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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “HELLWORLD999,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fidlQthe garden of earthly whateverHatchling (F)3,0525473
YqNuh(YqNuh)Dead Egg111
3gB3G(3gB3G)Dead Egg111
zu9THaqueouleAdult (f)5,5897991
sc3oztherapy for a hole in my arteryAdult (m)4,6007261
7XvKrdo you dream like i doAdult (m)4,8137431
Uv0zkhaven't outgrown my name so farAdult (m)5,3927141
rSSGzunmasked i'm just a bleeding kidAdult (m)4,8007645
IVLtnstay away from me and where i amAdult (f)4,7037472
pttLBi can fit my body in a suitcaseAdult (f)4,6037351
bqusEthe fulcrum of spacetimeAdult (m)8,3321,0734
4FXrsstargazing seasonAdult (m)3,7345372
lKIlYlife after thisAdult (m)4,8487276
uvlLdser windsnapAdult (m)7,0851,0973
o2U1RcyanobacterieAdult (f)3,9537972
3qmlncompulsive collectionAdult (f)3,1981,03616
jfKBNsocietal withdrawalAdult (m)4,0387979
cDfIRrecluse disorderAdult (f)4,3518267
XcFEIhoarding diseaseAdult (m)4,1688568
bzuzjold wounds thuwedAdult (f)6,0409321
2J56SmaseratiAdult (m)1,89933313
tc2Wzkissed by fire in the nightAdult (m)4,7797541
mqOqjhissing roachAdult (f)4,5057011
FgybRwhat is safetyAdult (f)4,6607392
FnIOldream beneath a dreamAdult (f)2,30229239
iHpnqchild of nothingAdult (m)6,5751,0115
LvOaiflightless parrotHatchling (F)4,8447406
Oqn0NoqnoAdult (f)7,0211,02810
LuNfoearth of tinselAdult (m)9,8481,1485
koGEgcream or sugar or bloodAdult (m)4,2667592
IrBkdcaditurAdult (f)6,0428094
ikhVbnubiferisAdult (m)6,3707932
tMDHytiemowAdult (f)8,1521,0412
vsGOMkifexAdult (m)7,8719891
kc6R0ukeonAdult (m)7,8531,0053
uAmgAaleashanAdult (f)8,0151,0215
DU85omochdryAdult (m)7,7151,0382
2SXSrarcpinAdult (m)7,8659752
JrgUjcathode ray tubeAdult (m)7,9011,0202
VepKIlie la lieAdult (m)3,1398171
lNyxEastronomical parallaxAdult (m)4,6208192
HMZSYi've become what youAdult (m)3,5998151
2ce9Lresent but you don't know whatAdult (f)6,8201,1203
ifr6Bit is i am a creature made ofAdult (m)3,7498462
f8rsYeverything you didAdult (f)3,7138211
9jgfqi am the self-made half-aliveAdult (f)3,5928971
Q3P3Tspecter of the spark of lifeAdult (f)3,7808571
4sq7Wyou tried to kill but couldn'tAdult (m)6,2118172
AqKWgi've become what you resentAdult (m)4,3278531
6hyIobut you don't know it yetAdult (f)3,9707061
CNPiii am a creature madeAdult (f)3,4187082
xBpaUof bile and regretAdult (m)3,2956981
cooaWi am a dying wish i amAdult (f)3,4927451
S4nH7a bleeding fist i am my own badAdult (m)3,5107431
YLX6Pdreams that you put in my headAdult (f)3,4457541
jccdKtoo beautiful to be worthlessAdult (f)3,5547451
R6nzgwe know exactly what we areAdult (m)
6WgZkbad childHatchling (m, F)3,8196106
bvfFoproject me onto meHatchling (m, F)3,5416172
dJVPpmoistened airAdult (f)4,8419671
BKIwmpowder fallAdult (m)4,8391,0042
GZnYPthe name twilightAdult (f)5,0129841
32rsklive-aidAdult (m)4,8919870
0zslwextinct breedAdult (m)4,8709381
1dXIustep back side frontAdult (f)4,8789992
WWpbxprincenheartAdult (f)3,1827411
sVpV5we don't know what we areAdult (f)
92Up2figaro figaroAdult (m)4,7941,1523
BbrPDhand fishingAdult (m)4,6611,1643
6Wrf9tripalet tripaletAdult (m)4,7171,1731
5rxXTcasting sugarAdult (f)4,9141,1754
ONXHcblooming regretAdult (m)4,7021,1733
XaDzcstatus dogAdult (f)4,8101,1641
ThWnOcamaradeAdult (m)4,4311,0955
9jB9fathena alkidemosAdult (f)3,9176217
qkLX0sun roast thuwedAdult (m)2,2085768
ijWsEgurugaraAdult (m)2,7105325
4olrufuolruAdult (m)7,7851,0883
2zaIBvengeAdult (f)9,8021,3324
Hb35zpepper timeAdult (m)3,6808467
CtRSJpallheartAdult (f)6,4579124
3QF7DfigurettineHatchling (F)2,2436393
JKd6Mlittle dog run awayAdult (f)8,6071,4123
jt701rantarch and buiolAdult (m)3,7767581
BbnwDetever and lithocylAdult (f)3,9727782
RLCmSsalt water alarmAdult (m)3,8758050
kB53dheat sensorAdult (m)3,9827801
76FLMhow are you that smallHatchling (F)1,5356501
Rlp5jca'arAdult (m)2,6947352
TE03xteo teo teo teoAdult (m)3,6839195
DAELkthe elkAdult (f)3,8198788
4oQtdo sweetnessAdult (f)3,9438933
oy21Qfirstborn lambAdult (f)3,7259012
nxqAUo inverted worldAdult (f)5,4491,0652
QXK6qdining hall pumpkin breadAdult (f)4,1939172
0gn8pendless starry knightAdult (f)3,4018352
6Yyeeimportant videoAdult (f)5,3461,1392
DHp7dthe flower we sawAdult (f)5,3211,1322
DqVXXpennantwingAdult (m)5,5021,1433
N2ubmdays of bloomAdult (m)5,2971,1035
y3mgvdemonic nightjarAdult (m)5,2961,1443
d0o04d zero o zero fourAdult (m)3,9467125
dSkH9omen cycleAdult (f)4,8909574
0hepIon the night the stars fellAdult (m)4,6989623
xYqYmludens felisAdult (m)4,1888313
18Cdrpraeses custosAdult (m)4,9319783
XLbyTendless violenceAdult (f)4,44257716
I28w9i weep for the dream is fadingAdult (f)3,7298842
Xr0HKgallowsbirdAdult (f)3,5858563
D1yy5will headbutt youHatchling (F)3,7284815
7glqpa subtletyAdult (f)4,4729245
76HMCantler velvetAdult (m)5,8511,4601
HU19Klittle sighthoundHatchling (F)2,3484311
CyIbCcybillicAdult (m)6,2041,4433
4imh9tell your friends you love themAdult (m)4,4171,0891
e8q0pethics in the occult studiesAdult (f)4,4641,0033
r7n9cribonucleic sweetheartAdult (f)4,4499784
31220central georgia area codeAdult (m)11,0471,83710
oruEaoruea drosselmeyerAdult (f)10,1091,6813
YMuRAmura muraAdult (f)3,7771,0932
ORSCDsteel orchidAdult (f)3,6919074
L9nGgdisordered historyAdult (f)3,6399294
umF13umpire biteAdult (m)4,0091,1095
2YG44arpeggiateAdult (f)3,6779126
oqACKnyx arcanumAdult (f)5,9951,2446
7bZUloft ignoredAdult3,3183914
LOfNHazure and argentAdult (f)5,7731,0257
RQZ7Whonghe zhishenAdult (f)1,5377282
pzOxkspiral of positivityAdult (m)3,90490311
yIbd1positive associationAdult (m)3,9459353
SrZdGdoctor syzygyAdult (f)8,8161,4583
VdBTXhelbourneAdult (f)2,71871018
zxVxpi reach out i can't reachAdult (m)3,1265713
KfnBlgingerbread mocha latteAdult (f)5,5181,3071
viHkAcaramel chaiderAdult (f)4,9911,2552
00sBCcalamata voltAdult (f)8,5401,4924
ghE9Nsomnolence thuwedAdult (m)1,50532913
8Vjbpleave me alone - it's that easyAdult (m)5,2891,2892
B77jastand stock stillHatchling (f, F)4,6248275
la1z1lossless curAdult (m)3,4579403
ZmRoCknife between the teethHatchling (F)1,5732284
IOjvZpersistent mental imageHatchling (F)1,4402074
GrBLXtruetype font fileHatchling (F)2,0601873
eU03Fcoin for charonAdult (f)5,6501,1805
m2Bbbcucurbit fluteAdult (f)3,1277981
CwABUloveless generationAdult (m)3,6288021
VQIHVlike an oil spillAdult (f)4,9831,3841
ECTvLlike an opalAdult (m)4,5311,2671
7lSDKoverforgotten unmemoryHatchling (m, F)2,9696601
sXMndsaint guinefortHatchling (F)2,4872822
P6j1igenetically predisposed to deathHatchling (m, F)3,4046932
F3neiaureate sepulchreAdult (m)4,0478301
MbGqDaheem heem whimperHatchling (F)1,9036391
wU0lsnaturis thuwedAdult (m)3,9471,21215
t6304shield from bone sword from rustHatchling (m, F)3,6569712
FOiQFegersisAdult (m)4,0911,1575
2KbbfdiasantiusAdult (m)4,1191,18812
pAv4Dthe business of miseryAdult (m)3,8869821
xjQOJtoo alive to dieAdult (f)4,8151,3403
sRlQGeight of swordsAdult (f)4,2111,2336
udU3sspirit they've banishedAdult (m)4,2121,1832
os8Hflissome paleHatchling (F)1,8656353
3rCRrneologisticiouslyAdult (f)4,2441,1382
D7EXkakira opening bike sceneAdult (f)6,3601,4145
mffrdumrit umrit umritAdult (f)4,3531,0301
TrtcUspirit houndHatchling (F)1,9605481
fIZYDfizzy deeAdult (m)4,8721,0472
Qk2Pwwetty spaghettiAdult (f)4,1944862
QzfbPi am proudHatchling (f, F)2,7307143
QT0JAamaranthisaurHatchling (F)1,0162396
LDDAgblack dagger dorkwed von messAdult (f)3,2157811
1z1gIthis dragon has a little tongueAdult (m)5,0311,1420
5zMNFflapchildAdult (f)5,0671,1282
16nkSyour replacement signsAdult (f)3,7199437
m1qvithe color of living coralAdult (m)8,3841,2353
6o8xpinto rubedoAdult (f)7,9491,2604
2zHLPontology of abjectionAdult (f)6,3659365
pEtYaeternalblue exploitHatchling (m, F)7,3531,1689
2t0C8do not chaseAdult (m)5,6518656
a36aoa baby a baby a babyAdult (m)5,1891,2533
rMO3xkindlyingAdult (f)4,1268962
Tgra5inhaling gasolineAdult (f)3,9128761
0Hz03melt the cyanotypeAdult (f)3,8858181
AMrCWnew developments in burn healingAdult (m)3,8558641
geHOksomething beautiful with no hopeAdult (m)4,0578322
IFF7Qi will protect my siblingAdult (f)5,0531,0722
oWJyOmy sibling will protect meAdult (f)4,9989891
6R60YsupermasochistAdult (f)3,9438305
tPcZQhypothalamic-pituitary-adrenalAdult (m)4,9969533
5Qszvthe taste of salty summer brineAdult (m)3,1137991
5MR1sethyltolueneAdult (m)5,4021,1912
wIh41mekanikaAdult (f)5,3751,1641
3y1JochichoniAdult (m)5,5801,2201
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