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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “FancyPige,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Vd8OjOmg BLACK SNOWHatchling (F)1,7194464
85NqUVALENSNAKEHatchling (f, F)5,2819197
xkGclFIRST DRAGON YOAdult (f)10,6401,1746
tcQ7zI LIKE TO ANNOYAdult (f)11,2301,1766
ms9L6HOW HIGH CAN HE GOAdult (m)9,5451,28510
nlAftCALL ME RED ROVERAdult (m)3,2907518
fpZjhHE BE SPOOKYAdult (m)4,2109458
BRwvjZ CAMPFIRE SONG SONGAdult (m)4,8879809
aoTzeI fly and sparkleAdult (m)4,1058608
HyZRwi don't like this oneAdult (m)5,9691,2444
tXo2wConsume all pizzasAdult (m)8,2011,40611
1hDQ2EAT YO CELERYAdult (f)6,4601,3198
mvMptI NOCTURNAL NOWAdult (m)7,3191,2503
Wf3a3DENTURE DINOAdult (m)3,6469411
o1zICSeaweed sweatsAdult (f)5,1838935
AIbuvBlue TiggeAdult (m)5,5721,0573
IkCAII SAID KETCHUPAdult (f)7,1251,0594
hE3BJBlue tasted fireAdult (f)4,5937183
pP2cPTiny little fireworkAdult (m)2,8419772
axINeI DRINK TEA INSTEADAdult (f)4,0717704
X3hB7Roll out autobotsAdult (f)5,2941,1413
Dw5svEWW so shinyAdult (f)5,5441,1424
wmRfA2 pink for youAdult (m)4,2088471
rnseIHe sassyAdult (m)5,4571,0024
VW17nSo tiny and so whiteAdult (f)4,1449072
Vbe3zGhost apparelsAdult (m)4,3591,1355
xtCGXShe is mad on tuesdaysAdult (f)4,1741,2822
vFtphShes a pumpkin pieAdult (f)5,0841,4413
Pzh8qHe witchyAdult (m)4,7531,5083
kXxWQShe SassyAdult (f)6,3711,7174
DPGNbBe lurkinAdult (m)2,2747491
ooCsKBones in da soupAdult (m)3,2421,2192
cHkIPCatch a glance thoAdult (m)3,2141,2572
WiOwDI am da mattressAdult (m)4,5421,1404
LOpvKUh oh dropped a shoeAdult (m)4,3591,0743
DL1uXNubeulanousAdult (f)4,9581,2224
NJpyxHesa Honey sliceAdult (m)4,9901,2084
G9KQkHe Is wind gasAdult (m)4,9571,2395
R8YnLShe Is iceyAdult (f)6,6619592
c1gVySprinkles the sandAdult (m)4,7217974
HsrkaShe has fake starsAdult (f)6,4811,0952
cfN8WHOT HOT TOMATOAdult (f)6,4691,0555
HWX0tHe chooses holidaysAdult (m)6,0831,3194
mRSZIHe blows fire in springAdult (m)7,3661,5337
JelNKHE IS FESTIVEAdult (m)6,5281,3733
UCgsxXmas HorsieAdult (f)4,5781,2026
mzW81She presses playAdult (f)7,3041,4922
UFnCJShe Is EnoughAdult (m)8,5631,6374
6bZfcShiny Spinach SnakeAdult (f)6,9821,4801
rACfQShe Rises AboveAdult (f)6,8461,4073
GoCO4Grab the starsAdult (f)5,5321,2684
29PJfThey shout fireAdult (f)3,4144653
rYhdXHe relaxes in sunsAdult (m)3,4164534
n2TAuThe demons daughterAdult (f)3,3844312
UzyVWHe gloats then floatsAdult (f)3,3024304
arxnMDances on one legAdult (f)3,3444324
0a355Hotter that copperAdult (m)3,1814297
aqGtSTOO MANY CHEESESAdult6,0191,02910
n3WfkWOW SHOCKERAdult (m)7,7121,1467
ypQ7lJUNGLE BOOGIESAdult (f)5,7709194
5X7PzCAMPFIRE MELLOWSAdult (m)6,5828798
d2hDlSassy SNOWBALLAdult (f)5,3429521
r08KzPINK KISSESSAdult (f)6,3721,1734
mL5kVSHE STOLE ITAdult (f)6,4231,1448
Fg7ZRI LIKE CHOCOAAdult (f)6,3761,1415
HLVmvCROWNED UPSIDE DOWNAdult (m)6,4511,3255
El7zWPOPPER LOVE SOCCER HTMAdult (f)6,2591,4124
iqKBr(iqKBr)Adult (m)7,5891,5963
x8qeM(x8qeM)Adult (m)7,4611,5285
voK2P(voK2P)Adult (f)7,7571,6122
Zzc5P(Zzc5P)Adult (f)7,4801,5614
h0wyr(h0wyr)Adult (f)7,5311,5632
qfBHH(qfBHH)Adult (f)4,3855902
dt7dx(dt7dx)Adult (f)4,3995911
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