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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gruul,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bUB3FBub CuddlesHatchling2,4796781
NrrP2Barking CuddlesEgg (F)
og3GrOrbit CuddlesAdult (f)3,2157551
Nra0ANrao CuddlesAdult (m)4,7486851
ho1RgRoad Hog CuddlesAdult (m)3,6507031
oMq8sSea Breeze CuddlesAdult (m)3,7908811
EKNVpLegless CuddlesAdult (m)6,3957463
nRCGwWyrm Nugget CuddlesAdult (m)2,5396681
6FbstSix Times As Fast CuddlesAdult (f)2,5796682
VC73MLonley CuddlesAdult (m)3,0937352
m9KQkNebula's Elixir CuddlesAdult (f)2,6416944
tAFFlLaughy Taffi CuddlesAdult (m)4,0688232
R61PVVIP CuddlesAdult (m)3,1307741
5sps4For the First Time CuddlesAdult (m)3,4787541
uXFOAFoa CuddlesAdult (m)3,4007293
my5rTMy 5 CuddlesAdult (m)2,6507163
qTdNdElectrified Gift Paper CuddlesAdult (m)2,6726471
u94ZMCarpet Stain CuddlesAdult (m)3,3256933
AbiidA Bid of CuddlesAdult (m)3,8369504
ZzJ1XJix CuddlesAdult (m)2,7827751
YrRPZYour Zipper CuddlesAdult (m)3,0317711
mlwOmMaster Loot CuddlesAdult (m)2,8707561
wouzFWu CuddlesAdult (m)2,9047610
EjzumEJ Zum CuddlesAdult (m)2,8777372
t9OVASilver Kisses CuddlesAdult (m)4,0628523
zydKQTutti Frutti CuddlesAdult (m)2,2777638
A6UAcSolistice CuddlesAdult (m)3,3837084
A7yNROn a Dime CuddlesAdult (m)2,8628083
t9O2gRebellious Dream CuddlesAdult (m)3,5398303
0aUvTSloppy Oats CuddlesAdult (m)4,5878045
ZRsHhMy Messy Valentine CuddlesAdult (m)4,1307588
FAIsnFashion Fushion CuddlesAdult (m)3,8487752
BCKZwGarnet CuddlesAdult (f)5,2996961
4YKtISeductress CuddlesAdult (f)3,2408602
JTGIsFelfire CuddlesAdult (m)3,5087061
y6OhUOh You CuddlesAdult (m)3,1836573
QFVnoNo Toast CuddlesAdult (f)2,8456951
Tms5TClaws on the Walls CuddlesAdult (m)2,2625934
JDqQNChest Fluff CuddlesAdult (m)2,4656281
lTuKETuke CuddlesAdult (m)3,7698364
mrv6EBitey CuddlesAdult (f)6,8261,0695
KSmbiSlayer CuddlesAdult (f)2,9056753
3mcHMLoner CuddlesAdult (m)2,9938292
fe7evFever CuddlesAdult (m)2,6986501
xkoMhRaw Cookie Dough CuddlesAdult (f)2,6576532
vvvIDValentine's ID CuddlesAdult (m)8,9091,5572
HuGnNHuggin CuddlesAdult (m)8,4391,3812
9qZn9Red Mane CuddlesAdult (m)3,6387341
L6bpILeo CuddlesAdult (m)3,5377591
gP8X2Golden Surprise CuddlesAdult (f)3,5287271
qhQCtGolden Magma CuddlesAdult (f)3,1987555
0DYmDFlametip CuddlesAdult (m)3,6388082
gmZO2Gimzo CuddlesAdult (m)2,3126023
gNLrEGnarl CuddlesAdult (m)8,9201,1843
wunNeWunne CuddlesAdult (f)5,1166813
WqZizWhiz CuddlesAdult (f)4,2339502
nBN0rGnumb Nor CuddlesAdult (f)2,8827583
IrNT4I Ran 4 The CuddlesAdult (f)2,7657332
YvofbDeadly Fluff CuddlesAdult (f)3,0377322
b8S6hNutrageous CuddlesAdult (f)2,6496681
VjHCEFluffified Claws CuddlesAdult (f)3,5207372
1uEg0Too Hot CuddlesAdult (f)2,5396242
QLr77Quick Look CuddlesAdult (f)3,4917403
Pq2hIBurning Eggs CuddlesAdult (m)2,6216693
0rlRzButterfly Kisses CuddlesAdult (f)3,2337391
Kyt9GDeathly Butterflies CuddlesAdult (f)3,1757232
heEUZEuz CuddlesAdult (f)2,7497902
LjxQeLuxury CuddlesAdult (f)2,5196182
ognpqThe Roof Is On Fire CuddlesAdult (f)2,8376732
ShEHSShe She CuddlesAdult (m)2,5796941
k4G62Keg CuddlesAdult (m)2,3496162
x0xOYHugs and Kisses CuddlesAdult (m)3,1858142
vraUQFeisty CuddlesAdult (f)5,9387542
4MAMsMamas Little CuddlesAdult (m)2,2766161
Qd02jAloe Vera CuddlesAdult (f)2,5456371
iy9VFSilkiest CuddlesAdult (f)2,9728671
BJdvNBJs Divine CuddlesAdult (f)3,5319321
NRZMkSilkworm CuddlesAdult (m)3,4449520
PXsqbWoven CuddlesAdult (m)3,5699591
ZJIFTZifty CuddlesAdult (f)2,6557504
BneRONero CuddlesAdult (m)3,4677482
B00ZBBooze CuddlesAdult (m)4,4338913
njXupCuddling Up CuddlesAdult (m)3,4217572
tbwPnFlaming Fin CuddlesAdult (f)3,3697851
iGJTpMagi Temptress CuddlesAdult (f)3,3377772
8qzsXMagic CuddlesAdult (f)3,2037402
cU9EBCube 9 CuddlesAdult (m)3,8098082
WsRxQDesires to be CuddledAdult (f)3,1857793
cZHZjStrange CuddlerAdult (f)3,4287911
xkL2qMemento CuddlesAdult (f)3,3267651
cqCReOrangest CuddlesAdult (f)3,2327131
PgY1pLust for Magical CuddlesAdult (m)5,9487001
EMNNKMmkay CuddlesAdult (f)6,5787521
iZJyXCheesecake CuddlesAdult (f)4,4157202
rG5zhTammy CuddlesAdult (f)3,4097581
rPSxjOriole Thuwed CuddlesAdult (f)3,1647123
scOmCCemetery CuddlesAdult (f)4,2726652
UYG2CLegion's Burning Wish CuddlesAdult (f)3,4477021
b8jnHGolden Orange CuddlesAdult (f)6,4601,2714
pBDl3I Liek Orange CuddlesAdult (f)3,2397501
yDUM9Dum 9 CuddlesAdult (m)3,3967141
WKXDOWax A Do CuddlesAdult (f)3,4798503
NLcvGHighly Windy CuddlesAdult (m)3,5588223
87X2LIt's a Chesse Puff CuddlesAdult (m)3,2756044
q5aICBurnt Toast CuddlesAdult (m)3,3796831
D1wZJThe Art of Fall CuddlesAdult (f)3,0256411
LFOGfOver the Orange Fog CuddlesAdult (f)7,0301,0396
aQ4q4Zin is Orange CuddlesAdult (m)2,7306402
QjYBmQuizzing CuddlesAdult (m)2,9995112
4XHafHafiz CuddlesAdult (m)3,3615081
Bq3qmKing of CuddlesAdult (f)3,5457821
uLMx6Striped PJs CuddlesAdult (f)3,4137512
5EegfPale CuddlesAdult (m)3,1877611
1364iMessy Numbers CuddlesAdult (m)2,8837343
YYQg6Yo Yo CuddlesAdult (f)2,8177014
06eMcBig Mac CuddlesAdult (f)2,3217213
vhLF9Tinsel Leaf CuddlesAdult (f)2,1697123
5mSLzRey Smiles CuddlesAdult (f)2,3056422
p5g0jHoney CuddlesAdult (f)4,1427272
YNV0KHymn of Fyre CuddlesAdult (f)3,1916642
RJWMXWing Mix CuddlesAdult (f)3,7668023
4KeY34 The Key To My Heart CuddlesAdult (m)3,3739421
BDimpDimple CuddlesAdult (m)3,4309891
UKBG0Golden Tar CuddlesAdult (m)3,8557063
ej5BLPrized CuddlesAdult (m)3,1946893
yZwEgShimmery CuddlesAdult (m)2,9206881
OnRC8Golden Mess CuddlesAdult (f)5,5921,0382
XBMuUWhat Teeth You Have CuddlesAdult (m)6,2668241
lZMdFIzzy My Friend CuddlesAdult (f)2,3537263
mwptIFake Flowers CuddlesAdult (f)2,4127001
6bNg7Uh What CuddlesAdult (f)2,3096511
e9ApLXeno Fire CuddlesAdult (m)3,2497831
xv5mkSinger of Stars CuddlesAdult (f)2,4197242
eFagoFargo CuddlesAdult (f)3,8196653
urujTYou're A Root CuddlesAdult (f)3,0077954
yAes0Ah Yes CuddlesAdult (f)3,2379672
ZnRxaDecaying CuddlesAdult (m)2,7337311
swmvJReaper of CuddlesAdult (m)2,3456951
UhQTuDeath CuddlerAdult (m)2,4587182
GqEs2Gilded Stallion CuddlesAdult (m)2,2026351
Nov8dNovember 8th CuddlesAdult (m)2,6958530
xaJ33A Marriage of CuddlesAdult (m)2,6638051
KuDXPKud Experience CuddlesAdult (m)3,9946822
Rsri7Sri CuddlesAdult (m)3,7176562
oYHKxCharming CuddlesAdult (m)3,4708122
D1M8zRadiant Magic CuddlesAdult (m)4,6847423
f900ZValentine's Ooze CuddlesAdult (m)4,9877323
mtkJCMountain Jewels CuddlesAdult (m)3,8477822
bncxHLovely Wood CuddlesAdult (m)5,7751,1562
9ypNmPetal Spirit CuddlesAdult (m)2,4767062
PGyCrZombies Ate my Great GMA CuddlesAdult (m)3,6997512
0DcduSo Fluffy CuddlesAdult (m)3,4407311
bD4LCPillow CuddlesAdult (m)3,1037131
numi2Numi CuddlesAdult (f)2,6536914
hDMznFluffiest CuddlesAdult (f)3,0377722
R97INBela Jin CuddlesAdult (f)2,6956314
LuY4BLullaby for a CuddlerAdult (m)2,8667483
woeKeWoe Fire Spitter CuddlesAdult (m)7,1541,2484
CPEmKPemko CuddlesAdult (m)3,2718483
vh2UDTurquoise Toes CuddlesAdult (f)3,2628431
gutfaGut Fat CuddlesAdult (m)2,4346223
nxyopBanded Reality CuddlesAdult (f)8,9151,2131
2cU7RTo See You CuddlesAdult (f)3,0627561
RlGPaRig CuddlesAdult (f)3,6737872
50f4ZGoldest of CuddlesAdult (f)3,12940938
hLr5dWhisker CuddlesAdult (m)4,2237663
yWAT8Wat Bug CuddlesAdult (f)3,5458951
GOorDGoordie CuddlesAdult (f)4,3618854
lZeTsZets CuddlesAdult (m)4,6626930
a3c4dABC Wing CuddlesAdult (m)4,7078755
TYTIgCheesey CuddlesAdult8,2891,5635
PYAM1Pie Amy 1 CuddlesAdult (f)3,5239321
YnpzaBunyip CuddlesAdult (f)2,4146301
o4bE8Golden Wyrm CuddlesAdult (m)4,5648174
xo4D2Xoloitzcuintli CuddlesAdult (m)2,6276402
bZipkZiplock CuddlesAdult (m)3,0646871
bizauPeppermint CuddlesAdult (m)7,3991,60418
aYi0PAngel of CuddlesAdult (f)4,2828202
t1uqVDusty Angel CuddlesAdult (f)2,6827981
vyAj0Angel of Gold CuddlesAdult (f)2,8727121
IjZ6JSanta is Coming to Town CuddlesAdult (f)2,9016941
CWRRXGlorious CuddlesAdult (f)2,6956832
LNnazLane Nazzy CuddlesAdult (f)3,1396991
3Qk5MTail Nip CuddlesAdult (f)2,3976251
9SdtWAutumn's Rebirth CuddlesAdult (f)4,3179046
vTICXGreen Striped CuddlesAdult (f)6,3137271
PPuGkPug CuddlesAdult (f)3,8438452
8FXxzSilver Mistletoe CuddlesAdult (m)2,6417762
HI30wHugs R Better Than Drugs CuddlesAdult (f)2,8287022
00rDhOh Duh CuddlesAdult (m)3,0516341
CDZp8Dancing In A Pageant CuddlesAdult (m)2,9096373
XitDJLimey Coin CuddlesAdult (f)2,7246293
wSTiBStubby CuddlesAdult (f)3,4137481
y5WNRSalad Fingers CuddlerAdult (f)3,3697632
Qcji0Tangly Leaf CuddlesAdult (m)4,5678182
1IwG9Starry CuddlesAdult (m)3,1967772
9hU86Prized Penk Kin CuddlesAdult (m)2,6636952
djjAuDeja Vu CuddlesAdult (m)3,7178254
3jgArRepeated CuddlesAdult (f)4,1158874
ieiX3The Third Example CuddlesAdult (f)3,1018282
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