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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “EvilTheCat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TwezGZafifyAdult (m)6,2801,4546
ZSM1WKing Small BoyAdult (m)4,6151,3067
SmL2GBeauty GremlinAdult (f)4,7601,32210
R4FgPMabuAdult (f)3,5219504
pCjoqZaflanfyaAdult (f)3,5669783
PEjXkValentines CupidAdult (f)3,4889293
W7Qm9Elvis-PresleyAdult (f)5,2051,2345
MDhaRZafrificeAdult (m)3,0688284
9S3CNRoyal Valentine KingAdult (m)2,9757984
lzRdBDog but scalesAdult (m)5,6311,1194
3VlXUNo InternetAdult (f)5,6801,1722
iFnuDZafify In GreenAdult (m)5,9041,0972
2RN5OBetter SmelterAdult (f)5,8871,1132
QJ3zxmageic healerAdult (f)4,0078703
1tiZ6More SpeedyAdult (m)5,4581,0642
fTbMZPeople TrapAdult (f)3,7948412
PSvkwController of Water and PainAdult (m)5,0351,0405
0yv6nZophanAdult (f)4,2839083
xyb9JAngry KingAdult (f)4,7249453
VPKBKNoodle KingAdult (f)4,1898933
9RTUUDeep Sea Beauty KingAdult (f)4,2959063
kEitJlavsidianAdult (f)4,5358855
Spg4WcatcatcatcatcatAdult (m)4,1638664
ceE87cat but dragonAdult (f)4,1658505
HWapMtoasty catAdult (f)4,0918853
wPiEtsharkcatAdult (m)3,7588275
ALxbzprotect catAdult (f)3,7278154
z0Xwgcat of toastAdult (f)3,8348544
uqOE9cat lizardAdult (m)3,7248385
SkLXPgreen but not a plantAdult (m)4,2818703
Cc32Vghost but starsAdult (m)3,9798152
UPyIQbig angry firelizardAdult (f)4,0318082
1QKToGood Doggo but Doggo DragonAdult (f)4,0108532
lZxltsecretly a flowerAdult (f)4,6748803
JpBCdgoatkidAdult (f)4,6118653
HdINsmed reminded me of breakittensAdult (f)4,6168633
F6bNfis it  a snake or a plantAdult (m)4,5038503
SaXAOrainy but dragonAdult (m)4,4908383
lZv9Dsecretly a treeAdult (m)4,5558414
WBXQSbird but cat but dragonAdult (f)4,4548063
jlYh8tiny rock catAdult (f)4,5058343
eDR7BraaaaaaaaaaaaAdult (f)4,0687453
my3Bkzophan cookieAdult (m)4,0457403
enJIwwalking catfishAdult (m)4,4137743
HMtsrmight be a rockAdult (m)4,2217933
kvmtmtiny puppyAdult (f)4,4568623
2oGZmlooks featheryAdult (f)5,4569902
OzuoBextra protectyAdult (f)5,4669702
Z1Vidgood kidAdult (f)5,3569373
4soYXmight be a monsterAdult (m)4,5288503
YhbHAwoah a real unicornAdult (f)4,7178392
ZQUVRdont fight him hes meanAdult (m)4,8248562
TXgdgscaley kangaroo with wingsAdult (f)4,8368622
T0g0wgrr but meanerAdult (f)4,4448451
MtHc5pawd earth dragonAdult (m)4,4568302
TdTpNforest kidAdult (f)4,6798662
xu9HMcant believe i found stormyAdult (f)4,2198172
i8NcPhealing stickAdult (m)4,3678392
22KQUvroom vroom grrrAdult (f)4,3438172
5FZTmglowy king kidAdult (m)4,4208162
KnFpLgrass king snakeAdult (f)5,8439721
0VGrJQueen Small GirlAdult (f)3,6028651
xoX6langry blue twin kingsAdult (f)3,6088531
HLy1Zalbino armadilloAdult (m)4,9551,0912
S84Wuangry king kidAdult (m)5,0211,0901
O9Huocooler ice kingAdult (m)5,0091,0911
5KL3ymega mew in blueAdult (f)3,1777903
B6ABrgrraaaaAdult (f)3,2147903
OcEVcking flaming oAdult (f)7,1301,3605
xBIn9ow my anklesAdult (f)3,5098972
VAGTBdragon use gustAdult (m)3,5679082
NASVEspyro the true kingAdult (f)3,5278633
ZLsBGmagic zafAdult (f)2,6777602
TUiI0raaarAdult (m)2,7787652
JMBOMhe looks surprisedAdult (f)2,8587832
J7Alesmall angry kingAdult (m)2,8527854
KEvNgseahorse king kidAdult (f)2,8237874
qmZojcat kingAdult (f)3,1437883
z7R8Wmagic healing staffAdult (m)4,3481,0823
VKzd2moon kidAdult (f)4,7741,0331
OGFGewings but sharpAdult (f)4,7281,0262
VFAe6raaaraaaaaAdult (f)4,6311,0152
DQjBNparrakeetAdult (m)4,6161,0122
e0HQXtiny pink kidAdult (f)3,1518302
DCtl9purple dragonite noodleAdult (m)4,7711,0562
9CVyzgemini but blueAdult (m)3,0127591
Rzkv6spooky monster dragonAdult (m)3,0567990
lGbLNtiny tiny tiny boyAdult (f)4,5721,0390
svAwzmint mageicAdult (m)4,4881,0070
HQxSNthe shiny monsterAdult (m)4,4631,0432
3E4HdgrrrrrraaaaAdult (f)4,0858202
4iNdQefilctaAdult (m)5,1339452
8rERueagle dragon guyAdult (m)5,1431,0020
bQmbHpinkerwinAdult (m)5,0679460
Ot2QLan actual mountainAdult (f)5,1349840
8MMOGdanger noodle xAdult (f)4,1471,0862
mm4dwi left for a year i have no ideaAdult (m)4,0178541
2V0wHroundsey the raffle monsterAdult (m)4,1118730
34ewihe looks tired me too honestlyAdult (f)3,9808680
I318Vteenagers trying to fightAdult (m)3,9818411
oddj1shes probably dancingAdult (f)3,1456691
ozS8blooks like a backstabberAdult (f)4,7598831
mDC69noodle motherAdult (m)4,8379090
wWcqnhappy cattyAdult (f)4,6918840
jdocYdiscount stormcatcherAdult (m)4,7799040
1Wy9Yshaved icewardenAdult (f)5,0776421
mAft1stray fishdogAdult (m)3,9046970
q5jfche has crow wingsAdult (m)5,3679320
eUyr7tiny small mini minisculeAdult (f)5,2059071
07M7rnot a polar bearAdult (m)5,2349090
YXu09probably a stray horseAdult (f)2,9316861
SYEU5screaming insideAdult (f)3,0907071
2rHPjtidelordxflamecallerAdult (f)3,1786991
u7vJebald neckAdult (f)3,1407262
4moA4sideways tigerAdult (m)3,1666861
arlzfsmallest king kidAdult (f)3,2277030
mRdPAzafifAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAdult (f)4,6868730
YCkQxSpyro The Purple Dragon HeroAdult (m)4,7348721
r1Phywhen youre finally rightAdult (f)4,5688641
fsgksking noAdult (m)4,7678880
3drYWpink but proudAdult (f)4,8328700
NuNLNblue windsingerAdult (m)4,6488720
Qi44bthe one where youAdult (m)4,6878931
n2tbPshe looks stressedAdult (f)4,4987383
Q37h0not mewtwo or mewAdult (f)4,6547752
qzI7Unot a parrakeetAdult (m)4,4147253
hj3Lfcotton candy neckAdult (f)4,7307422
Qk3cKhes running from youAdult (m)4,5327402
Plc5fniet i stole sallyAdult (m)4,9059142
WnPTXhere she isAdult (f)5,0089454
k572Phe might be hungryAdult (m)4,9769511
P0D9wpaper mask kidAdult (f)5,0139224
b12GSflower toasterAdult (f)4,8849273
Oyeknthis isnt kansas anymore totoAdult (f)3,7517822
Ow1A8tall dogAdult (f)3,6847741
DK1aSsurfing or sunsetAdult (f)3,9387451
9pg3Gbug monsterAdult (m)3,9667464
IWMtObig toast catAdult (f)4,1951,0171
QWb7Gbluestar tigerAdult (m)3,8196781
DTlU0angry cornAdult (m)2,9617301
EZ0Fhrikki tikki tavi but stripeyAdult (f)3,0457261
JXNzsbetter at ballet than meAdult (f)2,9917011
WyUPFroad stripeAdult (m)2,9557341
i2Lbuhello down there mr dragonAdult (f)3,0167711
Tk1oJhello up there miss dragonAdult (m)4,4139851
7CewUraichu i choose youAdult (f)4,4589920
hMwGZold toastAdult (f)4,4819761
MVVsKbad toastAdult (m)4,4659950
6cHqCis it a bird a planeAdult (m)4,3999217
KuKqvno itsAdult (f)3,3617712
o1afDthe end of dragonkindAdult (m)3,4767891
Y8Sggwelcome to toasty dragonsAdult (f)3,0877962
96OUNwhat would you like to eatAdult (f)3,0807501
5aAfFcan i get someAdult (m)3,0137620
fried(fried)Adult (m)4,7851,0151
Ecyhhchicken and some dr pepperAdult (m)4,7579892
cOdfbcoming right upAdult (f)2,9667700
9fkD3thatll be 4 dollarsAdult (m)2,8797551
d5vyghave a nice meal and dayAdult (m)4,2189781
TQkvqyou too sirAdult (f)3,6227441
DfPXLpink pirate captainAdult (f)3,7687742
Oh0bIstranger danger angerAdult (m)5,3389850
1ZNJLangry graveyard keeperAdult (m)5,1989720
2SWzlsilver scary lightweaverAdult (f)3,7137100
9Rvhvthe true roundseyAdult (f)3,7717170
bevwmunlonely kidAdult (f)3,7267221
YcHWinot a bearded dragonAdult (f)3,6536861
41zz9dr pepper best sodaAdult (m)3,5156882
YnzOSthunderclan is annoyingAdult (f)3,6427444
uFrcNdemonic lightweaverAdult (m)3,7407641
MmBxZmagic candle kingAdult (f)3,7588031
0zyoAgoose moose geese meeseAdult (f)3,7237712
3cOZemore normal faeAdult (f)3,7547852
oyRJmtiny zaffianAdult (m)3,1677042
8Zk8bshiny cat kingAdult (m)3,0706633
xk0wOrhinosaur dinosaurAdult (f)3,1437483
8rqkjscary magic good kidAdult (m)4,6109182
VU159did you know that iAdult (m)4,8649221
Gjx8rreally like dragonsAdult (f)3,3587103
hqC8Fcyan toastAdult (f)3,5587101
77OvDdemonic catAdult (m)3,4597100
rDf8Ybat bat bat bat bat bat catAdult (m)3,4237002
Q3oGmtoaster catAdult (f)3,5396992
0SnvWcold winter kingAdult (m)5,6279360
dQPaHmr bald neckAdult (m)5,6279731
cfivPshocked chickenAdult (m)5,6649281
05GsLtiny and proud red kidAdult (m)5,7069341
GLKRRits me the mean and greenAdult (f)5,6899381
mKSSgi almost clicked killAdult (m)9,1631,0831
xBs5Etoast of demonsAdult (m)9,3011,0244
Inxqgapparently these are meanAdult (f)9,2421,0400
wsxuwyellow stripe kidAdult (m)9,1001,0430
jUtpQangry static kidAdult (m)9,2501,0711
hdqsIaverage perfect dragonAdult (f)3,5176933
rvSSOearly constellationAdult (f)3,5807401
SyTvenot the last unicornAdult (m)3,5637170
l4RvHbasically just a normal dragonAdult (f)5,4609591
hF591purple mega dragoniteAdult (m)5,4689781
oPilyhes basically just screamingAdult (f)3,0477371
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