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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
8Ks65(8Ks65)Adult (m)2,0837105
2ENZk(2ENZk)Adult (f)2,4398232
8vGu0(8vGu0)Adult (m)2,5138273
PYLyN(PYLyN)Adult (f)5,1191,2054
479mX2G x m Silver IAdult (f)6,0051,2065
EwabV2G x m Silver IIAdult (f)6,3391,2154
Cp3L42G x m Silver IIIAdult (f)5,2301,3466
4vj4F(4vj4F)Adult (m)3,6669545
EGrH62G x f Gold IIIAdult (m)5,4711,2463
Muf9A2G x f Gold IAdult (m)4,7521,2201
vMRyc2G x f Gold IIAdult (m)4,7741,2313
7aPLl2G x f Gold IVAdult (m)5,2321,2192
YS4q6(YS4q6)Adult (f)5,6901,1647
BUkgS(BUkgS)Adult (m)6,1071,1161
uUtcW(uUtcW)Adult (m)4,4191,1413
BLKYQ2G x f Silver IAdult (m)4,1921,3966
WEWD13G x m Gold IAdult (f)5,6851,1893
1vqxx2G x f Silver IIIAdult (m)4,9641,2542
HVwCR2G x m Silver IVAdult (f)5,0541,3272
XX5C72G x m Silver VAdult (f)4,8521,3084
4UowVuntill they're nice and juicyAdult (f)5,8958473
nrSuNThen she chops them up real goodAdult (f)5,6088490
HYwaKand serves them with potatoesAdult (f)5,4048590
a3Y0KXylene sure has lots of kidsAdult (m)5,9707290
VMXdEWhat does she even do with themAdult (m)6,2157330
3BjCqDoes she eat themAdult (m)6,4407430
M8uU9I'll bet she cooks themAdult (f)5,9697430
FgO672G x m Gold IIAdult (f)5,6301,2915
wL1B42G x f Silver IVAdult (m)5,6571,2423
ofIby(ofIby)Adult (m)4,5391,0642
KK3Z9(KK3Z9)Adult (f)5,3729804
sHBGL(sHBGL)Adult (f)5,3689834
b2jk6(b2jk6)Adult (f)5,4371,0121
sGjmK(sGjmK)Adult (f)5,5101,0101
f7Eme3G x m Silver IAdult (f)4,6121,2182
dSXhH3G x f Silver IAdult (m)4,8301,2542
L29vDoh lol I'm a thuwedAdult (f)5,4541,47216
UUrZ3(UUrZ3)Adult (m)6,1607832
3jjlh(3jjlh)Adult (f)6,2349823
OJcqz(OJcqz)Adult (f)6,1861,0064
c5LUc(c5LUc)Adult (f)6,6607971
XJtbr(XJtbr)Adult (f)6,2491,3132
gZ6u2(gZ6u2)Adult (f)6,5801,2955
gJI93(gJI93)Adult (f)4,7311,1732
DYggY(DYggY)Adult (f)5,8198901
SoDhv(SoDhv)Adult (f)5,8438972
3VKn9(3VKn9)Adult (f)4,9231,0593
65WQf(65WQf)Adult (m)5,8569341
PPhbi(PPhbi)Adult (m)4,9381,0281
hNoJS(hNoJS)Adult (f)6,4951,0003
7pNAQ(7pNAQ)Adult (m)6,4639992
u19kS(u19kS)Adult (f)6,4541,0213
xQrP7(xQrP7)Adult (m)5,0797862
eWtwQ(eWtwQ)Adult (f)6,7621,1221
9qoHZ(9qoHZ)Adult (m)7,4281,2356
tDo8V(tDo8V)Adult (m)7,1971,3346
QafHU(QafHU)Adult (m)4,2601,0871
DpqX2(DpqX2)Adult (m)4,4351,0083
7MPqe(7MPqe)Adult (m)6,7086831
Pwv6T(Pwv6T)Adult (f)6,5077571
nrrko(nrrko)Adult (f)7,5537931
iyHxe(iyHxe)Adult (m)6,6809302
Nbo06(Nbo06)Adult (m)4,5741,4765
jEqM0(jEqM0)Adult (f)4,6041,4996
uRSss(uRSss)Adult (f)4,6481,4873
AwB42(AwB42)Adult (f)4,4241,3655
3X0rN(3X0rN)Adult (f)3,3228583
JT2Fw(JT2Fw)Adult (f)5,5389113
vYIfw(vYIfw)Adult (m)5,6648942
sGR6N(sGR6N)Adult (m)3,4478382
b7Azk(b7Azk)Adult (f)6,2518223
MgfdC(MgfdC)Adult (m)4,9668992
pdKg3(pdKg3)Adult (m)5,1689211
BpLIx(BpLIx)Adult (f)5,2399673
KwHAZ(KwHAZ)Adult (f)4,4426361
RgFra(RgFra)Adult (m)5,3116731
ln5G0(ln5G0)Adult (f)6,6007241
xN33R(xN33R)Adult (m)5,9627434
3n1Zl(3n1Zl)Adult (m)2,3615888
MIGLFEri's First AutumnAdult (m)7,26598611
qKeJo(qKeJo)Adult (m)6,4549207
GnCve(GnCve)Hatchling (m, F)2,3865642
fHT9SSonata  of  AutumnAdult (m)2,7298997
yqJxs(yqJxs)Hatchling (F)1,7531552
dbuPP(dbuPP)Adult (m)6,3218641
hg3V3(hg3V3)Adult (m)6,3541,3313
ZLuR5(ZLuR5)Adult (m)3,2413084
VCIdE(VCIdE)Adult (f)4,4141,0286
gZ35X(gZ35X)Adult (m)3,3798562
zxCkr(zxCkr)Hatchling (m, F)4,0831,2703
Jz3j8(Jz3j8)Adult (f)5,8491,3712
c56hc(c56hc)Adult (m)4,6461,3082
51Fx8(51Fx8)Adult (f)3,7519692
Dx3et(Dx3et)Adult (m)3,5078984
ymsVP(ymsVP)Hatchling (f, F)4,2871,1556
5qDR2(5qDR2)Hatchling (F)1,2773383
1KvxB(1KvxB)Adult (m)5,4378793
QDQ3O(QDQ3O)Adult (f)4,3128221
AXlCf(AXlCf)Adult (f)6,4121,1696
pqIo2(pqIo2)Adult (f)4,4361,0856
GJzoR(GJzoR)Adult (m)3,9394242
FGZrl(FGZrl)Adult (f)5,9571,0834
k2uesCB Hot Piece of LavaAdult (m)4,27587511
IPqfnErupted VolcanoAdult (f)4,7851,05613
SIVbl(SIVbl)Hatchling (f, F)3,02791510
y2roR(y2roR)Hatchling (F)2,1036185
GFcpi(GFcpi)Adult (m)2,9541,0106
NY8a9(NY8a9)Hatchling (m, F)2,9016651
BdWac(BdWac)Adult (f)5,7631,3102
tAVcd2G x GoNAdult (m)5,5051,4785
PPagf(PPagf)Adult (m)5,1958527
635PY(635PY)Adult (f)5,8351,2076
ZNhaQ(ZNhaQ)Adult (f)3,8749235
VuN7k(VuN7k)Adult (m)6,9137892
2LFdqBronzetwisterAdult (m)7,7611,14610
geALZNom-ableAdult (f)6,67199811
nRCbfGendered Right Without InfluenceAdult (f)2,7791,016106
rMnph(rMnph)Adult (f)4,2531,13718
TiD3bSnoggingAdult (m)6,3951,1986
G6FSN(G6FSN)Hatchling (m, F)7,2981,1247
OzWJWSnrrkAdult (f)4,1841,2688
YAIeLMoanfulAdult (m)5,5581,19910
EzginSweet Mocha TabitahAdult (m)5,5391,10023
cAtaTSexilyAdult (m)6,4441,1429
NINOOIntensivelyAdult (f)6,0271,11010
OoNEUBedsheetsAdult (f)6,6461,09410
va8tgNakednessAdult (m)6,0501,18812
hhDBFHoney Talk Dirty to MeAdult (f)5,7621,24418
Mw6lyOoooh BabyAdult (m)6,5301,2006
idNalSuspicous NoisesAdult (f)4,5031,2908
687Ej(687Ej)Hatchling (F)5,8676585
dOC1AGet a Female Magma You MoronAdult (m)4,3951,3078
uoYgJMhhhhmmAdult (m)7,8601,1168
UD4SbTom is StupidAdult (f)7,8341,14112
9IzmFSexy 'n BronzeAdult (f)8,1699935
YzYenfreeeeeeeeze me at s2Hatchling (f, F)5,3021,1899
V5gwYOr Eat ItAdult (m)7,9659876
ApVTBTainted SweetnessAdult (f)4,0451,17923
M6AJgTainted StarsAdult (m)8,38973915
fYCTfUGH LYDIAAdult (m)7,6971,09347
7XiOkSweet Mother of ColumbiaAdult (f)6,9501,34012
0sQTAI'm Rude and I Grew UpAdult (m)6,17786514
58goh(58goh)Adult (m)6,8188944
0kDDg(0kDDg)Adult (f)7,7358733
zK4YNMissGayAdult (m)8,0011,1638
qVPMPCB Katherine lae NarinAdult (f)4,6951,3063
u8eiSCB Angela lae NarinAdult (f)6,7071,4675
RafPbI'm as Orange as a GrapeAdult (f)3,2835048
n18XpAperture's GLaDOSAdult (f)6,72099210
ZMC7KCB I'M SO MAGICALAdult (m)3,8548341
IB6GkGET THE SCIENCE DONEAdult (f)2,9509037
PmN3J(PmN3J)Adult (m)2,4367233
N5n8CMagical CB MagiAdult (m)4,8939914
iBl6YCB Neon Orange MagiAdult (f)1,4136475
nhll1CB NihilAdult (f)1,7507535
Kh5x8CB Female Magi DragonAdult (f)1,6767655
RAYObAnother Brick in the Wall IIAdult (f)3,4541,2375
nkecXCB Male Magi DragonAdult (m)3,1237871
SHr4LAnother Brick in the Wall IAdult (m)3,0121,0652
HMdZYPink Floyd - The WallAdult (f)2,9501,0372
Ju2US(Ju2US)Hatchling (F)2,0752740
TRkVX2G x IceAdult (m)2,3137294
LdYF2Another Brick in the Wall IIIAdult (m)2,8458753
yNJPeEat Your Damn MeatAdult (f)3,0879683
1pbqeTHIS CAKE IS DELICIOUS AND MOISTAdult (f)3,2881,0433
yu5vJ(yu5vJ)Adult (f)6,0581,1703
kiHak(kiHak)Adult (f)4,9177864
ueUKi(ueUKi)Hatchling (m, F)3,5629641
Nr5YG(Nr5YG)Adult (m)6,1511,0321
RjUV8(RjUV8)Hatchling (f, F)4,9128157
aHs6USwimming in a Fish BowlAdult (f)5,8621,2547
QZiClThe Same Old FearsAdult (f)3,8081,0648
7qZJmRunning Over the Same Old GroundAdult (f)3,3571,0355
p3UGy(p3UGy)Adult (f)3,2821,1011
et9tm(et9tm)Adult (m)2,2095450
B9Tct(B9Tct)Adult (m)2,7506191
BY7sw(BY7sw)Adult (m)2,6606271
ClzZb(ClzZb)Adult (m)2,1365451
BurUCCB Grave XXIIAdult (f)2,9319230
pASgmCB Grave XAdult (f)2,8268801
yWetfCB Grave XXIVAdult (f)2,8505132
A3smsCB Grave XIVAdult (f)2,5741,0131
dpo3MCB Grave VIIIAdult (f)4,2891,2315
6OQA5CB Grave XXAdult (f)3,7239933
Hc4l1CB Grave XIIAdult (f)6,70678124
1jWlcCB Grave XVIAdult (f)3,6969633
LNsDMCB Grave XVIIIAdult (f)3,1891,0013
wdCum(wdCum)Hatchling (f, F)3,5641,1361
t69PECB Grave IIAdult (f)4,9527503
W622hCB Grave IVAdult (f)4,6637871
KQCKrCB Grave VIAdult (f)3,4387722
sCfLz(sCfLz)Adult (f)7,1581,2931
SASsE(SASsE)Adult (f)7,6141,6262
a8OuhYear After YearAdult (m)4,4701,0755
SurdFWe're Just Two Lost SoulsAdult (m)7,7361,0227
9JQ2E(9JQ2E)Adult (m)3,5691,1124
RwOlZWhat Have We FoundAdult (m)3,2711,1083
ZBYgh(ZBYgh)Hatchling (F)1,7641563
1rllv(1rllv)Hatchling (m, F)2,3748033
6FYdb(6FYdb)Adult (m)5,4127510
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