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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazelbush360,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YjQ35Plusle and MinumAdult (f)3,5709082
7hwRdHarry and VoldemortAdult (f)2,8619253
8W2CTDoomed fateHatchling (F)2,1546761
k1u1hKlulah and KeylaAdult (f)6,6651,5154
gQF6KCrazies 5 and 6Adult (f)1,6305112
peuyBPayton and DarlaAdult (m)2,3614372
dDrl7craproyAdult (m)3,8467044
w45Gf(w45Gf)Adult (m)3,1467673
KSrG5Keira and KyraAdult (f)3,8356864
zbWUBKrakeish and KrayslaAdult (f)3,2226261
wl24JNezar's dreamAdult (m)1,3193433
bLLaqGeisha of TimeAdult (f)2,9506254
cNbgF(cNbgF)Adult (m)4,9848305
wF38F(wF38F)Adult (f)3,3464792
qur6e(qur6e)Adult (f)2,1398722
LXmYv(LXmYv)Adult (f)3,5124252
gq8WS(gq8WS)Adult (m)4,0825102
Qh7fh(Qh7fh)Adult (f)8,3201,1962
Zs2GZuploaded viral videoAdult (f)5,9731,0141
kd2HsKadyha's JesterAdult (m)3,8221,0701
nnpPSTrembling TerraAdult (f)3,3487542
xOqPKXoqpekAdult (f)2,7036812
qMFRzCloseis 17Adult (f)1,6866711
z0jhAZojhaAdult (f)2,0507200
NW27GFranco F1Adult (m)3,3398573
MM10FFranco F2Adult (m)3,3228671
FlauxFlaux FlausAdult (f)3,6178102
65tdmDera S1Adult (m)4,8249591
niXXmNixmn DAdult (m)2,7428422
T2h7jTajhhe the treasure masterAdult (f)2,7878284
y5rvGYittle BluevingAdult (f)3,7198691
yYgTFoh please scratch right thereAdult (m)1,9927602
1WZKWIsdra CouldiAdult (f)1,7105322
jDpgzIcanhazcandyzzAdult (f)3,4968866
JayUWJayuhAdult (f)2,4857291
YmkMDJasper Forever A BirdAdult (m)2,6146314
FJN6mAdamBlin May16Adult (m)2,5375048
YjOvRYugiovreAdult (m)2,3645951
A9YoZ(A9YoZ)Adult (m)2,6205944
8fQ37(8fQ37)Adult (f)5,5739492
Awmw5(Awmw5)Adult (f)2,6257061
Q2PZu(Q2PZu)Adult (m)3,5694251
HVXly(HVXly)Adult (f)5,3308723
OZpgqcute lil thinnngHatchling (F)1,3252296
EcMtXMochhiiHatchling (F)1,5091217
2Z7HA(2Z7HA)Adult (f)5,7708222
G0YWXGoywaxAdult (f)3,4947283
MhSXD(MhSXD)Adult (f)8,2281,2231
megcCMeg 87Adult (f)2,5107664
rgkERAslan 87Adult (m)2,7437893
7gVzqLaura Crystal RoseAdult (f)2,5427604
fJNllAgatha RoseAdult (f)2,0576213
QDMMHLyndon 87Adult (m)2,0406102
6CTehLily 87Adult (f)2,5182607
JwAYW(JwAYW)Adult (m)2,2575322
Yz1lhLyndon 87 jrAdult (m)2,4385763
91bhmNighwabneAdult (f)3,1015911
TjLhw(TjLhw)Adult (m)2,8585890
rOzBbRozb my lil buggyAdult (m)2,53223710
OFgR5(OFgR5)Adult (m)2,6384143
z109z(z109z)Adult (f)4,2354274
S5xo0(S5xo0)Adult (f)2,1922708
VVaQvDark Void of the lakeAdult (m)2,4637051
jKgbIBuick NorogonAdult (m)3,5308171
gaAOPBXT 12Adult (m)4,0696702
LopfMAllyAlly SeptAdult (f)3,7498853
sH8Gb(sH8Gb)Adult (m)2,8597145
ZWc8F(ZWc8F)Adult (m)2,8867247
j3IcBlittle Helium atomHatchling (F)2,8124524
dnv4jKira and Di'navaAdult (f)3,9396631
csxAs(csxAs)Adult (f)3,3532976
2ZFSGLittle CoalAdult (m)3,3006412
QzkixSweet StealthAdult (f)2,1747122
ysYZuParadoxal LagAdult (m)2,7656302
NycwCLittle HelgaAdult (f)2,4268243
bEFHjSootfoot AshAdult (m)3,6276101
p0DypWherDavi JonsAdult (m)2,4316761
JncYHJackJons DaveAdult (m)2,7425783
ps92LGimpariAdult (m)3,9979552
9bIcVWandering LalaAdult (f)3,3035662
iBhBwAishteru the black winged theifAdult (m)3,5308133
BTCwxNishi IbelworkAdult (f)3,7568363
Tq7UHTrivky TraikssAdult (m)3,9778951
KL0BxKlobxAdult (m)2,5054334
ymHl2SweaWeez May16Adult (m)2,9555832
AcWWOwhy do I evenAdult (m)3,2088583
ER1l1Magic JackAdult (m)3,9751,0072
iuQ8OLily GoldflowerAdult (f)3,0567862
sXkxMBrambleberry RosenbridgeAdult (m)2,2787061
lMwXHBradberry RosenbridgeAdult (m)2,3127030
gfk1OSiam RosenbridgeAdult (m)1,7336780
WySGeTasha GoldflowerAdult (f)1,8056890
xcHmaXchma RosenbridgeAdult (m)4,0541,3392
xCYnTXcynt RosenbridgeAdult (m)2,4487730
4YuQhHutchaby GoldflowerAdult (f)2,4137902
2bDj5To Be Dj 5Adult (m)3,7731,0634
yJGbVLala RosenbridgeAdult (f)3,4817192
39dY1Kika RosenbridgeAdult (f)3,5277331
WPCcFChaka RosenbridgeAdult (m)3,8795802
leAyiJubellia BallerinaAdult (f)2,9886852
xJdcDXjidcid RoseberryHatchling (F)1,2484001
AXjuIBagel LoverAdult (f)2,0157121
JQ6lOWondering Wendy the WonderfulAdult (f)3,6708765
adgjlMindy CandyAdult (f)4,0338264
DIpOEHannah rfrfdtrdAdult (f)4,4056630
SHzctSally hfheadfAdult (f)4,3164410
POqRkPirky PirksAdult (m)3,7804081
LPkdALaparka RAdult (m)3,0057501
UzruiUzuri FrancoAdult (m)3,5898280
Kb8EgKira the sinnerAdult (f)3,4839232
jkeQLJaquel the JackelAdult (f)4,8639551
O4sPsOforps the sinnerAdult (m)3,9089013
ydFQbTartarus From the MoonbeamAdult (m)3,9137332
EgkdWEgelheart MAdult (f)2,5547582
2ibAjI WILL fight youAdult (m)2,6897381
bHmW6Harry and VoldyAdult (m)3,9379392
Qb772Beloved McKell TwinsAdult (m)3,3947053
x06d6Minesweep 20Adult (m)3,3868261
JMA1oDeathsweep 20Adult (f)4,1128532
FMHYoAndy and SidAdult (m)2,3455782
o0uWpBlue Beard the firstAdult (m)3,4005212
bxkRaBlue Hair the firstAdult (f)3,9738270
36fK2Blue Lips the firstAdult (f)4,1136231
4For1Blue Nails the firstAdult (f)3,6946591
uieJcLord Blue NailsAdult (m)3,9679121
ie0rg(ie0rg)Adult (m)2,7507651
NqUkA(NqUkA)Adult (m)2,7648021
VKacn(VKacn)Adult (f)3,7593878
tshQm(tshQm)Adult (f)3,6523925
wwGPYKolbacaAdult (m)2,9462566
Dpuzf(Dpuzf)Adult (m)2,5922796
1zzT8(1zzT8)Adult (m)3,8636680
4gWE1Pisces RulzAdult (m)2,9684882
4kuDnI Thought They Were NiceAdult (f)4,0421,0425
9nPkYrandom one that no one findsAdult (f)2,8218194
TCc9Y3lectric SlideAdult (m)2,1763604
ws8EtJeeny aka ElectraAdult (f)2,1753929
01AOY3lectrodeAdult (m)2,1015281
84wgx(84wgx)Adult (f)2,65524511
H2SHk(H2SHk)Adult (f)2,01655510
4oMYZ(4oMYZ)Adult (m)2,1618430
YBUJ3(YBUJ3)Adult (m)2,8526611
1nMzz(1nMzz)Adult (f)5,4208703
a3bj6(a3bj6)Adult (f)8,4501,2032
Iz1rc1cuteypieAdult (f)4,5196513
f7EbMpleeeeaaaase pet meHatchling (F)2,2705801
SW9X3Sandcat JamalAdult (m)3,6707723
VlpSbSandcat JasonAdult (m)4,2298012
eLzhkSandcat EzlekAdult (f)6,9695161
2vIDbSandcat JeromeAdult (m)3,9858301
f7HPkWet NapkinAdult (f)2,3977941
loQ1FWet Blanket 1Adult (m)2,1867283
38TAeAlvin RottweilerBSLAdult (m)2,8458060
imtU2Terra RottweilerBSLAdult (f)2,9508022
ingXz(ingXz)Adult (m)2,4606181
htuhL(htuhL)Adult (m)2,0475350
7AGjD(7AGjD)Adult (m)2,3935795
VEnJE(VEnJE)Adult (m)3,2886024
WWkIqHunter JakeAdult (m)3,2321,0081
cWfRtHunter JargonAdult (m)4,1264885
Lbo8fHunter GretleAdult (f)3,3547563
JlvCbEsmerelda of the NightAdult (f)3,1797452
iMEcBCreseliaAdult (f)3,1987485
pnu4nLord Pink NeckAdult (m)3,3507411
fiIMYNacho Cheese Dip SurpriseAdult (m)2,9018002
jJL1uLord Raydon PoisonAdult (m)2,2746251
I1oqzFlair ClaireAdult (f)2,3136523
MET9TCharred Sweetness MAdult (f)3,0487571
XVF74Charred Xtremeness MAdult (f)3,1427650
Q6eOfCharred Bitterness MAdult (m)2,9116721
qVj5PCharred Questions MAdult (f)2,9166662
tfGzNCharred Forgetfullness MAdult (m)3,6858481
hjpWPCharred Holliness MAdult (f)2,3065742
shafYCharred Vengeance MAdult (m)2,6336021
bz1GvLittle Rosie BooAdult (f)2,6886230
s1VU4Charred Wrath MAdult (f)3,3114321
HpvovFlarisse ClairisseAdult (f)3,2664470
vsYpsFlair MavrickAdult (m)3,1878052
YyJfp(YyJfp)Adult (f)2,1146574
Y8bB3(Y8bB3)Adult (f)2,0876481
fAPpw(fAPpw)Adult (m)2,1466561
abtve(abtve)Adult (f)2,2055314
X0Mya(X0Mya)Adult (m)2,3085923
T0fFw(T0fFw)Adult (f)3,6816272
X47vF(X47vF)Adult (f)3,6236423
vAYDwOld Man of the NightAdult (m)2,6157091
1cPtIMold Stops With MeAdult3,9215473
0kaoGThe Unholly GiftAdult (f)3,1439386
pLNzzThe Unholy GiftAdult (f)3,2898884
0U7e2Satanic GiftAdult (f)3,4429962
jUWiw(jUWiw)Adult (m)3,2945060
fFCnPduke of the kissy kissesAdult (m)5,1181,0783
ulDxhKiss Me YuleAdult (m)3,0145461
IGC1q(IGC1q)Adult (m)1,8737161
rF763(rF763)Adult (m)3,3165170
EuCjgFire CannonAdult (f)9,3091,8047
7e8SYJannet CannonAdult (f)9,5211,8256
VSMOcViismocAdult (f)3,2925431
ZpoBF(ZpoBF)Adult (f)1,9017073
eBJEFTylee the greatAdult (f)5,1391,0572
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