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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Hanakoo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
RGjv(RGjv)Adult (f)2,01191015
mKh6(mKh6)Adult (f)2,3117698
ec5V(ec5V)Adult (m)3,01555215
BgYo(BgYo)Adult (f)3,0554368
QKTj(QKTj)Adult (f)3,8427946
jDrW(jDrW)Adult (m)2,04191412
YRtJ(YRtJ)Adult (m)3,8703989
hrpb(hrpb)Adult (m)5,7781,0227
gaMf(gaMf)Adult (m)2,2396126
730B(730B)Adult (f)6,1491,2689
MAhI(MAhI)Adult (m)2,6679047
WCG0(WCG0)Adult (m)2,1609259
vjRB(vjRB)Adult (f)1,8998476
Yrfc(Yrfc)Adult (f)1,7619616
9Imq(9Imq)Adult (m)2,45582719
e9iY(e9iY)Adult (f)4,9181,0418
kNh9(kNh9)Adult (m)4,7741,2129
2NUP(2NUP)Adult (m)2,3971,0454
5Ccm(5Ccm)Adult (f)2,29674710
UGse(UGse)Adult (m)8065672
39nD(39nD)Adult (m)3,09063413
CtAq(CtAq)Adult (m)2,9806187
ZQVT(ZQVT)Adult (m)1,21366511
9ImK(9ImK)Adult (m)2,0788334
nCiM(nCiM)Adult (f)1,4396899
FAZN(FAZN)Adult (f)5,6061,0137
ATIK(ATIK)Adult (f)2,6454503
ILjf(ILjf)Adult (f)1,7478807
cDej(cDej)Adult (f)7,6231,42110
8Ips(8Ips)Adult (m)1,24072610
fVQd(fVQd)Adult (f)3,0784328
DJAV(DJAV)Adult (f)7,1891,4038
n6f3(n6f3)Adult (m)2,3467605
15pH(15pH)Adult (f)2,8376704
voRp(voRp)Adult (f)3,3407349
FMrh(FMrh)Adult (m)7,7281,52813
6sD9(6sD9)Adult (f)7,4701,32811
XlSG(XlSG)Adult (m)2,11492312
eIhD(eIhD)Adult (f)4,35791516
1Y24(1Y24)Adult (m)7,7981,5969
vNAZ(vNAZ)Adult (m)1,58284020
fMX1(fMX1)Adult (m)7,2191,32412
smms(smms)Adult (m)1,98283411
phhm(phhm)Adult (m)7,5661,40018
rNAo(rNAo)Adult (f)10,5352,07923
ID2Q(ID2Q)Adult (m)5,3961,1057
fseI(fseI)Adult (m)6,1841,34410
gAmR(gAmR)Adult (f)1,6007889
iLkC(iLkC)Adult (m)7,1521,3229
XuFl(XuFl)Adult (f)7,6891,4798
l4FI(l4FI)Adult (f)3,3891,04714
LhiU(LhiU)Adult (f)4,8221,3998
1ruc(1ruc)Adult (f)2,80481515
OQHZ(OQHZ)Adult (m)3,1727032
ar59(ar59)Adult (f)1,84759313
EqMZ(EqMZ)Adult (m)2,7336342
Hl7p(Hl7p)Adult (m)2,3196948
LjMq(LjMq)Adult (f)2,4378264
g6Ed(g6Ed)Adult (f)5,5051,65310
rMoB(rMoB)Adult (m)1,47656618
cXL0(cXL0)Adult (f)5,5301,0785
Y46V(Y46V)Adult (m)1,91688441
nECN(nECN)Adult (m)7,8341,55617
NhCE(NhCE)Adult (f)5,4741,0938
ZFnn(ZFnn)Adult (f)4,6089749
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