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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Happymeep,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
URKKGKing of Gray SkysAdult (m)3,4711,0937
859OFKing Of White HeavensAdult (m)2,5556652
WQVPjKing of The Night SkyAdult (m)4,9428321
2CchRFrozen King of The SnowAdult (m)6,0796584
XMaugQueen of Deepest OceansAdult (f)6,0436692
q8gdzQueen Of BalanceAdult (f)6,5367063
Ict79Queen of Shock and ElectricityAdult (f)5,5878613
1qCMkQueen of GaurdiansAdult (f)5,3797253
EvT1CKing of WisdomAdult (m)5,3057343
emdt1Queen  of TeleportationAdult (f)4,4016662
djVFIKing of TeleportationAdult (m)4,4366732
tp77JKing of GendersAdult (m)2,5994183
Y3qfOQueen of Flourushing PinkAdult (f)2,9763603
Vfs3OQueen of GendersAdult (f)2,8143521
A8pFuKing of Flourushing PinkAdult (m)2,4423993
CkhArQueen of Frozen SnowAdult (f)4,9241,2137
dbjI3Queen of Eternal NightAdult (f)6,8081,0195
RNazjCorspalionAdult (f)5,9771,1081
0VlXxPower KnightAdult (f)3,1319662
8fhyGDeath WeedsAdult (m)5,1031,1561
qUVKPFire BeautAdult (f)1,7915378
h9DbLKilmonroAdult (m)5,2129172
GsYlYStyraxhiAdult (f)4,0121,0811
PY5HSUlscawAdult (f)4,0129982
t70AzHidden LavaAdult (f)4,2461,0753
uMYm3No 1 KnowsAdult (f)4,6981,0092
em6riSpear just 'cus IDCAdult (m)3,7811,1160
dZjkmSwimming BlusomeAdult (f)3,1411,1641
TJg1RFire BeautifulAdult (f)3,5731,2500
XX6ZMSleeping FinAdult (f)3,4341,1432
YkFNgHustans problemAdult (f)6,7931,1342
qDrn9Tiffany fangsAdult (m)6,6541,1420
rYA8FNortisAdult (f)5,5611,2442
dPSMDSwimming finsAdult (f)4,3001,2359
7WQ9sNinkopAdult (m)4,2541,2314
XDWJZ(XDWJZ)Adult (m)3,3381,0654
WBAEt(WBAEt)Adult (f)4,4661,2134
hNibH(hNibH)Adult (f)4,4601,1262
KD9Hq(KD9Hq)Adult (f)5,7098176
SkEVL(SkEVL)Adult (f)5,7007181
GtFuP(GtFuP)Adult (f)5,8727142
g4saU(g4saU)Adult (f)5,0758481
jr4eF(jr4eF)Adult (m)5,7058921
GnHzG(GnHzG)Adult (f)6,2158730
iRuYJ(iRuYJ)Adult (f)4,1491,1341
UAGYj(UAGYj)Adult (f)5,7938815
Q41Lp(Q41Lp)Adult (f)3,7321,0475
P9vbi(P9vbi)Adult (m)3,5179833
7kKjM(7kKjM)Adult (m)3,4069974
ZtmGv(ZtmGv)Adult (f)3,7618831
n3PPa(n3PPa)Adult (f)3,3949352
SuBAq(SuBAq)Adult (f)2,8289420
fgiSr(fgiSr)Adult (m)2,6959550
ij2Bx(ij2Bx)Adult (m)2,4691,0060
6td4N(6td4N)Adult (m)2,4891,0100
YqwU8(YqwU8)Adult (f)2,4871,0090
WzTQ8(WzTQ8)Adult (m)2,2779693
9gYlL(9gYlL)Adult (f)4,5128715
CN9KX(CN9KX)Adult (m)5,3957681
25bnI(25bnI)Adult (m)6,0106680
YBYde(YBYde)Adult (f)5,5608461
HV4mY(HV4mY)Adult (m)5,3057203
792Mo(792Mo)Adult (m)5,8727451
IlJIK(IlJIK)Adult (m)5,2768320
CFnwI(CFnwI)Adult (m)5,2428320
OYH2Y(OYH2Y)Adult (f)6,4936611
YjCz5(YjCz5)Adult (f)6,9326941
aRIh9(aRIh9)Adult (f)6,3708210
cwJ59(cwJ59)Adult (f)6,2078250
y4Psp(y4Psp)Adult (f)7,1208441
rkWYU(rkWYU)Adult (f)5,6869861
LR6UI(LR6UI)Adult (m)5,0809900
4fHRC(4fHRC)Adult (m)5,5629690
W23Nb(W23Nb)Adult (f)5,4019741
eFVQz(eFVQz)Adult (m)5,3059731
VE7eF(VE7eF)Adult (m)3,1988680
swLcl(swLcl)Adult (f)3,1668751
gQsxE(gQsxE)Adult (m)3,1738741
tB7MZ(tB7MZ)Adult (f)3,4581,1612
cdmNQ(cdmNQ)Adult (m)3,1931,1670
zcwxf(zcwxf)Adult (m)3,1311,1702
wHZPp(wHZPp)Adult (f)3,0411,1750
KQE3P(KQE3P)Adult (f)3,0391,1700
2KAAf(2KAAf)Adult (f)3,3731,1290
DaX1p(DaX1p)Adult (m)3,5731,1260
u6Q2I(u6Q2I)Adult (m)3,3791,1300
1fv2j(1fv2j)Adult (f)3,4641,1240
hYbqU(hYbqU)Adult (f)3,6121,1200
ZsBYM(ZsBYM)Adult (m)3,5918461
Um9JJ(Um9JJ)Adult (m)3,5708450
JIM8Q(JIM8Q)Adult (f)3,5928510
Jxw88(Jxw88)Adult (m)3,5548400
8a6oR(8a6oR)Adult (m)3,6078450
YIBbJ(YIBbJ)Adult (f)4,7248410
6PswN(6PswN)Adult (f)4,7078380
Ta2kO(Ta2kO)Adult (f)5,2469270
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