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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “GatoDelFuego,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
23x8MCB Aeon Puro IAdult (m)4,42094418
OlZk2(OlZk2)Adult (m)4,3799042
opoCSCB Aeria Gloris Puro IAdult (m)3,6649121
6H0ISCB Aeria Gloris Puro IIAdult (m)4,3749150
keed3CB Aeria Gloris Puro IIIAdult (m)3,0566281
IZ7oy(IZ7oy)Adult (m)4,7951,0531
8ZKepCB Aether Puro IAdult (m)4,5498730
FZdxOCB Aether Puro IIAdult (m)4,6429360
32t3MCB Aether Puro IIIAdult (f)4,1559772
sli1BAether Purito IAdult (f)4,3871,0011
QbOzNAether Purito IIAdult (m)4,7709122
9j13NCB Aether Puro IVAdult (m)4,4399281
5PikGCB Aether Puro VAdult (f)4,0379111
jX5Bg(jX5Bg)Adult (m)4,5069620
5U58m(5U58m)Adult (f)4,0489150
EY3Tn(EY3Tn)Adult (f)4,6308900
1lPUT(1lPUT)Adult (m)5,0738622
oFNOfCB Albino Puro IAdult (f)4,9019956
lECMjCB Albino Puro IIAdult (m)3,4336823
bWOpRAlbino Purito IAdult (m)5,4238770
TgGciCB Albino Puro IIIAdult (f)3,6258840
H50p7(H50p7)Adult (f)4,1751,0211
qIHUJ(qIHUJ)Adult (m)4,8419723
lXomLCB Almerald Puro IAdult (f)4,6181,0661
82Dwv(82Dwv)Adult (m)4,7091,0601
7Mx6XCB Anagallis Puro IAdult (m)5,69398320
wY4ITCB Anagallis Puro IIAdult (m)2,9517542
7CcEJCB Anagallis Puro IIIAdult (f)5,4189211
9Vsm7Anagallis Purito IAdult (f)5,0449050
FRpOzCB Anagallis Puro IVAdult (m)3,0619280
7IumyAnagallis Purito IIAdult (f)3,9938601
p0NEjCB Anagallis Puro VAdult (m)2,3605802
M1xA5CB Anagallis Puro VIAdult (f)5,1279421
A0utTAnagallis Purito IIIAdult (m)4,1608783
3cgjAAnagallis Purito IVAdult (f)4,2839163
7GgCaCB Antarean Puro IAdult (m)4,08396423
mGxppCB Antarean Puro IIAdult (m)5,05199123
IhPsTCB Antarean Puro IIIAdult (f)5,40499919
gxpbGCB Antarean Puro IVAdult (f)4,79492621
26SEbAntarean Purito IAdult (f)3,22575517
288vAAntarean Purito IIAdult (f)5,65997221
WqSh6CB Antarean Puro VAdult (f)5,5041,0270
OgtuRCB Antarean Puro VIIAdult (f)3,4516912
XgsdLCB Antarean Puro VIAdult (f)4,95691011
jKaJcCB Antarean Puro VIIIAdult (m)3,5457343
auzdAAntarean Purito IIIAdult (m)4,1419291
Gzv52CB Antarean Puro IXAdult (m)4,8131,0160
ATVo5Antarean Purito IVAdult (m)5,4539592
yOjy6Antarean Purito VAdult (m)5,5291,0491
gNpoYAntarean Purito VIAdult (f)4,6459342
biutBAntarean Purito VIIAdult (f)4,6319290
iWNoyCB Antarean Puro XAdult (m)3,0159701
tJxIYAntarean Purito VIIIAdult (f)3,7519301
ChTzXCB Antarean Puro XIAdult (m)3,2156510
XAlEaAntarean Purito IXAdult (f)3,9597970
7nzTyCB Antarean Puro XIIAdult (m)4,2919072
Goc3EAntarean Purito XAdult (f)4,2829092
jbRFc(jbRFc)Adult (m)4,0489180
MsFh7CB Aqualis Puro IAdult (m)4,8889712
SufPBCB Aqualis Puro IIAdult (f)3,5529791
B2dkLCB Aqualis Puro IIIAdult (m)3,9378100
WFTABCB Aqualis Puro IVAdult (f)9,3421,3481
02dooCB Aqualis Puro VAdult (f)4,9401,0074
JMJR2Aqualis Purito IAdult (f)4,2439151
aothy(aothy)Adult (m)3,0907261
ESBq5CB Aranoas Puro IAdult (f)4,9179962
ufcdh(ufcdh)Adult (m)4,1461,0482
ohOAOCB Aria Puro IAdult (f)5,3081,0092
lURzc(lURzc)Adult (m)4,1138690
th9VzCB Ash Puro IAdult (f)5,2529940
7eKGiCB Ash Puro IIAdult (f)2,9527211
FAOr6CB Ash Puro IIIAdult (f)4,7979140
cPdve(cPdve)Adult (f)4,1349634
ZlVVu(ZlVVu)Adult (f)4,2408062
YHazH(YHazH)Adult (f)4,4239610
MPvjuCB Azure Glacewing Puro IAdult (f)4,9071,13421
SzpGsCB Azure Glacewing Puro IIAdult (f)4,2699733
LUeaqCB Azure Glacewing Puro IIIAdult (f)4,48084824
8nlAfCB Baikala Puro IAdult (f)5,03091215
yHT3SCB Balloon Puro IAdult (f)5,14192718
6JMkI(6JMkI)Adult (m)4,4339182
oHsTmCB Bauta Puro IAdult (f)4,7639883
4FXNDCB Black Capped Puro IAdult (f)4,78194220
ufsnMBlack Capped Purito IAdult (f)2,5236821
7GctrBlack Purito IAdult (f)3,1617352
JRWjt(JRWjt)Adult (m)4,1719210
7gVBcCB Black Tea Puro IAdult (f)5,90795821
wJOyHCB Black Tea Puro IIAdult (m)5,44198326
DdVnICB Black Tea Puro IIIAdult (m)3,2426785
sFRTwBlack Tea Purito IAdult (m)5,24492619
ieLtaCB Black Tea Puro IVAdult (f)4,5258660
RGGmDCB Black Truffle Puro IAdult (f)4,8039531
FbmdpCB Black Truffle Puro IIAdult (f)4,9819471
QTuAPCB Black Truffle Puro IIIAdult (m)3,9308971
QaCN8Black Truffle Purito IAdult (f)4,5098801
A7bUJCB Blacktip Puro IAdult (f)4,9889152
pmqHWCB Bleeding Moon Puro IAdult (m)5,79998523
bEUYmCB Bleeding Moon Puro IIAdult (m)3,7029080
lVadK(lVadK)Adult (f)4,5879351
4q3se(4q3se)Adult (m)4,9901,0113
CRWYpCB Blue-Banded Puro IAdult (m)3,2517624
CW2uPBlue-Banded Purito IAdult (m)3,3657732
FzbYfCB Blue-Banded Puro IIAdult (f)4,4389281
SedLqCB Blue-Banded Puro IIIAdult (f)3,8298012
UgC07CB Blusang Puro IAdult (m)5,5781,1087
rGcPyCB Bolt Puro IAdult (f)3,8089781
Icq7RCB Bolt Puro IIAdult (m)3,9288780
bUFIyCB Boreal Puro IAdult (f)5,2679931
xpTcpCB Boreal Puro IIAdult (m)5,3359770
211UNCB Boreal Puro IIIAdult (f)5,2379850
KPlteCB Boreal Puro IVAdult (m)5,6089831
OWdG5Boreal Purito IAdult (f)4,6399470
0GM8PCB Boreal Puro VAdult (f)4,6029590
rkArbBoreal Purito IIAdult (f)5,0499862
hqnMvCB Boreal Puro VIAdult (m)4,5921,0090
z1CTZCB Boreal Puro VIIAdult (m)4,6371,0530
IWiBs(IWiBs)Adult (m)4,3358331
5zmj8CB Brimstone Puro IAdult (m)4,6108093
9ZeDwCB Brimstone Puro IIAdult (f)4,3341,1316
sIwA4Brimstone Purito IAdult (m)5,30185623
h5Z8fCB Brimstone Puro IIIAdult (f)4,0229481
m8o7DBrimstone Purito IIAdult (f)4,7828890
LHrPYCB Brute Puro IAdult (f)4,95692212
xKVSwCB Brute Puro IIAdult (f)4,4759452
K9MSa(K9MSa)Adult (f)4,6248891
vOgVc(vOgVc)Adult (m)3,9119560
jTUvYCB Caligene Puro IAdult (f)4,1741,2061
vpuQtCB Caligene Puro IIAdult (f)4,1631,1961
sD5SQCB Candelabra Puro IAdult (f)6,5211,11217
51P8ZCB Candelabra Puro IIAdult (m)3,2376882
hBPbwCB Canopy Puro IAdult (m)3,4837723
FCnEwCB Canopy Puro IIAdult (f)3,1846922
6Ze9BCanopy Purito IAdult (f)4,86288519
OR1dsCB Canopy Puro IIIAdult (f)3,4427021
JeAJxCanopy Purito IIAdult (f)3,3397822
49g1DCB Canopy Puro IVAdult (f)3,5517301
2Ukh3CB Canopy Puro VAdult (f)5,5551,0310
5V7NZ(5V7NZ)Adult (f)4,3919390
szR4e(szR4e)Adult (f)4,2529261
fMhijCB Carmine Puro IAdult (f)3,5637113
VqM1KCB Carmine Puro IIAdult (m)4,24392626
YAHXkCB Carmine Puro IIIAdult (m)4,0799812
5NdMSCarmine Purito IAdult (m)4,0438351
P3gD9CB Carmine Puro IVAdult (m)4,4538960
aOqeeCB Cassare Puro IAdult (f)4,9831,0070
UtlZfCassare Purito IAdult (f)2,9757312
fw1e7CB Cassare Puro IIAdult (m)3,2236440
rwnleCassare Purito IIAdult (m)4,0618832
Lh47eCB Cassare Puro IIIAdult (f)4,0749280
xRcGD(xRcGD)Adult (m)4,3529011
Duo1qCB Cavern Lurker Puro IAdult (f)3,8861,0741
xbGrdCB Cavern Lurker Puro IIAdult (m)3,9541,0480
Yek2zCB Cavern Lurker Puro IIIAdult (m)4,1571,1871
oJQo8CB Celestial Puro IAdult (m)4,88989913
OmOpaCB Celestial Puro IIAdult (f)4,9999550
cDNR7Celestial Purito IAdult (m)4,6189330
sYXfC(sYXfC)Adult (m)3,9939582
Tc3yi(Tc3yi)Adult (f)4,2689860
UsBGd(UsBGd)Adult (m)4,1098631
PUCYk(PUCYk)Adult (f)4,1901,0790
KJlfP(KJlfP)Adult (f)4,2678991
sbXIV(sbXIV)Adult (f)4,6158731
afzRh(afzRh)Adult (m)4,7471,0131
Ms0xh(Ms0xh)Adult (f)3,8739083
NG4tDCB Waverunner Puro IAdult (f)5,25196616
3wRZpCB Waverunner Puro IIAdult (m)3,7799002
M9oSrWaverunner Purito IAdult (m)4,37688125
SPsgeCB Waverunner Puro IIIAdult (m)5,28098326
ko7xQCB Waverunner Puro IVAdult (m)5,2731,02424
HlXvpCB Waverunner Puro VAdult (m)3,5417071
SZOLjCB Waverunner Puro VIAdult (m)3,5049390
U6SpwCB Waverunner Puro VIIAdult (f)3,5497881
bzDTwCB Common Puro IAdult (f)4,4047772
ehqaxCB Common Puro IIAdult (m)4,9891,0062
0pUkXCB Common Puro IIIAdult (f)4,0919862
kQG7TCB Common Puro IVAdult (f)5,3831,0210
B31KuCommon Purito IAdult (m)2,4906840
DcoEjCommon Purito IIAdult (f)4,5939072
dzZUe(dzZUe)Adult (m)4,6611,0930
72AFQCB Crimson Flare Puro IAdult (m)5,1101,02827
A71ouCB Crimson Flare Puro IIAdult (m)4,6989700
h53p6CB Crystalline Puro IAdult (m)4,3438752
0Eh5hCB Crystalline Puro IIAdult (f)4,3338823
VB1tgCB Crystalline Puro IIIAdult (m)3,5007431
dlS21CB Dark Green Puro IAdult (f)5,20395416
XQwIhDark Green Purito IAdult (f)4,7508233
yyHSJCB Dark Green Puro IIAdult (m)4,7581,16422
HxmW4Dark Green Purito IIAdult (m)4,62797611
709NQDark Green Purito IIIAdult (m)3,8587237
WjQHwCB Dark Green Puro IIIAdult (f)4,9159872
0jp7RDark Green Purito IVAdult (f)4,8769371
l3x4PCB Dark Green Puro IVAdult (f)4,0038690
2cyF3CB Dark Myst Puro IAdult (f)5,62794218
UAlwqCB Dark Myst Puro IIAdult (f)4,4477961
KetAwCB Dark Myst Puro IIIAdult (m)3,5337511
8xs46CB Daydream Puro IAdult (f)3,4637381
U0J04CB Daydream Puro IIAdult (f)4,0758985
YEDPuCB Daydream Puro IIIAdult (f)5,6489010
KwFHlCB Daydream Puro IVAdult (m)5,1959940
xDCkFDaydream Purito IAdult (m)5,1539602
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