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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hannizzle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
aZrM(aZrM)Adult (f)3,01533997
HrLg(HrLg)Adult (m)4,46055356
449T(449T)Adult (f)1,71343030
OSH4(OSH4)Adult (m)1,42736920
wLbs(wLbs)Adult (f)2,14858817
J5tI(J5tI)Adult (f)8965591
5HlR(5HlR)Adult (f)8855522
De7n(De7n)Adult (f)8285622
QuGG(QuGG)Adult (f)1,60837274
e9cB(e9cB)Adult (f)1,45337326
Kt89(Kt89)Adult (m)3,38450531
dfKp(dfKp)Adult (f)2,12145623
LdAz(LdAz)Adult (m)1,05253212
cOpa(cOpa)Adult (m)2,36042630
YtjV(YtjV)Adult (m)4,048579115
AmS2(AmS2)Adult (f)1,98745735
mcDb(mcDb)Adult (m)2,57035724
re40(re40)Adult (m)9065951
JXQZ(JXQZ)Adult (m)1,77240526
Xeuu(Xeuu)Adult (m)1,0335891
QOvo(QOvo)Adult (m)1,0125542
5EsU(5EsU)Adult (m)1,0725790
MFAG(MFAG)Adult (f)1,1486753
6Sk5(6Sk5)Adult (m)2,60542541
ULag(ULag)Adult (f)3,271539118
EiGu(EiGu)Adult (m)3,01742326
zS7W(zS7W)Adult (f)1,11137116
4WI3(4WI3)Adult (f)1,1676688
lwY9(lwY9)Adult (f)2,14946225
EuAt(EuAt)Adult (f)2,12842334
eZQp(eZQp)Adult (f)8265610
MB5g(MB5g)Adult (f)8275610
Ujog(Ujog)Adult (f)2,49734163
4HvI(4HvI)Adult (f)2,67240843
wXjZ(wXjZ)Adult (m)1,75037865
1j5W(1j5W)Adult (m)1,75638532
Cjmj(Cjmj)Adult (m)2,96250050
qvCB(qvCB)Adult (f)9806291
gPFL(gPFL)Adult (f)1,04460013
I2hg(I2hg)Adult (m)3,998573133
v1PU(v1PU)Adult (m)1,1016583
kJrr(kJrr)Adult (m)1,0876203
O5hV(O5hV)Adult (m)1,0716383
ZkFz(ZkFz)Adult (f)2,79031688
PmbP(PmbP)Adult (m)8755460
3b4w(3b4w)Adult (m)1,61937167
4c3q(4c3q)Adult (f)1,1306334
zuLy(zuLy)Adult (m)2,28343320
tOou(tOou)Adult (m)1,1816611
vSYA(vSYA)Adult (m)1,2516813
HBdW(HBdW)Adult (f)1,4357942
XtcS(XtcS)Adult (f)1,07942527
nWZA(nWZA)Adult (m)8455580
ThTg(ThTg)Adult (f)1,0665761
5u9c(5u9c)Adult (f)2,21966528
6nzj(6nzj)Adult (m)2,25146629
ZkiP(ZkiP)Adult (m)4,51755564
NwAL(NwAL)Adult (f)3,03151236
gmie(gmie)Adult (f)9075631
mHiR(mHiR)Adult (f)4,22753952
mrMu(mrMu)Adult (m)8525751
dpZY(dpZY)Adult (f)9746221
E7Ch(E7Ch)Adult (m)9355433
jZQo(jZQo)Adult (m)8625361
ERaX(ERaX)Adult (m)9876321
7E8q(7E8q)Adult (f)3,794556120
T347(T347)Adult (m)1,53136365
Fq15(Fq15)Adult (m)3,65449527
EIUM(EIUM)Adult (f)1,74139322
iKMO(iKMO)Adult (f)1,42334725
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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