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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Fauna Mama,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6ubF(6ubF)Adult (f)1,4361,0562
ZFWl(ZFWl)Adult (f)1,5721,0834
JAq8(JAq8)Adult (f)4,42837535
74J1(74J1)Adult (m)1,31435310
BBpj(BBpj)Adult (f)1,0686982
kRGW(kRGW)Adult (m)3,23438021
AsYv(AsYv)Adult (f)2,10180912
kxHs(kxHs)Adult (m)4,1131,04352
jpQq(jpQq)Adult (f)3,20943020
yghs(yghs)Adult (m)1,1273259
odw1(odw1)Adult (m)1,7078236
uVNM(uVNM)Adult (m)6024611
DUVy(DUVy)Adult (f)1,0346667
sKeQ(sKeQ)Adult (f)6024620
iFW9(iFW9)Adult (f)9176573
ArXd(ArXd)Adult (m)5884501
M9jt(M9jt)Adult (m)4,41638136
gTZD(gTZD)Adult (f)3,7001,51523
JDSP(JDSP)Adult (f)3,7101,66912
XdNt(XdNt)Adult (m)3,1971,5469
whJg(whJg)Adult (f)3,34239832
SYfQ(SYfQ)Adult (m)1,9755446
BTXX(BTXX)Adult (f)4,41737839
cn9P(cn9P)Adult (m)1,9745477
Hzxf(Hzxf)Adult (m)4,66750437
iexu(iexu)Adult (f)2,30166515
cLuQ(cLuQ)Adult (f)5954580
9bkH(9bkH)Adult (m)1,4223628
L1m1(L1m1)Adult (f)9176374
pzEd(pzEd)Adult (m)3,74442925
iJ7I(iJ7I)Adult (f)2,8591,22328
9dpU(9dpU)Adult (m)1,1943567
kIvV(kIvV)Adult (f)9186542
8o0n(8o0n)Adult (m)1,4703737
Frqm(Frqm)Adult (f)1,7271,1608
mYwa(mYwa)Adult (m)1,0616943
x7hP(x7hP)Adult (m)1,0636931
YioD(YioD)Adult (m)1,0666981
1lm6(1lm6)Adult (m)2,28482816
506N(506N)Adult (m)2,3568709
OoTs(OoTs)Adult (m)2,31181714
uraW(uraW)Adult (f)4,45438643
Xywf(Xywf)Adult (m)4,1451,04631
WvIj(WvIj)Adult (m)3,47438219
vaW9(vaW9)Adult (f)2,0168018
HE16(HE16)Adult (f)1,6538243
bUB2(bUB2)Adult (m)1,4131,0455
WyLi(WyLi)Adult (f)1,1226127
CvnT(CvnT)Adult (f)9626036
bIak(bIak)Adult (f)9156422
IHkS(IHkS)Adult (f)1,0596951
sxCc(sxCc)Adult (m)3,24638318
3ddV(3ddV)Adult (f)3,1901,36226
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