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Dragon pixel art

Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Foxs_Zuri,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
5IfELRuby malachiteAdult (m)8,0239177
dXjW6Malachite QuartzAdult (f)7,0177883
SetCWDivine SetAdult (f)5,93572735
qyzPfRed gold in acidAdult (f)4,4965855
2ISKVRed silver in malachiteAdult (m)6,09064619
ol1y3Reddening gold over fireAdult (f)6,9457082
e1Me7Mine water spill at LevikhinskyAdult (f)5,2146711
hJ8ejBright fireworks over the seaAdult (f)5,1606461
2BGLNSunset Valley of WondersAdult (m)4,9426392
EXkXrMorning breakfast in the lightAdult (f)4,5066262
SzkPKRuby tile with malachiteAdult (f)6,9308961
ZJR37Unusual wing flapsAdult (f)5,1026702
kblpVTasmanian Devil made of RubyAdult (f)3,7055171
CArU5Ruby Tales of the EldersAdult (m)5,3476670
XW83zRuby Tales heraldsAdult (f)5,2486520
Grch3Ruby Tales of WarriorsAdult (f)5,1367071
3kyTwRuby Tales of LeadersAdult (m)3,1224990
F3zI1Sweet poppy flowerAdult (m)5,1587712
zJdCvSweet rose flowerAdult (f)5,5627660
yoBTiSweet peony flowerAdult (m)5,6187571
u0Yx9Sweet little carnation flowerAdult (m)5,5488061
OmNa7The Creator of the futureAdult (f)4,1315471
rhbQJHappy wave of timeAdult (f)4,0225010
SF8BQThe quiet howl of the Time BowlAdult (m)4,1965400
8pHuqThe loud creaking of the clockAdult (m)4,1135480
4ZoKUUnderwater guide for drownedAdult (m)3,8524972
KaCUvThere's even a galaxy around itAdult (m)4,5485153
kO7WHlike a knife bladeAdult (m)4,2884810
rh30Eabout quiet houses in the distanAdult (m)4,1405120
PUDa9Eastern IcefallAdult (m)4,1784993
4atGiJe ne sais ne sais ne sais pasAdult (f)4,5815131
2XmflWhere I do not know where I do nAdult (m)4,5675080
frFO6Baby albino RoseAdult (m)4,2265553
CFFEOBold albino - AlbinoAdult (m)4,1555032
lP9P2(lP9P2)Adult (m)3,2045310
VQklPAra SkyAdult (f)4,4915363
sy2tMHe was thinking about a dreamAdult (f)4,0354751
pOraiThis kid loves to fly with birdsHatchling (m, F)3,4654371
W1OFuRotten Rose of AsmodeusAdult (m)4,6914833
SFXFZExtralucide la lune est sur1Adult (m)5,2365671
cCZkfTu nest pas saoul Paris est sousAdult (m)5,2275530
CgHitHowling of stone blocksAdult (f)3,8265491
M2wYkThe cries of playful birdsHatchling (f, F)2,5904932
7GsFwEmerald silver - sodiumAdult (m)4,5905151
MJrOuI 'm melting one hope in my hearAdult (f)4,2895001
iz1F7Good-form neurotoxinAdult (f)2,9484570
pCB02Emerald visions of the futureAdult (m)3,0694970
TSRFXUnicorn with rainbow maneAdult (m)8,2117433
FOjhpBaby of precious stonesAdult (m)4,0754911
neFdGGolden Horn and FeathersAdult (f)7,1697771
bJTf5Adept of Love and Black RosesAdult (f)6,5427775
YfLJ1Rainbow ScreamAdult (m)4,4685161
HMXnZA wave - a blow - and deathAdult (m)4,3104952
RGcE1The healing stroke of the penAdult (f)2,9195092
LnfnRBaby ginger cookiesAdult (f)4,0924693
rHRSvExamining the corpse lyingAdult (m)4,1644883
tM8ceAnd I'll guess your appearanceAdult (m)4,5355421
WgJZjPeople dead insideAdult (m)3,7925362
zfKGeRare pearl in the lakeAdult (m)8,0997714
Zb84nBoy are you walking with me ohAdult (m)3,9014882
UgXivThe sea traitorAdult (f)4,3494980
SY6zmThe hum of the sea wavesAdult (m)3,5254722
9xrX1The hum of the Pacific crevicesAdult (f)3,0944992
q66jFFire whale in the oceanAdult (f)4,4354672
1XFw6tears are carried awayAdult (m)6,0656730
G1MbaRed sea of various blue shellsAdult (f)3,1535271
QLj0kBlue breeze of the Red SeaAdult (m)3,1234891
LXd6tThe Monster of the Red SeaAdult (f)2,8204640
hhq72Storyteller of the Red SeasAdult (m)3,3955152
lyO3LYoung Magician -CharlesAdult (f)7,3328946
tjByGDead - karalAdult (f)3,8965881
VdMhxuntil thirst ignited with fireAdult (f)3,2316002
VzVhYThe Fiery KnightAdult (f)3,4635651
3FPHxAnd let's go - If you're sadAdult (m)8,4991,0212
9pm98This blessed Babe was born1Adult (m)3,3815021
Ik3pcAnd laid within a manger1Adult (m)3,2915051
JJCUMPure fire of glory and hopeAdult (m)5,0257930
6x3hbImmortal Victory FireAdult (m)2,5056583
8uQtzDemonic Flame of DiscordAdult (m)2,5995241
5XwSsBlack pearl in Halloween pumpkinHatchling (F)2,0793112
mUOOwRose quartz from the seaAdult (m)4,4585072
ua7dvPink typhoon of rosesAdult (m)4,8069183
g7tQGMy life is a wastelandAdult (m)4,2645121
WYdaNThe stars are burning but not liAdult (m)3,7775120
7EHUgDeep waters of the Pink SeaAdult (f)5,0314871
ZTp2n(ZTp2n)Adult (m)2,8915451
oZtqy(oZtqy)Adult (f)2,9724851
Xqscm(Xqscm)Adult (m)3,2994641
Am8UO(Am8UO)Adult (m)2,5894752
3kLXtThe brightest star of the galaxyAdult (f)10,0491,0954
vje2LSolar constellation of moonsAdult (m)3,7944771
M6VWcA fiery comet from JupiterAdult (m)3,7524862
9k6j7Solar zodiac signAdult (m)4,5404471
08pRHSilver breeze with golden reefAdult (m)4,8457214
v3tPPSweet daisy flowerAdult (m)5,4247411
hATCnSweet yarrow flowerAdult (m)5,3927451
LY2VcJackie the sluggardAdult (f)5,3797460
Be1lR(Be1lR)Adult (m)3,3865091
RGmUV(RGmUV)Adult (f)3,1764791
6J37p(6J37p)Adult (m)3,2394240
Yz0ue(Yz0ue)Adult (m)3,2554584
GTESi(GTESi)Adult (f)3,0835041
rYkji(rYkji)Adult (m)2,9485512
j8k6J(j8k6J)Adult (f)3,4915241
zVrE0Songs of sea sirensAdult (f)4,0005022
egWZrJay 's SongsAdult (m)6,0275792
qc0oLSea pebblesAdult (m)3,4174551
Tet9tFalcon DiamondAdult (m)6,3547105
oWrgqFalcon AgateAdult (f)5,0306123
x2KShFalconry GamesAdult (m)6,2557023
RUWTQToxic foam consumes sacred YamunAdult (f)5,5306970
2n3kxEagle ShoutAdult (m)3,1755101
lrMkpThe Ugly Duckling IIAdult (m)3,1015821
UzkDu(UzkDu)Adult (f)3,1595783
cLx4c(cLx4c)Adult (m)3,5065130
huy6x(huy6x)Adult (f)3,4624941
8mbf6The Great Chosen Omutom mediumAdult (m)4,5475432
bk2KfThe Cry of the Wild WindAdult (m)6,0835923
y09HTClear sky vigilanceAdult (m)3,7294432
pD9U0The Great Tsunami WaveHatchling (f, F)2,4245942
u8ptfDangerous double-headed sharkAdult (f)3,2707244
nlYNLThe World's Most Juicy StrawberrAdult (f)9,0181,0044
98oryPink Guardian AngelAdult (f)5,7425461
RiFC0Glamorous ice cream with strawbeAdult (m)3,7514873
xiphGPrince is not on a white horseAdult (m)4,7495292
x8GWzClown without circus - HarlequinAdult (m)9,2277541
PBnNYI am not to be confused with anyAdult (m)3,8505001
w8VMHWhere does the sunset goAdult (m)4,2005040
4kLCCPrince of the Golden BloodAdult (m)6,2366053
kbtUbBlueberry ice cream with biscuitAdult (f)4,4235712
ABHNdThe Little Blueberry StorytellerAdult (m)4,1344542
D5dVSThe wild cry of kingsAdult (m)5,7307412
Enn1v(Enn1v)Adult (m)3,2804711
OPBLr(OPBLr)Adult (m)2,9085293
nPMVaThe Obscurantist LordAdult (m)3,6215193
xRCm1Stellar Tornado of Celestial StaAdult (m)2,8604451
Ax5SlI'm so sick of herAdult (f)3,7924880
T9CbKThe Darkness of OumtaAdult (m)4,9726032
MxW5bNeurotoxin in bad formAdult (m)3,7794652
mvy7uBrown coal from minesAdult (m)6,0836332
ZuwtdA black clot of darknessAdult (f)5,5776242
FN8EiBlack Fields of LavenderAdult (f)5,0346651
RBWtyEnchanting Black SpellsAdult (m)4,4836192
OJqWAAcrid splashes of black paintAdult (m)5,5466211
2vm0VWild Black RosesAdult (f)5,4627251
LO7YeWild black PeoniesAdult (f)4,0996191
sqVLt(sqVLt)Adult (f)2,65672712
1Yv3X(1Yv3X)Adult (f)3,5574951
uhWuO(uhWuO)Adult (m)2,7694831
vUO6R(vUO6R)Adult (m)3,0574792
SIpAI(SIpAI)Adult (m)2,9784792
SO5VL(SO5VL)Adult (f)3,4175230
5mUB8(5mUB8)Adult (f)3,1175291
NwdNY(NwdNY)Adult (m)3,2675041
0Bpba(0Bpba)Adult (f)3,2305192
DsvpM(DsvpM)Adult (f)3,2614770
b6OtM(b6OtM)Adult (f)5,1566021
XfAQlThe Sorcerer's Black SerpentAdult (m)4,4099816
2NkCtEnchanter's Black PerchAdult (f)4,6361,0164
Gkgxm(Gkgxm)Adult (m)3,1255251
i4i92(i4i92)Adult (m)3,1294911
e2cD1The blackest night in historyAdult (f)4,8317977
3bAw1Light of Dark CornersAdult (m)4,1915102
MmmHBEternal - screamerAdult (m)7,0828651
HRXPoDropping my head from sleepAdult (m)3,2116071
J29mfSenile cryAdult (m)3,4985770
S0U4nI want doshirakAdult (m)3,3635591
zxTVKshow - Get your kicksAdult (f)2,9154851
7G84rTicking like a time bomb1Adult (m)4,1838614
LIcu9Death of my generationAdult (f)2,7964442
lvBWq(lvBWq)Adult (f)3,8715931
gU1rV(gU1rV)Adult (f)2,6415281
Ygj3K(Ygj3K)Adult (m)2,4245211
JgfWQYoung demonyuga lilyAdult (m)7,5421,0362
e8jkNPink GraniteAdult (f)4,1554742
DJZJoDarkness of the Night LakeAdult (f)6,4608132
gXQW6Truffle cake with teaAdult (f)3,8894543
3J448Truffle cake with cocoaAdult (f)3,8944781
3kaxACaramel Truffle cakeAdult (f)3,7244992
EvyUXGrey-headed boyAdult (m)4,3514932
xwsi1Illness from flowersAdult (m)3,8044421
gKQWgFear not then said the AngelAdult (f)3,9834900
dqzpcAmethyst sprouted in quartzAdult (f)4,7115762
3t1rcAmethyst kitsaneAdult (f)3,2205111
6QPMMWe are a danger to each otherAdult (m)5,3715971
2LAlpCornflower ice creamAdult (f)6,5426785
1e2tuThe interweaving of multicoloredAdult (f)2,6754822
n4LGZA small fluffy cornflowerAdult (m)5,0086411
nZ6E4White-purple lilacAdult (m)6,2017302
QK277Keeper of Fire and SufferingAdult (f)9,4358052
cLnBjThese everyday days are running1Adult (m)3,6465092
RppR7Fiery tongues of flameAdult (f)4,5824781
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