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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “GraceHunter,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9Gdw(9Gdw)Adult (f)3,51896239
Lz7f(Lz7f)Adult (f)3,41566635
BNAB(BNAB)Adult (m)3,5941,74027
OD7w(OD7w)Adult (f)2,03244618
3amB(3amB)Adult (m)2,8081,40311
ibsC(ibsC)Adult (m)2,48938910
IvfT(IvfT)Adult (f)2,53744730
trve(trve)Adult (f)1,82838715
BKXf(BKXf)Adult (m)2,9501,09928
6jOB(6jOB)Adult (m)1,95280136
qeqB(qeqB)Adult (f)2,26452419
Srcz(Srcz)Adult (m)2,5881,21832
Nby5(Nby5)Adult (f)2,8291,27418
TlZg(TlZg)Adult (f)1,51283610
jY8P(jY8P)Adult (f)1,92841715
Orkn(Orkn)Adult (f)1,61359214
TTFI(TTFI)Adult (f)1,68559814
Pugu(Pugu)Adult (m)2,16352423
jJIU(jJIU)Adult (f)1,7581,0989
JSav(JSav)Adult (f)8975172
h5f5(h5f5)Adult (f)9965393
7tc6(7tc6)Adult (m)3,2251,59525
Ii8v(Ii8v)Adult (m)1,91841422
tOeR(tOeR)Adult (m)4,23085153
8mMI(8mMI)Adult (m)3,10061028
sAZF(sAZF)Adult (f)6,3241,07521
IeaX(IeaX)Adult (f)4,2611,58620
44RY(44RY)Adult (f)1,8431,0375
GkCN(GkCN)Adult (f)2,1941,31627
zkUF(zkUF)Adult (f)1,2181,0322
BXZl(BXZl)Adult (f)9555153
BrOR(BrOR)Adult (f)3,95780939
Ef7L(Ef7L)Adult (m)4,3971,40829
6WoT(6WoT)Adult (f)1,36745814
nO8M(nO8M)Adult (f)1,7111,10312
eXti(eXti)Adult (m)1,0977704
lwEo(lwEo)Adult (m)9525282
HekV(HekV)Adult (m)2,02634310
IALd(IALd)Adult (f)2,082528216
4Pwz(4Pwz)Adult (m)9285083
C6zF(C6zF)Adult (f)3,17279046
NUEB(NUEB)Adult (m)1,88671624
uUB7(uUB7)Adult (f)2,5941,3617
kh9l(kh9l)Adult (f)2,28953424
7x2O(7x2O)Adult (f)1,63758215
2tAF(2tAF)Adult (f)2,80173320
v7L6(v7L6)Adult (m)9444837
XRcu(XRcu)Adult (m)5824634
lExZ(lExZ)Adult (f)3,79677039
81CA(81CA)Adult (f)3,6761,12725
Bzel(Bzel)Adult (f)1,30445714
aYrA(aYrA)Adult (f)3,59771237
1nFx(1nFx)Adult (f)1,9651,06529
pzFE(pzFE)Adult (m)2,86594119
wFXA(wFXA)Adult (f)2,3541,36211
JyB4(JyB4)Adult (f)2,3151,27913
R3uv(R3uv)Adult (f)3,0431,08419
nQAW(nQAW)Adult (f)3,35466038
kiiB(kiiB)Adult (m)5654427
j6bB(j6bB)Adult (f)2,2531,2644
1W5Z(1W5Z)Adult (m)2,40639210
J2Fp(J2Fp)Adult (f)994306156
9SzD(9SzD)Adult (m)1,89288516
7mxQ(7mxQ)Adult (m)1,84189016
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