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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
39iKISim Doesn't Care About MeAdult (f)5,2661,20212
sHpdzAHA XYLENE I ATE YOUR BABYAdult (f)4,6721,2135
Owofy(Owofy)Adult (f)4,9131,2796
kBF5zBooker CatchAdult (f)5,5621,1775
1SNdS(1SNdS)Adult (f)7,3391,1345
krXbj(krXbj)Adult (f)5,4021,3210
do3Du(do3Du)Adult (f)5,1021,0645
9CjxW(9CjxW)Adult (f)4,7808421
2boL5(2boL5)Adult (f)5,5257855
5hi4P(5hi4P)Adult (f)4,1608251
r5JwB(r5JwB)Adult (f)5,2527823
ZwfXt(ZwfXt)Adult (f)4,5197690
Ns7Jv(Ns7Jv)Adult (f)5,1508791
vD5SD(vD5SD)Adult (m)3,4318081
kTGjc(kTGjc)Adult (f)3,4368180
LfMYb(LfMYb)Adult (m)3,6038540
7SVmm(7SVmm)Adult (f)3,2755751
9fzRJ(9fzRJ)Adult (m)4,4897511
Qoh2K(Qoh2K)Adult (f)4,1307560
UOXo3(UOXo3)Adult (f)4,2047740
SbE8u(SbE8u)Adult (f)4,0017570
yBBwD(yBBwD)Hatchling (F)5,3555231
MDacm(MDacm)Adult (f)5,7406401
PiZoy(PiZoy)Hatchling (f, F)5,6015961
7iyTJ(7iyTJ)Adult (m)7,0249931
QwiUs(QwiUs)Adult (f)5,4751,1183
8NEmd(8NEmd)Adult (m)9,0331,1376
8tHLp(8tHLp)Adult (m)2,7038341
fPyT1(fPyT1)Adult (m)6,8101,2183
TsvQJ(TsvQJ)Adult (m)3,7199513
2rpsE(2rpsE)Adult (m)3,5149363
oUfgC(oUfgC)Adult (f)2,4205691
2nDea(2nDea)Adult (f)3,2704572
qzTbR(qzTbR)Adult (f)1,9068070
NJNRG(NJNRG)Adult (f)6,0681,2663
Xv1jg(Xv1jg)Adult (m)5,0599521
Et9Uw(Et9Uw)Adult (m)5,7721,1472
jY2FX(jY2FX)Adult (f)5,6371,1561
wf6G1(wf6G1)Adult (m)6,0461,1716
zkahUFemale Seragamma WyvernAdult (f)1,7068444
qoMsc(qoMsc)Adult (f)3,5981,0514
BdqO6(BdqO6)Hatchling (F)2,0871401
QnfQ1(QnfQ1)Hatchling (f, F)2,8977244
8TQMDYou Win the InternetAdult (f)3,3011,03116
ql53BI'm a SeragammaAdult (f)3,91894915
gF4aS(gF4aS)Adult (m)5,6717872
9TDxj(9TDxj)Adult (m)5,5608101
zIJcO(zIJcO)Adult (m)3,8385471
taivE(taivE)Hatchling (F)1,4303021
zNOyR(zNOyR)Adult (m)5,0657724
9nsAl(9nsAl)Hatchling (f, F)1,9708381
xLrRv(xLrRv)Adult (f)2,9191,0293
MdTI4(MdTI4)Adult (m)2,9511,0263
vIgpI(vIgpI)Adult (f)2,9881,0202
h1zEy(h1zEy)Adult (f)4,3151,2935
adioc(adioc)Adult (m)2,7721,0412
8Orl7(8Orl7)Hatchling (F)1,7087600
zqDc0(zqDc0)Hatchling (m, F)4,2401,0000
XDtyW(XDtyW)Adult (m)7,9221,1105
ZeD9M(ZeD9M)Adult (m)7,3991,2196
LzcSw(LzcSw)Adult (f)4,5457630
BtFXF(BtFXF)Adult (f)6,2688522
7FIDR(7FIDR)Adult (f)6,9541,0051
e6kxfFemale Spessartine PyralspiteAdult (f)4,8361,3133
SIOZ9Male Spessartine PyralspiteAdult (m)4,7571,3221
pexk7(pexk7)Hatchling (f, F)4,7141,1161
fTd8M(fTd8M)Adult (f)4,0001,0522
fUGof(fUGof)Adult (m)4,1051,0591
BAP09(BAP09)Hatchling (m, F)3,7121,1453
ZUim3(ZUim3)Adult (m)5,6878919
YNz8v(YNz8v)Adult (m)3,5167383
H2nQ6(H2nQ6)Adult (m)6,9831,1564
oGk2F(oGk2F)Adult (f)4,5408734
DdhYy(DdhYy)Adult (f)5,3079511
EAXrq(EAXrq)Adult (m)5,4279603
k8TLk(k8TLk)Adult (m)4,8808646
vpfsc(vpfsc)Hatchling (f, F)3,8569872
5cx6x(5cx6x)Adult (m)6,6317425
W4VPQ(W4VPQ)Adult (m)3,4305212
pOiiI(pOiiI)Hatchling (F)2,6202221
LhAYz(LhAYz)Adult (f)3,2367763
KZUlK(KZUlK)Adult (f)3,4655321
FDT36(FDT36)Adult (f)3,6988271
611Vn(611Vn)Adult (m)4,2488251
5n7uD(5n7uD)Adult (f)4,0578310
2jXx5(2jXx5)Adult (f)6,1941,1211
zWUlL(zWUlL)Adult (f)5,8811,0992
RZBGz(RZBGz)Adult (f)5,0391,0710
za2IO(za2IO)Adult (f)5,0761,0630
52JpT(52JpT)Adult (m)5,7151,1923
H2aiP(H2aiP)Adult (m)6,4251,3065
dcweB(dcweB)Adult (m)7,4951,3241
HZM5n(HZM5n)Adult (m)5,8691,2717
LA7qhErica's CB Female AutumnAdult (f)5,5401,11012
w0WsjI Love TabitahAdult (f)4,2301,1709
3z1Fb(3z1Fb)Hatchling (f, F)4,4199142
Tfk0C(Tfk0C)Adult (f)6,8108051
00YCo(00YCo)Adult (f)6,2471,3016
aaTsD(aaTsD)Adult (f)3,0862821
9ATmS(9ATmS)Adult (f)5,7631,0440
ipphS(ipphS)Adult (f)5,2271,1231
eZbFa(eZbFa)Hatchling (m, F)3,5986194
VmV6Q(VmV6Q)Adult (f)5,4731,1046
2cPSB(2cPSB)Adult (m)4,0724021
6QpeZ(6QpeZ)Adult (f)5,2901,0634
3BaTj(3BaTj)Adult (f)2,0385480
e0rYs(e0rYs)Adult (f)3,6949573
1b6UE(1b6UE)Adult (f)4,5621,2295
HKu5V(HKu5V)Adult (f)4,2348271
TqXsS(TqXsS)Adult (m)4,1504171
hMcul(hMcul)Adult (m)6,4161,1596
ysS81(ysS81)Adult (m)18,7651,2512
M8Z4P(M8Z4P)Adult (f)4,1448562
2myFE(2myFE)Adult (f)5,9641,2322
QmM3X(QmM3X)Adult (m)6,4051,2286
BmP4q(BmP4q)Adult (f)6,5711,1013
kDat0(kDat0)Adult (m)6,3761,3000
Ks3BH(Ks3BH)Adult (f)7,4021,1783
1T3jS(1T3jS)Adult (m)4,2911,1414
Wqka2(Wqka2)Adult (m)4,3741,46110
I4azP(I4azP)Adult (m)4,4321,4569
aLqo4(aLqo4)Adult (m)4,5861,3268
W9Aev(W9Aev)Adult (m)4,2508471
WFXuI(WFXuI)Adult (m)4,4348103
lA1Ur(lA1Ur)Adult (m)4,5017911
EMuV2(EMuV2)Adult (m)4,0879013
DTbSN(DTbSN)Adult (m)4,6307832
yHQNS(yHQNS)Adult (m)4,6717921
xWZmC(xWZmC)Adult (m)2,4416324
KlDWk(KlDWk)Adult (m)3,7101,3254
GaCUi(GaCUi)Adult (m)3,7201,3402
I0pHv(I0pHv)Adult (m)3,6531,3603
ZFiVU(ZFiVU)Adult (m)3,2012712
6oJls(6oJls)Adult (m)3,4171,3343
SeSNM(SeSNM)Adult (m)4,1086671
V2Fiu(V2Fiu)Adult (m)3,8097170
EoIP0(EoIP0)Adult (m)4,3706640
4KNRF(4KNRF)Adult (m)6,5577716
Lqmq2(Lqmq2)Adult (m)6,5327625
jspnT(jspnT)Adult (m)6,4497534
nZD5D(nZD5D)Adult (m)2,6736647
rcm9P(rcm9P)Adult (m)3,9861,3502
SLUKQ(SLUKQ)Adult (m)4,0521,3294
En37s(En37s)Adult (m)4,2131,3044
fXlJL(fXlJL)Hatchling (F)3,0374391
FLr1i(FLr1i)Adult (m)2,9088651
uuZtVFreeze Desipis IIHatchling (m, F)4,4468111
ogZYg(ogZYg)Adult (m)4,7201,0801
7RQ2K(7RQ2K)Adult (m)5,2761,1242
aSkci(aSkci)Adult (f)5,5681,1014
BSCBV(BSCBV)Adult (m)4,4439020
9Bgxe(9Bgxe)Adult (m)3,7088411
CPKDV(CPKDV)Adult (m)5,4211,0653
3LCWp(3LCWp)Adult (m)5,2431,0601
9gWFz(9gWFz)Adult (m)7,0181,2434
XSAyv(XSAyv)Adult (f)7,1141,2153
J8ppmOhey ThereAdult (m)4,2321,1002
cIAWGErica Likes WhiptailsAdult (f)8,5161,21513
lMoqt(lMoqt)Adult (m)3,6077503
j6Qtu(j6Qtu)Adult (m)2,3996764
RGWoYoOoO CB Whiptail Hoard OoOoHatchling (f, F)3,1965259
3wDnV(3wDnV)Hatchling (F)3,0573032
cryVI(cryVI)Hatchling (F)2,8652821
WeEIW(WeEIW)Hatchling (F)2,3633111
Smi9y(Smi9y)Hatchling (F)2,5142281
xb0nXBeware of the WhiptailsAdult (f)5,5231,0382
PwSWl(PwSWl)Adult (m)6,0101,1435
CimAp(CimAp)Adult (f)4,2678823
5dvYL(5dvYL)Hatchling (F)1,5523182
CGZaW(CGZaW)Adult (m)3,5029562
aBnnkGot to Keep the LooniesAdult (m)3,9739171
eaRmcThe Lunatic is on the GrassAdult (m)3,8829301
xJekYThe Lunatic  is on  the GrassAdult (m)5,3759302
28QLPRemembering GamesAdult (f)4,4038542
GbscNAnd Daisy ChainsAdult (f)3,5669820
jVzcgAnd LaughsAdult (m)4,1929053
52V1NOn the PathAdult (m)4,6681,2436
xIHOOThe Paperboy Brings MoreAdult (f)5,3631,1312
WoSeP(WoSeP)Hatchling (F)3,4317761
w6WQWThe Lunatic is in the HallAdult (f)4,1549354
qnxlpThe Lunatics are in My HallAdult (m)4,1449402
CzOzdThe Paper Holds Their FoldedAdult (f)3,8729432
gSg4xFaces to the FloorAdult (f)5,1938831
LR7BkAnd Every DayAdult (f)4,1628822
ukXy6I Make ShiniesAdult (m)2,7527121
1CD9pAnd if the Dam Breaks OpenAdult (m)2,7607513
cvjPJUr FaecAdult (m)2,2646992
JX6BdMany Years Too SoonAdult (f)4,0547611
PjA0oAnd if There  is  No RoomAdult (f)4,4709063
0HUpSUpon the HillAdult (f)4,1828853
QmAWjAnd if Your Head ExplodesAdult (f)3,0207752
oucvvWith Dark Forebodings TooAdult (m)3,9568782
B5eYY(B5eYY)Hatchling (F)1,9694611
UYudMI'll  See You  OnAdult (m)3,1738330
AU8WNYou Make the ChangeAdult (f)3,4669494
P2F3GThe Dark Side  of  the MoonAdult (m)3,2079632
XMUkZThe Lunatic is in My HeadAdult (f)3,2489723
KMSb9The Lunatic  is in  My HeadAdult (f)2,6907551
hdUqsRawr I'm a WhiptailAdult (f)2,3059445
0QRSmYou Raise the BladeAdult (m)3,7238094
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