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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • Wreath Decorating
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  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Handspinner,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vdQYM(vdQYM)Dead Egg311
7dykb(7dykb)Dead Egg211
0FFYiAlpine Duo WarpAdult (f)5,7186293
R9Vq2Alpine Duo WeftAdult (m)6,7616939
PcuRbDuo WeftAdult (m)4,8675071
9eCL0(9eCL0)Adult (f)4,6935592
2Dyh9(2Dyh9)Adult (f)3,9196412
1XxCX(1XxCX)Adult (m)4,2425411
t0VAYLosna WarpAdult (f)7,2625986
ATgIKMani WarpAdult (f)3,7814735
fDPZDAlignak WarpAdult (f)3,9695714
pHI3WElatha WarpAdult (f)4,0526061
kDrLYElatha WeftAdult (m)4,2696803
SLEzC(SLEzC)Adult (m)4,6875732
pXl85Polycephal WeftAdult (m)4,0115501
YKXwMMani WeftAdult (m)4,1603137
QbV7XAlignak WeftAdult (m)7,1674934
Cb16KLuna WarpAdult (f)7,1074846
IyIyRLosna ManiAdult (m)6,9596438
xz5HaE Nihi Ka WeftAdult (m)3,3835742
UVXDrAeon WarpAdult (f)3,6404526
doFLbAeon WeftAdult (m)4,3184784
gTcECTemporal WeftAdult (m)3,9054833
NfuWCTempis WeftAdult (m)4,1075121
5SBnCTemporal AeonAdult (f)1,8464471
WpeRs(WpeRs)Adult (f)3,5673873
RmgypManawa WeftAdult (m)4,1995202
o8Qg1Aeria Gloris WeftAdult (m)2,7746403
m2pf9Aeria Gloris WarpAdult (f)2,7385033
zv2cgAeria Gloris Z-SpinAdult (f)3,0685731
AKGHiAeria Gloris S-SpinAdult (m)4,1986322
Rw88N(Rw88N)Adult (f)3,7126501
pmilr(pmilr)Adult (m)3,4065361
Tz9QI(Tz9QI)Adult (m)3,7886051
diJbP(diJbP)Adult (m)2,6335163
eonuv(eonuv)Adult (f)3,7716543
Y4uOT(Y4uOT)Adult (f)2,9035592
E5gdH(E5gdH)Adult (f)4,8306212
IhyAkWindy WeftAdult (m)4,3166304
qDu8WWindy WarpAdult (f)3,9476026
jXyuwAether WeftAdult (m)3,9606005
Qeh64(Qeh64)Adult (f)4,5326675
Sz4GM(Sz4GM)Adult (f)4,9226673
RxvEB(RxvEB)Adult (f)3,4555392
GNYgn(GNYgn)Adult (m)4,3925741
50DWd(50DWd)Adult (m)3,9315422
45ocO(45ocO)Adult (m)3,3065093
3NKwO(3NKwO)Adult (m)5,2395742
50L1pWhite WarpAdult (f)8,4957687
WwGHIWhite WeftAdult (m)4,3565615
eTYB5Blance WeftAdult (m)4,3844381
tiet0Albus WarpAdult (f)3,1225561
PnRf7Albus WeftAdult (m)3,0815651
klv7wAlbany WeftAdult (m)3,9025632
NnOuX(NnOuX)Adult (m)5,5766412
VXpGk(VXpGk)Adult (f)5,5527413
kfEevBlue Alcedine WarpAdult (f)4,4935992
BQfMjBlue Alcedine WeftAdult (m)4,8555404
r1GxbBlue Alcedine S-SpinAdult (m)5,0535883
aWMXpBlue Alcedine Z-SpinAdult (f)4,0195482
c6YRV(c6YRV)Adult (f)5,9125712
ACweoAlcedine WeftAdult (m)5,0926304
8vzCNAlcedine WeftZ-SpinAdult (m)5,4016712
fz6vpRed Alcedine WarpAdult (f)6,5637323
JeZKS(JeZKS)Adult (m)4,7645423
eQnop(eQnop)Adult (m)7,0756352
Dsdho(Dsdho)Adult (f)6,1856343
2QCXx(2QCXx)Adult (m)5,0125192
7gbLs(7gbLs)Adult (m)4,6875254
X4HwT(X4HwT)Adult (m)4,1134764
g80zD(g80zD)Adult (m)4,9315713
JJbH2(JJbH2)Adult (m)5,8466023
B15WfAlmerald WeftAdult (m)3,9264942
c4QtZAlmerald WarpAdult (f)3,8635161
mDQS1Kiwi WarpAdult (f)4,0664781
SjJiyKiwi WeftAdult (m)4,3444591
CfvrX(CfvrX)Adult (f)9,9171,1554
y2she(y2she)Adult (f)4,2416704
L2PGNWhite Juniper WeaveAdult (m)5,1676355
gtp9nAmalthean WeaveAdult (f)4,3205722
wYBTvUndine Blanche WeaveAdult (f)4,0745692
3AlM7Heliotrope Crocodile WeaveAdult (m)5,9036552
Z1ay2Fern Panda WeaveAdult (m)2,9104153
vPuud(vPuud)Adult (m)5,4785517
av3Ga(av3Ga)Adult (m)6,2986352
CeObH(CeObH)Adult (f)5,2825503
D9Kbr(D9Kbr)Adult (f)4,9614974
S6E9U(S6E9U)Adult (f)4,3614973
Hfypm(Hfypm)Adult (m)4,6595954
JN4V9(JN4V9)Adult (m)4,3186063
LffCdPly Color WeftAdult (m)4,4485376
T2LESRed Gold WeftAdult (m)5,3286637
NASPqRed Ply WeftAdult (m)5,2736244
GIkQLGold Ply WeftAdult (m)6,2566658
ctpbdPly Color WarpAdult (f)4,7756043
5X1LaBlue Gold WarpAdult (f)5,7276813
D56Fu(D56Fu)Adult (f)3,3274473
tnt34(tnt34)Adult (m)11,3671,3296
CsHts(CsHts)Adult (f)5,9456502
DS69X(DS69X)Adult (m)9,5278311
txtfIResnick's WarpAdult (f)4,1475035
DZWWNResnick's WeftAdult (m)4,1295906
IkSDTAntarean WefyAdult (m)2,8174523
jZCFmHermes WeftAdult (m)3,6815211
tr5gLAntarean WarpAdult (f)3,1784761
ERBzG(ERBzG)Adult (m)2,8164541
aZqShHermes WarpAdult (f)3,7864290
zCT3c(zCT3c)Adult (m)4,4655791
JRlxH(JRlxH)Adult (f)3,1675632
Qe3eGAqualis WeftAdult (m)4,3896674
YCdvsAqualis Z-SpinAdult (m)4,5246572
fuogJAqualis WarpAdult (f)4,5586685
AAepTAqualis S-SpinAdult (m)4,8646681
QJRk8(QJRk8)Adult (m)5,5756705
H2ed5(H2ed5)Adult (f)5,5938092
kJWeR(kJWeR)Adult (f)3,0505562
tYzfj(tYzfj)Adult (m)3,6895293
UV1w5(UV1w5)Adult (f)4,3516361
mveDZ(mveDZ)Adult (m)4,7736184
8ykjK(8ykjK)Adult (m)6,2626563
GEpBn(GEpBn)Adult (f)6,1716823
GFsjWAranoa WeftAdult (m)3,8405762
6VfM4Aranoa WarpAdult (f)4,0515822
XYZWe(XYZWe)Adult (f)4,7215872
Eobzc(Eobzc)Adult (m)4,6155953
i3PIq(i3PIq)Adult (m)3,6914532
r0Nna(r0Nna)Adult (m)4,8914725
53QBP(53QBP)Adult (f)3,3374422
AhxvhS-Spin AranoaAdult (f)5,4135594
BX0fN(BX0fN)Adult (f)4,0204583
2GIT2(2GIT2)Adult (m)4,5415462
W7hOxOpera WeftAdult (m)3,7425893
ZVKfdOpera WarpAdult (f)3,5845643
soMPRAria WeftAdult (m)3,4274821
QqPspCantata WeftAdult (m)4,1714184
7oW0w(7oW0w)Adult (m)3,9654031
m4AeJ(m4AeJ)Adult (f)5,6457032
9ills(9ills)Adult (m)4,0625242
uOEZMAsh WarpAdult (f)4,2397003
rgjhB(rgjhB)Adult (m)4,4466612
57CVt(57CVt)Adult (m)4,5666812
jBBjS(jBBjS)Adult (m)4,7766932
gMg46(gMg46)Adult (m)4,6626644
9y8Wc(9y8Wc)Adult (f)5,8197611
kFUkr(kFUkr)Adult (f)5,2586693
NsLDsAstaarus WeftAdult (m)6,4666552
le075Astaarus Z-SpinAdult (m)4,0524573
7zZ8t(7zZ8t)Adult (f)4,3864532
4WC2c(4WC2c)Adult (f)4,4364773
0cXZq(0cXZq)Adult (f)7,2426535
jpBON(jpBON)Adult (m)4,3654944
dvtOl(dvtOl)Adult (f)4,1964673
FFElo(FFElo)Adult (f)3,3434872
9EzYQ(9EzYQ)Adult (f)3,5845733
9YRhmAzure Glacewing WeftAdult (m)3,7204917
PwsIHAzure Glacewing WarpAdult (f)3,8075106
MbrNfAzure Glacewing WeaveAdult (f)3,7874954
ebvKZ(ebvKZ)Adult (m)3,8364523
wxROZGlacewing WeftAdult (f)3,9934331
l5gcO(l5gcO)Adult (m)4,3524301
oq13e(oq13e)Adult (m)5,2127095
DUK6T(DUK6T)Adult (f)2,7605451
lRRM7(lRRM7)Adult (m)3,7995904
YHa4GGreen Baikala WarpAdult (f)4,6584523
ZyhznGreen Baikala WeftAdult (m)4,1584113
pD6jIGreen Baikala Z-SpinAdult (f)4,1744453
bLL2YGreen Baikala S-SpinAdult (f)4,2294381
TXqHZGreen Baikala OzeroAdult (f)4,5725032
SR8JLGreen Ozero WeftAdult (m)4,9725991
oiOEOGreen Ozero Z-SpinAdult (m)4,0474931
HeCp7(HeCp7)Adult (m)7,1501,0509
4Sb4HBlue Baikala WarpAdult (f)4,4284841
p8kc5Blue Baikala S-SpinAdult (f)4,6545100
VxmzwBlue Baikala Z-SpinAdult (f)4,6574901
o2yHrBlue Baikala OzeroAdult (m)4,5354781
f33S1Blue Ozero Z-SpinAdult (m)4,3994501
sMVA6(sMVA6)Adult (f)3,7126543
Rc0VbLofty WeftAdult (m)3,6742497
hTbp2Lofty WarpAdult (f)4,03641210
VlL0RBlanchard WarpAdult (f)3,7744094
SAa5S(SAa5S)Adult (f)6,0715252
jy3fgVolto WeftAdult (m)4,8285163
AYxjsBauta WeftAdult (m)4,8265261
iOnHJArlecchino WeftAdult (m)5,1725101
3RNDcMask WarpAdult (m)6,7855871
vO9EYVolto WarpAdult (f)6,6225701
iLL50Masked WarpAdult (f)5,8795852
jorTBArlecchino WarpAdult (f)4,3544792
fy8r8Bauta WarpAdult (f)5,8005663
3HC3V(3HC3V)Adult (f)3,7035413
Sw91dMask Blancblack WeaveAdult (f)6,8617254
LN2PZ(LN2PZ)Adult (m)5,4415383
KZ3nlBlanche Arlecchino WeaveAdult (f)4,5245262
8JxSL(8JxSL)Adult (m)4,2146004
xOXvd(xOXvd)Adult (f)4,2825164
NIaBAObsidian WarpAdult (f)3,8296306
qXW34Obsidian StalkerAdult (m)3,5296876
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