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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Egg Basket
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Fire Spirit,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WhXa(WhXa)Adult (f)2,97325324
lCXV(lCXV)Adult (f)2,46022518
5DeT8(5DeT8)Adult (m)1,6967842
LavL3(LavL3)Adult (m)1,7747422
nf4Ho(nf4Ho)Adult (f)1,8467661
hqLAZ(hqLAZ)Adult (m)1,6907231
K85VE(K85VE)Adult (f)2,6609815
uvqfs(uvqfs)Adult (m)1,7157331
xvgWt(xvgWt)Adult (m)1,6477872
ISlqr(ISlqr)Adult (f)2,0186800
YWmgs(YWmgs)Adult (m)1,9117831
t5asz(t5asz)Adult (f)1,9308081
1GXss(1GXss)Adult (f)1,9637950
Ucjmv(Ucjmv)Adult (m)1,8777671
kvlG(kvlG)Adult (m)2,82925422
5R2F(5R2F)Adult (m)2,3115314
7qaM(7qaM)Adult (m)1,1464492
6Sru(6Sru)Adult (f)7805342
V7ts(V7ts)Adult (f)7185303
91wA(91wA)Adult (f)1,7774712
ipCn(ipCn)Adult (f)8897533
aA2D(aA2D)Adult (f)5,6072,33681
wuSy(wuSy)Adult (f)2,7161,55623
e9hT(e9hT)Adult (f)2,1461,48816
JYZS(JYZS)Adult (f)1,1374268
j0LX(j0LX)Adult (f)1,4574659
Nzjt(Nzjt)Adult (m)2,3761,3324
SBam(SBam)Hatchling (m, F)9306755
9LRg(9LRg)Adult (m)8136303
nNFY(nNFY)Adult (f)1,18338294
lGdj(lGdj)Adult (f)8227023
T6UT(T6UT)Adult (f)9677525
1HiI(1HiI)Adult (f)1,0675582
3zMH(3zMH)Adult (f)3,4972,02045
csZU(csZU)Adult (f)2,6061,01431
Bi7i(Bi7i)Adult (f)1,0454994
FC5u(FC5u)Adult (m)8644121
UYOj(UYOj)Adult (m)1,2629168
gR7O(gR7O)Adult (f)1,6754254
8iTq(8iTq)Adult (f)1,90633612
n4Vq(n4Vq)Adult (f)5,2801,51353
BsOb(BsOb)Adult (m)1,3593625
FWVm(FWVm)Adult (f)8284403
1mNv(1mNv)Adult (f)1,33270657
tDaK(tDaK)Adult (f)1,1259239
H4VV(H4VV)Adult (m)2,5371,07756
8zMa(8zMa)Adult (m)2,09263029
3Eia(3Eia)Adult (m)1,7333843
kHm0(kHm0)Adult (f)8266334
vknE(vknE)Adult (m)3,18538611
jeQJ(jeQJ)Adult (f)1,3169647
amkA(amkA)Adult (m)1,3179667
Wumh(Wumh)Adult (f)1,3923557
VIdh(VIdh)Adult (m)2,8232384
MbFU(MbFU)Adult (m)9857606
kMx0(kMx0)Adult (m)8347113
qu25(qu25)Adult (f)2,2781,04929
2sYp(2sYp)Adult (f)8974862
js2Q(js2Q)Adult (f)7825363
yhtG(yhtG)Adult (m)1,8261,2219
IN2h(IN2h)Adult (m)1,2325766
op3B(op3B)Adult (f)2,24053422
34qF(34qF)Adult (m)1,4148932
rADk(rADk)Adult (f)1,9303775
WTNZ(WTNZ)Adult (m)1,1503985
mUId(mUId)Adult (f)1,4209046
nOOG(nOOG)Adult (m)7266059
sDdp(sDdp)Adult (f)5,98888078
6wFz(6wFz)Adult (f)1,2635044
TRrx(TRrx)Adult (f)6985263
PgLb(PgLb)Adult (m)3,8531,46560
XdXD(XdXD)Adult (f)2,5533047
dDJp(dDJp)Adult (m)9325083
9D6c(9D6c)Adult (f)1,2464864
Kli4(Kli4)Adult (m)7825334
WY4Y(WY4Y)Adult (f)1,0625611
A7Q2(A7Q2)Adult (f)2,9251,64138
VA5j(VA5j)Adult (f)9387285
UEQt(UEQt)Adult (f)1,4507027
KdiT(KdiT)Adult (f)2,48597131
thj5(thj5)Adult (m)1,8933288
monr(monr)Adult (m)1,6554277
OZ3V(OZ3V)Adult (f)2,5711,00828
6oNx(6oNx)Adult (m)1,9871,0478
4Tyj(4Tyj)Adult (f)2,4131,01214
oi3k(oi3k)Adult (m)5624297
bafo(bafo)Adult (f)1,6284096
oiLa(oiLa)Adult (f)1,6974326
L4kW(L4kW)Adult (f)2,3671,36618
vdqS(vdqS)Adult (f)9526095
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