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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazelxxeyes,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
co5FOx----Trading----xHatchling (F)2,8521903
ECamax----IOUs----xHatchling (F)2,8031873
FON3xx----Growing----xHatchling (F)2,7662281
3ANC0The Shimmering SystemHatchling3,8756984
jDRrjThe Bold EmperorHatchling (f)5,1577562
WLtGZx----Scroll Info----xHatchling (F)3,0462162
UCQ66IOU FriendlyHatchling (m, F)2,0926793
HOQ4Board 'n Discord - BloodyNeptuneHatchling (f, F)88064517
JpcpFNow collecting - TercornsHatchling (m, F)5,4759962
mSa6gx------ Neglecteds------xHatchling (F)2,7131941
unDiKM A R T H AAdult (f)4,56649513
tMwfAT H O M A S WayneAdult (m)4,27650027
KxCRxx------Infinity Dragons------xHatchling (F)3,2002141
pqUL2The R E A L I T Y StoneAdult (m)7,5541,4945
BVINMThe S O U L StoneAdult (m)5,7031,4174
Ehxk9The M I N D StoneAdult (m)5,1131,1822
Z4ObNThe T I M E StoneAdult (m)6,7821,4179
zyOXfThe S P A C E StoneAdult (m)6,8741,4235
WyS47The P O W E R StoneAdult (m)5,8691,3953
UyOQaThe A E T H E RAdult (f)4,7871,1973
4fFkTThe H E A R TAdult (f)6,2191,3376
LqGbqThe S C E P T E RAdult (f)6,7111,3089
V53KNThe E Y EAdult (f)6,1731,3271
XTTouThe T E S S E R A C TAdult (f)5,1619567
nmcf8The O R BAdult (f)6,0411,2835
xslInK N O W H E R EAdult (m)6,5031,1713
Ct3ArV O R M I RAdult (m)3,9541,0406
WdgGMS O K O V I AAdult (m)8,2571,62524
sBc2yS A N C T O R U MAdult (m)3,1151,0837
EgMHgA S G A R DAdult (m)6,5951,48524
R5teqM O R A GAdult (m)6,8041,3992
lvEb9F O S T E RAdult (f)4,8431,2562
bNthrR O M A N O F FAdult (f)5,6521,1803
o8MvBM A X I M O F FAdult (f)7,5851,1855
k774gA N C I E N T  O N EAdult (f)7,0791,2546
wLcqLD A N V E R SAdult (f)4,5211,1787
IofEnG U A R D I A N SAdult (f)3,4127562
tiGPsForce Of Infinite DestructionAdult (m)5,4501,2213
ALtHnThe Stone Demands A SacrificeAdult (m)2,3166052
DlnjoIts As If Its Speaking To MeAdult (m)6,5221,3263
zU5imIve Come To BargainAdult (m)7,3451,2404
z1Q27Jewel Of Odin's Treasure RoomAdult (m)4,3709371
cADHzWere the Guardians of the GalaxyAdult (m)5,5571,0324
cXMA1The Reality SkittleHatchling (f, F)4,6199803
vl5hYThe Soul SkittleHatchling (m, F)4,4831,0733
HndULThe Mind SkittleHatchling (m, F)4,6431,0301
oCgvDThe Time SkittleHatchling (m, F)2,7434682
76kLTThe Space SkittleHatchling (m, F)5,3707963
ZNKvPThe Power SkittleHatchling (m, F)2,5728532
bYzYZW O R L D PoolAdult (f)5,8961,1304
0VMqBS O U L WorldAdult (f)7,7181,2212
z99ZAThe M I N D S C A P EAdult (f)7,6651,2382
CNOsqE L L I P S I SAdult (f)8,8831,2712
NeUOiThe V A S TAdult (f)5,1669765
xbxGeThe A R E N AAdult (f)7,5051,1313
NnEBxThe C O L L E C T O RAdult (m)4,2158252
9lJSmThe W A R L O C KAdult (m)7,5341,3632
tIZjOThe G R A N D M A S T E RAdult (m)4,2738151
KOBBmThe G A R D E N E RAdult (m)4,2637912
QqVyBThe R U N N E RAdult (m)8,2161,2012
DBVkjThe C H A M P I O NAdult (m)7,0171,4293
RZLrRThe E G O GemAdult (f)5,9781,3203
ofnazThe D E A T H GemAdult (f)7,8631,3505
6QS4vThe C O N T I N U I T Y GemAdult (f)4,2301,0385
h2AEGThe M A D E U P GemAdult (f)6,8321,2154
rEPJnThe R H Y T H M GemAdult (f)5,5781,1014
aWRmYThe B U I L D GemAdult (f)5,0309402
yQqhiTaneleer  TivanAdult (m)5,8521,1584
mL6g9DevondraAdult (m)7,8461,2125
jHrRFEn Dwi GastAdult (m)5,6831,0484
wh0pQOrd ZyonzAdult (m)7,0671,1903
bd5ZFGilpetperdonAdult (m)5,8741,1394
F2fMQTryco SlatterusAdult (m)5,3259194
YNbQOInfinity CrusadeAdult (f)3,3844245
O5aMlThe Power Of WarlockAdult (f)7,3911,1563
h2VSzInfinity WarsAdult (f)2,8577793
ofNSCAvengers IlluminatiAdult (f)4,4898356
I55A2Infinity CountdownAdult (f)5,6561,1816
ddXCgThe Thanos QuestAdult (f)7,5931,1565
enbxeThe Reality SmartieHatchling (F)2,8501970
LEx03The Soul SmartieHatchling (F)3,0462041
uJhNfThe Mind SmartieHatchling (F)2,0222986
8yBRoThe Time SmartieHatchling (F)2,8441921
9afU9The Space SmartieHatchling (F)3,0242021
jpLtMThe Power SmartieHatchling (F)3,3273041
lNJLSA L L F A T H E RAdult (m)6,8071,2912
NsnRyB A R T O NAdult (m)8,0111,1420
aJOndL O R E S P E A K E RAdult (m)4,0871,0114
kJWjSM O R D OAdult (m)5,9661,2200
m4lC2L A U F R E Y S O NAdult (m)7,3901,1911
G7a1cS T A R  L O R DAdult (m)8,0091,1941
bANjCM A L E K I T HAdult (f)7,9341,1671
0tg53R E D S K U L LAdult (f)6,1891,2560
rHbloC O R V U S  G L A V EAdult (f)8,1621,4874
4YPhyK A E C I L I U SAdult (f)6,8061,1993
9yqY4Y O N R O G GAdult (f)8,1331,1883
9UuEMThe A C C U S E RAdult (f)5,9459792
cm09JG A L A C T U SAdult (m)3,2118105
h6gNmC O U N T  A B Y S SAdult (m)7,8461,1261
ZgCStS L E E P W A L K E R SAdult (m)6,3291,1173
iqmAnK L ' R TAdult (m)11,6081,0922
ionqYH O O DAdult (m)6,1731,1434
eXbxhM A D  T I T A NAdult (m)8,9201,2422
xKYKcA R C H I V U SAdult (f)8,3091,1442
Sw3iAS Y P H O N NAdult (f)8,0501,1651
0qc67M O O N  D R A G O NAdult (f)7,2551,3154
XyuQWM A X A MAdult (f)6,3661,05114
KZyiyN A M O RAdult (f)8,1381,1802
A4GpTX I A M B O RAdult (f)3,0577795
Ep7ihBlack Vortex O M E G AAdult (m)5,9681,2111
uqGf0The Coldest W A RAdult (m)6,1001,2131
4NNgUAge Of U L T R O NAdult (f)6,7511,3571
4qGy3Strange T A L E SAdult (m)8,3031,1931
7KW0JOut Of The A E O N SAdult (f)7,2431,1984
xOS1dInfinity W A T C HAdult (m)6,1271,2611
2FIlKGalactic WraithAdult (m)3,2105611
9kgy7x Kobra Kid xAdult (m)6,0631,3213
Z3MoQCenter Of Celestial ExistenceAdult (m)7,1141,3085
XRZ7FShould Have Been MalsAdult (m)4,5338822
ixa7kWhat The Red Floating Guy SaidAdult (m)4,2767119
zidizx------Aerias------xHatchling (F)2,4491683
AYmmZMy Little Star LordAdult (m)5,6261,2084
vCAzWBianca  Del RioAdult (f)5,9231,2522
lJ0DKNot  Today SatanAdult (m)5,7221,2212
6biTpEndgame SpoilersAdult (m)8,0091,2221
qr0DFMaria's SauerkrautAdult (f)7,3831,1112
bn5SDThe Blue MeanyAdult (f)6,4611,0312
R2goXSpace SingerAdult (f)6,1781,3851
FgWwjx Jet Star xAdult (f)8,1221,1132
9nrjyYOU RUINED MY TRADEAdult (f)2,8027461
K4U8gx------Rifts------xHatchling (F)2,5081683
sffVtAnabelle LecterHatchling4,0463143
d1PYBDread It Run From itAdult (m)5,8151,1334
oLhl3Destiny  Still  ArrivesAdult (f)5,9911,1682
kNA1CI Could Snap My FingersAdult (m)7,9501,3507
6f7J2And You'd All Cease To ExistAdult (f)3,2959563
BZPuoFun Isnt Something One ConsidersAdult (m)6,8771,0833
Qib4iWhen Balancing The UniverseAdult (f)8,0651,50710
532cKMy Name Is ThanosAdult (m)4,4716416
6MEVGAnd My Name Means DeathAdult (f)4,9521,0927
KVdqmThe Hardest ChoicesAdult (m)7,1821,0968
THRs9Require The Strongest WillsAdult (f)7,0961,1044
d6SYjWhere Did That Bring YouAdult (m)4,3079372
uMdwFBack To  MeAdult (f)6,3811,34414
eCSMEI Will Shred This UniverseAdult (m)6,8361,1684
c5KbKDown To Its Last AtomAdult (f)6,2941,0864
5LpC4I Am  InevitableAdult (m)4,8951,0016
WmqY6No Resurrections This TimeAdult (f)7,6691,0941
7wXr1A Grateful UniverseAdult (m)5,0011,0134
xWV2mYou  Keep  EternityAdult (f)6,8101,2762
JAmWQGive Us  The RadioAdult (m)6,0691,1653
Ncw4fDeploy  The  BatteryAdult (f)6,1591,1583
WG5VsWe're Taking  Back ControlAdult (m)6,2501,2012
vmD54Engage  The  EnergyAdult (f)6,6911,2501
6dWVLLight Up  The EffigyAdult (m)7,0541,2861
aG4WoNo Chance To  Take It SlowAdult (f)7,0541,2502
V4lqJBy Now Im Sure You KnowAdult (m)5,6561,08213
6UQ71x------Tercorns------xHatchling (F)2,4541882
ldi8AHeaven Dont Have A NameAdult (m)4,5993074
ypaw6Macabre DessertAdult (m)4,6963184
YGQvsThe Mad TertinAdult (f)5,0923403
pCyzzLittle Debbie Valentine CakeAdult (f)6,7221,11711
aAL6kFalcor's Gourmet CupcakesAdult (f)4,2491,1514
IVwcbFondant Of The SeaAdult (m)5,1451,1523
I727YKing Of Cupcake MountainAdult (f)5,9421,2503
38y2qStrawberry Sea MacaroonAdult (f)4,7841,1695
gtMmBThe Amazing AxolotlAdult (m)6,0971,1297
nUMGqBubblegum ButtercreamAdult (m)6,4631,0311
yH8OnFairy CakesAdult (m)5,0141,0752
YYGhqCherry EclairAdult (f)2,2896344
ZMRa4Ambystoma BarnesAdult (f)4,4771,03323
oK7EGPink Pearl DustAdult (m)3,79385512
JdXfqSweet Sea SouffleAdult (m)2,5796423
K0CDyCamellia CandytuftAdult (f)3,0352533
lyGxAParfait DreamAdult (m)3,2692241
VT4ijSweet Sugar SeaAdult (f)3,0162212
u4VqoGuardian Of Sugar IslandAdult (f)4,0871,0151
fRCCvSugar SultanAdult (m)3,9951,0192
5ybIgBuckys Favorite CupcakesAdult (m)4,0291,0193
I67VtSunset  SnowAdult (f)4,0861,0194
itDSLGourmet GalaxyAdult (m)6,2551,1663
fflviThe Cupcakes A LieAdult (f)6,1651,1985
v9V6jPixie PuffsAdult (f)5,6431,1123
52fmDMaleficarum MacaroonAdult (m)6,3221,1557
4hBKFGourmet GarnetAdult (m)7,1831,0496
PPXycSweet Silver SeaAdult (m)6,9881,0913
3Ip5iGilbert GublerHatchling (F)2,5944269
6xJLJx------ Xenos------xHatchling (F)2,7211863
mAGdEMagde the EternalAdult (f)8,5541,2391
VLhfsThe  RumorAdult (m)3,2855113
fm5eYSynthrenalAdult (f)6,0549792
5vlicRadio RazorAdult (f)1,0566183
Z4Ka6Pluto Is A P L A N E TAdult (f)4,9571,1055
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