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  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2014 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ez,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
zKSQDumbledore The Doughnut LoverAdult (m)2,94528794
9SsFFlavius FlorentusAdult (m)2,35074826
ktFnElyfissAdult (f)3,512493121
Lzr6AmandalyreAdult (f)1,69053114
Ed9jCluciusAdult (m)73843832
BSBwdGlybberthAdult (m)10,4717062
EOzZ6EoszAdult (m)3,2604645
758DL(758DL)Adult (f)3,0254220
3rpcr(3rpcr)Adult (m)4,2958174
QC4XhQucyinethAdult (f)4,0423643
VhqfB(VhqfB)Adult (m)4,9059781
BOKwi(BOKwi)Adult (m)3,7313790
2jTJoTiliana MalieneAdult (f)5,4954021
8yWGAWyganiaAdult (f)4,4365091
IzHhz(IzHhz)Adult (f)2,6264870
gzXLR(gzXLR)Adult (f)3,7125221
ArbB1(ArbB1)Adult (m)3,5484391
hXIUl(hXIUl)Adult (m)3,4815630
nfHsd(nfHsd)Adult (m)3,9553711
3C8OgOzzy BoggyAdult (m)3,7154442
lzScLLeclercAdult (m)1,9504841
IAewnWienaAdult (f)4,7874122
0itBVBoitvenAdult (m)4,1544073
ItyTR(ItyTR)Adult (f)3,4433971
rJ2WJRavienojAdult (m)3,3704452
bEzczBeczAdult (f)4,1593743
9YNadNadya ArianeAdult (f)6,2125671
eAu1rAurelia AdeleAdult (f)4,2364011
IWlXQYxel ZemobbAdult (m)8,0221,0483
XpUqSXpugianneAdult (f)2,4245323
P5C9QPyccoAdult (m)4,3495191
ztcPmZectyniaAdult (f)7,3949413
gK23rGekonsAdult (m)6,1367741
6BL6kBelonkAdult (m)5,5205251
GnfxDYebusAdult (m)5,0973633
zjwBmBumtionAdult (m)3,5953440
WhyyKWhykenAdult (m)3,4793960
FrkPK(FrkPK)Adult (f)3,8953990
U9fgnUfigenAdult (m)3,6204021
l6tTDTodianAdult (m)4,3523531
HMeUMHumeun HummusAdult (m)8,3815810
zeie6ZeienaAdult (f)2,9344890
fhobpFhobnhopAdult (m)4,1294641
wTco1WytokineAdult (f)3,8474501
r9mVPRain the RainerAdult (m)8,4456211
jZholJ-holAdult (m)9,1366106
N0sygNyosangAdult (m)8,6558292
d8OWWDeinoweAdult (f)7,2017461
pydS3PiimariiulAdult (f)15,7351,0499
Gg8fJGea-GeaAdult (f)7,9595311
jWD6aJeweldaAdult (f)8,6255754
ObmSaObamsaAdult (m)8,5816311
KH0AdKhaod KhoanAdult (m)9,6326431
0aLAy(0aLAy)Adult (m)6,5956311
uPtaThick Chick The FlippestAdult (f)5,79947557
oBddBob The UnisexAdult3,55926443
jIyrJuan-ita The Little DinoHatchling (F)2,02628624
qEnuChris-tiana The Little DinoHatchling (F)2,89621631
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If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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