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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Firecatx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1JkJSNighblyreAdult (f)1,9546475
oY5eEWhatisloveidunnoAdult (f)3,3689453
fxEKV(fxEKV)Adult (m)4,2823857
2gaTxTairus EmberAdult (m)3,26083913
6HU4nKorous EmberHatchling (m, F)1,9685781
xmLAuTermina BlueyeAdult (f)3,5299617
EzD2aMy first dragon dovahtimensAdult (f)2,19954512
EGUW3Dragonair SunlestAdult (f)3,52287211
wylplMarcyZAdult (f)2,3916335
mzSCPBlunger FirewingZeAdult (f)2,8578695
d6YQPDerburn FirewingAdult (m)2,6037036
dSr4OMr purplrseAdult (m)2,1146937
CwqBTFiren FirewingAdult (m)2,1466603
dp1p0Blaziroar FirewingAdult (m)2,0965575
Y46N6Honera RedeyeAdult (f)3,3989557
BHUrMThe one with the giant lineageAdult (m)2,2517142
JyEr6Goldena OrangefinAdult (f)3,2881,0028
a6Y9IDeepy deepAdult (m)2,1836363
PhUbLDragon MareepAdult (m)2,6306592
3bPASTarium PostellationAdult (m)3,7531,00211
0GHJ1Rashel PostellationAdult (f)1,9476512
vUE1aThe black tip of the lightAdult (m)2,3557095
ykCYnVampire of the moonAdult (f)2,3576944
8f7aICristian RoseliusAdult (m)4,1181,3122
R2zhmMaripaz RoseliusAdult (f)4,0551,2492
dDtIrAdrian RoseliusAdult (m)4,0401,2112
rhYlTMaria RoseliusAdult (f)4,1481,3142
TvMSKDarkus EarthusAdult (m)3,1051,0134
MXsaDHideus EarthusAdult (f)2,9119645
Y04AsGhart RaiwingAdult (m)2,5896542
riZH6Tirnius RaiwingAdult (f)2,6746553
HiHWZTernun SkylengAdult (m)2,5466152
Ks2VtThe spoon on the teaAdult (m)2,8571,0403
NM9mxThe tea on the cupAdult (m)2,7359973
OWVDrGolden Shield Leeth NinjaAdult (f)5,2741,03912
8mX7oNarminum RoyedAdult (f)2,5739607
dyqc1Caticus RoyedAdult (m)2,6664471
EHpQpKorsian MetalnoAdult (m)2,4321,0286
hlKBDLithia MetalnoAdult (f)2,2813997
o4BgHThe creature of the caveAdult (m)1,9428863
Ap4YoHere is an Ap4Yo phoneAdult (m)1,96987013
bfHoaMy Best Friend HoaAdult (f)1,7018371
v01BtThe one who misses winter CBsAdult (m)1,6888132
YviUkThat one dragon from UKAdult (f)1,8388731
I9iaYDernea BasilissaAdult (f)2,0456364
wSsqwThe orphan with the giant wingsAdult (m)1,6245782
N91kKThe graves of the pastAdult (m)1,8257844
XPpNCIm more than meets the eyeAdult (f)2,0157871
sodVxMorharg RerpleAdult (f)1,9868023
j5CazAutumnall Sky HarvestAdult (m)1,5696583
HPHIrI ran outta namesAdult (m)2,1488054
uVbcCShe was in a harry potter movieAdult (f)2,3787003
tfrinFrina the golden wyvernAdult (f)3,4454482
ZO1yaThe frozen bronze trophyHatchling (F)1,0102993
96GlgClefairy evolverAdult (m)2,3627011
IVg7ASwampyty swampAdult (m)3,0998141
ebtMGA shock related nameAdult (f)2,2947094
XoX1JTewawiaAdult (f)2,3138391
DBhuyMajestic lizard horseAdult (m)2,1768263
ILFlKinkplzstopdissapearingAdult (m)1,9326364
0phXiThe green darknessAdult (m)2,3996603
0xqiXFailure 9001Adult (m)2,4986843
UUtA6Fiery waterAdult (m)2,4034192
sB85cOh ink whyAdult (f)1,9754412
KFWHKI have no creativityAdult (f)2,1654554
dtsBsI really dontAdult (m)2,4144653
WadxTCandy cane dwagonAdult (m)1,7357562
CgD61Teh green candy caneAdult (m)1,7076941
DW2NADracugonAdult (m)1,5826552
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