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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “EternalWhisper,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ko5Tj(Ko5Tj)Dead Egg111
91N0o(91N0o)Dead Egg111
pEbDDark InfernalAdult (f)1,7027247
EA7IOblivion AbyssAdult (m)1,9164894
D14RNefarious DeedsAdult (f)1,28760552
prR2Springtime SeasonsAdult (f)5,5114309
NtSWChibi PercyAdult (m)3,2932215
IT1gRiddle MakerAdult (m)2,7243149
0s9GLuck WearerAdult (f)2,1893379
Y1mPEndures SandstormsAdult (m)1,17233512
NHclRefined GarnetAdult (f)3,74834912
7HdaHellfyre WrathAdult (f)3,66140010
YUQfpTheFirstofHisLine Pharaoh AtemuAdult (m)1,7585572
MQo14He Who Walks unSeenAdult (m)2,8086929
MgniJDescending TerrorAdult (m)1,1525412
TnYAYBlueberry Apple TartAdult (m)2,2056287
iKvDMOcean's Cresting WavesAdult (m)1,8368266
AIIaTPride's PrejudiceAdult (f)1,3597422
ckiCzDusk of Twilight's HelmAdult (f)2,3311,0922
XGntzPoppy Chamomile TeaAdult (f)2,0919994
qjeP6Nostalgic SongbirdAdult (f)2,3801,1061
AilYmMoonlite RunesAdult (f)2,3741,1071
tahCTSongs of the Lonely MountainAdult (f)2,2961,0251
ocbCjClue FinderAdult (f)2,5821,1844
ixs5kLord of Silver FountainsAdult (m)1,8218781
AlRHqDandelyon FloofAdult (f)1,6508291
cOSBNKing of Carven StoneAdult (m)1,6488281
n8V9YFrosted CarnationAdult (f)8865272
ZamvsCharged VoltspireAdult (f)9505661
AM8f5Frozen Lake LotusAdult (f)9095311
hx6YlHeart of the Dark MoonAdult (f)9225361
Nbx01Frost-touched BelladonnaAdult (f)9875361
EN6ndCalcium DepositAdult (m)8904810
QdmGeFever-fewAdult (m)9694791
JRGY4Dancing Sea-lionAdult (f)1,0465111
uFyLsSweeping GestureAdult (f)9354571
DZNP8Crypt's SecretAdult (f)9634851
wmt4yPosing FlutterAdult (f)1,0385011
9nVGqThrone of IvoryAdult (m)9734761
OYpxJEmpire of JadeAdult (f)1,0695862
5hQ5IFledgling FanciesAdult (m)1,1646213
DZ2AeTempered in FireAdult (f)1,1466173
WymgaTroubled HarpAdult (m)1,2196483
v1Jw2Breeze that Stands StillAdult (m)1,1956532
SaMqkFolly's DecadenceAdult (m)1,1486354
R60HTMarbled JadeAdult (f)1,2977002
ST7OQAmbrosia's GarnetAdult (f)1,2746940
OKNAeRelic of Times PastAdult (m)1,2036374
WNsBKIron FaeAdult (f)1,1496514
TCL2nCorrosion of TimeAdult (f)9555334
Dl9CADespondent HowlAdult (m)1,0006767
N15u3Autumn's ErrorAdult (m)1,2377971
sjrLdRiversong DanceAdult (m)1,1077160
896nPStolen HoardAdult (f)1,0426941
c4tjaCrimson Morning RiseAdult (f)2,7069573
P5N9VReady Aim F i r eAdult (m)1,0264951
uFsDBOh Cold Fire in the Ivory TowerAdult (f)9916551
38sEkDuality of SpiritAdult (f)1,2015870
7aoDbWanderer's FollyAdult (m)1,1654762
5BHAu(5BHAu)Adult (m)1,6655001
ArdSb(ArdSb)Adult (f)1,3974291
RHmnO(RHmnO)Adult (m)1,5044602
OspeW(OspeW)Adult (f)1,4124561
mLLIy(mLLIy)Adult (m)1,4274620
A59kE(A59kE)Adult (f)1,2074902
dEHHe(dEHHe)Adult (f)1,0964820
aVK8O(aVK8O)Adult (m)1,1454930
39DvH(39DvH)Adult (m)1,0664594
SZnDM(SZnDM)Adult (f)1,0004692
57Fi9(57Fi9)Adult (f)1,0925052
iy30m(iy30m)Adult (m)1,0334891
ajZBGCry of Victory's SufferingAdult (f)1,0124731
20Dqs(20Dqs)Adult (m)1,1125611
G43bNConsider the CoconutAdult (f)1,0465851
NJhxpBlood of TyrantsAdult (f)1,8559016
5unjm(5unjm)Adult (m)1,4227382
hfFCY(hfFCY)Adult (m)1,4447450
qmww8Stage CueAdult (f)1,1936521
I5LHW(I5LHW)Adult (f)1,1796132
KPk6T(KPk6T)Adult (m)1,1886173
W1Ing(W1Ing)Adult (f)1,1575761
FVEWUConqueror of StoneAdult (m)1,2826264
jkxfL(jkxfL)Adult (m)3,7661,1684
aRxP4(aRxP4)Adult (f)4,1561,2444
XmtEK(XmtEK)Adult (f)4,5211,2824
VbJjA(VbJjA)Adult (f)4,5461,3055
EPS1X(EPS1X)Adult (m)4,4861,3321
k9ZIe(k9ZIe)Adult (m)7574931
lgGGe(lgGGe)Adult (m)8615412
uv98c(uv98c)Adult (f)8485373
BmvSg(BmvSg)Adult (m)8395341
AqN7s(AqN7s)Adult (f)2,9069243
2FDSB(2FDSB)Adult (m)8675840
x9ki3(x9ki3)Adult (m)1,1086494
rIIBC(rIIBC)Adult (f)1,2537122
5bAKO(5bAKO)Adult (m)1,1236422
PrxZe(PrxZe)Adult (m)1,1886843
EZQi7(EZQi7)Adult (f)4,4401,3439
2JVHj(2JVHj)Adult (m)1,2906122
0iAzm(0iAzm)Adult (m)1,6096182
Nx8Zi(Nx8Zi)Adult (m)2,03679015
4ckdT(4ckdT)Adult (m)1,3756471
1NmxT(1NmxT)Adult (m)1,5456131
TKKIF(TKKIF)Adult (f)1,5205971
aAgQW(aAgQW)Adult (f)6,2751,5316
bJJcU(bJJcU)Adult (m)1,4716841
YulM3(YulM3)Adult (m)1,4836951
z99dJ(z99dJ)Adult (f)1,7487670
cz4Ua(cz4Ua)Adult (f)1,8847662
vWSCK(vWSCK)Adult (m)2,1478670
UFkor(UFkor)Adult (f)2,1248601
vQ5SH(vQ5SH)Adult (m)2,6624135
RXGfO(RXGfO)Adult (m)8074231
PdK1JLight's EllipseAdult (m)8134271
QA3ZEMarbled TowerAdult (m)9405220
dDm9p(dDm9p)Adult (m)8414563
p4diY(p4diY)Adult (f)8574565
jo0v1(jo0v1)Adult (m)9014892
0H5DK(0H5DK)Adult (f)9355181
5BI1A(5BI1A)Adult (f)8664692
mQKRJ(mQKRJ)Adult (f)8934953
Jl9qE(Jl9qE)Adult (m)9115901
83tVz(83tVz)Adult (m)9305991
6YJya(6YJya)Adult (f)9065951
gqE0hGate to the UnknownAdult (m)9754761
7F0fxLantern of the FallenAdult (f)7895493
nejKgPr'aAAdult (f)1,1205931
tpRlEHerald of Summer's EndAdult (m)1,8695532
wWVSJWinter on the BreezeAdult (m)1,8285585
Xp6FeDreams of FollyAdult (m)1,9475861
3XcmNSkies of Powdered GoldAdult (f)1,9656431
pGDdA(pGDdA)Adult (f)2,0878403
XfH6D(XfH6D)Adult (m)2,0741,0971
LRzWx(LRzWx)Adult (f)2,6051,3682
Q5J3vDevastation of FireAdult (m)2,3031,2902
WkRAjLess Than a PearlAdult (f)2,3561,3172
kFwl1A Battle Against a True HeroAdult (f)2,1941,2192
cPEqi(cPEqi)Adult (f)3,2088472
V5PvwJust another Shattered FlowerAdult (f)2,2651,3111
MAguq(MAguq)Adult (f)9455592
gREkj(gREkj)Adult (m)2,8628972
WLJYp(WLJYp)Adult (f)9265551
3XRL9(3XRL9)Adult (f)9945861
C5rCbFeast of Star lightAdult (f)1,0806901
dqPfV(dqPfV)Adult (f)1,1257081
SQOry(SQOry)Adult (f)1,0756951
89gv5(89gv5)Adult (m)1,0516791
3lhWE(3lhWE)Adult (f)1,1117040
jZo4R(jZo4R)Adult (f)1,0175184
49Vyr(49Vyr)Adult (m)1,6145122
OVXpI(OVXpI)Adult (f)9995121
V05sG(V05sG)Adult (f)1,2256083
08hlb(08hlb)Adult (m)1,1935941
UJfh6(UJfh6)Adult (m)1,1956002
nJpQf(nJpQf)Adult (f)2,6821,3521
b00Oy(b00Oy)Adult (m)2,3431,2492
9oXB8(9oXB8)Adult (m)2,3211,2452
vaONPMemory of Hopes and DreamsAdult (f)2,3231,2413
RVTM2(RVTM2)Adult (m)1,5878703
cCTEl(cCTEl)Adult (m)9685012
nZ9y6(nZ9y6)Adult (f)1,2734992
pbxLK(pbxLK)Adult (f)1,1345071
DFa6c(DFa6c)Adult (f)1,1785210
vSoid(vSoid)Adult (f)1,0904861
e50Gn(e50Gn)Adult (f)1,0564930
eHNIx(eHNIx)Adult (f)1,2564771
NCUuC(NCUuC)Adult (f)2,6786425
1Lpf5(1Lpf5)Adult (m)1,6625382
fyWK6M E G A L O V A N I AAdult (m)1,6185672
NEaaD(NEaaD)Adult (f)1,8067492
Be8Nq(Be8Nq)Adult (f)2,3601,2611
RiS52(RiS52)Adult (m)2,3521,2621
cEfd8(cEfd8)Adult (f)2,3511,2621
MkxugJourney for the FallenAdult (f)2,3451,2592
7GXSPAbsence of Moral JudgementAdult (f)2,3251,2601
m9xEk(m9xEk)Adult (m)2,1081,2491
YRgBKAn Empire's FallAdult (m)2,0741,2282
qm5BASilence before the Storm's BreakAdult (f)2,1096278
6QBTY(6QBTY)Adult (f)1,3917171
TN65BDespairity of HopeAdult (m)1,3697211
DOZGP(DOZGP)Adult (m)1,4298581
uTRdc(uTRdc)Adult (m)1,3128531
iOvY0(iOvY0)Adult (f)1,8587422
8hibT(8hibT)Adult (f)1,7986960
dncsLSpooky Cheeses Scare MeAdult (f)1,9177210
K2TIv(K2TIv)Adult (f)2,3566993
qEuax(qEuax)Adult (m)1,4368521
LnVGB(LnVGB)Adult (f)1,4028191
mr2H7(mr2H7)Adult (m)1,3808370
QoNKS(QoNKS)Adult (m)4,4148762
3rDM4(3rDM4)Adult (f)4,1028662
6bmxV(6bmxV)Adult (m)3,4456931
YHfcD(YHfcD)Adult (m)3,6357040
iX5cU(iX5cU)Adult (m)3,6557071
3qU4X(3qU4X)Adult (m)3,1645732
NEVBk(NEVBk)Adult (m)3,3465812
2URqw(2URqw)Adult (f)4,1151,6133
3N2Ju(3N2Ju)Adult (f)5,0561,7652
n7Bjz(n7Bjz)Adult (m)4,8171,6723
Gm5upRolling Girl is Always far AwayAdult (f)4,1671,5402
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