66f2hDeae Tiuriath of AriaAdult (f)2,8173592
MapxVDeo Zorotath of AriaAdult (m)3,8113741
UUgGFDeae Iritath of AriaAdult (f)3,8683971
H0MhnDeae Sirith of AriaAdult (f)4,3694091
qbedODeo Mioth of AriaAdult (m)3,5463301
YZWAuDeae Jariath of AriaAdult (f)3,4513051
DigJbDeae Girothath of AiraAdult (f)4,4933502
A7IM9Deo Lotoroth of AriaAdult (m)4,7113152
cAlNKDeae Garoath of AriaAdult (f)3,9473710
mTJFb(mTJFb)Adult (f)3,8663251
Q10SnDeae Opriath of AriaAdult (f)4,1073630
DPGhFDeo Marth of AriaAdult (m)3,5223061
dclWdDeo Yuroth of AriaAdult (m)3,6893981
Dgo9UDeo Quiturioth of AriaAdult (m)4,6333271
F8Yu6Deae Butiriath AzureAdult (f)3,0054640
SKQELDeo Zenarath of AzureAdult (m)3,3314580
PnuA2Deo Grith of AzureAdult (m)3,0984260
ifleNDeo Carth of AzureAdult (m)3,4663841
k6StXDeae Sirithath of AzureAdult (f)4,1824232
vWJ0YDeo Harth of AzureAdult (m)3,9433701
PwkZcDeae Pirith of AzureAdult (f)3,8733741
UX0MYDeae Atirith of AzureAdult (f)4,3243431
pcPfKDeae virith of AzureAdult (f)3,4083790
oSCIZDeo Xaefith of AzureAdult (m)4,2523400
wiNTKDeo Pirithath of AzureAdult (m)3,6893470
J3vdIDeo Birath of AzureAdult (m)3,1112611
evWyPDeo Tarth of AzureAdult (m)3,3352701
T1P7bDeo Oeroth of AzureAdult (m)3,7423931
fFNCODeae Parth of AzureAdult (f)3,3173803
OmC2QDeae Tirithath of AzureAdult (f)4,0903160
6PqvvDeae Jirathath of AzureAdult (f)4,6974232
8AMKw(8AMKw)Adult (m)4,4472972
x31PCDeae Oparath of BaiAdult (f)3,5904121
a5k8LDeo Uriuth of BaiAdult (m)3,1533911
8ferQDeo Zirithaoth of BaiAdult (m)4,2233541
ovCbWDeae Cirith of BaiAdult (f)3,8513361
VoPudDeae Tirith of BaiAdult (f)3,7934060
3S2xWDeo Iroth of BaiAdult (m)4,5234090
gYhDlDeae Orithath of BaiAdult (f)3,6874060
03Y6yDeae Wirith of BaiAdult (f)4,1533812
uKab7Deo Porosoth of BaiAdult (m)4,4963151
vXKQu(vXKQu)Adult (m)4,5923071
yW7bjDeae Joyth of BaiAdult (f)3,5803950
0hQtMDeae Aquath of BaiAdult (f)4,0354832
8AllDea SironaeAdult (f)6994068
0ak9Deo CunomaglusAdult (m)93254439
Y8aWDeo DrystanAdult (m)92145633
ZSjTfDeae LuminaAdult (f)4,8183769
jMHCrDeae SithartaeAdult (f)3,1274223
lP0mrDeae VirmaeAdult (f)3,0495064
3a6z5Deo UrioeAdult (m)2,2464492
u7Wl8Deo NaoeAdult (m)2,4526203
8W89LDeo MaroeAdult (m)1,8255333
aQoBwDeae LimaeAdult (f)2,8304033
FCKoxDeo Balon DoppelAdult (m)4,3602935
KEFpUDeo Karmiro DoppelAdult (m)4,5623057
sUZKMDeo Trimario MaxDoppelAdult (m)3,9993364
oM181Deo Puff InbredAdult (m)5,82784810
rjF3sDeae HiramirathAdult (f)3,7965312
6KQWZDeae UtiathAdult (f)3,3524523
QsgL3Deae QuitathAdult (f)4,3314081
m2w5bDeo PurathAdult (m)3,7213012
3ZzYNDeo XariathAdult (m)5,5083711
mWYkdDeo AirothAdult (m)4,1593192
C1BvM(C1BvM)Adult (f)4,4722993
DE0Q2(DE0Q2)Adult (m)5,0113350
5Dl7A(5Dl7A)Adult (f)4,8403664
VOPUn(VOPUn)Adult (m)4,4403554
Zut7I(Zut7I)Adult (f)3,4774070
wNaFW(wNaFW)Adult (m)3,5413940
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