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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Filipendoxx,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
WnX7dEvealynAdult (f)3,63426511
8G7JdYolo SwagginsAdult (m)4,5923168
lkz0vAngel's GoldieAdult (f)4,50431011
ms49XJamelliaAdult (f)5,8636774
rrx1U(rrx1U)Adult (m)3,9243039
cCEuX(cCEuX)Adult (f)3,98230611
U9y9T(U9y9T)Adult (f)3,9713058
I4eVI(I4eVI)Adult (m)3,71833314
KmQEb(KmQEb)Adult (f)3,98838414
o3KSm(o3KSm)Adult (f)3,49337415
GgW5rTrupiszczAdult (m)3,50038115
RVb63(RVb63)Adult (f)3,4723757
Lxiqf(Lxiqf)Adult (m)2,49736010
IQzV9(IQzV9)Adult (m)2,44835711
cC3Oe(cC3Oe)Adult (f)2,4213559
DrNJJ(DrNJJ)Adult (m)1,7733767
g6HHI(g6HHI)Adult (f)1,7994127
SfOie(SfOie)Adult (m)1,6524125
G4EjO(G4EjO)Adult (f)1,8464937
EAZoK(EAZoK)Adult (f)3,9075294
r4dmY(r4dmY)Adult (f)3,7895254
UUDjd(UUDjd)Adult (f)3,8295385
ISKyY(ISKyY)Adult (f)3,7725082
AVE96(AVE96)Adult (f)2,9925272
ux09q(ux09q)Adult (m)3,0335562
IeXtn(IeXtn)Adult (m)2,3895141
zIbzw(zIbzw)Adult (m)2,8144654
0lNQ3(0lNQ3)Adult (f)3,4965161
OBIdw(OBIdw)Adult (f)4,4005431
Yfn8R(Yfn8R)Adult (f)5,4745511
BaAEW(BaAEW)Adult (f)5,5065402
iqxpj(iqxpj)Adult (f)3,9804901
2O6t8(2O6t8)Adult (f)4,6447103
sKFJ0(sKFJ0)Adult (m)3,5594573
mrDWR(mrDWR)Adult (m)3,3494671
5ViJc(5ViJc)Adult (m)4,9756743
GNIOx(GNIOx)Adult (f)5,3697302
GLsHq(GLsHq)Adult (m)2,9805213
W6Be1(W6Be1)Adult (f)3,9876172
2Jl0W(2Jl0W)Adult (m)3,6255224
euzep(euzep)Adult (m)3,1135301
F6S8G(F6S8G)Adult (f)3,6735062
zJva9(zJva9)Adult (m)2,9426352
ak0cf(ak0cf)Adult (m)2,7945082
ozUt8(ozUt8)Adult (m)2,5905744
jXTZd(jXTZd)Adult (f)3,2606541
IxakB(IxakB)Adult (m)4,0277232
S8iFq(S8iFq)Adult (m)3,3664271
SUrei(SUrei)Adult (f)2,3394804
Ha8uh(Ha8uh)Adult (f)2,2864432
OS3F3(OS3F3)Adult (f)2,8425693
TdDcB(TdDcB)Adult (m)1,8234692
ksnln(ksnln)Adult (f)1,7294502
xTHKO(xTHKO)Adult (f)1,9504992
Yi8sc(Yi8sc)Adult (f)3,5987462
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