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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Faery Chaos,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
88WUs(88WUs)Hatchling (f)2,0835513
MaMSDivine DiscordAdult (f)8,9751,365169
om9VSplit PersonalitiesAdult (m)8,7961,339129
Ch4HSplit DiscordAdult (f)9,8391,27469
sHXoBlue Hiss and SnortAdult (m)8,3101,11972
CjVsIt's the only way to beAdult (m)4,6503265
U6JcWHarmonic SplitAdult (m)4,8379045
1CQ21Twisted SidewaysAdult (m)5,6338122
TTGJmSplit AttachmentsAdult (f)2,4027161
2U6drSplit CollectiveAdult (f)2,0776763
wfKUnSplit CounterpartAdult (f)2,0816362
rBTjVSplit DisasterAdult (m)2,4797221
CtMjvSplit AccordAdult (f)5,5308473
foGoRSplit InfusionAdult (m)3,0656431
OImxWSplit BalanceAdult (f)2,5888092
wfCMkNights Duality GlowAdult (m)2,2596621
rpbKsNights Duality ShadowAdult (m)5,7509251
QWMf7Nights Duality DreamerAdult (m)6,6927330
euW3bNights Duality LoveAdult (f)4,1698420
KLZAnNights Duality LadyAdult (f)5,2138971
lCWTHNights Duality DarlingAdult (f)5,3348910
Fn4SRNights Duality PrincessAdult (f)4,0455840
jH8u1Nights Duality LordAdult (m)5,2058180
vFU9iNights Duality QuietAdult (m)4,4269031
5H7gUNights Duality SerenityAdult (f)5,1446502
mBL8fNights Duality DivaAdult (f)3,4448201
gYNm9Nights Duality NatalieAdult (f)2,5427040
65leSNights Duality GeorgeAdult (m)2,6535922
bJqkJNights Duality BillAdult (m)2,5476022
5m4OiNights Duality NaomiAdult (f)2,5906811
jqgcbNights Duality FrankAdult (m)2,5546741
qxhHYNights Duality FlightAdult (m)2,9811,0150
y6Nf0Nights Duality VisionAdult (m)6,3697541
vczYVNights Duality SageAdult (m)5,6448630
5vs40Nights Duality DreamAdult (m)5,5449401
XP6EcNights Duality ScreamsAdult (m)5,1977811
QexisNights Duality SleeperAdult (f)4,8287770
fGsJGNights Duality KarenAdult (f)5,0845181
DNGciBrad's SolutionAdult (m)6,9906022
JDaODBecky's IdeaAdult (f)2,0176214
7DnZOBecky's and Brad's ResultAdult (m)1,9015663
GENxZGary's OpinionAdult (m)1,8696622
v2sejGreg's SchemeAdult (m)2,1027042
ZlsqgBecky's and Gary's ProblemAdult (f)2,0866853
hhmRVBBR - Alluring DestinyAdult (m)3,6528594
z6ttIBecky's and Brad's PrincessAdult (f)1,6678111
iPvqOBGG's ThoughtsAdult (f)2,6918124
Ay76vDaughter of Time and ChivalryAdult (f)2,4247212
JiXrTBecky's and Brad's OutcomeAdult (m)2,1916903
tzdejGirl of 87 XyAdult (f)3,0647892
lY39dDotty's DesignAdult (f)3,0266712
K1LTjKilt on the RocksAdult (m)2,4698112
HAdrmChoco PauseAdult (f)2,0507365
puOT9Alan's Amazing AnticsAdult (m)2,4576472
C2DSCBecky's and Brad's PrinceAdult (m)2,1376282
MGErTRory of the TardisAdult (m)4,8899693
9e6qEWho of the TardisAdult (m)2,4268011
ycgOlSusan of the TardisAdult (f)6,9641,0273
4zb1sDonna of the TardisAdult (f)2,5926302
L7U1YClara of the TardisAdult (f)2,7086461
PVvqNDr of the TardisAdult (m)2,1467391
VxuetAmy of the TardisAdult (f)2,0567212
Vk8zbMartha of the TardisAdult (f)2,1347591
O5SLcBillie of the TardisAdult (f)2,1916023
MtvKzMickey of the TardisAdult (m)1,9765781
ADL1yRose of the TardisAdult (f)2,3366532
ZycwwRogue of the TardisAdult (m)2,0596581
snNqA(snNqA)Adult (f)2,6137971
D4d7V(D4d7V)Adult (m)2,5487563
9gBJy(9gBJy)Adult (m)2,5848012
ex5Dt(ex5Dt)Adult (f)2,4837632
BqFTD(BqFTD)Adult (f)2,4206771
MIJ2q(MIJ2q)Adult (m)2,0717262
GpRzQ(GpRzQ)Adult (f)2,0706791
gV4g1(gV4g1)Adult (m)2,2296932
Nyf2V(Nyf2V)Adult (f)2,4638081
S2A3x(S2A3x)Adult (m)3,6148213
9HXry(9HXry)Adult (m)3,5748244
jadBC(jadBC)Adult (f)3,6458223
nxdKU(nxdKU)Adult (f)2,7496134
gHsh7(gHsh7)Adult (f)2,6326841
BB1M3(BB1M3)Adult (f)2,8325853
eetxF(eetxF)Adult (m)3,3546364
TBCG4(TBCG4)Adult (m)2,0665281
1K993(1K993)Adult (f)2,5675032
weYfILord of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)2,3536601
xkKXzLady of the Hallowed WindAdult (f)2,1846701
TryZ1Prince of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)2,1317181
qnFXLMistress of the Hallowed WindAdult (f)1,9126803
mtXmLRogue of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)1,8636562
rGKNASage of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)1,8846712
APlggMason of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)1,8978020
NprZQBrat of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)1,9157850
PjfgjSmith of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)1,9057910
D9ojrHealer of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)2,2346033
gCJUKPrincess of the Hallowed WindAdult (f)2,4246283
eDLPpChief of the Hallowed WindAdult (m)1,9556901
f9fsGossamer AdeptAdult (m)2,42948616
4RNbGossamer MasterAdult (m)1,95338513
7NW9Gossamer LadyAdult (f)2,04240712
kn8fGossamer ScreamAdult (m)1,6124225
KgjhGossamer RogueAdult (m)4,0914812
U7990Gossamer IdeaAdult (f)5,1926852
If1VOGossamer ThoughtAdult (m)4,8236981
4NcMmMoody LordlingAdult (m)3,3487990
zCt6qMoody RogueAdult (m)3,4138011
qTV9wMoody MistressAdult (f)3,3357990
h3lzkMoody Ring HolderAdult (m)5,1296031
SFFr4Moody Princess BethAdult (f)4,2036460
UZwfUMoody PatAdult (m)4,8357000
MvqqzMoody SummerAdult (f)4,8296330
Xcy28Moody SarahAdult (f)5,0416520
e13c1Moody RickAdult (m)5,8336621
ddHy8Moody MarshaAdult (f)6,0616591
LVmnIMoody MortyAdult (m)4,7185170
wOhnfQueen of the MikesAdult (f)3,8728620
Kb3SNLady of he MikesAdult (f)3,9148561
Ek9xRI wanna be like MikeAdult (m)3,8358691
DTunhMr Mikes FriendAdult (m)3,8378731
LLXqLMike-a-holicAdult (f)3,8408691
1SvJpJust like MikeAdult (m)3,8578681
BgWf5Mike is MineAdult (f)5,1338500
GcNimWanna be MikeAdult (m)4,3618630
Deu4gSeer of the MikesAdult (f)4,3918550
ud0wgDream of the MikesAdult (f)6,8978540
GE3yUMike a RamaAdult (f)5,1308270
njuqx2nd MikeAdult (m)7,3706191
ftKdYMike A LotAdult (m)6,3118150
8ziEwGirlfriend of the MikesAdult (f)5,2907511
Xm4Y1Love of the MikesAdult (f)6,1137432
IpXQF3rd MikeAdult (m)4,8147240
oyzFxLover of the MikesAdult (f)4,9738581
hUK8mHappy of the MikesAdult (f)4,6808190
DxVyMMikes 2nd in CommandAdult (m)5,7067271
tIed1Sunshine of the MikesAdult (f)4,9157830
6wWemReflective Queen of AntareanAdult (f)4,6877692
VqiQdReflective Lord of AntareanAdult (m)4,3597891
Ysi77Reflective Diva of AntareanAdult (f)4,3837850
MYa4QReflective Rogue of AntareanAdult (m)4,3187840
Ay0IUReflective Mistress of AntareanAdult (f)4,1648271
gDOXrReflective Brat of AntareanAdult (m)4,1008231
6XiZgReflective Rage of AntareanAdult (m)4,2818240
W48GfReflective Reaver of AntareanAdult (m)4,2688330
nJrriReflective Princess of AntareanAdult (f)4,6678011
hAV0LReflective Darling of AntareanAdult (f)4,2237820
gSgyHReflective Hope of AntareanAdult (f)4,2327820
DHmRdReflective Red of AntareanAdult (m)4,5667430
pGIRiReflective Idea of AntareanAdult (f)4,9847020
ObfYVReflective Julia of AntareanAdult (f)5,5485761
QLaVXReflective Jessica of AntareanAdult (f)5,4206002
ZHE0zReflective Zoe of AntareanAdult (f)5,2646360
GUEYrReflective Star of AntareanAdult (m)5,3836220
PJYPAAqua GeorgeAdult (m)3,0446835
gcDcvAqua BobAdult (m)3,0536764
m8Dy8Vibrant CoralAdult (f)3,0706724
BmMsYAqua FrankAdult (m)3,0706754
mt1muVibrant AnemoneAdult (f)2,7757793
MNxVVVibrant GorgonianAdult (f)2,7767541
NGw8GAqua PeteAdult (m)3,4908074
x0IzBAqua Frank FortuneAdult (m)3,3888113
UVoB7Vibrant FortuneAdult (f)3,4198100
IRXTvAqua SamAdult (m)2,5445875
BaKgWAqua DeanAdult (m)2,7855943
EKErP(EKErP)Adult (f)2,8815832
NT5FH(NT5FH)Adult (f)2,2465500
NAYvz(NAYvz)Adult (m)2,1495550
Etmen(Etmen)Adult (m)2,7745602
lYaMR(lYaMR)Adult (f)2,0396171
3NgRp(3NgRp)Adult (m)1,7385931
9a3ZG(9a3ZG)Adult (f)1,5417772
MPRuK(MPRuK)Adult (m)2,3826490
JiPrZ(JiPrZ)Adult (f)2,7905681
BgMkV(BgMkV)Adult (m)2,0265411
6e0HK(6e0HK)Adult (m)2,7995411
Vm1jRosalia LeynaAdult (f)7,6941,01268
8xBqLady Mistress HimeAdult (f)2,78828015
DRJooLyrical Lady LoveAdult (f)3,4188311
gGMBdAria's DreamAdult (m)4,2066651
zBEQZAria's LifeAdult (m)4,7737151
3hTSfAria's HeartAdult (m)4,1957521
2b4NxAria's RogueAdult (m)4,7927051
MLiJAAria's HarmonyAdult (m)5,2116001
1zoyLAria's PeaceAdult (m)5,1526161
KzAamAria's Singer of SongsAdult (m)5,8166111
3Mk4RAria's High NoteAdult (f)3,2117030
9EJAmAria's MusicianAdult (m)2,4157202
qGF6MLady of the Deep AshAdult (f)1,6996532
5deKdMistress of the Deep AshAdult (f)1,5536521
LJLhjDiva of the Deep AshAdult (f)1,5596801
h1xKuLord of the Deep AshAdult (m)2,7516453
6EjLHAmity of the Deep AshAdult (f)2,6136353
qxTnQPrincess of the Deep AshAdult (f)2,5706011
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