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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gealach,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9g6dQGidacia Two-Head IAdult (f)3,7659011
j4HlUJahalu Two-Head IAdult (m)6,5449374
uKrJ1Ukiri Purple Opal IAdult (m)3,9889071
PTvw3Patawia Purple Opal IAdult (f)6,0268303
ycTNtYcatan Purple Opal IAdult (m)5,8039121
kMB79Kambia Purple Opal IAdult (f)5,8478262
4WBJKAbejan Green Opal IAdult (m)4,4591,0692
Ft54JFitala Green Opal IAdult (f)5,4628941
ezNF9Ezfina Green Opal IIAdult (f)5,9997541
kZ6WMKazewim Green Opal IAdult (m)6,1067871
IQ0bwIqebia Green Opal IAdult (f)2,8936181
bjfpsFlash Forward IIAdult (f)7,2301,1494
yHzGCChord of TimeAdult (m)3,5114223
ykyJoEyes of TimeAdult (f)5,6169338
dnQDbDawn-of-TimeAdult (f)6,4481,1374
jUz4JCastle of TimeAdult (f)6,2301,0933
7x6As(7x6As)Adult (f)5,3549112
M4zly(M4zly)Adult (f)8,6061,2354
oxdgr(oxdgr)Adult (m)7,1061,2111
RPk10(RPk10)Adult (f)4,4955804
VKkum(VKkum)Adult (f)5,8931,0913
gNalo(gNalo)Adult (f)4,2151,0782
0SfCr(0SfCr)Adult (m)4,5121,0642
HnA0N(HnA0N)Adult (f)5,1381,2523
XEgxR(XEgxR)Adult (f)4,7521,1831
rfCzz(rfCzz)Adult (f)5,0891,2181
561oC(561oC)Adult (f)4,0421,0823
EVHQd(EVHQd)Adult (f)3,9661,0901
XLkMw(XLkMw)Adult (f)3,9771,0962
zTN9F(zTN9F)Adult (f)3,9269883
wP7pi(wP7pi)Adult (m)2,5178134
TWNvV(TWNvV)Adult (f)2,5338103
rGm1C(rGm1C)Adult (f)2,6828041
QDKHs(QDKHs)Adult (m)2,6398081
CS7U4(CS7U4)Adult (f)5,1261,1823
3TJWp(3TJWp)Adult (f)2,7758594
qoLaC(qoLaC)Adult (f)4,4331,0142
HXgn9(HXgn9)Adult (f)4,5291,0160
ZgfIY(ZgfIY)Adult (f)4,4997080
ujWt9(ujWt9)Adult (f)5,0271,1342
GpMY5(GpMY5)Adult (f)5,0031,1501
ctj5l(ctj5l)Adult (f)4,9791,1381
7ubVN(7ubVN)Adult (f)5,0501,1501
l96SV(l96SV)Adult (f)5,4191,0974
a55Uc(a55Uc)Adult (f)5,7861,0441
iZWS4(iZWS4)Adult (f)3,7796942
3q5t0(3q5t0)Adult (f)4,6881,0892
eNTXUEntexu Albino CBAdult (m)2,1365344
Mr20rMeritora ShimmerkinAdult (f)3,3641,0341
8yjiS(8yjiS)Adult (f)5,4179924
9dEef(9dEef)Adult (m)3,92293617
CjzAO(CjzAO)Adult (m)3,81397011
Y1UriAlmerissaAdult (f)3,99796913
zltQuZeleno ZlatoAdult (m)6,2139954
F79GZMerry AlmeraldAdult (f)4,6857916
rHMSKAlmerald AntlersAdult (f)6,7721,0555
3tgrYShining TigressAdult (f)4,9491,0081
dEeWDRadiant AlmeraldAdult (f)4,9631,0142
NwzK6(NwzK6)Adult (m)7,2361,0981
dToqrGlowing AlmeraldAdult (f)6,0651,1312
6wXmrRadiant MalachiteAdult (f)6,5836814
mtLosZelen AngelAdult (m)5,2271,1044
YiHWVEmerald NutcrackerAdult (f)6,8019325
uULKAUlkaAdult (m)5,0005156
fkjys(fkjys)Adult (f)8,4541,2711
ktNFIGreen CandiesAdult (f)5,4158190
SqRlIGreen MoodAdult (m)5,3138430
SeB8hSebynaAdult (f)5,8731,0344
ELZBZ(ELZBZ)Adult (f)6,4487872
CUTIT(CUTIT)Adult (f)4,8149383
KN1IYThe Greenest EyesAdult (f)4,9379793
cyTp5(cyTp5)Adult (f)4,9021,1992
UWSBV(UWSBV)Adult (f)4,5111,2262
2T59B(2T59B)Adult (f)5,0581,1435
9JBfX(9JBfX)Adult (f)6,1541,0892
3hT3L(3hT3L)Adult (m)5,4571,0562
tojWw(tojWw)Adult (m)5,7381,1811
S7Xor(S7Xor)Adult (m)4,9851,1213
suxfv(suxfv)Adult (m)4,6731,0861
OdD4R(OdD4R)Adult (f)4,2971,1125
mN4ON(mN4ON)Adult (f)5,1211,1231
POGn7(POGn7)Adult (f)5,6291,1691
pmViO(pmViO)Adult (f)4,9331,1062
OQV9g(OQV9g)Adult (f)4,9681,1091
5L0vi(5L0vi)Adult (f)4,6921,2044
82336(82336)Adult (f)5,3831,2323
96hAgHaegia AnagallisAdult (f)3,9718711
dlnrYDilenry AnagallisAdult (m)5,2626753
MqOIaMaqoia AnagallisAdult (m)4,2378441
8OJGVJegiva AnagallisAdult (f)4,8428591
WpVaY(WpVaY)Adult (m)5,6451,2576
4Zt2c(4Zt2c)Adult (f)5,5521,2455
vk8AT(vk8AT)Adult (m)6,0891,1623
8O2Pu(8O2Pu)Adult (f)6,3251,1131
Q5Zvn(Q5Zvn)Adult (m)4,7351,2533
FDDLw(FDDLw)Adult (f)4,8021,2171
PUvYdAria of RosesAdult (f)5,4351,2985
NOhaXRosy RhododendronAdult (m)5,1261,1235
Y8hJq(Y8hJq)Adult (m)6,0921,2135
wV9iX(wV9iX)Adult (m)5,7171,1842
GYJxT(GYJxT)Adult (f)5,8591,1903
bABnJ(bABnJ)Adult (f)5,9731,2063
L1pyS(L1pyS)Adult (f)5,1151,1953
D89Vm(D89Vm)Adult (m)2,7198733
YyP9i(YyP9i)Adult (m)4,3519882
yVjhX(yVjhX)Adult (m)4,3716870
Cx7db(Cx7db)Adult (m)4,9651,1402
MqF3b(MqF3b)Adult (f)5,6746864
iYjgE(iYjgE)Adult (m)8,1571,1523
j9t2G(j9t2G)Adult (f)3,8786822
UvEnF(UvEnF)Adult (m)5,5291,0881
lMvdK(lMvdK)Adult (f)4,5029946
t56xD(t56xD)Adult (f)4,5429981
QNgeU(QNgeU)Adult (m)6,3291,0383
9JpEK(9JpEK)Adult (m)5,3121,0093
fnUhd(fnUhd)Adult (f)6,0771,0363
aUiDw(aUiDw)Adult (m)5,0209633
M7LWc(M7LWc)Adult (f)5,1879293
OXPWmOxam Balloon xAdult (m)3,8981,1191
udwcp(udwcp)Adult (m)5,5439893
oRI5x(oRI5x)Adult (f)5,6389114
kTKCs(kTKCs)Adult (f)4,7498293
3fpCz(3fpCz)Adult (m)6,3171,0933
eWo3hBlack ElysiumAdult (m)4,5148452
voGN7Rose of ObsidianAdult (f)6,7528727
pjCUHOut Of The White HoleAdult (f)5,1001,0422
kV1RHKevara BlackAdult (f)5,6449023
fUsqrInto The Black HoleAdult (m)7,3456314
hno8THawking's MemoryAdult (f)5,8188724
j9EzJBeautiful ApocalypseAdult (m)5,8358701
McqQdDark As The Fallen StarAdult (f)4,8069921
PShsdCosmic SingularityAdult (m)4,7491,0403
OQjwDBlack WastelandAdult (m)4,4451,1051
eMPynBlack MonarchyAdult (f)5,6167421
1DP3WDeep Space BlacknessAdult (m)5,4087852
bVNELDeep Space SilenceAdult (m)4,1468202
BiGDNDeep Space VastnessAdult (m)5,3818212
MpZg6Deep Space MatterAdult (m)6,5921,0541
0O7O7Cosmic LoyaltyAdult (m)6,0311,2155
0HLckLittle Black FayeAdult (m)5,9051,2292
MPzUFDeep Space PulseAdult (m)6,0901,2203
qPxu9Deep Space VacuumAdult (m)5,8911,1465
i4rdEDeep Space ColdnessAdult (m)5,6837961
ZmxDxDeep Space EnergyAdult (f)6,0907861
gYDLJTranscendental NumberAdult (f)7,2449902
6Em1uFalling FahrenheitAdult (m)6,3591,1313
TG4VrDeep Space VelvetAdult (m)5,8661,2034
qQKYxShadow of the FayeAdult (m)5,6829971
LFZ7VDeep Space SymphonyAdult (m)5,3139524
6werqLovers of the NightAdult (m)6,1601,0954
lRfPfViolent ViolinAdult (f)7,3259754
FAV5uLord LughaidAdult (m)6,0911,0554
S1Ep4Antidote For SolitudeAdult (m)6,9889927
oFL3fSilver-Clawed WarriorAdult (m)7,0401,0305
KTyYeDark OpalescenceAdult (m)5,5051,0705
PgO1s(PgO1s)Adult (f)3,9982881
EZuLRDeep Space HarmonyAdult (m)5,0799272
2vZhsDeep Space JetAdult (m)5,1169213
2ewHtDeep Space GreatnessAdult (m)4,6839482
sX0g8Deep Space VoiceAdult (m)7,3601,2052
NPqnhDeep Space B1Adult (m)6,8821,1203
8RpLcDeep Space B2Adult (m)6,7631,1853
ZfZqpDeep Space B2 IIAdult (m)5,8121,0552
YavJfDeep Space B1 IIAdult (m)5,8319952
ZWedWA Single NoteAdult (m)6,5631,0373
Pwr7h(Pwr7h)Adult (m)6,2731,0412
7oR7TDeep Space B12 IIIAdult (m)6,9249864
2MzGZLeave The Light OnAdult (m)7,9699963
13XovDeep Space VortexAdult (m)4,5899323
2qYca(2qYca)Adult (f)5,4849552
yz4ly(yz4ly)Adult (f)5,0291,1232
eVghr(eVghr)Hatchling (f, F)1,9606192
drSn7The Darkest BeautyAdult (f)4,2108115
ddguVDeghev Black TeaAdult (m)3,6941,0642
mPJRVMajevi Desert Tea IAdult (f)5,9688570
6KlXBMaster of ButterfliesAdult (m)5,5068111
FiLVDFillived Spring Tea IIAdult (m)3,5111,0911
m7dOtTea in the Sea Shell xAdult (f)3,3389702
lQAYpIqay Green Tea IIAdult (m)4,0581,0302
BqdaNBoqudan Black Tea IAdult (m)6,1488281
1U8J6Jasmine PetalAdult (f)5,3061,0926
e58HKButterfly Teacup IIAdult (m)6,2911,3017
krVvPTea Blossom IIIAdult (m)6,2341,0284
Y2GAgTea-Cup HoarderAdult (m)6,1841,0886
jxx7pDark Pink CupAdult (m)4,9269464
6trn1Sweet RooibosAdult (m)5,4831,1553
KoyojJoy of TeaAdult (m)5,1951,0822
z7bgqZibeqia Blacktip xAdult (f)3,1748641
P9XwASand and SaltAdult (f)6,4221,0817
KuJtHSandy SandyAdult (f)8,2228714
RQmNn(RQmNn)Adult (m)5,3939571
ueg8R(ueg8R)Adult (f)4,9981,0343
ljSS4(ljSS4)Adult (f)4,2559485
LMmSm(LMmSm)Adult (f)4,6589655
9byHY(9byHY)Adult (f)4,8669573
GUmAHGrain-of-SaltAdult (f)4,4999473
QdinTDintaraAdult (f)4,6599394
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