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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
6ydwL(6ydwL)Adult (f)5,2248191
Kz6jX(Kz6jX)Adult (m)4,8388273
wwurF(wwurF)Adult (m)5,0028411
A7nHUCB Pumpkin IAdult (m)7,5681,2643
XBX7QCB Pumpkin IIIAdult (m)6,4051,2883
8zKORCB Pumpkin IIAdult (f)5,8741,3903
wbF7xCB Pumpkin VAdult (m)5,6521,3841
ykVPVCB Pumpkin IVAdult (f)5,9881,2683
1zZgXCB Pumpkin VIAdult (f)5,9121,2754
YNWIS(YNWIS)Adult (f)2,7105923
YYpZU(YYpZU)Adult (f)2,1765451
pZlYZ(pZlYZ)Adult (m)5,2121,3971
IYJmL(IYJmL)Adult (m)5,2141,3670
bcbRs(bcbRs)Adult (m)4,7851,0901
kFNfO(kFNfO)Adult (m)4,6581,0833
2Fs05(2Fs05)Adult (f)3,5629161
oAltDCB Poisonous SulfurAdult (m)5,2531,2077
nRQc0CB Yellow DesertAdult (m)5,7831,0825
KMQXYlol I Smell FunnyAdult (f)5,2651,1098
McM9WCB Yellow VolcanoAdult (f)7,8125242
4WWn0Butthurt BurtHatchling (m, F)9,5761,5334
eri85(eri85)Adult (f)8,7971,0876
cEriA(cEriA)Adult (m)7,0711,0376
P8xCu(P8xCu)Hatchling (F)3,9225321
ZodarCB ZodarAdult (f)6,5181,0774
MEriy(MEriy)Adult (f)6,9001,3516
qxRPg(qxRPg)Hatchling (f, F)5,6229662
h1cMy(h1cMy)Adult (m)4,0568201
kfbou(kfbou)Adult (m)4,1968244
nI27I(nI27I)Adult (f)3,9568364
Cr6P5(Cr6P5)Adult (f)4,2368074
LfQn9(LfQn9)Adult (f)3,8097821
yEINT(yEINT)Hatchling (f, F)4,6509161
HL1eG(HL1eG)Hatchling (F)1,7804382
rrPCf(rrPCf)Adult (f)6,6121,0674
r305P(r305P)Adult (f)4,8337891
Znj6sUnder-PressureAdult (m)4,67592221
g5b3nI Do What I Must Because I CanAdult (m)5,9711,18933
uQNkiSo Many Dumb Ways to DieHatchling (m, F)4,26975219
VQoA0Erica's CB GoldAdult (m)7,06395843
hyr6k(hyr6k)Adult (m)6,8311,13710
avqi8Yes She Does You LiarAdult (m)2,7821,01621
mIrBGEri Doesn't Name Her DragonsAdult (m)3,5181,13512
L1kYJKakkakin 3GAdult (m)2,7909849
7LE4ACB Gushing GoldAdult (m)2,95372321
cmHJ0Erica Hates CharleyAdult (m)3,13688620
2qwkKPressure- Pushing Down On MeAdult (m)3,1461,0157
vju8RJaques von RammeAdult (m)4,1081,05916
j0PnX(j0PnX)Hatchling (F)2,0132534
U6XixPrymo D'OrisaarAdult (m)3,9281,09114
7FHGrvon RammeAdult (m)3,2491,11011
isrYUErica's Unbreedable GoldAdult (m)3,5271,18610
3lVaP3g Magi RebelAdult (m)3,3741,09311
Abr21(Abr21)Adult (m)4,6628429
SvCGj(SvCGj)Adult (m)5,3749456
90H1hBBW Gold M 'IIAdult (m)3,4041,2207
OVwZvBBW Gold M 'IAdult (m)4,5201,26211
CAPCeCapceAdult (m)3,1021,09814
O5t0IWhiptails Make ShiniesAdult (m)4,97499410
E4hOEIII BBW x Gold SpiralAdult (m)4,0341,13113
KHNZWBBW Gold M 'IIIAdult (m)3,2431,16513
8r0Z1BBW Gold 3G M 'IAdult (m)5,2151,06010
umLm2Erica's Holly-Covered GoldAdult (m)4,0141,12417
np827CJ StryverAdult (m)3,2511,30212
DyGRH(DyGRH)Adult (m)3,3311,3516
25NWe(25NWe)Adult (m)5,4261,10710
TGwi0Festivus PoleAdult (m)5,00163321
bpNG3TTC Actually Didn't SuckAdult (m)4,4051,44211
0QQLuA 3G Pyromantic GoldAdult (m)4,8381,47614
8fP6zBrain Damage and EclipseAdult (m)5,5691,28417
LxAhZ(LxAhZ)Adult (m)4,7421,3069
4KNctAiring  of  GrievancesAdult (m)5,0331,3049
Eu0AqThey'll Eat Your Face lolAdult (m)4,2721,36616
xKlL9(xKlL9)Adult (m)5,5291,30114
pKSm5(pKSm5)Adult (m)4,1261,36716
Urrzh(Urrzh)Adult (m)6,2221,2907
FzI5T(FzI5T)Adult (m)4,5641,42514
7bpbl(7bpbl)Adult (m)4,4031,38114
IGJH8(IGJH8)Adult (m)6,7321,0877
LiP3sMagi LipsAdult (m)7,4419878
HGqi1(HGqi1)Adult (m)6,9381,0353
mnSYs(mnSYs)Adult (m)11,5851,2785
BQYikMake me a zombie 2019Adult (m)3,00879827
4CRm1Yellow  MysteryAdult6,8731,60711
JWaWoTiny Yellow MysteryHatchling (F)1,0974976
TvH5VCB BrackenclawAdult (m)4,3331,2243
M1dZjCB SandsoulAdult (f)5,1659367
0fh7u(0fh7u)Hatchling (f, F)3,1729693
olcJL(olcJL)Hatchling (F)1,1941042
e9t4G(e9t4G)Adult (f)3,8411,0654
echtCGlory UsHatchling (m, F)3,8336639
187TI(187TI)Hatchling (F)2,09725410
yLjQ8(yLjQ8)Adult (f)2,3188573
Ufw1q(Ufw1q)Adult (m)4,2338883
cT3XfMerry Little ShimmerAdult (f)3,9591,06281
yDb8Elol I'm a Bronze Shimmer tooAdult (m)7,81093525
gjoKWCave's Combustable LemonsAdult (m)5,0631,09920
r0hGBWish You Were Here TabitahAdult (m)5,5711,43524
Askl1LacrimitAdult (f)5,3691,17913
TrfJJMy Patronus Is a DementorAdult (m)7,2311,13411
1TQ4T(1TQ4T)Adult (m)7,5151,24015
C2eNn(C2eNn)Adult (f)6,2301,33810
3HISV(3HISV)Adult (m)7,2751,08212
HFBgH(HFBgH)Adult (f)6,1721,242119
zSpzL(zSpzL)Adult (f)5,4871,34410
wxQZl(wxQZl)Adult (m)7,7781,13812
QT03Y(QT03Y)Adult (f)5,4001,40010
B85XE(B85XE)Adult (m)3,4641,39910
4oELf(4oELf)Adult (m)6,3461,24213
pbemw(pbemw)Adult (f)5,9591,27612
6NuJI(6NuJI)Adult (f)6,6821,2189
eJkWs(eJkWs)Adult (m)6,0171,1028
tIux8(tIux8)Adult (m)8,6271,07111
7rrF0(7rrF0)Adult (m)9,4451,0667
RifLG(RifLG)Adult (f)6,7167965
dszaz(dszaz)Adult (m)7,2761,1378
OmzGR(OmzGR)Adult (m)7,3091,1789
oxUfJ(oxUfJ)Adult (f)7,1871,0736
kcw3Q(kcw3Q)Adult (m)5,9201,1166
AQlOjLegio X HispanaAdult (f)6,1931,1716
ZgUSFSurgical SurpriseAdult (f)8,1061,2707
fyt4H(fyt4H)Adult (m)6,6641,1997
SIz5q(SIz5q)Adult (f)5,2171,2546
V1iVQ(V1iVQ)Adult (f)5,5451,2165
DeZFZCB Golden SunlightAdult (f)5,45080545
P1LmvGyllma D'OrisaarAdult (f)6,9821,09515
qgGKhGolden AP CatchHatchling (f, F)2,61684614
KcbGAErica's Other CB GoldAdult (f)3,8091,07310
GtLXxOhey I'm CBAdult (f)2,27996418
5Ho6kErica's CB GoooooldAdult (f)2,7781,07433
pFMSF(pFMSF)Adult (f)4,15976733
riuELAnother One of Erica's CB GoldsAdult (f)3,7711,1034
5PSpXA Goldish TurquoiseAdult (f)3,4271,16112
RdIvhEri's Not Sexy and She Knows ItAdult (f)4,2481,03412
G5uEW2G x GW spiralAdult (f)4,04778812
nVavxGuylnor 'IVAdult (f)3,1549916
qJkGbBBW Gold F IIAdult (f)2,63687711
bDvW2BBW Gold F 'IAdult (f)4,07284715
wMF47Xylene I Will Kill You 'IIIAdult (f)4,2971,15410
sNihPBBW Gold 3G F 'IAdult (f)4,3358456
TBrceBBW Gold F 'VAdult (f)3,5001,05913
xdFJJ(xdFJJ)Adult (f)5,9021,07013
FkkJD(FkkJD)Adult (f)3,8081,2597
4U9MjDr ManetteAdult (f)6,0131,19512
Kztj6Mommy died yayAdult (f)4,1571,43815
ioJxY(ioJxY)Adult (f)4,5311,35512
rmus7Where You Gonna Smack MeAdult (f)4,6641,35218
TMpBuErica Loves it TooAdult (f)4,43296111
unWl8(unWl8)Adult (f)5,1841,28911
iWJ1L(iWJ1L)Adult (f)4,4741,32612
gifap(gifap)Adult (f)5,9821,1549
OOS7jWhat is This Weird FeelingAdult (f)4,8381,35912
5oLmTHappy Sandra to MeAdult (f)5,9081,1687
GxGPpHere Comes EricaAdult (f)5,5181,37214
CFpBD(CFpBD)Adult (f)5,2721,2557
YpBHOXylene the weirdoAdult (f)4,6261,0759
fg5H3(fg5H3)Adult (f)7,0751,0396
yKe4SGrox is a Horrible PersonAdult (f)5,6141,2077
JMSRV(JMSRV)Adult (f)5,7501,2436
rb9gJTurpy-TurpAdult (f)2,5951,2964
L7Or5Turpy-Turp-TurpAdult (m)3,5348355
rQSdsTurpeinoAdult (m)3,2259274
BOtiqVoldemort VoldymortAdult (m)3,1818682
YeguoI Smell FunnyAdult (f)5,1079995
ns9dUDon't Touch Me - I BurnHatchling (F)2,90754721
f92nJLurkin' and TurpingAdult (m)3,9061,0713
LQjloTurping and LurkingAdult (f)3,4191,0642
dJi6QLurking and TurpingAdult (m)4,8541,1024
odRilTurpin' and LurkingAdult (f)4,5951,0844
5lr8u(5lr8u)Adult (m)4,7621,0846
mPJDiTurpity Turp TurpAdult (f)4,2971,1363
rRLC3Turping LurkingAdult (m)3,6261,0251
H4HmFLurking TurpingAdult (f)3,5711,0241
LhEFBLurkin' TurpAdult (f)2,6911,0575
hhSv6(hhSv6)Adult (m)2,6309134
6MWKl(6MWKl)Adult (m)2,3469063
o6vQc(o6vQc)Adult (m)2,4859513
6wZSQ(6wZSQ)Adult (f)2,4729143
FHJkqBAHAHAHAHAHAHAAdult (m)2,6989999
CFlBk(CFlBk)Adult (f)4,6499394
OyI41(OyI41)Adult (f)3,6799741
wTp3x(wTp3x)Adult (m)3,6821,0101
2GISr(2GISr)Adult (f)4,2186790
Wlzju(Wlzju)Adult (m)2,6117953
c9hCz(c9hCz)Adult (f)2,6577993
FTble(FTble)Adult (m)2,6359102
ZdDEN(ZdDEN)Adult (m)3,4551,0812
fkqByErica's Smelly AP CatchAdult (f)3,49986315
ZW8qAI Smell Bad lolAdult (m)2,7775606
95734(95734)Adult (f)3,4661,0895
eNdaE(eNdaE)Adult (f)3,6061,1133
w0RM6Waiting to Follow the WormsAdult (f)2,9751,2065
wqG8QHAHAHAHAHAHAdult (f)3,9931,29910
uMHi5AHAHAHAHAHAAdult (m)4,4921,2947
xXf9A(xXf9A)Hatchling (f, F)3,9075223
HBGNL(HBGNL)Adult (m)3,7608796
XdKJzs2 freeze sillyfaceHatchling (m, F)2,9489245
C5eSSOhai TsunamiAdult (m)5,2471,21736
dK8kcErica's NoodlefaceAdult (f)6,34499339
DKs5TA Gold-Tinted PurpleAdult (f)7,2491,07138
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