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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Galaxies000,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sOhnvRed T-rex GalAdult (f)9,1801,1209
tUQoERed Blue Gummie WormAdult (m)9,7181,42821
OcQqlLonk Fingie BoiAdult (m)9,4671,41223
ABCaw(ABCaw)Adult (m)1,9104851
tkVPB(tkVPB)Adult (m)4,5849440
l0WB9(l0WB9)Adult (m)3,0078102
cYmKy(cYmKy)Adult (m)2,9058451
Z8FTT(Z8FTT)Adult (f)5,16182514
F1CMuCitrus BoiAdult (m)8,6381,26226
pQdpVTeleportie GalAdult (f)7,1181,10318
6iMHATeleportie Citrus BoiAdult (m)7,1551,0619
PjdHB(PjdHB)Adult (m)4,5769133
ea2RU(ea2RU)Adult (m)4,1389352
NwLk2(NwLk2)Adult (f)7,4661,2078
xX0Ml(xX0Ml)Adult (m)6,0611,1486
jkgNXConfident BoiAdult (m)8,9351,26113
OEN1g(OEN1g)Adult (m)4,2618511
d9Egk(d9Egk)Adult (m)4,4658930
cIoPGYawnie BoiAdult (m)5,8969044
0V70f(0V70f)Adult (m)3,3007542
VwcIf(VwcIf)Adult (f)3,2967611
a5SGRBlue Transformer-Worm GalAdult (f)6,0481,10316
ODT5X(ODT5X)Adult (m)4,9808136
L6JXBStellar BoiAdult (m)9,6931,34826
xo1eBMister ElectricidadAdult (m)8,2081,24217
js3Mk(js3Mk)Adult (m)3,2936353
leNqw(leNqw)Adult (m)4,5019210
uVhW6Frostie BoiAdult (m)4,7548955
Ijse0Blue Fire BoiAdult (m)9,7131,35429
Pe6xp(Pe6xp)Adult (m)4,7738972
3X9Fb(3X9Fb)Adult (f)10,4031,1697
5lt6uReal Holo BoiAdult (m)5,6751,2005
aq3k5(aq3k5)Adult (m)5,1679534
Db2Ld(Db2Ld)Adult (f)10,4411,1658
0pXrzBlue Purple BoiAdult (m)4,3089056
VWalA(VWalA)Adult (f)4,0751,0633
18ZHSLuv spicy food galAdult (f)8,3081,1119
iJG0tZappie BoiAdult (m)4,9131,0426
9Lttv(9Lttv)Adult (f)3,5137868
ELpfc(ELpfc)Adult (m)4,2148294
VuQLKPurple Star BoiAdult (m)4,6181,0724
xrsrITiny Doggo GalAdult (f)10,3221,36015
2ZGql(2ZGql)Adult (m)3,3327591
yRSH4(yRSH4)Adult (m)4,4549371
AvZHaElegant GalAdult (f)9,1041,31911
RY57qPink Swoopie BoiAdult (m)6,9951,13420
t3iT0He looking for somethingAdult (m)2,6046301
pNIQj(pNIQj)Adult (m)4,12179111
YDRyz(YDRyz)Adult (f)4,8891,0204
Z4zeW(Z4zeW)Adult (f)3,4237042
5eSpd(5eSpd)Adult (f)3,4258632
idBX1(idBX1)Adult (f)4,9289394
zNfTeRainbow BoiAdult (m)3,74277912
QfcZH(QfcZH)Adult (f)5,1449713
aUago(aUago)Adult (f)3,4348450
58lZF(58lZF)Adult (m)4,8571,0012
4CK1vAngy Red GalAdult (f)6,3201,13812
8Ej92Hungy GalAdult (f)3,0606651
PdYxB(PdYxB)Adult (f)4,4498806
yw35G(yw35G)Adult (f)4,7619151
4WNkL(4WNkL)Adult (f)4,3897969
126gR(126gR)Adult (f)4,39178413
XQDEx(XQDEx)Adult (f)3,2406511
PkHrg(PkHrg)Adult (f)4,5918713
GwCr2(GwCr2)Adult (m)4,5059071
FmN0D(FmN0D)Adult (f)4,1258234
DxL8iCool Metal BoiAdult (m)7,6581,1192
GkFBI(GkFBI)Adult (f)4,5339082
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