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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gzhaoxf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
YOD3YThe One Who SawAdult (f)5,8409327
i55XPThe One Who LingeredAdult (f)3,4866232
UwhRfThe One Who YearnedAdult (f)4,7167242
s1b5rThe One Who StoleAdult (m)8,8931,3384
az0Gz(az0Gz)Egg (F)
Zwk2pThe One Who BurnedAdult (m)10,9751,42231
ULjdiThe One Who WokeAdult (m)5,4719326
oOBLRThe One Who Didn'tAdult (f)2,6122931
5xI8MThe One Who LeftAdult (f)4,2947975
icxD1The One Left BehindAdult (f)6,5201,1853
3MpvSThe One Who FoundAdult (m)8,1821,1555
okpBoThe One Who FeltAdult (f)4,1835764
hGj4xThe One Who BelievedAdult (m)4,38074914
eJpZgThe One Who Was FoundAdult (f)5,9758724
3ZRLeThe One Who ChoseAdult (f)5,9659534
1XB4d(1XB4d)Adult (f)2,6386334
mtos8The One Who DivedAdult (f)1,3664622
BP1fGThe One Who RisedAdult (m)4,6051,00221
IRjoc(IRjoc)Adult (m)6,7801,08923
TulEGThe One Who Was CreatedAdult3,34572823
OuWSM(OuWSM)Adult (m)7,0081,0134
WWB7m(WWB7m)Adult (f)8,0111,1642
o5REi(o5REi)Adult (m)7,6011,1271
qoqe1(qoqe1)Adult (f)8,0471,1576
mAvNM(mAvNM)Adult (m)7,7971,0784
cAfOJ(cAfOJ)Adult (m)7,0211,0265
MUzsH(MUzsH)Adult (f)5,3809204
vsTWC(vsTWC)Adult (m)4,3579002
5fTLv(5fTLv)Adult (m)4,4359002
IsgFn(IsgFn)Adult (f)7,0581,0816
LfrW5(LfrW5)Adult (f)7,4171,2452
4n501(4n501)Adult (m)7,3581,2652
sy9xK(sy9xK)Adult (m)7,3981,2733
q4dzH(q4dzH)Adult (f)7,3501,2673
XFw9S(XFw9S)Adult (f)5,0921,0243
vIoi1(vIoi1)Adult (m)7,5721,2002
Sus62(Sus62)Adult (m)7,4981,2143
aqEFO(aqEFO)Adult (f)5,0719953
10uvX(10uvX)Adult (f)5,0348064
woygm(woygm)Adult (m)5,2097944
zLLMH(zLLMH)Adult (m)6,6221,1183
ba8Uo(ba8Uo)Adult (m)6,3347524
ss8im(ss8im)Adult (f)5,8967123
EN8Qq(EN8Qq)Adult (f)8,5061,3595
mid0z(mid0z)Adult (f)7,4351,0603
UdOVd(UdOVd)Adult (m)7,4908855
4XB4I(4XB4I)Adult (m)7,68396919
thraI(thraI)Adult (m)8,5581,2664
6oaiW(6oaiW)Adult (m)6,3358055
rW9TP(rW9TP)Adult (m)5,2108511
hrZkA(hrZkA)Adult (m)5,3498451
B3q31(B3q31)Adult (f)5,2628382
anzbr(anzbr)Adult (m)6,7961,01411
amAFp(amAFp)Adult (m)6,6439953
wng2F(wng2F)Adult (f)10,0891,0843
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