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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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    You pick up the scroll labeled “HappyBunneh,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    trEd(trEd)Adult (f)8,008716129
    XxOp(XxOp)Adult (m)3,88281629
    30vF(30vF)Adult (m)5,2549779
    PArp(PArp)Adult (f)4,30984838
    reAt(reAt)Adult (m)2,9997706
    MRgM(MRgM)Adult (f)7,62365781
    AWSH(AWSH)Adult (m)1,54643313
    ckaH(ckaH)Adult (f)1,67944114
    AfuC(AfuC)Adult (f)4,32085433
    LIWk(LIWk)Adult (m)2,8887416
    Uel5(Uel5)Adult (f)2,5386725
    HKlM(HKlM)Adult (f)1,9005624
    7ENt(7ENt)Adult (f)4,85094723
    pdFk(pdFk)Adult (f)1,80148295
    Qkp7(Qkp7)Adult (f)4,1001,17514
    XpBR(XpBR)Adult (m)7,85264698
    9SeV(9SeV)Adult (m)1,06662513
    eVPf(eVPf)Adult (f)4,32985336
    vYh5(vYh5)Adult (f)2,7451,02313
    d1sf(d1sf)Adult (m)1,7424643
    63xz(63xz)Adult (f)4,10582044
    A5aY(A5aY)Adult (f)3,85478358
    1V1r(1V1r)Adult (m)4,24585251
    a5Br(a5Br)Adult (m)1,34240324
    Ik9r(Ik9r)Adult (f)3,2496604
    CXgg(CXgg)Adult (m)7,223734115
    y5pD(y5pD)Adult (f)7,521713106
    TdvQ(TdvQ)Adult (f)4,35896811
    o8Ak(o8Ak)Adult (f)3,31473021
    1bOU(1bOU)Adult (m)5,6976925
    Jejl(Jejl)Adult (m)1,63243643
    GcVK(GcVK)Adult (m)2,08553326
    J12E(J12E)Adult (m)3,1087989
    1rMk(1rMk)Adult (f)3,3371,17018
    N48M(N48M)Adult (f)3,62375725
    tyhp(tyhp)Adult (m)4,04078039
    Rnob(Rnob)Adult (f)2,3765199
    0hN6(0hN6)Adult (f)1,7364593
    hgqH(hgqH)Adult (m)3,4227156
    OtsM(OtsM)Adult (f)2,8787338
    dafz(dafz)Adult (f)4,25486161
    1VEo(1VEo)Adult (m)4,9901,10818
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