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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Flame00000,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UJgh9(UJgh9)Hatchling (f)4,6789092
KMrCNAceledine WyrenaAdult (m)4,4961,1035
2xj2A(2xj2A)Adult (f)9,3851,1472
bPJoFA Gift of AlcedineAdult (f)5,4698038
wycRjLeetle LeEgg (F)
GXFqIMemento Mori - Unus AnnusAdult (f)4,3353821
6t88vThe Beauty of The NebulasAdult (f)4,4861,0255
L0VL8The Moonlit WhisperAdult (f)4,4681,0153
y8BSk(y8BSk)Adult (m)4,6591,1091
HlfT8(HlfT8)Adult (m)4,6011,0324
uFjiACandlelabra CazadorAdult (f)5,9341,1585
B0JYHArillia PinkyneckAdult (m)2,8354401
uzLOb(uzLOb)Adult (m)5,5301,1282
j9SGCDino With WingsAdult (f)9,6681,4394
DkJdYSilver MidheartAdult (m)3,5923921
kvNBcSwift MidheartAdult (m)4,6328261
tdIYrFlamingo in Thuwed ActionAdult (m)4,2798926
bApWHBahliklear BloodbornAdult (f)3,6135021
ae4CQThe Precognition of TimeAdult (m)5,1881,2969
2VtgoTime Ticks Down For AllAdult (m)3,1079973
GcfBmDeath Marches Through TimeAdult (m)3,6684272
n3rG3Requiem of TimeAdult (m)4,8561,0142
cGbbmThe Garland of TimeAdult (m)5,3229276
izGQ3A Bed of WolvesAdult (m)4,8781,0183
7Klie(7Klie)Adult (m)3,2935654
4Eao6The Flow of Time Marching OnwardAdult (f)4,6739022
jlR4DThe Hourglass of TimeAdult (f)5,2411,2530
3HqLbTimes RiftAdult (f)5,4469852
cbi3pWe All Drift Through TimeAdult (f)5,9111,1134
0TatPTime Only Moves ForwardAdult (f)4,7499317
6PTnW(6PTnW)Adult (f)3,6528471
ux5j6Ari'liker NorthlightsAdult (f)2,9764554
MZp8zShalidor NorthlightsAdult (f)3,2324393
0JjMUThe Long Infinite SpaceAdult (f)4,6459154
dBucH(dBucH)Adult (f)4,5299770
9670VBloodmoon FangheartAdult (m)2,2976464
zqyGkBloodwing FangheartAdult (m)4,0514157
Xw3q5Bloodheart FangheartAdult (m)6,4687362
Yj2SbShadowwing Fangheart-DorkfaceAdult (m)3,6793840
OOqBiVamp FangheartAdult (m)4,8533941
Tpp8uBlackeyes FangheartAdult (m)3,5124290
ycaoERuin'dmah-Lineage FangheartAdult (m)4,3374172
CEbeVDeathtail FangheartAdult (m)4,1974011
G49mERerilkera FangheartAdult (m)2,2256301
gNE2LVerikila FangheartAdult (m)2,5786690
3VHnDBloodred FangheartAdult (m)4,0263611
VDLGNThe Cold Chill of Deaths GripAdult (m)4,1818021
NMZWD(NMZWD)Adult (m)3,5646473
vMA0d(vMA0d)Adult (m)5,8888612
h9ASc(h9ASc)Adult (m)5,8528403
OK6zMZanunla BladeclawAdult (f)3,4994143
BkLpiCharisma Smile-BringerAdult (m)3,3218650
ItwAZLyliann Wrapping-BringerAdult (m)2,7585142
U3xisLove Wrapping Gifts for YouAdult (m)4,0389072
Ouzgr(Ouzgr)Adult (m)4,4311,0271
TaKdG(TaKdG)Adult (m)5,0901,2231
P3FzW(P3FzW)Adult (m)4,2299971
kpNoO(kpNoO)Adult (m)4,4961,0061
V3LUZ(V3LUZ)Adult (f)5,9211,1353
2Yw3SCrimson ShallowheartAdult (f)3,7244760
477JHKeep the SAlt Out of My ThuwedAdult (m)4,58395510
hRiS9Pocket Clicker ThuwedAdult (f)4,4869603
xl40pShiny Mint SAltcakeAdult (m)5,4201,0853
CIyXxForrest SkylakeAdult (m)3,6173581
ysq0yShayana SkylakeAdult (m)7,7696721
VAPEt(VAPEt)Adult (m)7,5391,14316
AsSeH(AsSeH)Adult (m)6,2401,0655
yqeDtAshikrok ChangebloodAdult (f)5,8149742
tZYxpA Changing GuardianAdult (f)5,8978493
SjEe3The Exalted BladeAdult (f)4,5131,0211
KjXvzStealing all of your LoveAdult (m)3,4147332
ujzDnLove is All I Want From YouAdult (m)3,3767031
nRS1ESeeking for Some LovingAdult (m)3,4336171
8fWo9My Love for You is AstronomicalAdult (m)6,0361,0742
UXiBGCzadoria TwincolourAdult (m)4,2718016
JjWGkSteve and ClaudeAdult (m)4,1334319
3Oo3GLoohkatmah BootsAdult3,7949713
GOdrPGemstone MoonwindAdult (m)4,0634963
GZD2KRehirk'hma MoonwindAdult (m)5,1634261
Mxd0XThe Death ChimesAdult (m)4,7531,1051
YSaaDY U So SaadAdult (m)4,0219267
FKgF0The Ke'Maro of the FlowHatchling (F)6,1301,0067
Tluq4I'm Deathly Allergic to BeesAdult (m)5,3951,0183
uPKioSolidaritieAdult (m)5,9381,0906
zTO0Q(zTO0Q)Adult (f)4,7568592
HnWyUSynertyxAdult (m)5,2599392
A1iJCMihalia OpalheartAdult (m)3,3054011
iBOxbI Box Bees RegularlyAdult (f)4,8261,1394
UBHfA(UBHfA)Adult (f)6,4251,0642
e2XtZ(e2XtZ)Adult (m)5,3461,0192
V0nAb(V0nAb)Adult (f)5,2611,0430
ovOBC(ovOBC)Adult (m)5,3881,0410
BPVRb(BPVRb)Adult (f)5,3171,0571
oCVHcViszamira ThuwedAdult (m)7,2991,2894
YERE1Yalaxin DorkfaceAdult (m)6,7401,3212
qvnAwSayleen CreamwindAdult (m)3,3123891
a804lQu'inkia CoppersheenAdult (m)2,9585161
PlMpK(PlMpK)Adult (m)4,2829816
ZdrycKevvex LineheartAdult (f)6,0401,1132
JoSC6(JoSC6)Adult (f)4,4968492
7yVt4XerweuAdult (f)5,4809830
Q42tcHyremiAdult (f)4,1848204
leamPEmber FirescaleAdult (f)3,3754190
KeycWThe Embers KeyAdult (f)6,4621,0315
jzgfq(jzgfq)Adult (f)5,4539023
O6gahThe Exalted FlamesAdult (m)4,7791,0371
76i49(76i49)Adult (f)4,8151,0453
RLlxu(RLlxu)Adult (f)4,4361,0262
BkHHS(BkHHS)Adult (f)4,6761,0212
VKhH3(VKhH3)Adult (m)4,4011,0091
jCdpz(jCdpz)Adult (m)3,9351,0861
1Mlci(1Mlci)Adult (m)4,0081,0474
jLj9QGamma Radiation-RaysAdult (m)3,21633912
4vrM6Mela FangheartAdult (f)3,9654340
m9YTYMana FangheartAdult (f)6,1061,0372
pn6dyMina FangHeartAdult (f)3,4553672
JpSPvMxarnika FangheartAdult (f)4,3233452
aUwAhManquhi'la FangheartAdult (f)3,1143911
QHw57Mijun FangheartAdult (f)3,8503760
0YXJwMlikazaha FangheartAdult (f)3,3215400
shltgA Bite for DeathAdult (f)5,2251,0362
9CMbiChilly Embrace of SoulsAdult (f)4,2267405
kfE7REgshol go cronchAdult (f)4,1508184
GFqolYum Cake FillingAdult (f)4,5249135
qJo56(qJo56)Adult (f)4,7078462
Rl25XStrength SpiderbloodAdult (m)3,9664680
pAWSJPaws and JawsAdult (m)4,0665201
v3OPUEradorably CuteAdult (m)2,6326423
u3P6tGryffindor HogwartsAdult (f)6,0001,2164
y6cO5A Courageous FlameAdult (f)6,5329478
PIYtI(PIYtI)Adult (f)6,5371,0362
VRRGm(VRRGm)Adult (m)4,4138912
4SXro(4SXro)Adult (f)4,4518683
G8BQM(G8BQM)Adult (m)6,2519504
xnCctCute Goth Flower BoyAdult (m)4,0238273
SKH99Zxardernehra HurrowingAdult (m)3,3214383
aOUuE(aOUuE)Adult (f)3,3464942
nGm5s(nGm5s)Adult (f)3,3535123
2NVob(2NVob)Adult (m)6,6059891
eqUKQA Beautiful MonarchAdult (f)9,6211,2215
IqCw1Journey MoonwindAdult (f)5,5304573
DVUMlD'vumi MoonwindAdult (f)4,8478073
L8mpjSpessartine GleamAdult (m)4,0311,1610
pxHETPapa HetfieldAdult (m)4,6999504
jc7kISpessartine RequiemAdult (f)3,6508451
ScpqqSCP-QQAdult (m)5,4241,0083
JpKgOMagix Xenov'elrikaAdult (m)6,4331,0473
G9x67(G9x67)Adult (f)3,7556424
vBkRn(vBkRn)Adult (m)3,1527727
UI6IIFrom Dusk Till Dawn - I Love YouAdult (m)5,9129402
KscT6(KscT6)Adult (m)6,1779853
B1G9XAutumn SeasonalityAdult (f)2,9174051
dD6afThe Change Through SeasonsAdult (f)3,9028124
cf3WKAutumns Soft BreezeAdult (f)3,1627870
Kw3KYI've-Been-DefeatedAdult (f)4,3277722
m1L4pRechnix RedburnAdult (m)3,0894342
JG70gBeshinx RedburnAdult (f)3,3034531
ikoGlRavenclaw HogwartsAdult (m)6,0861,1527
U2fKUKohari's FeatherAdult (f)3,2901,0600
xeJa8Kohraki Of Silver SkiesAdult (f)4,6471,02323
nTq1MAveyniAdult (m)4,6771,0032
bIkq5WyiroaAdult (f)2,0876244
RdojkVyreniaAdult (m)2,1436403
oifHr(oifHr)Adult (m)2,1385831
A1XFc(A1XFc)Adult (m)3,2803641
EKxJ7(EKxJ7)Adult (m)4,9491,1622
JbNYAWinshavil FlowercrownAdult (f)2,8614382
iZlzIAn Irreplaceable iZlzIAdult (m)2,44058031
Znn7BFreckled AmareAdult (f)9,1251,2664
YGp8TBluewind HeartAdult (f)3,6301,1672
0ZLy4Fall SeasonalityAdult (m)2,86143715
KgJ20Howling ShadowClawAdult (m)2,6217082
t0QfqThe Everflowing SilkAdult (f)3,2999091
EfY81An Iridium PrismarineAdult (f)4,5497745
AfT0pThe Silk of EradorAdult (f)4,9759466
gSJ1tThe Silky PawAdult (f)3,8199572
PoMhk(PoMhk)Adult (f)5,9171,1353
SDuaIThe Dualling SilkAdult (f)4,0537823
54fM0The Silk of the StarsAdult (f)4,4171,0162
EinlcWispy Starlit SkysilkAdult (m)4,4578171
mX2zFThe Luxury SkysilkAdult (f)5,5251,0461
wi9d2Of Nebulous SilkAdult (f)5,4701,0373
mGEjtOf Luxurious VelvetAdult (f)4,8709153
tf1elThe Opposites AttractAdult (f)4,3768355
aL4Sd(aL4Sd)Adult (f)4,2989182
AUXE7(AUXE7)Adult (f)5,0588783
LLdPqThe Kings PharaohAdult (f)3,7491,0255
ky3AfMagmatis ShallowwingAdult (f)3,3685511
7EUU4Magma ShallowwingAdult (m)2,7884320
NdmFWLava ShallowwingAdult (m)3,7164160
Zvr1GMagmati ShallowwingAdult (m)2,9273841
bRIEVNicky ValentineAdult (f)6,7421,2064
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