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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hazardous Force,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
I2fmB(I2fmB)Adult (m)3,6719464
Mrrwe(Mrrwe)Adult (m)3,7019595
8tfRw(8tfRw)Hatchling (F)1,8965093
NhQ0Q(NhQ0Q)Hatchling (F)2,3605823
86U4z(86U4z)Adult (f)3,6029606
IdUtf(IdUtf)Adult (f)3,5209397
owcQN(owcQN)Adult (f)3,1698525
qZD8j(qZD8j)Adult (f)2,8418116
JdzjS(JdzjS)Adult (f)3,0128154
SSDp4(SSDp4)Adult (m)2,7988787
ygAYC(ygAYC)Adult (f)2,7798313
OYJEC(OYJEC)Adult (m)2,84987819
wgAYo(wgAYo)Adult (f)2,8998762
pA8fH(pA8fH)Adult (f)3,1008489
6t5Zu(6t5Zu)Adult (f)3,2978768
d55zw(d55zw)Hatchling (f, F)2,3366878
qqFuM(qqFuM)Adult (f)3,29588612
AMskG(AMskG)Adult (f)3,67693710
fn1bgColorful LovinAdult (m)3,8401,01016
2WfJ1The Witch's Stone CBAdult (f)3,5847600
76VFrIsolated Rainbow Reflection CBAdult (m)3,5627464
DEMiUDesert Wasted CBAdult (m)3,2517483
hAZfH(hAZfH)Adult (m)5,4741,0043
hyvLRAnon Hate Devourer CBAdult (f)2,6747130
NspLiI Ate Your Letter to Santa CBAdult (m)2,6587034
0QuXsShe's Got a Big Package CBAdult (f)4,5416553
DWRAt(DWRAt)Adult (m)4,4649782
IAnaL(IAnaL)Adult (m)3,3447797
S9padBlackburn GenerationAdult (m)4,2046153
AYRJyJungle Juice CBAdult (m)3,4957031
3oBn7Portal Pursuer CBAdult (f)3,4587150
MWEsJMoonlit Sonata CBAdult (m)3,6117374
7UMCESir Aurelian CBAdult (m)4,6177074
l4bhNCassius the GoldenAdult (f)5,8828765
ux1AZMolten GoldrushAdult (f)5,3149433
n2TszSilverstar CosmosAdult (m)4,8388972
U25MuSilverscaled SungleamAdult (f)4,9239355
FmkJZDream of Golden StarsAdult (f)6,31787810
1dhZE(1dhZE)Adult (f)4,2664773
M0gay(M0gay)Adult (m)7,1301,1637
fYmgbMintflipper CBAdult (f)3,6987873
Nh7TIHearts of Pure GoldAdult (m)6,5149135
EYjVNPseudonym CBAdult (m)3,3676872
53PahPsyched Out CBAdult (m)3,4077612
fAPmp(fAPmp)Adult (f)3,2817214
GaYEz(GaYEz)Adult (f)2,7696852
R5VeaAurora Ignites CBAdult (m)3,1499361
E1iYjMy Favorite Kind of HumorAdult (f)2,72468513
2lILfRedfins on RedtidesAdult (f)6,1299735
HzInaHaunted RedtideAdult (f)6,1209581
EeGAY(EeGAY)Adult (m)2,9996292
haZeX(haZeX)Adult (m)3,8607472
6PvKrWe're Xol In This Together CBAdult (f)3,3398113
haZeq(haZeq)Adult (m)3,4278014
gIRW2Everything is Xol-right CBAdult (f)3,4776832
2EWLUSpringtide Pandamonium CBAdult (f)3,1259080
DIKlN(DIKlN)Adult (f)3,3468991
1cBrkFuzzy SweetsongAdult (f)2,82176511
4qUlaFire Ravaged Crypt CBAdult (f)3,2248740
tkpJMFoxfire ElysiumAdult (f)3,1688783
v22KKThe Witch's Way CBAdult (f)3,1638761
JAdIDFogstalker of LoreAdult (f)3,5579226
wRIvKOminous SunbreakAdult (m)3,6109048
q5AO2Desolate Fury CBAdult (f)3,0389127
KnnUHRave Witch CBAdult (f)3,0769576
aWeWvGhostfire Harbinger CBAdult (m)3,0179074
TXsgJSilvered MourningAdult (f)4,8991,0966
xPAumShadow of ManyAdult (m)2,9936323
kQx1LInfernal Demise CBAdult (m)2,3528071
ytKa5Deathless Demon CBAdult (m)2,1787741
ybnjKBrimstone Fury CBAdult (m)2,2737941
bgAYr(bgAYr)Adult (f)4,5858225
8LruuAncient RosehideAdult (f)2,1715253
djLPKLively BoughsAdult (m)2,5535793
QKLyBI'll Eat Your Face OffAdult (f)2,6305992
FGayp(FGayp)Adult (m)3,7556074
BwRxHXolways and Forever CBAdult (f)3,7071,0511
rNpxuIcicle Descent CBAdult (m)3,0977702
52ekLSong of Ice and More IceAdult (m)3,8237904
HqcIuIcespikedAdult (m)3,7286593
GAYnm(GAYnm)Adult (m)5,7261,0454
aQvMqPrized Bronze GarlandsAdult (f)2,2485833
00Rat(00Rat)Adult (f)3,4277123
2irAt(2irAt)Adult (m)3,6837001
dB3HISolid Gold StarsAdult (f)1,8855869
HgASTDewy Holly LeavesAdult (f)2,00558710
r7LBoFluffy SnowtimeAdult (m)3,2388816
flC3GSnuggle SolsticeAdult (f)3,0798892
ajoHDCorned YulebeefAdult (m)3,1188592
KvrJ1Christmas BubblegumAdult (f)2,2976541
vRoA3Moonfall FlameAdult (f)3,12495620
UcWUsHoary SnowplantsAdult (m)2,9038265
GAWhISparkling SnowbankAdult (m)4,5029495
xezq5Winter Filigree CBAdult (f)3,35982610
lA6XUGloryspiceAdult (f)2,7598926
TaStE(TaStE)Adult (m)5,79086211
7rATb(7rATb)Adult (m)2,88172013
0pttFCyber WindsongAdult (m)5,7258541
5jUn4Skydiva CBAdult (f)6,2929648
4jWpbStars on the WindAdult (f)3,6766523
x4y2UComet ArcAdult (f)3,2007118
ytmnfAromatic Searabbit CBAdult (f)6,4546138
RaT3q(RaT3q)Adult (f)3,0918045
HUwy0Soulwarmth CBAdult (f)3,1966425
dZB3RSuntide Illumination CBAdult (m)4,4889618
SrLvVBlondewyrmAdult (m)2,5136553
VqrXMSparklewing of OkamiAdult (m)3,13780722
HEzei(HEzei)Adult (f)3,6249028
WZYqUSkystrode CBAdult (f)3,6287153
QJmPWMischievous Marvel CBAdult (f)2,0056046
GGsXeLovely Marvel CBAdult (m)3,4778733
PqL7vRampaging Marvel CBAdult (m)3,3418800
abl4IMelodic Marvel CBAdult (m)3,4738744
ElMAx(ElMAx)Adult (f)3,4398668
momGX(momGX)Adult (m)3,4128898
GAAy8(GAAy8)Adult (f)6,5291,16311
XQRaT(XQRaT)Adult (m)3,6718905
AIkXFThe Fair LordsAdult (m)4,1131,0506
Bq1iOSir Fluffypants of Flooferdom CBAdult (m)4,0521,0245
QqNs6Shimmerfeather CBAdult (m)4,1201,0593
Gx0BZLittle Peach CBAdult (f)4,0701,0515
Hazen(Hazen)Adult (m)3,3727968
nQ9LENoble Pearlshine CBAdult (f)3,3287612
J69QtQueen Goldenpearl CBAdult (f)4,2556565
dyKE8(dyKE8)Adult (f)3,6748693
tmZ8vFurious Flame CBAdult (m)4,8931,0845
yJ7u8Destructo Wyrm CBAdult (m)4,6336403
WC4PxCrowned Sundial CBAdult (f)2,9485304
0WpsIPoinsettia Revelation CBAdult (m)3,3779955
Muxar(Muxar)Adult (m)3,4041,0095
VH9fFAzurestar SingerAdult (f)3,4756433
hiDKSOno MoAdult (m)3,5266976
3hZqHStartling Blueflash CBAdult (m)3,1097004
ylMy7Iridescent EyeburnAdult (f)3,8616676
talka(talka)Adult (f)3,4057604
wxgaY(wxgaY)Adult (m)5,2025302
dYked(dYked)Adult (f)2,9406174
YHrAT(YHrAT)Adult (m)3,4727645
WDAzE(WDAzE)Adult (m)2,1356188
UMsCLGaywitch DemigodAdult (f)4,7838155
YpEeN(YpEeN)Adult (f)4,3581,0094
0gAyO(0gAyO)Adult (m)4,1978006
VQgaY(VQgaY)Adult (m)5,5941,0084
6GAy5(6GAy5)Adult (f)4,1077925
gaYlb(gaYlb)Adult (m)2,9246453
vZVKUFishy Fighter CBAdult (m)3,0316863
MeuXeFishfeeding Frenzy CBAdult (f)3,2437942
TcRAt(TcRAt)Adult (m)3,7978214
G1GAY(G1GAY)Adult (m)3,6856971
3ARat(3ARat)Adult (f)4,0336651
8Wmpu50 Shades of Blue and PurpleAdult (f)4,3438944
wGAy6(wGAy6)Adult (m)4,7209274
TitLU(TitLU)Adult (m)2,9586542
Jx63TScripted Candle MagicAdult (m)6,7618201
0rGAY(0rGAY)Adult (f)3,2567366
dARkH(dARkH)Adult (f)3,6347821
57raT(57raT)Adult (f)2,8796465
H0moo(H0moo)Adult (f)2,9777033
SbtQHGlowing Pumpkin PartyAdult (f)3,1937562
xiH98Shifting Stratosphere CBAdult (f)2,9336784
Mkw7HReflection of Heaven CBAdult (m)4,7041,0695
mpTx3Crystallined CBAdult (m)3,0977362
tdY7JCutting Edge Diamondwing CBAdult (f)3,0677192
PwihaFeatherpants CBAdult (f)3,0066872
8vGAe(8vGAe)Adult (f)3,5847193
DEmiR(DEmiR)Adult (f)3,4367904
nlBzGDreams of AphroditeAdult (f)3,1427161
Go4cCGonna Fight the Sun CBAdult (m)3,3057862
mgsrMHeavenly Silk CBAdult (f)3,4558053
2b2XtAutumn Embers CBAdult (m)3,3868013
zGYyFRiversnake CBAdult (f)3,3707924
J2Kbmthe hazeAdult (m)7,06696511
gNdsLHazardous ForceAdult (f)6,3641,30926
5COeQShiny Hazard Sign of DCFAdult (f)4,40193920
Dh9SPGods Risen CBAdult (m)4,95590610
2gY6gThe Good Lord CBAdult (m)
xGGAy(xGGAy)Adult (f)3,1214626
HomO0(HomO0)Adult (f)2,9894625
CFUCk(CFUCk)Adult (m)2,07463036
ASS4J(ASS4J)Adult (m)3,8701,03538
n6DBvHazeh's Birthday Ember CBAdult (m)2,9415503
2lpOFlame Dancer CBAdult (f)2,3995403
4vOCmEmberdustAdult (m)4,8173771
PfteFlareblaze Dancer CBAdult (m)2,73254723
q9tPEmber Dance CBAdult (m)3,8084966
8ZbWSmolder Dance CBAdult (m)1,6865841
Qk6ZFlicker Dance CBAdult (f)1,8596043
muKDPEmberflare CBAdult (f)7,1471,0364
KWFaFyre DancerAdult (m)3,0804624
9D6QcBlood of KirjavaAdult (m)2,3475894
brNlCharcoal DanceHatchling (m, F)1,2113761
9w0nqDark Ether CBAdult (f)2,8595485
9IKChIlluminous Spectre CBAdult (m)2,5625595
HAZyH(HAZyH)Adult (m)4,1008939
oj6LWShadowfreakAdult (m)5,0128914
cjiGLInsidious CBAdult (f)1,8815890
1Zvc2Horizontal Monster Mash CBAdult (m)2,0156061
2ES0EOde to Howling Monkeys CBAdult (m)2,0756461
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