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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “FeatheryWings,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
kJUZJ(kJUZJ)Hatchling (f)3,1425162
vPyit(vPyit)Hatchling (f)3,3505402
3PxfH(3PxfH)Hatchling (m)3,1745304
auT7J(auT7J)Hatchling (f)3,1855215
FxKaQ(FxKaQ)Hatchling (m)3,2405303
5zavYDraconic EnvyAdult (f)2,8674543
xAMD6Draconic WrathAdult (m)2,7614283
dVnzuDraconic PrideAdult (m)3,4044937
8oViUDraconic LustAdult (m)3,1094472
mgaK3Draconic GreedAdult (f)2,5944443
YQWBfDraconic SlothAdult (f)4,2294240
cJ0c5Draconic GluttonyAdult (f)3,2637231
fYREjNot a CB PrizeAdult (f)3,7124574
XPnwXN-N-NANIAdult (f)3,5453103
bvv6iStardust HorizonAdult (m)4,9553562
R0OBuCho KingAdult (m)3,2794210
wjMM2Skha'is Too WetAdult (f)3,7945457
SBrqpAlmerallinAdult (f)3,6744950
V4u9iSaidin and SaidarAdult (m)4,6544033
xWa5aThose days are doneAdult (f)6,3508482
lmlqFToo WetAdult (m)3,5856162
tGHy9But I'm still glowingAdult (m)3,7894050
gFKQGDo Not Bother Searching ThingsAdult (f)3,3794250
JKNwuI wanna be the oceanAdult (f)3,6594773
VWyvCDead SparkAdult (f)3,4083102
OkQo5The One PowerAdult (f)3,1535814
V3SHrZombinaryAdult (m)3,3067553
UIXRvI Have A Problematic FamilyAdult (m)3,4614201
RSyIeThe True PowerAdult (m)4,4518325
RK3cbLineage BorkerAdult (f)3,2177604
lUSel(lUSel)Adult (f)4,3724312
lRh9tDragon of PendorAdult (f)2,2634302
xHVHFWe may make it through the warAdult (f)3,5285021
sNAazIf we make it through the nightAdult (m)3,2594562
2tmeXSunlight drippin from the ceilinAdult (m)2,7722723
pA6S7All the clocks are meltinAdult (f)2,2122671
W6oevWhat a crazy feelinAdult (m)2,4622833
2B4jvWhen I'm with you - IAdult (f)2,1722611
ah6WJGet to paint my own worldAdult (m)2,4223004
kjulKGet to be PicassoAdult (m)2,3453134
xCToBEverything's good nowAdult (m)2,2722985
YC7XHSavirien ChorakAdult (m)2,2053055
lxpJ6Versidue ShaieAdult (m)2,2523015
GlffwKuisatz HaderahAdult (f)2,2522824
OqwbE(OqwbE)Adult (f)2,4723014
uLSQvPart Time WidowAdult (f)2,50230312
cnjHOHomonculiAdult (f)3,6507147
sX5LPFather You Look TiredAdult (f)3,6134360
x5EIa(x5EIa)Adult (f)2,8764313
avvyG(avvyG)Adult (f)3,3324343
ni5IVImmortal ChuamiAdult (f)3,07942339
fuizb(fuizb)Adult (f)4,0027951
ZTaUD(ZTaUD)Adult (f)4,0328654
2JB2Z(2JB2Z)Adult (f)5,4788155
p7Y2iVora's Sa'angrealAdult (m)2,9283900
Ds0PLThe Choedan KalAdult (f)2,2883492
GNfMpThey raided these shoresAdult (m)4,9564132
2RHtzStitch your skin onto my skinAdult (f)4,8244204
94nI2(94nI2)Adult (m)7,4499519
xRBOP(xRBOP)Adult (m)3,1506941
3lFksIn your sword stillAdult (f)2,7256962
GxNssNow there is no way to winAdult (m)2,0646552
7wSutSo you must carry his vesselAdult (f)3,4513283
f4TY8To bring him back homeAdult (m)4,1734084
lSKmWMother You Look TiredAdult (f)3,5534631
jHuSyHow do you feelAdult (f)3,6924664
FMGwI(FMGwI)Adult (m)2,7564524
EUaviDancemaster HorrorbornHatchling (f, F)3,1732923
gURKeAquarius ApocalypticAdult (m)6,0608374
iupKbBelow is Wheel of Time spoilersAdult (m)2,5155743
sc5FxBhref'is Too WetAdult (f)3,9213795
oWorn(oWorn)Adult (m)2,7173722
KgYMyLiandrin GuiraleAdult (m)3,8794530
uB5I8Elza SedaiAdult (m)8,2341,0244
k0h51Falion SedaiAdult (f)6,7497794
uO6ayDelana SedaiAdult (f)7,2037956
KMU60Alviarin SedaiAdult (m)7,2517732
7lUd5Galina SedaiAdult (f)5,3198865
5tiN5Sheriam SedaiAdult (f)8,0749363
z77uMKaterine SedaiAdult (f)4,4464363
9wdPlAsne SedaiAdult (m)4,8814182
Wfb6TChesmal SedaiAdult (f)4,2174003
3A4DtTalene SedaiAdult (f)3,7444675
9X3P8Ispan SedaiAdult (m)2,57159114
6yLIiCareane SedaiAdult (f)3,8616882
d1buaMerean SedaiAdult (f)4,6676954
Tp9esMarillin SedaiAdult (m)3,6908963
3oTVwAmico SedaiAdult (m)8,2951,2275
Z8nCTDagdara SedaiAdult (f)8,2551,2113
CVCdCEldrith SedaiAdult (m)8,2541,2034
3JFhHJarna SedaiAdult (f)8,1171,2194
WN06IJoiya SedaiAdult (f)3,5834086
fpwwIJeaine SedaiAdult (m)2,7485817
zNvIMBerylla SedaiAdult (f)4,5329336
JfrytAtuan SedaiAdult (m)4,3379123
zXIdMNesita SedaiAdult (f)4,0866863
PRSfYNacelle SedaiAdult (f)3,5746523
PUeLIEvanellein SedaiAdult (m)3,6706524
GXD6qKarale SedaiAdult (f)3,6046242
jxLxpTemaile SedaiAdult (m)7,7961,0097
LcHfNDuhara Basaheen SedaiAdult (m)4,2681,0864
nznuDBirlen SedaiAdult (m)5,9019718
A5iIGChai SedaiAdult (f)3,2155773
NkGpwVerin SedaiAdult (m)2,57237316
z3EXEHow do we feel in that photoAdult (m)3,8719602
jv8rQAnd how do we feel it againAdult (f)4,0631,0341
FYfLg(FYfLg)Adult (m)2,1016034
eUfaP(eUfaP)Adult (m)3,1374540
7pjCw(7pjCw)Adult (f)4,1533212
qC0LK(qC0LK)Adult (f)2,9964287
ibnEZ(ibnEZ)Adult (m)3,1483886
omiGD(omiGD)Adult (m)4,9193293
alHLF(alHLF)Adult (m)3,1742592
2bVaxREBIBENAdult (f)3,5723021
fpwp6(fpwp6)Adult (m)2,6675291
HD3qI(HD3qI)Adult (m)3,1825700
YVKOE(YVKOE)Adult (f)3,1955671
GPlsV(GPlsV)Adult (f)2,6315383
fvIin(fvIin)Adult (f)2,9065540
JxSqi(JxSqi)Adult (f)2,3924982
zktEG(zktEG)Adult (m)2,7635400
GNNs2(GNNs2)Adult (f)2,5545030
XSsoW(XSsoW)Adult (m)2,4596532
wf3NCZombifyin ZombifyangAdult (m)3,2467602
XNwjP(XNwjP)Adult (m)3,3363614
5sSX8(5sSX8)Adult (f)4,0663403
xf0XG(xf0XG)Adult (m)3,5994813
ADuRgAdura HorrorbornHatchling (f, F)3,3333111
E4eWuDeceased BabyAdult (m)3,1888413
kgNlV(kgNlV)Adult (f)5,1271,22710
EgKsm(EgKsm)Adult (f)3,9023211
lBWty(lBWty)Adult (m)2,9824250
YJq0W(YJq0W)Adult (m)3,7793992
xTeg3(xTeg3)Adult (f)4,4508656
sSjbr(sSjbr)Adult (f)5,2459852
6F1xJ(6F1xJ)Adult (m)5,4919753
0sysp(0sysp)Adult (f)5,4501,0033
6V2NJ(6V2NJ)Adult (m)3,8394370
dck7RwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwAdult (f)3,1103810
gNimE(gNimE)Adult (f)3,3294803
64940(64940)Adult (f)4,5493513
DiK8C(DiK8C)Adult (f)4,4498493
17fzd(17fzd)Adult (m)3,3134111
DSUK2(DSUK2)Adult (m)3,9803721
WNBt4(WNBt4)Adult (f)4,1018735
UcHYv(UcHYv)Adult (m)4,3919185
50QlD(50QlD)Adult (m)3,7248486
NIzSs(NIzSs)Adult (m)5,7915482
GvM9v(GvM9v)Adult (m)4,2199834
MsNtm(MsNtm)Adult (f)4,6301,2041
LwqLB(LwqLB)Adult (f)3,5414512
aHF0a(aHF0a)Adult (f)4,8905735
cRkX3(cRkX3)Adult (f)3,0093002
z7L1e(z7L1e)Adult (f)5,3516534
4P86DPedron HorrorbornHatchling (f, F)3,0732842
YuJhO(YuJhO)Adult (m)3,7914242
Yik1r(Yik1r)Adult (f)3,6724333
b4DBX(b4DBX)Adult (f)3,4524330
03zGP(03zGP)Adult (f)4,3449982
UIOub(UIOub)Adult (m)4,7301,0192
mT2tsThis is not a SAltkinAdult (f)1,4205913
FpWr8(FpWr8)Adult (m)3,2874320
9KJV9HOW CAN I WHEN IT IS DAY TIMEAdult (f)4,0464091
AQPnH(AQPnH)Adult (f)3,7364196
6oIup(6oIup)Adult (m)3,0955632
rxFuG(rxFuG)Hatchling (m, F)1,9623704
KEdyRThrough stormy black seasAdult (f)3,0444641
Ff1ZL(Ff1ZL)Adult (m)4,1585452
LOnrq(LOnrq)Adult (m)3,2333671
nrqu3(nrqu3)Hatchling (F)1,1392861
sGuT6Undeath GluttonyAdult (f)3,1454450
qBvH6Undeath GreedAdult (m)5,41584710
SawyIUndeath LustAdult (f)3,2065646
ULE6cUndeath PrideAdult (m)2,9974644
McPRQAulea Lucis Caelum of InsomniaAdult (f)6,0291,1084
On1z9Undeath SlothAdult (m)2,9665175
EKdpWSun of CabriachAdult (f)3,49383315
s9A37(s9A37)Adult (f)4,1207327
6dgcA(6dgcA)Adult (m)2,4696923
HKtIm(HKtIm)Adult (f)2,3836963
4dV2T(4dV2T)Adult (m)3,7793724
fHHHK(fHHHK)Adult (f)2,5695852
fT0f8(fT0f8)Adult (f)3,1196581
WDvWUDerivative HorrorbornHatchling (f, F)1,2964281
FxNU9To smother your furiesAdult (m)3,7584620
WxUN3Undeath EnvyAdult (m)3,2614650
SWPQX(SWPQX)Adult (m)3,2076403
I1Xpx(I1Xpx)Adult (f)3,7593001
KRNwY(KRNwY)Adult (f)3,3564234
sqaCM(sqaCM)Adult (m)4,4523641
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