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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Essjay,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
AdisDuolini HeightsAdult (m)8,0721,3633
sYr1Twixi HeightsAdult (f)3,5158422
qXFGPCrystal Moon CaveAdult (m)1,9107391
Ry9xEHeart of MoonAdult (f)2,0968462
b1DnyMoon and ConstellationsAdult (m)2,0548231
thPCtMoony Moon MoonAdult (f)1,9317621
HwuhSKnock TwiceAdult (m)3,3741,1572
ywtFAMonday Friday Heights CBAdult (f)4,7049313
UGCQu(UGCQu)Adult (f)4,5311,1082
k7TafLindy-hopAdult (f)1,9357322
KsIqdMr Lindy-hopAdult (m)2,0188222
egxNPMs Amanda PalmerAdult (f)1,8897901
nolTvMr Neil GaimanAdult (m)1,8727871
7DNAXThe Way Way BackAdult (f)1,9289412
zP0fZKiss Your DarlingsAdult (m)5,1171,0792
tSERNAnthony GaimanAdult (m)3,2297335
SZShFLoopy Diamond HeightsAdult (m)4,4681,0041
NjYVoWhere's My Book HeightsAdult (f)4,7888693
e7exoDeckle edging HeightsAdult (m)5,8129243
CoC6YDusty Library HeightsAdult (m)5,4889475
5yg8ZDusty Pages HeightsAdult (f)6,5009852
4p2MJ(4p2MJ)Adult (f)4,4571,0861
4Fts2(4Fts2)Adult (m)3,6931,0612
fZQrN(fZQrN)Adult (f)3,3521,0291
VPU3G(VPU3G)Adult (f)3,6561,0601
XWu7B(XWu7B)Adult (m)3,1766903
gxi8z(gxi8z)Adult (m)3,1369721
NQ56A(NQ56A)Adult (f)3,1619951
vTz6H(vTz6H)Adult (f)3,0921,0001
D8e7h(D8e7h)Adult (m)3,1971,0113
tMGL8(tMGL8)Adult (f)3,7011,0281
iLKeB(iLKeB)Adult (m)3,6991,0151
FBpLB(FBpLB)Adult (m)3,7231,0411
WzmLQ(WzmLQ)Adult (f)3,7801,0271
tBsUFFine-a-lee LovedAdult (m)3,0158493
KepQIMeant To Be LovedAdult (f)2,9098861
QtoL2Hen's TeethAdult (f)4,1667383
f4K1lTranslucent RarityAdult (m)3,9487863
AQtF7(AQtF7)Adult (m)3,7061,0575
1NJ0B(1NJ0B)Adult (f)3,7981,0711
GD5z9Pass Me The Almeralds CBAdult (m)4,2661,0802
32SlwYou Had Them Last CBAdult (f)4,1079512
96ZkkThey Must Be Around CBAdult (m)4,0159431
wSta1Here Somewhere CBAdult (f)4,9641,0751
8AFQ2Parasol HeightsAdult (f)4,0321,1434
pX8xzWind Breaker HeightsAdult (m)4,1851,1483
QLux0Beach Ball HeightsAdult (m)4,3331,1772
850IESun Tan HeightsAdult (m)4,3531,1362
Droia(Droia)Adult (f)4,2561,1682
3FhJTSwimsuit HeightsAdult (f)4,3361,1481
rZpX4Vacation HeightsAdult (m)3,9881,1431
P1OP9Lolly HeightsAdult (f)4,7841,0762
LRgH9Best HeightsAdult (m)2,7044820
UQQbcGolden Tan HeightAdult (m)3,4398961
e7Akd(e7Akd)Adult (f)3,2599102
PsYRr(PsYRr)Adult (m)3,3148701
KeDoQ(KeDoQ)Adult (m)5,1411,1111
GvJLW(GvJLW)Adult (f)5,1931,0921
Vz5eo(Vz5eo)Adult (f)5,5431,1081
1EScT(1EScT)Adult (f)5,2901,0822
Kq1Ee(Kq1Ee)Adult (m)5,4041,1162
uyB32(uyB32)Adult (f)4,8861,0451
aAWE3(aAWE3)Adult (f)5,2291,0682
PBDlo(PBDlo)Adult (m)4,2611,0693
xv5lf(xv5lf)Adult (f)4,2851,0672
IQfY3(IQfY3)Adult (f)4,0551,0601
cP3pq(cP3pq)Adult (f)4,0121,0451
GD3WO(GD3WO)Adult (m)4,2288241
Dt1wH(Dt1wH)Adult (f)4,1908421
oR1J4(oR1J4)Adult (m)3,2688652
5eDhu(5eDhu)Adult (f)3,1058703
KWB3F(KWB3F)Adult (m)4,9531,1002
XmUCK(XmUCK)Adult (f)4,7581,1331
vtKJgThe Dressmaker's Doll CBAdult (f)4,9389491
BZynf(BZynf)Adult (f)5,4038422
kZg1x(kZg1x)Adult (m)4,0671,0141
EYCiQ(EYCiQ)Adult (m)4,0791,0201
UM9g1(UM9g1)Adult (f)4,0899971
umJVR(umJVR)Adult (f)3,1809490
zxuKW(zxuKW)Adult (m)3,7541,0302
WYFzL(WYFzL)Adult (f)3,7571,0254
usmTr(usmTr)Adult (m)3,7151,0141
KPxHy(KPxHy)Adult (f)3,6671,0451
Kn2h7(Kn2h7)Adult (m)3,6531,0231
cMMcEElm Glacewing CBAdult (m)3,5789492
RxAlsOak Glacewing CBAdult (f)3,4109211
VAgnXAsh Glacewing CBAdult (m)3,4449471
AyF4fWillow Glacewing CBAdult (f)3,3398991
4vFMFLime Glacewing CBAdult (f)4,3211,0081
MmMkY(MmMkY)Adult (f)3,7068602
vtmyB(vtmyB)Adult (m)4,2049551
2LhF5(2LhF5)Adult (f)4,1799442
1my6U(1my6U)Adult (m)4,1559600
b2NgW(b2NgW)Adult (f)3,7059711
0J3pe(0J3pe)Adult (m)3,9559553
hOPQB(hOPQB)Adult (m)4,2259691
Phvj2(Phvj2)Adult (f)4,2199833
HNIcG(HNIcG)Adult (m)4,1089581
eyU1i(eyU1i)Adult (f)3,9919701
DYisLitazair HeightsAdult (m)5,4071,1272
RlRCMirabella HeightsAdult (f)7,6151,1211
h2YF8(h2YF8)Adult (m)4,9158972
DyC0O(DyC0O)Adult (m)5,0438781
bUK0U(bUK0U)Adult (f)5,0448951
DLxOq(DLxOq)Adult (f)4,9848811
z3y7B(z3y7B)Adult (f)6,1609103
qjvnp(qjvnp)Adult (f)6,1459421
nhsZaAha Heights CBAdult (m)4,3661,0791
58EMHI IZ TWO CBAdult (f)4,1901,0174
8VpVNoir GloomthAdult (f)5,8031,1746
0gvtCarbonel GloomthAdult (f)6,0491,3004
UmdPRosemary Fleur GloomthAdult (f)6,7761,3515
jRXICalidor Winston GloomthAdult (m)4,0378512
OYc9Pergamond GloomthAdult (f)2,7747474
Bb2RMerbeck Dusk GloomthAdult (m)2,8418023
hIeIFairfax Dusk GloomthAdult (m)3,2567025
mV49Lady Midnight of GloomthAdult (f)4,44175711
6uUsXNorbert EbonywingAdult (m)2,3295522
hOPuGRaven EbonywingAdult (f)2,8357151
uoqcFHermione GloomthAdult (f)2,8015801
onotOShards of GloomthAdult (m)2,0775521
Fnl5VBernardino GloomthAdult (f)3,0716832
jOlrWValentine EbonywingAdult (m)2,1516111
WINbMCocoa GloomthAdult (f)2,0666063
8C6pLHer Silvery GlowAdult (f)2,8586961
8hBW2Tuesday NextAdult (m)2,2887761
nlhBdBlackest CilrianAdult (f)4,1341,2285
RfTChDusky DiltAdult (f)4,1201,2242
Zu6bCAlter-Valentine D'OrisaarAdult (f)2,4688196
nZZA7Gloomy SpringAdult (m)1,7817511
vShYCSpindles GloomAdult (f)1,7747921
z5uCOLevithan's MuseAdult (m)1,8137272
37OPFHermit's SerenityAdult (f)1,8467272
7eynrInky PrintsAdult (f)1,9267491
CyWtmCrumpled PagesAdult (m)2,5318862
sQVLMCrackers GloomthAdult (m)1,9887631
I0F5QBlack Caviar GloomthAdult (f)2,0668421
IKxlSWinehouse BleakAdult (f)2,4178971
MA6veAutumn DarknessAdult (m)2,0737341
PVrCrWinter's GloomAdult (f)4,5271,2272
fCM5HLucky Noir CBAdult (m)2,9839791
1vuKMCrumpled AbundanceAdult (m)3,6011,1292
F3A3S(F3A3S)Adult (m)3,4191,0581
kw8mSAl-eAdult (f)3,4601,0591
jjvTENoir UltimateAdult (f)3,4311,0220
QFqjM(QFqjM)Adult (m)3,2061,0261
xcBsBBlack Easter ParadeAdult (m)3,5438273
JFAr9(JFAr9)Adult (f)3,6989642
Su8MT(Su8MT)Adult (m)3,3358972
7dckQSilicon DuchessAdult (f)4,1311,0951
LlZ2qNoir Noir NellyAdult (f)4,0399681
NXFsuXion's NoirAdult (f)3,7588525
6G788(6G788)Adult (m)5,0431,0151
jRqrgNovember NoirAdult (f)4,1681,1405
ZaeCDZack NoirAdult (m)3,7859963
EFU3tGrunge NoirAdult (f)4,9521,1043
wWqMJ(wWqMJ)Adult (f)5,2591,0663
iHZbm(iHZbm)Adult (m)5,3841,0973
B4N5F(B4N5F)Adult (m)5,2871,1092
8dGcp(8dGcp)Adult (f)4,9981,1022
qGH3KAlthea OliverAdult (f)5,7211,0643
vvNtPJanuary NoirAdult (f)5,3911,1105
2o8t0En deuil avec Charlie HebdoAdult (m)4,3701,0624
p7ozr(p7ozr)Adult (f)4,8001,0551
6WRGKMarch NoirAdult (f)6,7281,2295
Dw0bFThursday's NoirAdult (f)5,0181,2493
3voDg(3voDg)Adult (m)4,9291,2964
AKOzC(AKOzC)Adult (f)4,6791,0431
0VP0m(0VP0m)Adult (f)4,4181,0490
HPIJcStranger Invada NoirAdult (f)3,2097342
kk3MMDarke Noir CBAdult (m)3,1557421
5xfkOSeventeen Grunge Heights CBAdult (f)5,2099741
aM027Amity Noir CBAdult (f)4,6599291
Dt4qcBronte NoirAdult (m)4,7969351
9sIYdWALLS ARE STUPIDAdult (m)4,9189902
viVJhTurn on the Lights HeightsAdult (f)4,5379281
HeuilOil Noir CBAdult (m)5,3678942
l9orl(l9orl)Adult (m)5,1619641
YrQ41Crowley Noir CBAdult (m)5,2729981
zf9niTyrol Noir CBAdult (m)5,6589711
knrmVFool's Noir CBAdult (m)4,8091,0992
iZzeZIzzez Noir CBAdult (m)5,1171,1822
1VxgS(1VxgS)Adult (m)5,1851,0641
FNbIdWise Will CBAdult (m)5,2059661
oFoVBWhen in Doubt CBAdult (f)5,2548692
6IolQFines Heights CBAdult (m)5,9089791
ucHy4(ucHy4)Adult (m)5,8991,0871
iZXsZIn Memoriam CBAdult (f)5,7771,0811
ieGG1(ieGG1)Adult (m)4,6591,0840
3x9JW(3x9JW)Adult (m)7,0941,1481
yHEsZ(yHEsZ)Adult (m)4,3159881
BAVi4(BAVi4)Adult (f)3,2067093
owKHR(owKHR)Adult (m)3,9751,0421
hGZBZ(hGZBZ)Adult (f)3,2238662
bIjR3Pimbleby Noir CBAdult (f)5,0441,1083
cajQG10k and Counting CBAdult (m)4,0551,0463
LZMUTHeron EbonywingAdult (m)3,8137362
K491ENight of DorkfaceAdult (m)2,2437142
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