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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gutz,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EDpC5Devon and Cornwall's sistersAdult (f)8,2381,0865
JwevE(JwevE)Adult (m)5,9838650
wtveFImDevonAndIHaveAGrowthOnMyNeckAdult (m)6,1778074
pkY74The black and white cookieAdult (f)3,5011,1012
zF8Ry(zF8Ry)Adult (m)4,8048174
v7q04(v7q04)Adult (f)5,6065831
dfTJ7(dfTJ7)Adult (f)3,7237171
PBAiG(PBAiG)Adult (f)6,0996642
gPJ8I(gPJ8I)Adult (m)5,7556410
updwO(updwO)Adult (m)4,8726440
BJdPg(BJdPg)Adult (f)5,3906161
Gl4WN(Gl4WN)Adult (m)4,8465922
qtVdQ(qtVdQ)Adult (f)8,3856011
jypW1(jypW1)Adult (f)5,8255361
OkZ3w(OkZ3w)Adult (m)5,1724942
uCWLX(uCWLX)Adult (f)5,8906013
fyw2eDont worry I'll be your balloonAdult (m)4,9439996
qDmBSYour Dork NightmareAdult (m)5,6501,5039
2tYXKSweet Darkness DragonAdult (m)4,9619743
DhtdxI like to MOVE IT MOVE IT YOLOAdult (f)5,5899093
Sjl3JThe Great NicodemusAdult (m)5,6617813
Ufn4QGunfire in the nightAdult (m)5,1238195
Xx7qEBlue and black is somethingAdult (f)4,3109858
MMf2I(MMf2I)Adult (m)6,9776253
Nyzsg(Nyzsg)Adult (f)3,8719208
ZwcGE(ZwcGE)Adult (m)4,0839522
FLI15(FLI15)Adult (m)2,4458299
6xYym(6xYym)Adult (f)3,1158742
oKYxX(oKYxX)Adult (m)5,4607281
8RnE3(8RnE3)Adult (f)6,4986005
eVHqo(eVHqo)Adult (m)5,0897543
j1SYf(j1SYf)Adult (f)5,3257551
ZVxjO(ZVxjO)Adult (m)4,8365582
pW3x5(pW3x5)Adult (m)4,7155733
CyeUOAunsellus the RomanticAdult (m)4,3881,0713
h0SG6(h0SG6)Adult (f)5,1709727
sTBsTCassandra The Dust-EaterAdult (f)2,7461,2227
PEyooThis Twerking QueenAdult (f)3,6871,2124
eCc8MSliver-eye KingAdult (m)3,4011,4215
JqgLkWeTheReasonCousinsShouldntMarryAdult (m)3,7441,0017
A3oNHNants ingonyama  bagithi BabaAdult (m)4,1238216
OCNuy(OCNuy)Adult (f)6,0175913
tjb2o(tjb2o)Adult (f)5,5635883
nS02eMommy's very angryAdult (m)2,8171,0177
K7gCPExplain MOVIE EXPLAINAdult (f)3,3241,1097
0vzfBFEAR ME OR I'LL VISIT YOUR CARAdult (m)4,3071,0813
v3CheI am only a crack in this castleAdult (m)5,5228516
KLgNL(KLgNL)Adult (m)5,2325001
SZbJC(SZbJC)Adult (f)5,1587450
Ow3e8I like Lurking on the fourmsAdult (f)3,9121,2032
lk8XP(lk8XP)Adult (m)5,8099840
XL8OgEyes of MarchAdult (f)4,3269592
PUDRN(PUDRN)Adult (m)4,8005561
CrTOn(CrTOn)Adult (m)5,9365173
K3Fm9(K3Fm9)Adult (m)5,3505623
b5z8y(b5z8y)Adult (m)4,3997610
f8P4aLady Pink NeckAdult (f)5,5941,2103
I1GbbDoc Rev SimAdult (m)7,2051,3018
9v1UECreatures you despiseAdult (m)2,2511,0515
5O4tTIm proof Love is blindingAdult (m)4,8891,2125
RrK2xWhy I no magicAdult (f)6,1108674
RSNhI(RSNhI)Adult (m)5,5916640
M2Vjg(M2Vjg)Adult (f)4,3506391
pWBCo(pWBCo)Adult (f)4,4596451
n7jJf(n7jJf)Adult (f)5,2675131
HCtjv(HCtjv)Adult (m)3,9008522
mhG9P(mhG9P)Adult (f)2,1735012
N5VtK(N5VtK)Adult (f)2,3095021
k5jQK(k5jQK)Adult (m)2,3305481
1uAyP(1uAyP)Adult (m)2,2524951
EKjKbMy 2014 Candy CaneAdult (m)4,9508514
rmMEN(rmMEN)Adult (m)2,8188660
oh4ZB(oh4ZB)Adult (m)2,4525331
xok6yGolden wings of winter seasonAdult (f)5,0758715
KHeoC(KHeoC)Adult (f)3,7928811
Vj39K(Vj39K)Adult (f)2,6455450
tAkCZChristmas red ribbonsAdult (f)5,6458324
udvxK(udvxK)Adult (f)3,7338801
drKdY(drKdY)Adult (f)4,1997661
54KoWRed and Green Candy Cane stockinAdult (m)6,1058333
0Ohnr(0Ohnr)Adult (m)3,7467531
7oJEkMy Xmas persent wrappingAdult (m)5,1128615
fTo0XShiny red wing wrapperAdult (m)4,6969743
bdd6O(bdd6O)Adult (m)3,5308742
FEKZh(FEKZh)Adult (m)2,8228700
noNKCSanta's New ReindeerAdult (f)5,6608654
BCzbL(BCzbL)Adult (f)4,0538911
4teaR(4teaR)Adult (f)3,4668631
1xNqK(1xNqK)Adult (f)2,9508680
hHdzLChristmas Red Hot LoveAdult (f)4,3699933
UCXGVSantiClawsAdult (f)3,8938012
suEM1My tail is a tree heheAdult (f)3,7138133
tnTrA(tnTrA)Adult (f)3,6798682
VR0Zl(VR0Zl)Adult (f)3,4708581
WlpPz(WlpPz)Adult (m)4,2087613
mIgun(mIgun)Adult (m)3,9187430
H8hj4(H8hj4)Adult (m)2,5498611
aRvz0(aRvz0)Adult (m)2,6988261
zM5uT(zM5uT)Adult (m)3,7597352
2BuA9(2BuA9)Adult (f)2,1865701
QY3TH(QY3TH)Adult (f)3,3641,1272
Fu9r9(Fu9r9)Adult (m)4,0501,0541
aBM5f(aBM5f)Adult (f)5,2598860
CowcN(CowcN)Adult (f)6,2278541
gI0Su(gI0Su)Adult (f)5,8446003
rw78LPizznachos BrahAdult (f)2,6531,00910
fHbEd(fHbEd)Adult (f)5,9179112
AWu0JRed Sonata Dwarf 11Adult (m)3,8107829
FDhJQWHY AM I NOT ALT COOLAdult (f)5,3377934
jn6L7The Yog-SothothAdult (f)4,7008403
v3Obd(v3Obd)Adult (m)5,6829300
k9fEYCloud walking you sayAdult (m)6,3478261
6cvA8Lochness  dragonAdult (m)3,9501,4028
S42FD(S42FD)Adult (m)5,9165952
Vlqrh(Vlqrh)Adult (m)5,2395801
Ovh9o(Ovh9o)Adult (m)8,8396184
TXLNLI want a huggyAdult (m)3,9781,0382
sqAjrAssassinationClassroomIsTheBestAdult (m)5,0748164
ALt4N(ALt4N)Adult (m)3,0228829
zp7kyRed BoyeAdult (m)6,3231,4519
nyZd5Rare red stake of red nessAdult (f)5,4569274
xWNQGWhat a red messAdult (f)4,6519162
pqLC2(pqLC2)Adult (f)4,9979811
XB3cx(XB3cx)Adult (f)4,5058163
irFsR(irFsR)Adult (m)5,3855794
RJ95ASparkySparky Boom DragonAdult (f)6,1341,9598
HNXCvWhats that up there I seeAdult (m)7,8238211
U7AsxStoneOfColdFireAdult (m)5,3932,0267
C28xEStar among primitivesAdult (m)4,9751,2393
omAjj(omAjj)Adult (m)5,9939311
3FqUD(3FqUD)Adult (f)8,7681,3875
wD5kb(wD5kb)Adult (f)3,8206442
CFPIm(CFPIm)Adult (m)2,8084583
5UwsB(5UwsB)Adult (f)6,0595982
sHr5b(sHr5b)Adult (f)5,9865763
rxzesLet It GO   No really let it goAdult (f)5,7667963
imUIe(imUIe)Adult (f)5,8737021
ksTDG(ksTDG)Adult (m)4,0691,0661
zIjiy(zIjiy)Adult (f)7,5245442
53z08(53z08)Adult (f)3,0441,0611
KRnKrEchoing ElesaAdult (f)5,7308502
ggiSb(ggiSb)Adult (f)5,1539790
wZ61rIm just here RockingAdult (f)5,6879062
Sjk2n(Sjk2n)Adult (f)5,8716641
tpHE6(tpHE6)Adult (f)4,1501,1572
13Nx2(13Nx2)Adult (f)6,0626801
sK4Gt(sK4Gt)Adult (m)4,8488182
Z44JRHis hall shall echo GoldenAdult (f)4,3691,1053
D6pZ9Vic BossAdult (m)5,2809661
5TThw(5TThw)Adult (m)4,5301,1643
7cnwTswiggity swag BrahAdult (f)2,6891,0239
5VT04(5VT04)Adult (f)4,2608561
8lP3h(8lP3h)Adult (f)5,1557390
myzIA(myzIA)Adult (m)5,8607430
wjHZE(wjHZE)Adult (f)3,3537810
jke3d(jke3d)Adult (m)3,3507801
24KMv14K 4G GW x Gold bc Mb JoeAdult (m)6,9772,04413
YmB9eNoble Baron VladAdult (m)5,2821,11915
izHJKI am Alpha and Omega the B and EAdult (m)2,8421,17211
XHXZ4Huntress Doris LangAdult (f)4,3538194
ZcvmRD the Vampire HunterAdult (m)5,4841,1279
UbgaSThe King beneath the MountainAdult (m)3,4961,0886
WtT1QPrincess TaffyAdult (f)3,2751,1906
xWPDfTGIF Really Thank youAdult (f)6,3557374
Trw8yMe feet hurtAdult (f)4,3881,2038
BxzIDThe Young TurkAdult (m)5,7081,0714
Mc5FvGold at the mistAdult (f)3,9169494
R8IzqGoldGoldAndYouGuessedItMoreGoldAdult (m)3,4571,02711
BJOw6PB GW up in the houseAdult (m)7,0017421
UVmRB2g GDAdult (f)5,2068904
SYBSf(SYBSf)Adult (m)5,8836892
uguGV(uguGV)Adult (f)5,4308521
4QwfN(4QwfN)Adult (m)5,9188582
klGPy(klGPy)Adult (m)4,8748691
hik5cGold gold everywhere lolAdult (f)7,2346291
99pgt(99pgt)Adult (m)4,9807821
2BKAb(2BKAb)Adult (m)5,8596350
ub1L9(ub1L9)Adult (m)4,7698211
4c3vMPumpkin's StemAdult (f)3,8901,3816
juyAJSmall but warriorAdult (f)3,7519151
eUBJefarming pumpkinsAdult (f)3,7257281
wuV0J(wuV0J)Adult (f)4,4997090
7yGkDDark Lord's GirlfriendAdult (f)3,8271,3689
0ErDvThe Devil in the DetailAdult (m)2,7845788
SyfNqSweet Jet Black DarknessAdult (m)4,2981,4165
kiHGXPink and black is loveAdult (m)4,2249582
b1sFB(b1sFB)Adult (f)2,9959313
35hvdGhost of Hallowe'en BygoneAdult (m)4,1011,4117
vs68REternal Mist WalkerAdult (m)4,4121,1256
ZBBxzWhere is my others wingsAdult (f)3,7309352
51MvZPure white ghostnessAdult (f)2,4838888
LTzuFFalling silver dropsAdult (m)3,3607721
MFJV0(MFJV0)Adult (f)3,8649011
ezEUBA Hero Lurking in the ShadowsAdult (m)3,7821,43210
ApyyTSliver Light LurkerAdult (f)5,3581,0426
a5Ec5Lurker of the ForumsAdult (m)4,1251,3685
4bYL3Darkness Night glowAdult (f)4,4429291
O8g1U(O8g1U)Adult (f)3,9578771
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