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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Finduilas,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HdJiH(HdJiH)Adult (m)3,1409681
DdhVL(DdhVL)Adult (f)3,3464222
ivKBB(ivKBB)Adult (m)3,0944292
Gdh1F(Gdh1F)Adult (f)3,6424372
hPk3k(hPk3k)Adult (m)2,4934342
ImrO0(ImrO0)Adult (m)2,9524382
OInzX(OInzX)Adult (f)2,9494494
va5Ou(va5Ou)Adult (f)2,9004591
iGOjg(iGOjg)Adult (f)3,0184611
qvZez(qvZez)Adult (f)3,0084691
2ljfP(2ljfP)Adult (m)2,7624621
6sxrF(6sxrF)Adult (f)3,1009680
VpprS(VpprS)Adult (m)2,8259130
QvmZG(QvmZG)Adult (f)2,2734930
5ciX1(5ciX1)Adult (m)2,7935490
n4GpP(n4GpP)Adult (f)2,7625580
VoeeE(VoeeE)Adult (f)3,6089692
0CHhy(0CHhy)Adult (f)3,8689261
sew9P(sew9P)Adult (f)3,3879481
QNhS1(QNhS1)Egg (F)
izmYAlqua Nueth CBAdult (f)2,7619997
nM2mHEtnais Heraldine CBAdult (f)6,2909967
nCQLfBaetab CBAdult (f)2,1466222
GQoAVaelec Zynar CBAdult (m)2,7441,2363
P4YiNHatshepsut Matla PBAdult (f)7,8491,0563
4RN0CJulius Ceard ThuwedAdult (m)6,1799024
wqpC1Alexan Daer PBAdult (m)8,0161,0604
xcSwYNefertiti Soynr CBAdult (f)6,0029823
M42kGhengis CBAdult (m)1,0786252
8saPHannibal Ired CBAdult (m)1,7086353
2EiJof human eventsHatchling (F)6753208
GXBGa decent respect toHatchling (F)2,4601657
3Vuhdecrees that one shouldHatchling (F)8212595
yKsFaby their CreatorHatchling (m, F)1,8465944
tF00Nequal rights by their CreatorHatchling (F)7613454
FDI0zthat among these rights areHatchling (F)8872231
zEibw(zEibw)Hatchling (F)1,9783233
IZGrk(IZGrk)Hatchling (F)1,3982303
J2FXLXander Syr CBAdult (m)3,2849392
XEmfHForswyth Aed CBAdult (m)1,8855882
OrT9sHalvoc Sen MBAdult (m)3,5037231
8epcOTelek Tain CBAdult (f)3,4351,1013
Ig31HLoneia Lunaer CBAdult (f)5,2721,0153
GvCoyAriadne PBAdult (f)2,0085151
sURSHBlunett Sylva CBAdult (f)5,9861,0393
kU2qDLudrissa Savod PBAdult (f)3,0048841
fGRYWMalbricorn MBAdult (m)2,9508872
rQ3a7Tholegon Aeyr MBAdult (m)3,4546592
N8dqCroa Saedu CBAdult (f)5,2381,2612
J4tVLucatec MBAdult (m)1,4906003
fOIZMyrigo Lai CBAdult (m)4,4251,1916
l65APSienna Ysir MBAdult (f)3,3187424
H39BbRhonda Rhodessian CBAdult (f)6,0059751
16rRYmor Riccan CBAdult (m)3,9961,1214
YjHZLilecta Fyrd CBAdult (f)2,6409162
iibhMil Gnutha CBAdult (f)1,3865632
0AXmRvor Inab CBAdult (f)3,5571,0561
ge48uLaza Irona CBAdult (f)5,6219651
uDYOnIlya Udon CBAdult (f)5,9931,0062
MFKrLet Briedom RingAdult3,33794110
bj1YBitey GoudaAdult1,1584974
9dW3Yuletide Syr CBAdult (f)1,7784133
6Vd7Tari Aleka CBAdult (f)4,0361,1135
eutdbIrgordunar CBAdult (m)5,9988932
J58JOFyrona Catene MBAdult (f)5,1709771
c33sJMandoigha MBAdult (m)2,9708833
BqAsqKiraena Aelc MBAdult (f)4,8919163
Qs15Ivy Traynil CBAdult (f)2,4938634
EHXpWisterix Traynil CBAdult (f)1,27745270
54Dcstature to whichHatchling (F)1,9401368
ItQTnatures laws andHatchling (F)1,7971565
b70kXWe hold these truthsHatchling (f, F)2,6484642
mbynzthat all men are givenHatchling (F)1,1933562
7uICSonora Dvir MBAdult (f)5,3811,1674
6ap0AViryna Serene MBAdult (f)6,3391,1173
tvUqthe separate but equalHatchling (f, F)2,06463512
eWHkHolegrin CBAdult (m)1,9527852
rVc6Aeridine CBAdult (f)1,2866011
DPSgFaeilda Syr CBAdult (f)5,3301,2814
8p53vLudwig LeRouge PBAdult (m)3,9339234
WHeeF(WHeeF)Adult (m)6,0618915
yCAIgCaigyr Siet CBAdult (m)4,6979714
ECL8Gretynix Elb CBAdult (f)2,4938484
2beiUNulumira CBAdult (f)2,6243773
QDJOWhen in the courseHatchling (F)1,6975412
kr67Magura Vetra CBAdult (f)2,5608652
34ObzDiraeth Synoth PBAdult (f)4,3689073
faZ42Dugro Aliker CBAdult (m)4,5688415
TEJwwYrinoighar CBAdult (m)5,5859521
khRvAlixirolan CBAdult (m)3,3111,0286
CD7iKatte Wyrtae CBAdult (f)4,9601,2932
eEYgxSinette Ocrai CBAdult (f)6,3291,0752
u0UcGFaet Trynorac CBAdult (m)5,9719842
WGypmEret Singril CBAdult (m)6,1311,1352
Yq4MVHesina Rubayne CBAdult (f)5,7669872
lDKFyWodine Rubayne CBAdult (m)6,2521,13410
LyuVsAlrof Mithron CBAdult (m)5,2861,0253
39vVrPeridot Glitter PBAdult (m)2,9949241
raILRail Glitter MBAdult (m)3,38597912
53J0GJade Glitter PBAdult (f)2,3198911
6XfQMSteele Glitter MBAdult (m)3,2719352
4huxxVert Tourmaline ThuwedAdult (f)5,1039983
gk71SGelacne Suvo CBAdult (f)5,6489542
0DEUFWovec Saen PBAdult (m)2,3778181
VH4kClynett Syr MBAdult (f)5,3001,0626
ruX1bElb Dana PBAdult (f)2,2838292
94T7Zivee Orsa CBAdult (f)5,0911,2203
eMW61Direenaib PBAdult (f)2,3568131
EIcP4Mora Vetra MBAdult (f)3,8739482
rZ5EeLorien INBAdult (f)2,9759654
3aE6cLobelis MBAdult (f)3,7759202
PjEAPaul the InbredAdult (m)1,2853418
NgskGilbert the MixedAdult (m)4,0791,1301
ZPpLvJiselle the PureAdult (f)2,9799103
dL24HKarp the MixedAdult (m)3,0289042
8uPRVec Sansotte CBAdult (f)3,5711,0411
cTKA3Ungraiagh CBAdult (f)5,3269431
EBXSGeoff MBAdult (m)4,61280324
uhebGriffon MBAdult (f)1,6775313
MAKGEZogea Imd MBAdult (f)2,97993829
hmTMBTlobic Syr CBAdult (m)2,5125721
dNCEAthena ShieldbangerAdult (f)1,3806611
209vThor ShieldbangerAdult (m)2,4238613
pAa2natures godHatchling (F)7523153
lVgCAthe pursuit of happinessHatchling (F)1,7214470
bNrzz(bNrzz)Hatchling (F)3,1834193
EUOuaByrna Sylvri PBAdult (f)2,7178891
MZXOiRoythed Faet MBAdult (m)2,8078984
hdnD9Rathorya MBAdult (f)2,1065201
VKdH3Averici Aed MBAdult (m)3,8829163
9JLXRPhantara Albrid MBAdult (f)3,7608711
cvXDNVillage Embers PBAdult (m)3,8388664
28xClAshes of Despair MBAdult (m)3,7808782
MsY2Baetiroc CBAdult (m)5,7051,4775
tY0oAbroighna PBAdult (f)4,7641,3864
gxNbiAlkaline ThuwedAdult (f)3,7368831
ZYKmgRhaegar FireflightAdult (m)2,7429582
lui8tEowyn FireflightAdult (f)3,5671,0901
AcoXKEoin FireflightAdult (m)3,5831,0603
smwSmIsolda FirefeetAdult (f)3,6289042
nYF17Alastor FirefeetAdult (m)2,0856842
9qSm2Aldyth FirefeetAdult (f)2,1846552
TlxPaSigurd FirefeetAdult (m)2,8288992
T2lqjSigga FirefeetAdult (f)2,1466622
jDIEeGytha FirefeetAdult (f)3,8811,1702
vxTqlVaet Somnued CBAdult (m)3,6627325
NsRhEorl ThunderfeetAdult (m)1,3376403
HO39Eartha ThunderfeetAdult (f)2,2268755
nn02dRhiannon ThunderfeetAdult (f)3,2241,0721
zi43gSavoc Ilya CBAdult (f)4,6069032
ateDoDavos Arecht MBAdult (m)6,5761,1141
vPfGcHoric McCallum PBAdult (m)6,0771,1366
r69SaArdboria Sed MBAdult (f)2,6107381
IwcfACesiuth AurumAdult (m)3,6787234
IeB0sTitania Sylvir CBAdult (f)5,0059303
VHA3AArgent Sylvir CBAdult (m)4,9699455
9PQjDPlatina Sylvir CBAdult (f)4,3619053
qPIhYMercuria Sylvir CBAdult (f)4,4141,0101
CsR7dGallant Sylvir CBAdult (m)6,3771,0436
fD00lStannum Heraldo MBAdult (m)2,2176434
z2H2sLeetle Sylvir PBHatchling (m, F)5,4881,1011
y6e6zManganesis Brunz CBAdult (m)6,1521,0651
GvtWHCupria Brunz CBAdult (f)6,2371,0652
4gKfKIridia AzuriumAdult (f)5,7341,0481
cjQQAew Noldric MBAdult (m)1,6935961
hz3aJiledroigha CBAdult (f)1,5846013
FLSvOilee Rfar CBAdult (f)1,6086534
k4ubMelgib Der MBAdult (m)1,6008335
ScSNdeclare the causesHatchling (F)69037217
UQeCLMentha Scuttles CBAdult (m)3,8038282
JMSFabsolve the politicalHatchling (F)8607123
6LIMbonds which haveHatchling (F)5831716
psS1which impel themHatchling (F)71138918
G9Y65Isis EmmerstoneAdult (f)4,4279574
YqPUWOsiris EmmerstoneAdult (m)3,9346973
qoH0fHorus Sireen MBAdult (m)2,9527145
GKeGLAldebaran de Penk MBAdult (m)2,7109073
lnevpEalen NebularisAdult (m)1,8655701
pglEAlessa NebularisAdult (f)4,4171,1235
fWDAmPerseus NebularisAdult (m)2,3016742
Q75WEAquila NebularisAdult (f)2,6438421
b1uqPTauruso NebularisAdult (m)6,4181,0375
l6OW0Casseopeia NebularisAdult (f)5,8211,0203
uTuKiElassol NebularisAdult (m)3,6341,1002
XDyUHAurora de Oro MBAdult (f)3,6284981
sXJOAd Kilroyn CBAdult (m)2,32096514
61fYLecryit MBAdult (m)1,5663955
Q072Visyniw MBAdult (f)1,2065113
NDkGthe opinions of mankindHatchling (F)1,5101464
GnYaNyx Woctan MBAdult (f)2,5278723
Q6XgHades Woctan CBAdult (m)3,0471,0434
5vHmOchre Laicun CBAdult (m)4,8701,2016
Tx1p1Noc Guldb CBAdult (m)2,7096141
VGQZIBalfurid CBAdult (m)3,5288632
gjnZMaur Dabnic CBAdult (f)1,3835832
3K3GGelc Dorkface INBAdult (m)5,3041,1855
8ocPUrda Dorkface INBAdult (f)4,1061,1193
Bl2uPYnvor PBAdult (m)3,3207141
nESSfor one people toHatchling (m, F)7353853
F8JuSJunio Izirid MBAdult (m)6,4929386
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