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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gerdu,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pHOHi(pHOHi)Egg (F)
hznd2(hznd2)Adult (m)6,1621,06462
Y8FPBoo Trading'Gifting ooAdult (f)3,7803825
YWHn7oo My Babies ooAdult (f)4,3764229
wlEjP(wlEjP)Adult (m)3,3318023
JA3ns(JA3ns)Adult (m)3,2358322
SuDyr(SuDyr)Adult (m)5,7451,4185
oDfRm(oDfRm)Adult (f)5,9521,4575
9zmEo(9zmEo)Adult (f)5,9131,4733
k2Cjr(k2Cjr)Adult (m)5,7891,0603
TDIrX(TDIrX)Adult (m)5,7701,0465
mcoGz(mcoGz)Adult (m)5,7291,0684
FCOLN(FCOLN)Adult (f)5,9681,0365
fuVFz(fuVFz)Adult (f)6,7261,1272
2UOGg(2UOGg)Adult (m)8,6721,3783
0zddt(0zddt)Adult (m)8,7871,3784
z8Mlb(z8Mlb)Adult (m)8,7411,4706
Syy3I(Syy3I)Adult (f)5,7061,0292
FLQNg(FLQNg)Adult (m)3,67772712
Ixbhz(Ixbhz)Adult (m)4,1217111
6DzIz(6DzIz)Adult (m)4,1927650
fBYlZ(fBYlZ)Adult (m)4,6387521
yKdTN(yKdTN)Adult (m)2,1476972
mtztH(mtztH)Adult (m)2,3627190
wOVHa(wOVHa)Adult (m)2,4127260
pXQYD(pXQYD)Adult (m)2,4147400
db08B(db08B)Adult (f)2,3877301
PL51T(PL51T)Adult (m)2,4587452
zhoHV(zhoHV)Adult (f)2,4107220
m7Yqg(m7Yqg)Adult (m)2,4847421
j91XL(j91XL)Adult (m)5,3121,0263
pC7aG(pC7aG)Adult (m)5,2889972
ZIF4I(ZIF4I)Adult (m)5,5428872
4CHX7(4CHX7)Adult (m)2,3846305
5iVKO(5iVKO)Adult (f)2,3556286
WPEsW(WPEsW)Adult (m)2,4636650
OortX(OortX)Adult (m)2,4206380
61IWO(61IWO)Adult (m)2,6636800
HoP4E(HoP4E)Adult (f)2,5436530
c7xl7(c7xl7)Adult (f)2,4726612
GrHmo(GrHmo)Adult (m)2,5326550
nKi9X(nKi9X)Adult (m)2,5936530
2bWPF(2bWPF)Adult (f)2,5656352
3cWjG(3cWjG)Adult (f)2,6766570
W1qDi(W1qDi)Adult (f)2,6016600
2yBPm(2yBPm)Adult (m)1,6714374
B7UQb(B7UQb)Adult (m)3,1948111
LuAdJ(LuAdJ)Adult (m)2,2637012
ew4H9(ew4H9)Adult (f)2,2516961
lItds(lItds)Adult (m)2,2866881
lRHpW(lRHpW)Adult (f)2,3737063
HPbv4(HPbv4)Adult (f)2,3457451
bl4AP(bl4AP)Adult (f)2,3227221
mfZz6(mfZz6)Adult (f)2,1587002
x6LZA(x6LZA)Adult (m)2,1986931
z57sT(z57sT)Adult (m)2,5907250
tgcxF(tgcxF)Adult (m)2,5757151
uAjhB(uAjhB)Adult (f)2,2287041
lKgo2(lKgo2)Adult (f)2,3147611
Kji7E(Kji7E)Adult (m)2,4877602
VxmCB(VxmCB)Adult (m)2,2157490
J66Z7(J66Z7)Adult (f)2,3227621
hq1Nj(hq1Nj)Adult (f)2,2417150
MbpDS(MbpDS)Adult (f)2,7286180
zKFS9(zKFS9)Adult (m)2,7596130
C4bUf(C4bUf)Adult (f)2,7576101
6iQ6Y(6iQ6Y)Adult (m)2,7315961
9XIkh(9XIkh)Adult (m)2,7276653
FivA6(FivA6)Adult (f)2,5886441
qlhy9(qlhy9)Adult (m)2,5876612
FiFaW(FiFaW)Adult (f)2,7666324
v41Mx(v41Mx)Adult (m)2,5726580
S3611(S3611)Adult (m)3,1524118
ijjAB(ijjAB)Adult (m)4,6138402
7Lm0i(7Lm0i)Adult (m)4,5378212
HGsJE(HGsJE)Adult (f)2,9525002
w9dEg(w9dEg)Adult (f)2,9865473
fDXQr(fDXQr)Adult (f)3,3345691
sk9pr(sk9pr)Adult (f)2,5036463
cvXlV(cvXlV)Adult (m)2,5256343
5bR0m(5bR0m)Adult (m)2,7527691
JzALo(JzALo)Adult (m)2,8528081
PUN0G(PUN0G)Adult (m)2,6836661
GJfNG(GJfNG)Adult (f)2,6776560
vg6s7(vg6s7)Adult (f)2,6556561
aSEhK(aSEhK)Adult (f)3,1306663
H6Gq1(H6Gq1)Adult (m)3,2677960
9Owkv(9Owkv)Adult (m)3,2618151
RazEQ(RazEQ)Adult (f)3,3238101
kOyYm(kOyYm)Adult (m)3,2367850
XLjNb(XLjNb)Adult (f)3,3898361
JPvl3(JPvl3)Adult (m)3,2068060
9eahX(9eahX)Adult (m)3,3107991
1l7zC(1l7zC)Adult (f)2,3126272
KGyq8(KGyq8)Adult (m)2,8447651
oPh3Q(oPh3Q)Adult (m)3,1638211
leMK0(leMK0)Adult (m)3,1658240
4nJ34(4nJ34)Adult (m)3,2197900
RAVLG(RAVLG)Adult (f)3,1657950
SUgHP(SUgHP)Adult (m)3,1828171
fQ6xn(fQ6xn)Adult (f)3,1688300
V1tSoo My scroll ooAdult (f)83846326
Ox0BOVista RozAdult (f)3,1051,0162
xWnRIChick RozAdult (f)2,6429565
7nGAmPut RozAdult (f)1,6946164
zeDsYVistela RozAdult (f)2,2197905
Pm5J0Sexy Chick RozAdult (f)5,2951,3208
0NXbkPereksle RozAdult (f)2,7249372
ezDrPChickpea RozAdult (f)1,9687488
ycujKCypute RozAdult (f)2,5756955
qQT3gNot a Dragon RozAdult (f)2,5778184
0kQHKGaidzio boba RozAdult (f)2,6918265
5ks15Puskariova RozAdult (f)2,8121,0101
REgwVPutpudak RozAdult (f)2,6049532
EWHf2Tutitutitutitaa RozAdult (f)5,1861,2067
aUSVYMuch Chick RozAdult (f)4,1199442
NiwB8Cipule RozAdult (f)4,3571,1863
UMzjyMendori RozAdult (f)4,8431,2173
JTAnLCip RozAdult (f)6,1501,0261
HyuDnLeChick RozAdult (f)2,8798494
UnAsUChikerita RozAdult (f)2,8697358
DX6XNDixon RozAdult (f)3,4008394
yF3gsF3gs RozAdult (f)5,3451,0559
lKLuVLuv RozAdult (f)6,6388074
yp0i5Ypyo RozAdult (f)5,5627485
4v037Voe RozAdult (f)5,5261,51838
lGRKXGrikis RozAdult (f)5,70495264
LZ3D6Zedsu Roz oAdult (f)4,7241,23349
Kyad2Kyaaa RozAdult (f)4,5421,1043
AqDCGDacka RozAdult (f)4,8541,39768
VJaqqJaqa RozAdult (f)4,5231,41957
zNv0FNoza RozAdult (f)5,2581,29764
LczpfLecepez RozAdult (f)3,8651,00123
uhI8tPrezent RozAdult (f)4,3361,11419
TV8kSChicusa Roz oAdult (f)2,64067610
Tdd1VGallus Gallus RozAdult (f)1,7691777
MalDYMaldy RozAdult (f)1,3351673
8Ses4Trepse RozAdult (f)2,8777564
dsiHkHichick RozAdult (f)1,9625523
5qAl6Vistiona RozAdult (f)7,3721,1176
ho7rOHorro RozAdult (f)8,0971,1996
q9dBsNupestavista RozAdult (f)13,1651,1474
uLfuyLufy RozAdult (f)11,4931,2255
h45CSEmile RozAdult (f)7,7541,0381
qWz2LPutpudakAdult (f)10,7341,1986
Foz2kFozakAdult (f)10,4261,38913
VmRjxYellow Fluff RozAdult (f)8,8941,2484
wqOovWau chickaAdult (f)9,5891,4337
MkZS8Peckelis RozAdult (f)3,88478312
IMnM8Minme RozAdult (f)9,9581,3644
hfFvwFeather RozAdult (f)11,6151,2367
CuBN0CubnoAdult (f)11,7331,32610
bGV2DBegalveAdult (f)13,9701,3923
3bxptTake'n'eatAdult (f)9,0091,2025
UXxaKWhite ballAdult (f)8,8271,2154
m7zHcSnapasAdult (f)8,8981,1995
kgI6rGuardian of RozAdult (m)5,8041,3037
E6yE1The Last Guardian of RozAdult (m)6,1119185
ZDXLrGuardian of ScrollAdult (f)5,0871,2774
4L5kJEinstein RozAdult (m)
xlMgELemigal RozAdult (m)
L8AHqTironijus RozAdult (m)
zu1ZNZuhlzi RozAdult (f)
lyR6CBestyja RozAdult (f)
HmRRAuksas RozAdult (m)1,42665842
3KvT3Glaedras RozAdult (m)6,3231,42210
Asto0Altaraels RozAdult (m)5,3981,2008
Vit8tKanda RozAdult (m)6,4811,5517
PWZ2jMacThuwed RozAdult (m)6,0781,25610
khHYeTaikin RozAdult (m)7,5081,45215
P0r7bGoldkitsch RozAdult (m)4,8481,25410
YuavFDelphis RozAdult (m)4,8541,23615
n92ckIsfel RozAdult (m)4,7181,35614
FacI4Fenix RozAdult (m)4,5071,19718
Zqoq1Majesty RozAdult (m)3,9161,1666
pKfffMyllenius RozAdult (m)4,1811,25211
OeHPGBalthazar RozAdult (m)4,2511,17111
lQBawSlet RozAdult (m)5,0831,42511
C9pRzAuksine Kilme RozAdult (m)4,5101,12910
XudXjGratuity RozAdult (m)3,1527826
J2Md7Golden Wings RozAdult (m)3,1628065
fJXVDAeronas RozAdult (m)3,3688116
0nqA2Child of Nothingness Roz oAdult (m)3,2631,0067
bLjB8Ruan Roz oAdult (m)3,0258429
dnV2dGesetz Roz oAdult (m)4,6731,2003
azGaDGadaz Roz oAdult (m)5,1231,1473
3Wtj6Soothon Roz oAdult (m)2,3898041
8nzPPAureus Roz oAdult (m)5,0931,00722
ybqtqMaple Roz oAdult (m)6,2241,06712
WI4FfLove wand Roz oAdult (m)6,5301,0836
zBvTqBerthon Roz oAdult (m)4,81798212
5Kx6HSeduction Roz oAdult (m)7,8681,12512
6qzzNTanglow RozAdult (m)6,3811,1685
lSmePKrolanas RozAdult (m)9,6301,1308
qDP55Datan RozAdult (m)9,9921,2522
4BuLBBulb RozAdult (m)7,6461,2196
9BnduBanu RozAdult (m)9,5821,3087
o6SwMPalaimaAdult (f)3,3041,08027
LVRErAztec Sun RozAdult (f)6,2971,27914
YIrZ1Hanni RozAdult (f)6,3171,51517
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