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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Fishi,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xBIc(xBIc)Adult (f)1,51843076
xRN3(xRN3)Adult (m)11,4011,01056
YFnE(YFnE)Adult (m)2,73274436
1ED4(1ED4)Adult (m)3,63440619
EVCI(EVCI)Adult (f)3,32438415
78Qj(78Qj)Adult (f)1,73654320
Pnyo(Pnyo)Adult (f)3,66228115
glif(glif)Adult (m)3,89931515
kQca(kQca)Adult (m)8,68557918
jKpO(jKpO)Adult (m)7,8755258
U0sX(U0sX)Adult (m)3,1059523
i4S0(i4S0)Adult (f)5,1759343
Qe9o(Qe9o)Adult (m)4,5773366
56Qf(56Qf)Adult (f)4,5663357
i1QE(i1QE)Adult (m)2,1883534
bQ8v(bQ8v)Adult (f)1,5458015
AIot(AIot)Adult (m)5,2511,6554
9ebT(9ebT)Adult (f)5,03184511
LRKk(LRKk)Adult (f)3,0635456
P4oo(P4oo)Adult (m)3,1455205
u7Ue(u7Ue)Adult (f)3,5795723
FZH5(FZH5)Adult (m)4,1773094
tCTA(tCTA)Adult (f)4,2484346
TnE0(TnE0)Adult (f)5,2543538
LZSH(LZSH)Adult (f)4,0543365
ELMs(ELMs)Adult (f)1,87230111
6MrB(6MrB)Adult (f)4,6523816
lQ4V(lQ4V)Adult (m)4,4132974
KAGI(KAGI)Adult (m)4,9313292
7YaW(7YaW)Adult (m)4,3293303
d0VS(d0VS)Adult (f)4,0744737
rbb5(rbb5)Adult (m)4,4004386
vTb7(vTb7)Adult (m)2,43354615
VPcf(VPcf)Adult (m)2,3725055
nF8A(nF8A)Adult (m)2,7225312
pFNk(pFNk)Adult (m)2,5444581
ufpk(ufpk)Adult (m)3,1234822
5liv(5liv)Adult (f)2,3381,0163
pKSq(pKSq)Adult (f)1,6367184
IGhM(IGhM)Adult (f)1,7017606
Nuqe(Nuqe)Adult (m)1,6466973
49eF(49eF)Adult (m)6,0411,2415
OIKl(OIKl)Adult (f)6,8381,3976
r20d(r20d)Adult (m)6,8671,3834
bMAD(bMAD)Adult (m)6,2249566
MDab(MDab)Adult (f)6,5821,2427
SDnJ(SDnJ)Adult (f)8,9841,5056
MvG0(MvG0)Adult (m)9,8671,6433
HQDr(HQDr)Adult (m)9,5762,0508
eQgp(eQgp)Adult (f)8,6031,87115
AVrX(AVrX)Adult (f)8,6591,9158
k3De(k3De)Adult (m)4,66331210
pPBp(pPBp)Adult (m)4,0582753
eGD0(eGD0)Adult (m)2,8654983
isTp(isTp)Adult (m)6,9541,2374
Tavu(Tavu)Adult (f)4,0074315
bD6o(bD6o)Adult (f)2,26757717
kJ51(kJ51)Adult (f)3,6225124
v8s5(v8s5)Adult (f)3,7638483
CW82(CW82)Adult (f)7,7641,5037
FYI5(FYI5)Adult (m)7,8031,5845
9Z0n(9Z0n)Adult (m)10,6021,9066
vKJI(vKJI)Adult (f)3,0116975
nZVP(nZVP)Adult (f)3,1978124
k28U(k28U)Adult (m)3,4402291
outo(outo)Adult (m)3,7272521
2PoN(2PoN)Adult (f)3,7777028
vpv9(vpv9)Adult (m)3,3242476
JeL4(JeL4)Adult (m)3,3552495
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