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    You pick up the scroll labeled “HaishaHime,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    F5JR(F5JR)Adult (f)9,7931,25123
    jSSq(jSSq)Adult (m)3,6291,2289
    UJ5q(UJ5q)Adult (m)2,5729246
    BkiJ(BkiJ)Adult (f)3,4981,22010
    WLSr(WLSr)Adult (m)1,5728613
    mVfV(mVfV)Adult (f)2,8581,1261
    EKsZ(EKsZ)Adult (f)3,2351,00712
    M54O(M54O)Adult (m)3,4431,1667
    QUaf(QUaf)Adult (f)1,72090611
    7Eul(7Eul)Adult (f)1,5858289
    BAI8(BAI8)Adult (m)1,7388314
    K6MX(K6MX)Adult (f)2,9561,0709
    jb9M(jb9M)Adult (f)3,4898888
    eJ1s(eJ1s)Adult (m)2,7028167
    7FAY(7FAY)Adult (f)2,7048298
    odOX(odOX)Adult (f)2,6951,0759
    44qv(44qv)Adult (m)1,8217307
    4qAU(4qAU)Adult (f)3,1446957
    P3X7(P3X7)Adult (f)3,0298686
    fDMN(fDMN)Adult (f)2,5991,0589
    NW9b(NW9b)Adult (m)2,5309997
    W5GQ(W5GQ)Adult (f)2,2899216
    tphr(tphr)Adult (f)3,5741,1338
    Ook1(Ook1)Adult (m)2,7641,11013
    mGqs(mGqs)Adult (f)3,7861,2786
    8WtM(8WtM)Adult (m)2,31498410
    K4lc(K4lc)Adult (f)3,5431,1989
    Bi8f(Bi8f)Adult (m)2,6351,0658
    Hv4G(Hv4G)Adult (f)3,2064806
    lkWr(lkWr)Adult (m)1,4637824
    v5vh(v5vh)Adult (f)1,6549552
    PAsL(PAsL)Adult (m)3,8161,30912
    uYoF(uYoF)Adult (f)2,3169696
    a3sc(a3sc)Adult (f)1,4487894
    RQ2s(RQ2s)Adult (m)3,5311,14111
    XqMd(XqMd)Adult (f)2,3109194
    4Aj0(4Aj0)Adult (m)1,8511,0436
    WE9i(WE9i)Adult (m)2,7145875
    Pl6a(Pl6a)Adult (m)3,2837267
    XBvt(XBvt)Adult (f)3,8841,3349
    dOBq(dOBq)Adult (f)3,0409914
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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