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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Frostfoxen,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sqxJ9(sqxJ9)Adult (m)1,2594386
3qvGW(3qvGW)Adult (m)1,2114003
SO6j6(SO6j6)Adult (f)3,3335442
d6lqq(d6lqq)Adult (m)2,1934033
7Pup2(7Pup2)Adult (f)2,9222592
l9F3WishPeaceAdult (f)4,5641,03536
WMuBHavePeaceAdult (f)4,4991,36943
4KrJSeekPeaceAdult (m)4,0231,24253
3yS1LovePeaceAdult (f)71943941
oE9KSingPeaceAdult (f)77444530
YS1jKnowPeaceAdult (f)62232122
fSUrLivePeaceAdult (m)1,91569073
DlnuFindPeaceAdult (m)1,78779383
FEYdWisePeaceAdult (m)1,12257486
5DlOSeePeaceAdult (m)1,19262084
2jheSharePeaceAdult (f)97453967
2kS9GivePeaceAdult (m)90650728
skSjStarPeaceAdult (f)89145924
nsnUHopePeaceAdult (f)1,31444540
unPjSpeakPeaceAdult (m)88726367
7A3iShowPeaceAdult (m)2,18181064
H1TY8CarePeaceAdult (m)2,7449411
YCleWAllPeaceAdult (f)2,6519011
PFO7gQuietPeaceAdult (m)2,5729651
AdsnqLeadPeaceAdult (m)1,8827900
jQSX4SunPeaceAdult (f)1,8108020
GVdXCLunaPeaceAdult (f)1,5059279
lOBhZBringPeaceAdult (m)1,31884713
UTrW6FlyPeaceAdult (f)1,3198468
THCuuMagicPeaceAdult (m)1,6251,0197
FO2qQSnowPeaceAdult (m)1,2377456
hmEA9IcePeaceAdult (m)1,1977786
toHqMLonePeaceAdult (m)1,2767633
rdBt6FlowerPeaceAdult (f)1,2497613
KDmJoWinterPeaceAdult (m)1,2847986
LsHiCWePeaceAdult (f)1,2837986
mJhmVRainPeaceAdult (f)1,3465932
YV7ykSpellPeaceAdult (f)1,4889237
JC9RfHelpPeaceAdult (f)1,4138768
vmUQoShinePeaceAdult (m)1,6419849
kpaFUGlowPeaceAdult (f)1,2287929
tSLV9BloomPeaceAdult (f)1,1677345
ki40YShyPeaceAdult (f)1,1127079
8ooWGLilyPeaceAdult (f)1,3097779
XH8cXMoonPeaceAdult (f)3,1197981
RDKFyFrostPeaceAdult (m)1,5457346
15XAUKindPeaceAdult (f)1,4107036
W6XDUOnePeaceAdult (m)1,07455816
wmfN1LyricPeaceAdult (f)1,5855693
KyzyeGlimmerPeaceAdult (f)1,3595132
1QEEXSawPeaceAdult (m)1,9695993
VCGVBGoodPeaceAdult (m)2,3446836
caElNManyPeaceAdult (f)2,3963995
rtTvJSoPeaceAdult (m)2,1864483
Fts5kSeedPeaceAdult (f)2,6844276
8WAmUSowPeaceAdult (f)2,6147036
utAy7HomePeaceAdult (f)4,4318640
JU3iaGrandPeaceAdult (m)2,9347033
nsl0CDewPeaceAdult (m)4,8747374
VSyTvDiamondPeaceAdult (m)2,3756704
YhZCDForestPeaceAdult (m)2,1926634
5aLCiWildPeaceAdult (m)2,9097110
WXdIU(WXdIU)Adult (m)2,6537070
6sJz2(6sJz2)Adult (m)2,9197260
8MQhe(8MQhe)Adult (m)2,5187174
3mE0C(3mE0C)Adult (f)2,6106820
kZG3K(kZG3K)Adult (f)2,2427103
E4zXs(E4zXs)Adult (f)3,3286415
TrgZn(TrgZn)Adult (m)1,97075411
jeqST(jeqST)Adult (f)1,95074810
tQjCc(tQjCc)Adult (f)1,9907953
1ScMK(1ScMK)Adult (m)1,5067036
jp5YQ(jp5YQ)Adult (f)3,1948126
71A5T(71A5T)Adult (f)3,0742546
u6fJn(u6fJn)Adult (m)2,5922722
BqJou(BqJou)Adult (f)2,4822594
sxzcc(sxzcc)Adult (m)3,0293572
94x1j(94x1j)Adult (m)3,2923561
oC4ef(oC4ef)Adult (m)3,0112474
2X2zF(2X2zF)Adult (f)2,9404732
HSZ0I(HSZ0I)Adult (m)2,6593453
rY5Nh(rY5Nh)Adult (m)3,3327055
vPSIB(vPSIB)Adult (m)2,7267781
l6Ze9(l6Ze9)Adult (m)4,4938732
ENC37(ENC37)Adult (m)2,8226071
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