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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Flaming_Fox,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
99MlYFlaming LimeAdult (m)3,5736673
riTDxFalllen AshesAdult (f)3,3686343
FksJMSun-lit dayAdult (m)3,6146344
ClRzjSeeking BreezeAdult (m)3,5866523
QI1iY(QI1iY)Adult (m)4,9667954
lAlSE(lAlSE)Adult (f)4,9327971
ip0KJ(ip0KJ)Adult (f)5,0957894
z3t2y(z3t2y)Adult (f)4,9217654
HCkyB(HCkyB)Adult (m)2,9855591
cOFmr(cOFmr)Adult (f)3,0366091
Wqgtw(Wqgtw)Adult (f)4,5867594
oOEEV(oOEEV)Adult (m)4,6067642
hD7ku(hD7ku)Adult (f)4,3267990
sXxx2(sXxx2)Adult (f)4,4737710
hAUSe(hAUSe)Adult (m)2,9325431
2BBQc(2BBQc)Adult (m)3,0955431
yCKSa(yCKSa)Adult (f)3,0375431
LMrl4(LMrl4)Adult (m)2,8675381
NoYyy(NoYyy)Adult (m)3,0735223
yRjro(yRjro)Adult (f)3,1635483
8I3RI(8I3RI)Adult (m)4,2736252
D0e3s(D0e3s)Adult (f)4,3216102
qO801(qO801)Adult (m)5,0657210
n6Czw(n6Czw)Adult (f)5,0607330
dsF4h(dsF4h)Adult (f)2,5796055
y6nAR(y6nAR)Adult (f)2,7725877
QgI25(QgI25)Adult (f)2,8206047
28CGj(28CGj)Adult (f)2,5186066
2s1Hl(2s1Hl)Adult (m)3,4248190
vmMnY(vmMnY)Adult (m)3,2948361
5D58C(5D58C)Adult (m)3,4088322
7l2LS(7l2LS)Adult (f)3,4418561
p1atH(p1atH)Adult (f)3,4435351
TMJBT(TMJBT)Adult (m)3,6355251
nO8vo(nO8vo)Adult (f)4,5578231
dkasY(dkasY)Adult (f)4,6308003
b0wcI(b0wcI)Adult (m)3,2926032
KDs2N(KDs2N)Adult (f)3,1045862
uLSdz(uLSdz)Adult (m)3,2026193
4JcWu(4JcWu)Adult (f)3,0995852
1pBvy(1pBvy)Adult (f)3,1395881
HydQI(HydQI)Adult (m)4,2637570
fjGAf(fjGAf)Adult (m)4,4055773
YWMjq(YWMjq)Adult (m)3,3226163
JpQes(JpQes)Adult (f)4,5957880
FTz3X(FTz3X)Adult (m)3,5416320
057Cn(057Cn)Adult (m)4,9677850
He9U6(He9U6)Adult (m)4,9117601
Vaol6(Vaol6)Adult (f)4,9437610
RWQ4z(RWQ4z)Adult (f)4,5356961
dixU8(dixU8)Adult (f)4,5677040
3yhaC(3yhaC)Adult (m)4,6356810
IoTIM(IoTIM)Adult (f)4,6807134
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