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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “ForestCat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
T2PqX(T2PqX)Adult (m)1,5526592
Vp6c3(Vp6c3)Adult (f)1,5616761
mlr7I(mlr7I)Adult (f)1,5397041
Df55c(Df55c)Egg (F)
Dy7lEDysie ForestCatAdult (f)3,6853441
gyBv9Guber ForestCatAdult (f)4,2734050
AHh0KAhok ForestCatAdult (f)5,4448162
J5KNY(J5KNY)Adult (m)1,7027332
qt2VULight of Heavens ForestCatAdult (m)4,5517642
xBvQ8The Last Candle ForestCatAdult (f)4,6298641
fkiY8Cara ForestCatAdult (f)3,6291,3021
7iMiVJimiv ForestCatAdult (m)3,7401,3501
4p1NNPinn ForestCatAdult (m)3,6164952
sCdb5Sacur ForestCatAdult (m)3,2264440
LkJvZVolcano Heroine ForestCatAdult (f)7,3718195
LTsc9Volcano Hero ForestCatAdult (m)7,4331,1864
OEUipVolcano Champion ForestCatAdult (f)6,2908955
ytgpy(ytgpy)Adult (f)7,8167453
VqU2T(VqU2T)Adult (f)6,6859689
jWGeTRosen ForestCatAdult (m)5,5981,7792
tBxz4(tBxz4)Adult (m)2,2946791
eIgZSRuby ForestCatAdult (m)5,4351,0973
lU6epDawn Ruby ForestCatAdult (m)4,9581,1422
rZID6Redykt ForestCatAdult (m)2,5574120
LjJndHeily ForestCatAdult (m)6,6861,1472
Ok4VuFiry ForestCatAdult (f)1,8186330
7V60DLittle Fire ForestCatAdult (m)4,9111,1084
OcwVmOcis ForestCatAdult (m)3,6884530
epkZQEpocz ForestCatAdult (m)4,6941,2692
kTq61Kito ForestCatAdult (m)4,6501,2941
4KvafKvaf ForestCatAdult (m)4,6861,2732
iRiYMIriym ForestCatAdult (f)7,8721,52920
zKt8mWater Keeper ForestCatAdult (f)5,4551,1823
3qQyBPoseidon ForestCatAdult (m)3,8867804
c2sTWTritonis ForestCatAdult (f)4,0047365
bWiO3Left Hook Right Hook ForestCatAdult (m)3,2415051
kWIQpTalon and Claw ForestCatAdult (m)3,9734931
3bjRKBijikt ForestCatAdult (m)4,9791,1412
9trnUOracul ForestCatAdult (m)5,2621,2183
oncxTOrax ForestCatAdult (m)4,8591,1063
8uVTPTime Traveler ForestCatAdult (m)5,4221,1982
YyZM3Yvzeem ForestCatAdult (m)6,0021,1534
CzQM5Cemar ForestCatAdult (m)2,0415503
Hdhu8(Hdhu8)Adult (m)2,2946911
HdQx6The Seer ForestCatAdult (f)4,2641,0593
pNyNaPnyna ForestCatAdult (f)5,8011,2342
P38AJPijikt ForestCatAdult (f)4,6921,1602
VZaBEVzabe ForestCatAdult (f)5,4499562
whz0ATimeworm ForestCatAdult (f)6,0269484
LzhJ5Prophet ForestCatAdult (f)2,4296522
YMO7cFarseer ForestCatAdult (f)2,7907041
FlGANApollo ForestCatAdult (f)3,6057010
T7mbtRed Star ForestCatAdult (f)5,9338191
xQW1gFlaming Star ForestCatAdult (f)5,0581,1415
SjXgGSijik ForestCatAdult (f)5,3266263
RvweiRuwey ForestCatAdult (f)6,5961,1261
kZBK9(kZBK9)Adult (f)3,3107082
Razqb(Razqb)Adult (f)2,3437030
kg9NV(kg9NV)Adult (f)2,0407681
FI9FPVlad Tepes aka Duke DraculaAdult (m)7,2021,60813
tln2NThe Slayer ForestCatAdult (m)4,4881,3883
Ypk6RThe Murder ForestCatAdult (m)3,2419663
OvVE2The Dark Shadow ForestCatAdult (m)5,9331,4564
Sqdm0The Death Mate ForestCatAdult (m)5,2211,0932
jbVo1The The Blood Drinker ForestCatAdult (m)6,8381,6261
eudZbThe Bloody Killer ForestCatAdult (m)7,6581,2463
IL1UiThe Blood Wings ForestCatAdult (m)5,6521,3833
WSOd1The Black Soul ForestCatAdult (m)8,6271,7872
LShViThe Dead Cry ForestCatAdult (m)8,2441,7122
XZ3E8The Dead Bite ForestCatAdult (m)4,48599811
NGv2BThe Child of Dracula ForestCatAdult (m)3,2989314
ddTXNTne Kick ForestCatAdult (m)3,6561,0028
acA61The Blood Avenger ForestCatAdult (m)4,8349732
RaaN9Drakulait ForestCatAdult (m)6,8491,5593
id6Z7The Black Killer ForestCatAdult (m)2,8605641
C69lgMonster from the Bed ForestCatAdult (m)7,0421,0493
HXkO3The Night Horror ForestCatAdult (m)5,4701,0442
eZvAOThe Giggle of Death ForestCatAdult (m)6,4531,4332
aUPlMNight Killer ForestCatAdult (m)3,5477522
9BQkXGrandson of Drakula ForestCatAdult (m)4,5078060
h4lfKThe Sick ForestCatAdult (m)4,5308050
giXGDTepes ForestCatAdult (m)5,5851,1631
2G2MHBlood Eyes ForestCatAdult (m)3,5389821
2i9rnBloodlust ForestCatAdult (m)2,8569893
vL8tVAnger and Aggression ForesCatAdult (f)4,0395100
GqGckSwoop and Attack ForestCatAdult (f)4,3724700
1PubKSharpy and Bitsy ForestCatAdult (f)4,0514550
KsbrzKeibriz ForestCatAdult (m)4,7209931
YjoQOShinar ForestCatAdult (m)3,4898042
8lSrCGredy ForestCatAdult (m)3,5097750
ZLY2yPrince MerrymasAdult (m)2,7737895
HEkR8(HEkR8)Adult (m)2,0896450
b7Xil(b7Xil)Adult (f)1,8556291
eaifm(eaifm)Adult (m)1,8998053
jEASFSun Hunter ForestCatAdult (m)4,7761,1162
GFjI4Princess Sun ForestCatAdult (f)4,6229771
oc4xuRoyal Sun ForestCatAdult (m)5,5041,3400
0Wi4RQueen Eclipse ForestCatAdult (f)6,3931,3831
jZZ8sRed Moon ForestCatAdult (f)3,8731,2231
WYXJsWyxel ForestCatAdult (m)5,7721,3420
NPBCmNapeb ForestCatAdult (f)3,5318683
i1V0e(i1V0e)Adult (m)2,0307811
Km72oNight's wings ForestCatAdult (f)3,9521,32712
OQaNjNight ForestCatAdult (m)5,3421,49212
t48aSNight Wings ForestCatAdult (f)7,0281,2053
JpZTMNight Batterfly ForestCatAdult (m)6,5871,4971
SXHuqEvadar ForestCatAdult (m)8,8371,2356
PnKeUFlying NightSoul ForestCatAdult (m)4,2581,0785
0BEDdNight ButterFly ForestCatAdult (m)2,6627140
SuqQ0Noxie ForestCatAdult (m)4,1481,2531
nwrHfKuzkina Jena ForestCatAdult (f)7,9651,0335
4se6rChoco ForestCatAdult (m)2,5288663
GeK2GSweety ForestCatAdult (m)2,4648624
poYR4Milka ForestCatAdult (m)2,0297163
NpbzS(NpbzS)Adult (m)2,7325361
VN9HIRed X Purple ForestCatAdult (m)4,4949872
d46PTFighter and Runner ForestCatAdult (m)4,5391,2120
AguWEAgai and Wei ForestCatAdult (m)4,7515100
QBVUQQaeb and Rueb ForestCatAdult (m)4,0975200
AwACCFlower Scent ForestCatAdult (m)1,8986910
9tZAyPerfume ForestCatAdult (m)1,9076781
ahf4bRedy ForestCatAdult6,1081,2911
9ibUUPyrogarnet ForestCatAdult (f)4,2541,06022
7ZP8PPyropine ForestCatAdult (f)3,3487993
sKqVwSkayew ForestCatAdult (m)6,1401,3022
JvDa2Javda ForestCatAdult (m)5,7251,2534
ykyVnYkyn ForestCatAdult (f)3,1587473
PTDrhGaranat ForestCatAdult (m)5,5431,2102
rjHHE(rjHHE)Adult (m)3,0067652
JhXTe(JhXTe)Adult (m)2,4237491
eRzUg(eRzUg)Adult (f)1,8497304
TJXG6Copperat ForestCatAdult (m)4,3451,6414
iP69YCopet ForestCatAdult (m)4,0731,6362
Rd4cKSun's light ForestCatAdult (m)5,9471,68117
WSUpZSunnyra ForestCatAdult (m)7,8831,1416
ku4V0Sunny ForestCatAdult (m)4,4231,1718
LJapqNight Sun ForestCatAdult (m)2,2225681
paM3FSunnma ForestCatAdult (m)7,3241,0852
ZQiukRedStone ForestCatAdult (f)2,2036550
GH1eTSun Lumin ForestCatAdult (m)3,0607510
OhOfBLumy Sun ForestCatAdult (f)4,8821,1070
XT5ATRed Lumin ForestCatAdult (f)4,9491,0912
XzGpFHoxie ForestCatAdult (f)3,3581,0504
Mm1N5Loxie ForestCatAdult (f)5,3721,0682
woKff(woKff)Adult (m)1,7826751
RAo6YHell ForestCatAdult (m)5,0171,2095
8QWrpIce Flame ForestCatAdult (m)5,1828527
7d1kWKarawyr ForestCatAdult (m)3,7611,0291
99lbDIbar ForestCatAdult (m)4,7081,0300
6V29P(6V29P)Adult (m)3,2738051
6mOfhRedyShine ForestCatAdult (m)4,2821,6800
nQU8WFire Stripes ForestCatAdult (f)2,1417416
DCbg3Speed in Blood DMAdult (m)5,0381,1994
evxd6Coppeta ForestCatAdult (f)3,2981,2662
iFWmBCopper Shine ForestCatAdult (f)3,3911,2862
tytDrTydr ForestCatHatchling (f, F)2,6606903
gsoYoBronze Shine ForestCatAdult (f)3,6857101
H9LOBEmbe ForestCatAdult (f)4,2416653
k5atkHoty ForestCatAdult (f)3,9045752
5LjeaAmber ForestCatAdult (f)3,2078213
ZpeIjEmbera ForestCatAdult (f)4,2086914
PIvBnFire Ember Taurjetari-MondragonAdult (f)2,6887563
sNIUjFire eyes ForestCatAdult (f)7,0001,2393
oocRjBlack Ember ForestCatAdult (f)4,6881,1453
XfBWlEmberLight ForestCatAdult (f)4,4396763
AXucQAxuq ForestCatAdult (f)3,4174351
q4eDG(q4eDG)Adult (f)3,6996641
l5VK3(l5VK3)Adult (f)2,1796540
usUSm(usUSm)Adult (m)1,6286110
8yn6D(8yn6D)Adult (f)2,2766621
Bb2I4(Bb2I4)Adult (f)1,3536120
3n2Bb(3n2Bb)Adult (f)1,4456321
1ubTISharp Claw ForestCatAdult (m)4,2118771
evRgkTime to Die ForestCatAdult (f)3,4081,1214
5OP9vGilazara ForestCatAdult (f)5,8751,4035
Yb9jZThe Detroyer ForestCatAdult (f)4,2228582
8vQt7Blood Wings ForestCatAdult (f)2,5707692
WPYlA100 weeps ForestCatAdult (f)7,1451,5585
k5fMj23 You praying is in vainAdult (f)2,8659542
FRbeL24 It'll all be over soonAdult (f)2,9821,0115
aSNi125 Father help meAdult (f)4,6235723
jom1n26 Save me a place by your sideAdult (f)6,6591,5023
ZmP8T27 There is no GodAdult (f)4,4431,0029
fOrvg28 Our creed is but for ourselveAdult (f)7,5211,6273
pKosH29 Not a hero unless you dieAdult (f)5,5701,1503
UJj6m30Our species eat wounded onesAdult (f)4,4999254
rip3031Drunk with blood your victimsAdult (f)3,4109842
vHtd6Dinder ForestCatAdult (f)3,5029561
iSQrSSkarren ForestCatAdult (f)5,8521,0625
MlWnjMijavi ForestCatAdult (f)5,6811,2450
In6j9Injub ForestCatAdult (f)3,6904661
Msum3Msum III ForestCatAdult (f)3,2114061
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