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    You pick up the scroll labeled “Fluffy6ball,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    V9Cw(V9Cw)Adult (m)2,59840811
    X2yc(X2yc)Adult (f)1,41643040
    EiAa(EiAa)Adult (f)2,24369919
    5c5I(5c5I)Adult (m)1,32236110
    d5vF(d5vF)Adult (m)1,59783236
    wdyX(wdyX)Adult (m)1,33037811
    Q1Sa(Q1Sa)Adult (f)1,50092525
    gVCe(gVCe)Adult (f)7424342
    KcCH(KcCH)Adult (f)1,1835445
    huwC(huwC)Adult (f)4,9632,72224
    UwQY(UwQY)Adult (m)3,22672026
    ytaT(ytaT)Adult (f)1,64339813
    39vT(39vT)Adult (m)2,33981820
    Z8FM(Z8FM)Adult (f)1,0317142
    MIVl(MIVl)Adult (m)2,76960134
    O4Gy(O4Gy)Adult (m)1,40933811
    B27E(B27E)Adult (f)1,31237930
    Phw7(Phw7)Adult (m)1,59233124
    qC6D(qC6D)Adult (m)1,82360030
    bQc8(bQc8)Adult (f)2,4811,18714
    4hyr(4hyr)Adult (m)2,2461,15018
    BjsL(BjsL)Adult (f)2,12034018
    pHFZ(pHFZ)Adult (f)4,9121,91625
    hJzL(hJzL)Adult (m)1,76451117
    SB5A(SB5A)Adult (m)1,39938513
    JQbw(JQbw)Adult (m)2,45049312
    DxaX(DxaX)Adult (m)1,54757251
    2G6p(2G6p)Adult (f)2,03841021
    m9cV(m9cV)Adult (m)1,93131914
    KQma(KQma)Adult (f)1,94735710
    w3mi(w3mi)Adult (f)80648442
    Wzdt(Wzdt)Adult (m)1,0346773
    N2aP(N2aP)Adult (m)2,8761,73015
    MDBq(MDBq)Adult (f)1,22062150
    Ndy9(Ndy9)Adult (f)2,37631321
    imje(imje)Adult (m)1,46535311
    b2f8(b2f8)Adult (f)1,27080415
    5A5V(5A5V)Adult (f)8756175
    Ug7U(Ug7U)Adult (f)1,50940917
    FXIl(FXIl)Adult (f)1,74530421
    eRex(eRex)Adult (m)1,65131217
    IOEX(IOEX)Adult (m)1,36837113
    bLNQ(bLNQ)Adult (f)2,1895209
    qO65(qO65)Adult (f)2,6101,3729
    Q1Sj(Q1Sj)Adult (m)1,43150515
    d4tu(d4tu)Adult (m)1,8649268
    SqjD(SqjD)Adult (f)7502576
    VrMY(VrMY)Adult (m)1,75148123
    BdgS(BdgS)Adult (f)3,0061,58757
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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