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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hisamishi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ESMEMMadam o ChickenAdult (f)6,2378071
v34ujFried NuggetAdult (f)2,6938183
yz4Y3Ryu du SoleilAdult (m)9,2288061
rni7ORyuo du SoleilAdult (m)9,5539115
4tpe6Zyu PhantomineAdult (f)6,6546173
fOClgZyu PhantomAdult (m)7,1386342
8MxTMZyu'du SoleilAdult (f)8,0991,0245
6NshLPrize Zyu du Soleil lllAdult (f)9,2121,1705
oHXlIPsyu du SoleilAdult (f)10,5397930
tsOLXThe Yellow PhantomineAdult (f)6,2677982
2myPpCB Yellow Crowned PhantomAdult (m)1,9807612
FbyIyCB Yellow Crowned PhantomineAdult (f)2,1267962
6fgDs(6fgDs)Adult (m)5,3839361
DIKwWViol'du SoleilAdult (m)4,3968853
VfbTyV'du SoleilAdult (m)5,97873812
NY87gSolei'lAdult (f)4,8897005
CjU3AMax'du SoleilAdult (m)4,8175395
mWZkn(mWZkn)Adult (f)4,4917731
UjZahBowlieAdult (m)2,81221920
9ALj8(9ALj8)Adult (m)7,5551,2051
PkDZeKerkkaAdult (f)5,9291,1674
JfyHzDaamieAdult (m)3,5168950
eSUXiAamieAdult (f)3,7026040
Hf81GMiglyAdult (m)4,7317583
Ps1mINuglyAdult (f)8,2271,2885
ZhIARViheryAdult (f)2,0564905
YM4qZAspartamiAdult (f)6,4359774
ajd41Astrapi'du SoleilAdult (m)4,5338513
z0PKNZap'du SoleilAdult (f)8,4161,1467
Nbvci(Nbvci)Adult (m)4,9117666
TwnwP(TwnwP)Adult (f)5,1077855
glUVcChron'du SoleilAdult (m)5,6419823
stOim(stOim)Adult (f)3,3778820
a5Guv(a5Guv)Adult (m)3,2638821
RFakK(RFakK)Adult (m)2,3367660
RrKJI(RrKJI)Adult (m)4,3864630
xZNuKSage'du SoleilAdult (m)5,1148317
HD5peWhiteseeker PhantomAdult (m)6,1306683
poT1zHeartwhite PhantomAdult (m)4,8701,0653
cWNCtSnowy Rose PhantomAdult (m)4,1681,1292
1ScVYMi 4th Alts White PhantomAdult (m)3,4349377
kqeZXRose Checker PhantomAdult (m)3,6309673
MUSX5White Magma Checker PhantomAdult (m)4,2759970
IqmwWFail Checker 4 PhantomineAdult (f)4,7219150
MDTmj2nd Rosery PhantomAdult (m)4,6208201
bsHGF2nd PB White PhantomineAdult (f)3,5075570
Z8IOmSpriAlt 3g PhantomAdult (m)3,8701,2815
m10wPWhite Kin PhantomineAdult (f)2,5955700
9SYlU5G Silvered White PhantomAdult (m)3,5537430
4fiViCB Powder PhantomineAdult (f)3,9594401
vrdazCB Vrdaz PhantomAdult (m)4,7026082
IGGE8I Thuwed back to you PhantomineAdult (f)2,6474172
ieduSCB Weiling PhantomAdult (m)2,1486552
d857kCB Whither PhantomAdult (m)2,7815182
9miVRCB Snowflake PhantomineAdult (f)2,5976131
AqOA5Konoha CB PhantomAdult (m)2,2525545
Qp6Fk2nd Konoha White Fang PhantomineAdult (f)3,8121,2402
6gdlTWater horse homiesHatchling (f, F)4,8667631
LlZnA(LlZnA)Adult (f)4,3904110
rYfsYWater Thuwed CheckerAdult (m)5,6771,0545
Kn3mf2nd Watered PhantomineAdult (f)2,8122950
OQIVyCB Water PhantomineAdult (f)4,2659761
XSfBp7th Thuwed Water PhantomAdult (m)5,2791,2162
1ZK8uCB Water PhantomAdult (m)3,6395505
sRtFQCB Watur PhantomineAdult (f)2,8265371
HuHxHHuHxHAdult (f)5,8641,0451
ClsZuCB Water Enchantress PhantomineAdult (f)4,7221,2041
1jRgVCB Blue Stripe PhantomineAdult (f)3,0084681
B5tlk(B5tlk)Adult (m)5,0808401
jB5NL(jB5NL)Adult (f)4,2544021
6NBdK(6NBdK)Adult (f)6,0878361
lRnCaGold'u SoleilAdult (m)5,1839935
u2eLTAlbino Vampire PhantomineAdult (f)6,1918082
yTm1KVampier PhantomineAdult (f)2,3305860
RR1SjVampsi PhantomineAdult (f)2,8823565
S2szCDoes this bite PhantomAdult (m)4,2913915
bByzOThis does bite PhantomineAdult (f)2,9135863
L4syKNebulas PhantomAdult (m)2,9944462
ZHIQgRemes Vampire PhantomineAdult (f)3,7194992
sHBnuVampire PhantomAdult (m)2,7566598
80IskMursu PhantomAdult (m)4,17186737
Qi7Nafriend I am hereHatchling (f, F)2,5927972
04Yc1Darkness my oldHatchling (f, F)5,6927663
YIeBlFrozelingHatchling (F)2,9726862
GtpQj(GtpQj)Adult (f)3,7719092
ZHlYwLiquorice Soleil VAdult (f)3,0483671
1vQCBSilverseeker lllAdult (f)2,9393822
UKCwW(UKCwW)Adult (f)2,8588664
rFFxg(rFFxg)Adult (f)3,4337463
kvQ5w(kvQ5w)Adult (f)3,1746602
e7cCW(e7cCW)Adult (f)4,9571,0722
vfPQY(vfPQY)Adult (f)5,4451,2112
9sCLN(9sCLN)Adult (f)4,4629683
t6KZY(t6KZY)Adult (f)4,4556462
YO4NDThalaheart llAdult (f)6,8519773
GCZwr(GCZwr)Adult (f)6,6759852
ZggH2Fertilied ValentinaAdult (f)6,9501,7112
ET6sxMisty ValentinesAdult (f)7,7841,7893
8ic7cTuonelatar PhantomineAdult (f)5,9927351
f6f2yStepped 09's cloudAdult (f)6,8887421
3rfTDGargoyle 09's CheckAdult (f)6,9417373
IhLjF2nd White Val PhantomineAdult (f)4,7201,0532
tdQLOVal'09 Pink PhantomineAdult (f)5,7699954
JXxPrUndine du SoleilAdult (f)2,6981,0551
jld9y(jld9y)Adult (f)3,5595061
ejP0NLaura du SoleilAdult (m)3,8726240
cDGXN2-in-1 PhantomineAdult (f)3,8701,2954
PGQCaCB Opal Fem PhantomineAdult (f)3,4381,3511
vX5f5CB Stahp Et PhantomineAdult (f)3,0831,1851
aSx8NCB Why Again PhantomineAdult (f)4,8307461
KimkJ(KimkJ)Adult (f)5,9481,1533
i1eSp(i1eSp)Adult (m)5,3958673
yoK6X(yoK6X)Adult (m)6,0358452
C7mBN(C7mBN)Adult (f)4,4658152
Ks4dR(Ks4dR)Adult (f)7,6861,2334
cLp2WLinda du SoleilAdult (f)4,1456710
1VZv3CB Opal PhantomAdult (m)4,4301,2490
x3gvkCB Opal PhantomineAdult (f)2,0727634
E5eH6Fiona the 2nd PhantomineAdult (f)3,6504646
m1W9V2nd BlubBlub PhantomineAdult (f)5,4651,3008
ESmcICB Eh Eh Eh PhantomAdult (m)2,9714182
q5BWZCB Batmigun PhantomineAdult (f)2,9275523
r22J2CB Batmagon PhantomineAdult (f)1,9706883
n2JVFTsunami HomiesHatchling (F)2,0995370
Ao8eyTsunami du SoleilAdult (m)6,3966750
s1twOWave du SoleilAdult (f)4,0266831
Gai44Dot du SoleilAdult (m)3,8576460
5OYPf3g Mustika Wave PhantomAdult (m)5,6708222
fqPrzCB First Wave PhantomineAdult (f)5,4517682
uCIejCB Second Wave PhantomineAdult (f)4,9948623
Md8jsCB Tidal PhantomineAdult (f)5,3556841
0at6ECB Tsundere PhantomineAdult (f)3,6004143
9RAb0CB Tsunami PhantomAdult (m)3,2757612
SeXDZCB Wave PhantomineAdult (f)3,9038921
9PM1mHaley PhantomineAdult (f)2,5174974
rWzSxCB Tsunami PhantomineAdult (f)2,7195951
uqWFdMiliepitch PhantomAdult (m)3,7473550
IOaTiPitchmilie PhantomAdult (m)2,8074111
pcrLJ2nd Tsusumilie PhantomineAdult (m)2,5796115
GzBya5G Silver Incriate PhantomAdult (m)4,5799171
ANARhCB Triyon PhantomineAdult (f)2,8604183
e3YbC2nd PB Twitchy PhantomineAdult (f)4,1946003
vZyprVictoria von PhantomineAdult (f)4,4845991
5EItuTrioskin PhantomineAdult (f)2,8508615
L71oy2nd Tilver PhantomAdult (m)3,5154223
MppZA3rd Half BloodedAdult (f)3,4494751
tCFeN2nd PB Glimber PhantomineAdult (f)2,2736511
7LjTbCB Midas PhantomAdult (m)3,3677344
jdjuo2nd Haming PhantomineAdult (f)3,1616263
7ZZvCCB Neon PhantomineAdult (f)4,0114443
CvIQC2nd Royal PhantomAdult (m)3,0003882
mF0wVThun'du SoleilAdult (f)5,8047090
dR8qJPhantomligh'tAdult (m)5,0137641
mH0ykStriking Thunder-manAdult (m)3,6758272
8wqmSHisa's Thunder PhantomAdult (m)3,6141,1958
7T5OUHisa's Lighting MAdult (m)6,3271,2573
LufZVo Blazing oAdult (m)5,9178823
vSqFPCB Thunderous PhantomineAdult (f)6,5379883
w3VyhPuliakkaAdult (f)4,8411,2213
sLWGa2nd PB Thunder PhantomineAdult (f)3,8372611
A0Mwio Lightning oAdult (m)2,0497351
EAOjR2nd Kusuriuri PhantomAdult (m)1,7977016
g281CCB T PhantomineAdult (f)3,5065476
bfCCm2nd Kusuriuri PhantomineAdult (f)2,4057584
8a7gm(8a7gm)Adult (f)5,4064220
Fb2R4CB Terraria PhantomineAdult (f)5,8373901
VymfnMuy du SoleilAdult (f)5,4989512
TSyff(TSyff)Adult (m)4,7988861
mZScB(mZScB)Adult (m)4,6878900
mKFCuCone du SoleilAdult (f)7,4011,1903
G0vEF(G0vEF)Adult (m)4,2289444
c1veE(c1veE)Adult (m)3,9459251
v9TOS(v9TOS)Adult (m)3,1209052
uG6ki(uG6ki)Adult (m)3,2698391
q2TwM(q2TwM)Adult (m)3,4566714
YCwvH(YCwvH)Adult (m)6,6149695
cB0gK(cB0gK)Adult (m)6,4558073
Ouz5JCloud3Adult (m)5,0438310
AlhikSilve3Adult (m)5,1288151
DCpaoSilver Check PinkieAdult (m)6,9897502
cdzmACloud SweetlingAdult (m)6,7327422
Sc3882nd Angel Sweetling PhantomAdult (m)6,1229482
L2Fcw3 Sweet Striper PhatomAdult (m)4,7511,0122
Au1wc2nd Red D Sweet PhantomAdult (m)4,5819634
H9FS7A Beautiful PhantomAdult (m)3,2544632
dk2c0The Beautiful PhantomAdult (m)3,4134701
HQrD8Double Tail HomiesHatchling (F)2,4022220
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