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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FoxxieKittsune,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
81NJFK Shinji and AkiraAdult (f)5,1411,421106
xrHzFK Hyakki And RyouranAdult (f)3,4171,30611
GCumFK Cho and YuuAdult (m)1,8697413
iUPLFK Twist and ShakeAdult (m)1,9776524
WfMvFK Thunder and LightningAdult (m)1,6254887
V9t0FK Momo And KamioAdult (m)2,4361,0157
i3L5FK Miyu And AoiAdult (f)1,3396299
Sp3jFK Rain and WindAdult (f)1,40863112
FBIKFK Fox and MulderAdult (m)1,3655203
CYHDFK Love And RomanceAdult (f)1,8586984
JVXYFK Tea and ChocolateAdult (f)1,5236743
jC0nFK Tachi And ShinAdult (m)1,1765543
SQBWFK Yuu and AkaAdult (m)2,7245185
fvFeFK Sun and MoonAdult (m)2,7024944
No43hFK Bow and RibbonAdult (f)2,6466651
t9gD6FK Fish and ChipsAdult (f)4,3814801
YQPYEFK Apple and JuiceAdult (m)3,9114431
tpNVgFK Lost and FoundAdult (m)2,9307031
QrXY0FK Ryou and YuuAdult (m)2,6307421
pV0NXFK Mei and LisAdult (m)2,6007042
zFOe9FK Shin and KaiAdult (m)2,9027351
yKbsnFK Sun and ShineAdult (f)2,8096731
HwYW7FK Twist and TimeAdult (f)2,6437431
K2Ae1(K2Ae1)Adult (m)2,0326661
HiYgo(HiYgo)Adult (m)2,8029202
DV4Li(DV4Li)Adult (m)3,2179863
O09Pq(O09Pq)Adult (m)2,3166972
EHI91(EHI91)Adult (f)2,7896633
DEoCx(DEoCx)Adult (m)3,3826913
iWRsZ(iWRsZ)Adult (m)4,1313982
ZKROo(ZKROo)Adult (f)3,6646663
4b610(4b610)Adult (m)3,4626753
pJDrG(pJDrG)Adult (f)3,0016632
kpKVL(kpKVL)Adult (m)3,2786862
Ghdxn(Ghdxn)Adult (f)3,0586653
s1ld8(s1ld8)Adult (f)3,2376792
ggXFl(ggXFl)Adult (m)4,0555213
ZzK7I(ZzK7I)Adult (m)3,3056202
eyy9r(eyy9r)Adult (f)3,6115904
DtjNc(DtjNc)Adult (f)3,9886082
xv3AV(xv3AV)Adult (m)4,1407703
OQZyH(OQZyH)Adult (f)3,9997673
UXZjC(UXZjC)Adult (m)4,0427553
E5uqV(E5uqV)Adult (m)3,7407675
nRS0X(nRS0X)Adult (m)4,5677172
GHAeD(GHAeD)Adult (f)4,2327783
Fimjg(Fimjg)Adult (f)4,7247453
ke66l(ke66l)Adult (m)4,3764961
aXrs0(aXrs0)Adult (f)3,7924433
roSj1(roSj1)Adult (f)4,7567563
A0rn3(A0rn3)Adult (m)6,0257745
bO19a(bO19a)Adult (m)5,5658273
5vZFA(5vZFA)Adult (m)4,0227192
99jE7(99jE7)Adult (m)5,8888924
sXHXu(sXHXu)Adult (f)3,9444503
dINVb(dINVb)Adult (f)3,4828432
MICrn(MICrn)Adult (f)5,4758161
q765Q(q765Q)Adult (m)5,3109034
cXCy3(cXCy3)Adult (f)4,8718203
NJCpF(NJCpF)Adult (m)4,7428305
2XVft(2XVft)Adult (f)4,6578182
fm9st(fm9st)Adult (m)4,8638263
jQeB8(jQeB8)Adult (m)4,5069063
xrLg2(xrLg2)Adult (m)3,7708292
iSNZC(iSNZC)Adult (m)5,9398735
H4mIk(H4mIk)Adult (m)5,1348531
C89Jw(C89Jw)Adult (m)6,1749343
LjrEc(LjrEc)Adult (m)4,5878783
v3wiCFK Linnormr DagarinnAdult (m)4,6338342
zEiNd(zEiNd)Adult (m)2,5337444
Irx7I(Irx7I)Adult (f)5,0386151
SGiI8(SGiI8)Adult (m)3,6425441
4iYMl(4iYMl)Adult (f)4,4937523
VxwFd(VxwFd)Adult (m)3,8107811
3soGJ(3soGJ)Adult (m)7,0529834
ECjVh(ECjVh)Adult (m)4,4368112
0lSq1(0lSq1)Adult (m)4,7218824
yyFQa(yyFQa)Adult (f)6,1931,0692
dZSwr(dZSwr)Adult (m)4,1828362
ek9wg(ek9wg)Adult (f)3,9548244
MnRK1(MnRK1)Adult (f)5,0508493
HeqPv(HeqPv)Adult (f)9,7761,5404
H6gXB(H6gXB)Adult (f)2,8517575
MGJOa(MGJOa)Adult (f)2,7798965
cvo1Y(cvo1Y)Adult (m)3,2379473
dvXOl(dvXOl)Adult (m)3,3169626
XQBnK(XQBnK)Adult (f)3,3607713
GN20O(GN20O)Adult (f)3,5406872
J7dMH(J7dMH)Adult (m)4,2384722
yRvUP(yRvUP)Adult (m)5,5678793
jk5jA(jk5jA)Adult (m)4,6267754
PROTV(PROTV)Adult (f)4,2828232
7xnTy(7xnTy)Adult (m)3,9217531
TqNr1(TqNr1)Adult (m)4,2478482
ezx2u(ezx2u)Adult (m)3,7247203
iWViy(iWViy)Adult (f)4,2838211
rYpHF(rYpHF)Adult (m)3,8788232
BnbGf(BnbGf)Adult (m)5,7449133
zeMW9(zeMW9)Adult (f)4,0058841
YIJk3(YIJk3)Adult (f)4,5247472
5SniQ(5SniQ)Adult (f)3,3437715
N9YVU(N9YVU)Adult (m)3,6168224
9bZlo(9bZlo)Adult (m)3,4299494
ZEFos(ZEFos)Adult (f)4,8769697
gD5Qk(gD5Qk)Adult (m)4,6099694
F8KNP(F8KNP)Adult (m)4,5549893
DLgaO(DLgaO)Adult (f)4,7549613
ctg28(ctg28)Adult (f)4,7509002
BGq8e(BGq8e)Adult (m)4,7319171
VSV43(VSV43)Adult (f)5,0249262
KzjB5(KzjB5)Adult (m)4,4679273
GH6X7(GH6X7)Adult (m)4,4359471
NfgFb(NfgFb)Adult (m)5,3939562
rtzdU(rtzdU)Adult (f)4,5419074
n807w(n807w)Adult (m)3,3218522
SD6Mx(SD6Mx)Adult (f)3,1368722
oKiXN(oKiXN)Adult (m)3,9048932
tWtrZ(tWtrZ)Adult (m)4,0939153
JNiLT(JNiLT)Adult (f)4,7768661
sFYwl(sFYwl)Adult (f)4,4178932
yepQV(yepQV)Adult (f)4,1179104
Y6FQB(Y6FQB)Adult (f)4,3567974
ugb1c(ugb1c)Adult (m)4,2598454
zAuog(zAuog)Adult (m)4,7539323
ypn1F(ypn1F)Adult (m)4,7347692
z2Bpc(z2Bpc)Adult (f)4,2219182
Uvz9t(Uvz9t)Adult (f)3,8318093
zzeg9(zzeg9)Adult (m)4,1998252
vw8Ig(vw8Ig)Adult (f)4,4337833
x72ug(x72ug)Adult (f)4,1828344
lB5lV(lB5lV)Adult (f)4,1147614
76OjD(76OjD)Adult (m)5,3638324
apnnV(apnnV)Adult (f)5,6348313
Dq8i0(Dq8i0)Adult (m)4,7577914
B8xd2(B8xd2)Adult (m)4,3058154
FUBR3(FUBR3)Adult (m)4,2688242
L26IW(L26IW)Adult (m)4,1537955
cZdXC(cZdXC)Adult (m)4,0697884
broxw(broxw)Adult (f)4,4327815
csqv5(csqv5)Adult (f)4,3627844
qXSth(qXSth)Adult (f)5,2671,0281
NRTfW(NRTfW)Adult (m)5,3401,0551
UqnN7(UqnN7)Adult (f)5,6651,0372
Q1g9m(Q1g9m)Adult (f)3,9488551
rZpwY(rZpwY)Adult (m)4,9998934
o5j33(o5j33)Adult (f)4,8859533
CiZ9d(CiZ9d)Adult (f)5,0789912
j7ceM(j7ceM)Adult (f)5,1171,0811
1Bal9(1Bal9)Adult (m)6,3981,1614
71rcA(71rcA)Adult (m)6,2321,1383
A7JLL(A7JLL)Adult (m)4,2049822
QaMqR(QaMqR)Adult (m)4,2321,0472
tXqnv(tXqnv)Adult (m)4,3681,0552
Oeztv(Oeztv)Adult (f)4,3381,0433
tTEyb(tTEyb)Adult (f)6,3661,2442
y8xzX(y8xzX)Adult (m)5,5659013
089Zk(089Zk)Adult (f)4,5347581
O01vk(O01vk)Adult (f)4,2877612
h4sZt(h4sZt)Adult (f)6,1559394
oq72Z(oq72Z)Adult (f)5,2598182
LFCQR(LFCQR)Adult (m)5,8419883
yMehK(yMehK)Adult (m)5,7129102
yNAuZ(yNAuZ)Adult (f)3,6734842
LFvqV(LFvqV)Adult (m)4,5548862
1TOwI(1TOwI)Adult (f)4,5818832
xV0bm(xV0bm)Adult (m)5,8197772
gHiUm(gHiUm)Adult (m)5,4998162
GJLJv(GJLJv)Adult (f)5,3818072
tEbT8(tEbT8)Adult (m)4,9897913
PB3qG(PB3qG)Adult (f)3,5428104
SkT7N(SkT7N)Adult (m)4,7158292
cZbMO(cZbMO)Adult (m)3,9508344
SJSWy(SJSWy)Adult (m)4,2548047
9vliZ(9vliZ)Adult (m)3,9177315
7CVzy(7CVzy)Adult (f)8,0751,0513
rNYyj(rNYyj)Adult (f)7,9261,0824
JU5TO(JU5TO)Adult (f)5,9518881
gJbIs(gJbIs)Adult (m)4,6979603
O3VUFK Albino JaneAdult (f)1,4737144
sd3hFK Albino BobAdult (m)2,13789518
10kGFK Albino SueAdult (f)2,4867618
uKnfFK Albino BarbaraAdult (f)1,8605227
DMqbFK Albino JackAdult (m)2,3696604
fEmsgFK Albino PhilAdult (m)2,0476571
cF0RIFK Albino TomAdult (m)4,1164522
VPShoFK Albino KateAdult (f)2,4156731
NsN1cFK Albino ListerAdult (m)2,2097041
rvvhxFK Albino FelixAdult (m)1,9006872
PBr9a(PBr9a)Adult (m)3,2304651
GeQR0(GeQR0)Adult (m)4,1674034
WMEj8(WMEj8)Adult (m)4,9568831
NuOBb(NuOBb)Adult (f)4,5848645
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