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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FireIceHellHound,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qRqCULightLilypadAdult (f)1,3576473
KtiDTBlackendFlameAdult (f)1,3987072
jP9VfBlueLeafFootAdult (m)1,4967132
RjhJSGreenLightingStoneAdult (f)1,4337322
BsquASilver Stone WingsAdult (m)1,3611,1132
fKPxZFlameing Emerald TigerAdult (m)1,3941,1404
mOE3FKing of the Wild SkiesAdult (f)3,2825664
vpu5RJoking  MinxAdult (m)3,0375802
lLxwAIcy SnowsAdult (m)3,2905842
kxkcNJolting VoltAdult (f)3,1215952
uSyX1Idhe Champion Of The RedAdult (m)4,3397453
cttcpVolting JoltAdult (m)4,5467273
5DxNePyro The Mysterious SlayerAdult (m)4,4187333
cv66IFlight of the WildsAdult (m)4,2806845
MHhnQIcy Blue SkiAdult (f)5,2098042
dsIlPFirey ShadowsAdult (f)5,1318034
gZqM0The Icey OneAdult (f)5,3027923
kd6zOSokras One of MysteryAdult (m)5,1648074
Nd10tZizrak The PowerfulAdult (f)4,5056905
Fbs5RMorgi The Powerful OneAdult (f)4,4726730
2vKqzVioldrurthAdult (f)4,5076932
SkwaiIz The Wild OneAdult (f)4,2946613
60Q3fIggaalAdult (m)4,3346763
EFzOBZuvnaidoasAdult (f)4,2566584
DY0s8Adrar The FierceAdult (f)4,2416612
EKGbr(EKGbr)Adult (m)4,2234964
rfytX(rfytX)Adult (f)4,0044842
6Tqgb(6Tqgb)Adult (m)4,1184973
Uc8BK(Uc8BK)Adult (f)3,9754803
LSnHr(LSnHr)Adult (m)2,8584342
bpcWG(bpcWG)Adult (m)3,6474741
lURsg(lURsg)Adult (f)3,6784653
3NaKE(3NaKE)Adult (f)3,5924412
HzwO8(HzwO8)Adult (m)5,2849814
cdzS2(cdzS2)Adult (f)5,6391,0083
QTvAR(QTvAR)Adult (f)5,3139745
mKJmaGolden StripedKingAdult (f)5,03094111
zUzaT(zUzaT)Adult (f)4,0008136
oUThK(oUThK)Adult (f)5,1079524
LN1n9(LN1n9)Adult (m)5,2079566
Z7J6A(Z7J6A)Adult (f)5,3429493
riV5H(riV5H)Adult (m)2,1503521
pD5Ii(pD5Ii)Adult (m)5,4278794
dCKZz(dCKZz)Adult (f)5,2958891
cRqL4(cRqL4)Adult (f)5,4169157
FLjJc(FLjJc)Adult (f)5,1958611
TaA4I(TaA4I)Adult (f)5,2698485
MzFfN(MzFfN)Adult (f)5,2428563
jIVt4(jIVt4)Adult (m)5,3478864
ZcTFs(ZcTFs)Adult (m)6,4058862
vja7y(vja7y)Adult (m)6,2548793
aF7dk(aF7dk)Adult (f)6,4468834
A25hK(A25hK)Adult (m)6,3108565
gdrFg(gdrFg)Adult (f)7,5168837
HqfGG(HqfGG)Adult (f)7,4719044
NEGdH(NEGdH)Adult (f)2,4554881
edeJN(edeJN)Adult (f)7,4839334
FWVn0(FWVn0)Adult (f)7,3338785
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