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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Frostmisty,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
NlAnA Completely Normal TreeEgg (F)
BxTiR(BxTiR)Adult (m)4,3231,2741
IaEQj(IaEQj)Adult (f)4,3051,2421
46Kju(46Kju)Adult (f)4,2461,2452
xWM7A(xWM7A)Adult (m)4,2991,2761
AnwuG(AnwuG)Adult (m)4,2241,2410
na7N6(na7N6)Adult (f)4,2531,2912
BOOgm(BOOgm)Adult (m)4,3621,2480
DIVGI(DIVGI)Adult (m)4,2801,2522
eWvWA(eWvWA)Adult (f)4,6221,0610
ihMaT(ihMaT)Adult (m)4,8151,0452
4Mrus(4Mrus)Adult (f)4,8711,0902
dOurT(dOurT)Adult (m)4,7521,0421
XZeEF(XZeEF)Adult (m)4,9211,0471
4FVum(4FVum)Adult (f)4,9501,0600
69mlk(69mlk)Adult (m)5,0671,0770
fl1sz(fl1sz)Adult (f)5,0401,0840
lcJDa(lcJDa)Adult (f)3,2487163
kMbqS(kMbqS)Adult (f)5,6548978
cFa6D(cFa6D)Adult (m)4,2268793
Mu1qgA Minor Test of StrengthAdult (f)6,2008994
fnHtUA Modest Test of StrengthAdult (m)4,6078722
rMLK8A Major Test of StrengthAdult (f)6,7109922
6TGyl(6TGyl)Adult (m)5,0119176
cyGJK(cyGJK)Adult (f)6,55391010
M0PbU(M0PbU)Adult (f)5,8497552
hfilk(hfilk)Adult (f)9,7631,4328
MMNly(MMNly)Adult (f)10,1481,4944
Rsz6D(Rsz6D)Adult (m)4,6699210
91JLy(91JLy)Adult (m)4,3129031
GhiB5(GhiB5)Adult (m)4,1429352
LjJJ9(LjJJ9)Adult (f)5,9779823
3daV5(3daV5)Adult (f)4,8869172
EV0ec(EV0ec)Adult (f)4,8688095
JL7I4Death Is Too KindAdult (f)5,8418086
dWkQ7Stop DodgingAdult (m)2,7787462
4CmYO(4CmYO)Adult (f)
UkprK(UkprK)Adult (m)
etMbkShining SentinelAdult (f)7,1969826
gH6uRLeague of the Golden KeyAdult (m)5,68878522
aGDqwSacred ConstellationAdult (f)3,9248736
YKeFcLady of the Iron ChainAdult (f)4,6046362
Imz2KHeavenly SinnerAdult (f)6,33087510
sFkFSPalatial GrandeurAdult (m)7,3791,03713
bEnvzLady of the Golden HeartAdult (f)4,5331,1228
cuhZQTransition Metal GoldAdult (m)2,5907472
iQkrRHaunted RichesAdult (f)2,8667832
c73pU(c73pU)Adult (m)2,8543921
1Pl6e(1Pl6e)Adult (f)2,9598082
JyFRYGolden ConcertoAdult (f)3,7068558
sc2G6Quintessence of Gold DustAdult (m)2,7425902
6sroxHeavenly SaviorAdult (m)2,6675794
EsYFOHeavenly SisterAdult (f)2,7995933
TuWYYGlorious HatredAdult (f)6,6221,1654
W3R9nTarnished TiaraHatchling (f, F)3,3707604
V0BuWSterling SongstressAdult (f)4,1077927
sro12Hindsight BiasAdult (m)4,0188755
2gWAqMoonlight ThornhedgeAdult (m)4,9379594
WxnBsEternal QuicksilverAdult (f)7,4901,02423
jJKxfPresent SubjunctiveAdult (f)7,7861,08812
rMDnuIriduleAdult (f)5,08992013
a5WchShark's BlessingAdult (f)4,0808244
B3IP6The Silver Star RisesAdult (f)2,8528339
RJtlBDream DelightAdult (f)4,6728353
QFIAcThe Star Rose GleamsAdult (f)2,1066722
xIMsyLake XimsyAdult (f)2,4897464
x0KT3Cerulean RoseAdult (m)2,0757354
CsCyaArgentum LakeAdult (f)2,7538033
EmO2BCalling of StarsAdult (f)2,4557465
cvMazRose DewAdult (f)3,46274010
OWmncHeart of the AngelAdult (m)3,7067715
mhNIg(mhNIg)Adult (f)2,6947715
N7v7eHeart of a QueenAdult (f)2,2297913
575AR(575AR)Adult (f)2,0146271
2C6go(2C6go)Adult (m)2,2397001
BbcVl(BbcVl)Adult (f)2,0526431
sWXKR(sWXKR)Adult (f)2,6937750
d7V7Z(d7V7Z)Adult (f)3,1727271
WDyKPMrs DallowayAdult (f)3,0727232
Jeigb(Jeigb)Adult (f)3,1087073
gix41Penny and a DimeAdult (m)4,9161,6943
cs9cRNational Merit ScholarshipAdult (f)5,9861,5852
GihtO(GihtO)Adult (f)4,3948091
6Qgpd(6Qgpd)Adult (f)2,4776623
vtwWo(vtwWo)Adult (m)2,6076374
nrIG7(nrIG7)Adult (m)6,4289603
SRltD(SRltD)Adult (f)5,2201,6362
Vp84O(Vp84O)Adult (m)2,5717351
OQ37P(OQ37P)Hatchling (F)1,5204522
8lQDN(8lQDN)Adult (m)4,9477752
rtAJ9(rtAJ9)Adult (m)4,7401,6362
yX2I4(yX2I4)Adult (f)5,5761,5902
3M0Cv(3M0Cv)Hatchling (f, F)3,5187982
DRgPk(DRgPk)Hatchling (f, F)3,4046912
r2nAtGlorious EclipseAdult (f)6,1488604
a6SCoGilded TalonsAdult (m)4,7579676
w3NXkThe Ocean's TreasureAdult (f)3,4061,0952
YgsHA(YgsHA)Adult (m)5,3747824
dNc7E(dNc7E)Hatchling (F)3,5477112
AoJjBSoft and Fading LightAdult (m)5,8219316
EewmE(EewmE)Adult (m)5,0209434
6jXRU(6jXRU)Adult (f)6,6257046
l6ovMHaunted RhapsodyAdult (m)5,10074411
70nIx(70nIx)Adult (m)5,5821,1034
fCASIDeclaration of Undying LoveAdult (m)8,2529088
oz5s4(oz5s4)Adult (m)6,8471,0108
5L5HFLuck Be A DragonAdult (f)5,7471,0995
mNzoGMalynadoAdult (m)6,6988495
WY7x8(WY7x8)Adult (m)3,6581,0579
QCigL(QCigL)Adult (m)4,1689002
yxFsg(yxFsg)Hatchling (m, F)7,4768828
Qi9KS(Qi9KS)Hatchling (F)2,8105552
QCp1dThink Like A RomanticAdult (m)6,2271,1169
Iem7AUnbelievable JoyAdult (m)3,8691,0127
UfMHzUnbelievable VictoryAdult (m)3,3529282
x9HlRRoyal Huntress VI NobilisAdult (f)3,39598510
JFunj(JFunj)Adult (f)8,4828787
qpGQN(qpGQN)Adult (f)7,7651,0073
Zu5fRApathetic AntithesisAdult (f)5,9106352
FMdDO(FMdDO)Adult (f)7,2449153
Gs0sSGolden Rain LilyAdult (m)9,24461810
1I9ZXGold Valentine RoseAdult (f)7,3379215
3fPeXGolden Wild RoseAdult (f)8,5879327
DX9ua(DX9ua)Adult (m)3,5919986
4l4Zw(4l4Zw)Adult (m)4,5261,0408
tZ8T5Golden Child of Days Long GoneHatchling (m, F)5,8737894
VhGAiSterling RadianceAdult (m)6,1478574
bNnJcFiligree RosesAdult (f)6,5791,0064
QTFCLFiligree IvyAdult (f)6,3749227
yrF2S(yrF2S)Adult (f)5,7418703
4Pd1VPoetic in PinkAdult (m)6,1261,0444
nGuTKSilver AzaleaAdult (f)6,5681,0982
j7Mlr(j7Mlr)Adult (m)6,5418785
KYyf3Silver Grace ElenaAdult (f)3,9231,0682
AjiIPSilver GardeniaAdult (m)8,0781,0456
3bg35(3bg35)Hatchling (F)2,6295272
jVSX2Angel Unfolding MidnightAdult (f)8,6009635
9iD2Y(9iD2Y)Adult (f)4,2921,1262
wq5nYLong Dead SecretAdult (m)3,9021,0120
sIEL7Brass RoseAdult (f)2,3319244
zwU4Y(zwU4Y)Adult (m)7,3469629
UIAQVSacred StagAdult (m)6,1171,0226
hB5WMTrophy ChildHatchling (m, F)8,6618815
0cZHp(0cZHp)Hatchling (F)2,5405631
UZSy5Electric NachosAdult (f)5,4517734
jt4ps(jt4ps)Adult (f)4,0016517
qvhFRLightning RomanceAdult (m)2,8088513
jWf9dInto the LightAdult (m)2,2437053
O5VsK(O5VsK)Adult (f)2,0257271
cHurp(cHurp)Adult (f)2,3806255
x5XWb(x5XWb)Hatchling (f, F)3,8756944
TBiNt(TBiNt)Hatchling (m, F)5,8849315
nVScWFlash Frozen SteelAdult (f)3,0656002
kPJqCFrost DiamondAdult (f)2,8924734
jf0dQSilvery FrostAdult (m)3,8298544
kGLqUFlash Frozen TearsAdult (m)2,2487223
P29Cr(P29Cr)Adult (m)2,5908991
us3bJ(us3bJ)Adult (m)2,2397182
e8tDu(e8tDu)Adult (m)2,0317143
voZ9z(voZ9z)Adult (f)2,5769221
SwzC9(SwzC9)Adult (m)2,6988031
tsTed(tsTed)Adult (f)2,0607383
jSKyR(jSKyR)Adult (f)2,6309431
1Ei9fLove of SongAdult (f)2,9608353
EOuNL(EOuNL)Adult (f)2,0268861
uqpd1(uqpd1)Adult (f)2,0358992
RTK2V(RTK2V)Adult (f)3,3319573
a6PtK(a6PtK)Adult (f)2,9747502
vuLCB(vuLCB)Adult (f)3,4109702
4jb9KLove of SilenceHatchling (f, F)3,7608611
mU3BcChocolate ThiefAdult (m)3,5219505
YRQJn(YRQJn)Adult (m)3,3139684
nR3hACandy DoveAdult (m)3,2779437
ffNf0(ffNf0)Adult (m)2,0318852
lkH8ASweet DoveAdult (m)6,0489533
HIdbR(HIdbR)Adult (m)3,7039483
TW5hZ(TW5hZ)Adult (m)3,6859262
Erw6u(Erw6u)Adult (m)3,1559581
TjJQSerene DoveHatchling (F)1,3566563
mQFvCrown of RosesAdult (f)2,7241,1182
ZS0f9Wishing Only Wounds the HeartAdult (f)3,3769607
nvS89(nvS89)Adult (f)2,8907712
bMzJ2(bMzJ2)Adult (f)2,9377772
4sZehSmothered in ChocolateAdult (m)2,7785345
YHEFUDebonair GentlemanAdult (m)2,8135484
tg1DzIf Only Someone Loved YouAdult (m)2,0798861
gGym5Oracion for the HeartAdult (m)3,5829575
lao5A(lao5A)Adult (m)3,6199632
FORin(FORin)Adult (m)3,0667832
S5WXn(S5WXn)Adult (m)3,0307482
1mqDq(1mqDq)Adult (m)2,9957802
wyQtv(wyQtv)Adult (m)2,0418741
jZFZ4The Angel's RoseAdult (f)4,0718461
C9PhOAngel's LoveAdult (f)4,0648381
LKDl7Magical RomanticAdult (f)3,5459355
fwEE7(fwEE7)Adult (f)3,2879911
ahOazDouce PlainteAdult (m)2,3549913
rvegnReign of LoveAdult (m)2,3049222
j4JNY(j4JNY)Adult (m)2,9899592
UPSuy(UPSuy)Adult (m)3,3207934
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