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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ethril Dragon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
46nnn(46nnn)Adult (f)3,6368516
jyUPD(jyUPD)Adult (m)3,7079624
aujQq(aujQq)Adult (f)3,3057720
GrvU9(GrvU9)Adult (m)3,4327610
oEMzM(oEMzM)Adult (f)3,4537841
jMJTO(jMJTO)Adult (m)3,2667791
Gclr8(Gclr8)Adult (m)3,6065810
hzTuV(hzTuV)Adult (m)3,4868480
heY8E(heY8E)Adult (m)3,2708660
gX7m0(gX7m0)Adult (f)4,5458281
1m3EK(1m3EK)Adult (f)4,5558100
6SUtK(6SUtK)Adult (f)4,8848421
dqu9n(dqu9n)Adult (m)4,6028132
oFnb0(oFnb0)Adult (m)3,7079211
otIV3(otIV3)Adult (f)3,6009062
VB2vf(VB2vf)Adult (m)3,6268920
4WIvR(4WIvR)Adult (f)3,6759201
SaVHC(SaVHC)Adult (f)3,7559372
UWtfu(UWtfu)Adult (m)3,8629743
lu1kd(lu1kd)Adult (f)4,2929831
DO98y(DO98y)Adult (m)4,2579540
8NQio(8NQio)Adult (m)4,0739700
UrWI7(UrWI7)Adult (m)4,2209710
VLaMZ(VLaMZ)Adult (m)4,1299561
O7n5m(O7n5m)Adult (f)4,2459501
CCNCMenolly's Rocky of Harper HallAdult (m)1,4587284
Oh9faSkimpy Pygmy of DragosAdult (f)3,5447563
GhbbGah'be Dragos ThuwedAdult (f)4,08042218
QGGFpDivine DragosAdult (f)2,7738082
fiPFKClassy Pygmy DragosAdult (f)4,0649285
Hbq34Scrubby of DragosAdult (m)2,6074272
S8PrTAiry Pygmy of DragosAdult (m)3,5728065
XGPtgEthereal Glitch of DragosAdult (f)3,3647331
2pTAuPet Gem DragosAdult (f)1,7997550
FP8pfSilky Fi'peight DragosAdult (m)3,3937171
amePDGraceful Honey DragosAdult (m)1,7267380
1m6JaFlaming Lamb DragosAdult (m)1,7397350
b1sfGDinky Booth of DragosAdult (f)2,5439230
5gJEuClever Slick and Nimble DragosAdult (m)2,4109043
BA5C8Wee Jade DragosAdult (f)2,2888692
U3oIOTwinkels HanellAdult (f)3,6191,0033
sRYhNDemon Goblin of DragosAdult (f)2,4879171
SQVGTMariah Hellhunt the FirelizardAdult (f)3,3224454
1bPjE(1bPjE)Adult (f)1,6484940
cp7ph(cp7ph)Adult (f)4,4139601
23hFf(23hFf)Adult (f)4,3051,1403
DUG9l(DUG9l)Adult (f)2,8161,0493
J20Nq(J20Nq)Adult (f)1,6605010
R8ZEU(R8ZEU)Adult (f)4,6909702
b6Jqb(b6Jqb)Adult (f)2,9196987
brdBi(brdBi)Adult (f)4,3028702
soVtX(soVtX)Adult (f)4,6591,0554
6l4eZ(6l4eZ)Adult (f)3,8698534
67eHO(67eHO)Adult (f)4,7181,0471
7O44p(7O44p)Adult (f)3,4759808
idABA(idABA)Adult (f)2,5885984
6E158(6E158)Adult (f)2,7866896
IiYBk(IiYBk)Adult (f)3,8131,2091
uBAQ4(uBAQ4)Adult (f)4,3981,0645
vdic(vdic)Adult (f)4,1925036
Xta92(Xta92)Adult (f)3,2147541
AGIha(AGIha)Adult (f)3,4328641
S04GA(S04GA)Adult (f)4,2681,0777
3eiNo(3eiNo)Adult (f)5,4481,0582
F4f3g(F4f3g)Adult (f)4,0449582
NXIn(NXIn)Adult (f)3,6715282
obbaP(obbaP)Adult (f)3,1857912
3frie(3frie)Adult (f)2,7817731
4e2Bh(4e2Bh)Adult (f)4,0159671
ZeZub(ZeZub)Adult (f)5,0591,0211
Ii5kj(Ii5kj)Adult (f)4,4501,0052
8JVNH(8JVNH)Adult (f)3,2857340
No9aF(No9aF)Adult (f)3,7465281
gr0CA(gr0CA)Adult (f)3,7995395
AeEqr(AeEqr)Adult (m)6,1071,2911
B1bV(B1bV)Adult (m)3,5354875
Bvi3i(Bvi3i)Adult (m)5,8668580
uWAi2(uWAi2)Adult (m)3,1198292
8kJ4D(8kJ4D)Adult (m)3,5178123
lNoiq(lNoiq)Adult (m)4,5231,0826
YBfM3(YBfM3)Adult (m)3,5089430
YB2IP(YB2IP)Adult (m)1,6084520
PYqFd(PYqFd)Adult (m)3,6178401
cJTEK(cJTEK)Adult (m)3,6051,0425
u14Y4(u14Y4)Adult (m)1,5724371
QtIdj(QtIdj)Adult (m)4,1138732
46W4T(46W4T)Adult (m)3,4197822
TCuRa(TCuRa)Adult (m)3,2588192
2jjRC(2jjRC)Adult (m)5,1341,1241
YnN0M(YnN0M)Adult (m)4,9811,0973
U12C3(U12C3)Adult (m)4,7181,0404
Wd45u(Wd45u)Adult (m)2,7436653
ZY1nm(ZY1nm)Adult (m)5,0341,1094
IquGT(IquGT)Adult (m)3,6879443
Q3FFs(Q3FFs)Adult (m)3,5081,0024
OSLiO(OSLiO)Adult (m)2,3316677
nI5ZQ(nI5ZQ)Adult (m)2,9749462
7NrnX(7NrnX)Adult (m)3,4354512
EdSm9(EdSm9)Adult (m)5,7771,1716
SLu6W(SLu6W)Adult (m)5,0601,1062
1B7aM(1B7aM)Adult (m)2,7195801
OGHms(OGHms)Adult (m)6,3578622
X2DCR(X2DCR)Adult (m)5,3321,0992
MV5c9(MV5c9)Adult (m)6,5748801
VZfh3(VZfh3)Adult (m)4,3421,0531
3a2IC(3a2IC)Adult (m)3,3739541
auPsQ(auPsQ)Adult (m)2,4576963
4qHIi(4qHIi)Adult (m)2,2397873
14Ui4(14Ui4)Adult (m)2,7357473
7uXuK(7uXuK)Adult (m)3,3007020
7QfmI(7QfmI)Adult (m)3,0886551
FkAR(FkAR)Adult (m)1,85871139
qactFirelizard ProjectHatchling (F)50933624
5jG4Pygmi DragosAdult (f)1,1095338
IwL4Lazybones the firelizardAdult (m)1,2756157
DJYHSweet Dragos DarlingAdult (f)9415105
yJJCDarling Dragos PygmyAdult (m)1,9105246
5CmRShiny Plushie DragosAdult (f)1,7354934
yuVSScaly Plushie DragosAdult (m)1,9305397
0PAVMiniature DragosAdult (f)2,68222210
fR9pMy collectable Dragos MiniatureAdult (m)3,13329010
0EdTPocket sized DragosAdult (f)3,2212514
DWJiPocket Ninja DragosAdult (m)3,1192686
RNeRThe Hidden PygmyAdult (f)1,4878165
cJjCDragos who hides in a pocketAdult (m)3,3032459
bBLiTeeny Tiny Toy DragosAdult (f)3,14521811
cdWITeeny Tiny DragosAdult (m)1,3253626
isIsGoddess IsisAdult (f)1,9138827
2doLGod OsirisAdult (m)2,3919903
pBDJPretty Baby DragosAdult (f)2,0665577
0MHcHe's My Baby BoyAdult (m)1,24569510
2KPGToy Dragos PygmyAdult (f)1,9305595
KtprMy Dragos ToyAdult (m)1,2896286
WHFiI collect buttonsAdult (f)5,5498008
om4SCute as a ButtonAdult (m)9895993
nO2dMiniscule SweetheartAdult (f)5,9837494
l70lMiniscule DragosAdult (m)2,6525448
WS1aPurse PygmyAdult (f)1,3806149
dQR8Dragos Who Lives In A PurseAdult (m)1,5336178
Q1QNPipsqueak DragosAdult (f)1,3706593
fXB5Pipsqueak PygmyAdult (m)1,9426193
FGPHPrincess Blue EyesAdult (f)3,31150713
k6WOPrince Blue eyesAdult (m)4,3386294
B1asSweet Marshmallow DragosAdult (f)2,3366527
HKQRTasty Marshmallow DragosAdult (m)3,7209178
TcsjGolden Kitten DragonAdult (f)3,6066906
sdkCBlue Eyed Dragon KittenAdult (m)3,3244258
tdiYSweet Little PuppyAdult (f)3,9953896
npNfCute Little PuppyAdult (m)2,5916256
MmEYPetite Pygmy DragosAdult (f)2,6534963
idU6Petite Handsome PygmyAdult (m)2,6955234
bfgpRunty Little DragosAdult (f)4,4309214
9OQjRunty Blue EyesAdult (m)3,8854813
8cgm8 inch DragosAdult (f)3,0764166
8BEN8 Inch BenAdult (m)1,5775913
8jTiPygmy of Dwarf SizeAdult (f)4,3408494
m5SfMy Dwarf DragonAdult (m)1,7746275
QRhcMarshmallow Dragon PeepAdult (f)4,3624903
qvLHMarshmallow Pygmy PeepAdult (m)1,6285692
6I5oLollipop Pygmy DragonAdult (f)1,5625493
LMekPygmy LollipopAdult (m)4,1364666
Dva9Little Pygmy DivaAdult (f)1,9005152
aVWpPygmy DivaAdult (m)2,3906034
4t53Daemon KirjavaAdult (f)2,9605693
MpJpPantalaimon DaemonAdult (m)2,4927317
llUMCute little RuntAdult (f)2,9515242
2UBhPygmy RuntAdult (m)3,7575054
hfn4My Little SweetpeaAdult (f)2,9805535
FZ16Pygmy SweetpeaAdult (m)2,3167035
9j90Precious Christmast Eve PygmyAdult (f)2,1687264
ea3JThe Pygmy of Winter SolsticeAdult (m)4,4604456
hC5NFirst '11 Dragos PygmyAdult (f)3,2269306
NNIJThe last '10 dragos pygmyAdult (m)2,5998318
10oVStar DragosAdult (f)3,3715777
PW6sDragos StarAdult (m)4,5707077
vQURGweeness the PygmyAdult (f)3,4155626
cF5lGweenessAdult (m)3,0545689
XtYZPygmy HiccupsAdult (f)3,4105304
hlCpLittle hiccupsAdult (m)1,7326575
Nu8aGlimmering PygmyAdult (f)3,0627646
QlUhPygmy that GlimmersAdult (m)3,3659766
qtFCKentuky Fried PygmyAdult (f)4,4906557
BNFRFast Food PygmyAdult (m)4,4216369
kDl8Pygmy names are hard to think ofAdult (f)3,1085772
GmWlI'm running out of pygmy namesAdult (m)1,92354212
h9tGGolden Sun DragosAdult (f)2,5787132
GUeODark Dawn DragosAdult (m)3,9663197
Mgm1Dragos Pygmy JulietAdult (f)3,5176674
7kisDragos Pygmy RomeoAdult (m)3,9695914
3SkRAshe DragosAdult (f)2,4944234
UjEsTryndamere DragosAdult (m)3,7165233
CYFSKSif DragosAdult (f)2,1825380
G6ncbThor DragosAdult (m)2,1695462
RcQaeBrigid DragosAdult (f)2,4395311
Yc9cKBres DragosAdult (m)2,5177295
1EROGSuiseiseki DragosAdult (f)4,3265395
DSSUUDragos DesuAdult (m)2,8926311
rsa9oLindy RoseAdult (f)2,8926641
CdYt3Kyle BeastlyAdult (m)3,0166732
TKc97Riches of DragosAdult (f)4,7766422
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