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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Erica8798,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BcOwX(BcOwX)Adult (f)3,2108143
c4miWCB Marrow IIAdult (f)5,7291,4262
cFijoJurassic PotterAdult (f)5,7941,3132
TcEiNCB Marrow IVAdult (f)5,8271,3643
4O9ctCB Marrow VIIAdult (f)5,3861,3962
bssdEE Alpine Zyumorph IAdult (m)5,9991,1993
YBiFmE Alpine Zyumorph IIAdult (m)6,5651,1443
hYOHUE Alpine Zyumorph IIIAdult (f)8,6709074
Ta1n4(Ta1n4)Adult (m)5,4651,36416
iP8Gi(iP8Gi)Adult (m)5,3191,35327
qjHcvErica's 2PB Male MarrowAdult (m)9,0121,3926
dTLSI(dTLSI)Hatchling (m, F)1,8448906
3tKjNLydia's ButtAdult (m)4,3371,22712
i5ZuN(i5ZuN)Adult (m)4,9548062
NfklF(NfklF)Adult (m)2,8838631
xojAr(xojAr)Adult (m)2,9548443
ykcp2(ykcp2)Adult (m)3,1768232
77Nuw(77Nuw)Adult (m)2,6736192
6pElACB Marrow IAdult (m)6,4571,2841
5FwTBCB Marrow IIIAdult (m)6,0821,3853
rIc0ZCB Marrow VAdult (m)6,1671,4414
oKhq0(oKhq0)Adult (m)5,7218162
MnKrv(MnKrv)Adult (m)5,8787931
vaOGS(vaOGS)Adult (m)7,3858090
Urs6a(Urs6a)Adult (f)6,0058001
qicdU(qicdU)Adult (f)4,1521,1856
n0j10(n0j10)Adult (f)4,2551,1556
3N7w3(3N7w3)Adult (f)4,1361,1702
b2Lo4(b2Lo4)Adult (f)4,4261,44311
sXQO0(sXQO0)Adult (f)4,5561,3479
9rr6y(9rr6y)Adult (f)3,3493273
ICx55(ICx55)Adult (f)3,2003354
o0Ce5(o0Ce5)Adult (f)4,5917822
6RBuN(6RBuN)Adult (f)4,8057771
SayBF(SayBF)Adult (f)3,7211,3973
yXgft(yXgft)Adult (f)3,4103042
XLRq7(XLRq7)Adult (f)3,3462811
DeAaS(DeAaS)Adult (f)3,2432841
WpBt9(WpBt9)Adult (f)3,4741,3293
Q1obh(Q1obh)Adult (f)3,6567514
vAQpQ(vAQpQ)Adult (f)3,6687421
yk7RW(yk7RW)Adult (f)3,6337710
9Jv8M(9Jv8M)Adult (f)6,0507786
gJJ7d(gJJ7d)Adult (f)6,5317718
781Vl(781Vl)Adult (f)6,5267467
SpQAP(SpQAP)Adult (f)6,3987648
OFQZe(OFQZe)Adult (f)6,1397626
ZCtDp(ZCtDp)Adult (f)6,3507755
GIj6k(GIj6k)Adult (f)2,9125296
M13p9(M13p9)Adult (f)2,6085244
yuZwZ(yuZwZ)Adult (f)4,3951,3423
UFKAr(UFKAr)Adult (f)4,1831,3622
0ozwM(0ozwM)Adult (f)4,0221,3345
MBSwM(MBSwM)Adult (f)5,1358451
0jHar(0jHar)Adult (f)3,2198121
SiaXpFreeze Desipis IHatchling (f, F)4,5859103
kZB9PE Desert Zyumorph IIIAdult (m)6,0491,2045
U6z8YE Desert Zyumorph IAdult (f)8,0176984
X26VVE Desert Zyumorph IIAdult (m)7,7541,1029
FCSRkE Desert Zyumorph IVAdult (m)7,7978043
pCfDU(pCfDU)Adult (m)8,2571,0573
1tkC1(1tkC1)Adult (f)6,1171,1463
Gm2Co(Gm2Co)Adult (m)
DeBVg(DeBVg)Adult (m)
vFTarOh Gray Can You SeeAdult (m)2,3576442
s26IAGraying AroundAdult (m)4,4541,2495
blMUbYo-YojiAdult (m)2,3316846
XaErI(XaErI)Adult (m)3,4509117
gFLWo(gFLWo)Adult (m)6,1638421
pCy3G(pCy3G)Adult (m)6,3718834
hjiVQYES DIE STUPID PEOPLEAdult (f)3,2418844
TqXBt(TqXBt)Hatchling (f, F)1,8935746
3CgvK(3CgvK)Hatchling (F)1,8045562
KGSF4Kill EveryoneAdult (f)3,8348304
hwdyNDESTROY THEMAdult (f)3,3021,0485
XGq0QASSASSINATINGAdult (f)4,6211,4403
wvCWMHATINGAdult (f)3,8548765
scdf5(scdf5)Adult (f)2,7035300
Q9s5Q(Q9s5Q)Adult (f)3,9154071
RaOsPFemale Gilded BloodscaleAdult (f)3,8711,1555
0VxT0FreeeeeezieHatchling (f, F)2,2377996
lAyfE(lAyfE)Adult (f)4,7601,114105
R62Jf(R62Jf)Adult (f)2,2022605
xPyTq(xPyTq)Adult (f)5,6066381
tKqSC(tKqSC)Adult (f)5,4831,0962
BIsD9(BIsD9)Adult (m)5,1271,0760
fH0DB(fH0DB)Adult (m)5,2391,1130
DagFT(DagFT)Adult (f)5,5171,1002
mbbWG(mbbWG)Adult (f)5,1341,0971
sogeq(sogeq)Adult (m)5,2558491
3oTUE(3oTUE)Adult (m)5,8958370
Tuh1p(Tuh1p)Adult (f)6,0498240
WZSNT(WZSNT)Adult (m)6,1598301
aLOjR(aLOjR)Adult (f)5,6398681
BFjn8(BFjn8)Adult (f)6,8258590
iDU0z(iDU0z)Adult (f)6,5408530
GOTyA(GOTyA)Adult (f)6,7248500
UrdG8(UrdG8)Adult (f)6,4787831
MPxeu(MPxeu)Adult (m)8,2491,1073
5YRew(5YRew)Adult (m)7,8631,1781
7rg1N(7rg1N)Adult (f)7,6391,1581
X7oS0(X7oS0)Adult (f)7,7021,1541
C0OaE(C0OaE)Adult (f)7,0871,2501
UDlHL(UDlHL)Adult (m)4,3084360
deTMo(deTMo)Hatchling (F)11,0417762
TFFxm(TFFxm)Adult (m)5,2559944
OLEyfOpalescent BirthdayAdult (f)2,8218052
vuK0G(vuK0G)Hatchling (f, F)2,6757672
GjT9ONasty FoursomeAdult (f)3,4491,1366
XmoBP(XmoBP)Adult (f)3,32347610
mqJ9YHorn TailAdult (f)2,3866362
rEteP(rEteP)Adult (f)4,1671,0982
pFN9Q(pFN9Q)Adult (f)4,0155057
vYE0GWhingingAdult (m)2,6929752
O89nN(O89nN)Adult (m)6,1811,0632
Pw5yY(Pw5yY)Hatchling (F)2,6484342
Od0Yl(Od0Yl)Adult (m)2,9758702
smEXuSmexy StoneAdult (f)3,0861,0364
39286(39286)Adult (m)3,2241,09710
bX7vY(bX7vY)Hatchling (f, F)2,3514434
SsKA0I'm a Leetle StonedAdult (m)4,7931,2635
sahPh(sahPh)Adult (m)5,2677520
JDlU3(JDlU3)Adult (f)4,8927052
urXZE(urXZE)Adult (m)4,4899252
GmInxOmen Wyrm VIIAdult (m)5,2211,3953
JIP38Omen Wyrm IXAdult (m)5,0601,3866
oq8ssOmen Wyrm IIIAdult (m)5,4511,3544
FhNSjOmen Wyrm IAdult (m)5,5741,2102
YVMXCOmen Wyrm VAdult (m)5,3671,2861
qSyZ5(qSyZ5)Adult (m)2,7045842
hN1FLGorgeous Birthday OpalAdult (m)3,0991,1325
tEESaTeesaHatchling (F)2,3026304
Fl7gn(Fl7gn)Hatchling (m, F)5,1498632
jSlSS(jSlSS)Adult (m)6,8461,1504
Qexb8E Forest Zyumorph IIAdult (m)5,8021,1615
n04KyE Forest Zyumorph IAdult (f)6,3089325
9ydOyE Forest Zyumorph IIIAdult (m)7,0471,2288
X0uzK(X0uzK)Adult (m)5,9611,0212
SY37Z(SY37Z)Adult (m)6,1731,0111
Tv1EsOylaoAdult (m)5,0081,4308
HlMHk(HlMHk)Adult (m)4,5688413
i2h2n(i2h2n)Adult (f)5,2303844
nksB0(nksB0)Hatchling (F)1,229981
nVNDa(nVNDa)Adult (f)2,9776365
Q1cvB(Q1cvB)Adult (m)4,1784821
0jfNvDazzling LuciferAdult (m)3,4671,10010
ZOtG9Erica is Too Lazy to Name MeAdult (f)3,61989810
8y7xV(8y7xV)Adult (f)5,4369481
9pBV6(9pBV6)Adult (f)4,7691,2277
Bxyvn(Bxyvn)Adult (f)7,2021,0848
Vc5tI(Vc5tI)Adult (f)5,8968010
L4KY2(L4KY2)Adult (m)5,7668182
2beLP(2beLP)Adult (f)6,6248203
RAmvv(RAmvv)Adult (m)6,0958241
0Ia3u(0Ia3u)Adult (f)5,3278932
OatpV(OatpV)Adult (f)4,0257523
wurCh(wurCh)Adult (m)7,9748150
96RQg(96RQg)Adult (f)9,0661,0692
9OwDROmen Wyrm VIIIAdult (f)5,0431,3682
Ukt1COmen Wyrm IIAdult (f)5,2221,3583
VgOqDOmen Wyrm IVAdult (f)5,3051,3983
RpJ26Omen Wyrm VIAdult (f)5,4661,3101
V8crlOmen Wyrm XAdult (f)2,3575441
WNLIdEwwwwwwwwwwwAdult (m)3,1329904
ri7ni(ri7ni)Adult (m)7,0731,1561
llLsm(llLsm)Adult (m)4,4193890
5icag(5icag)Adult (f)5,3749631
TFtAC(TFtAC)Adult (f)5,2111,1181
jRDKs(jRDKs)Adult (m)6,2038772
9BtXK(9BtXK)Adult (f)2,9375771
kEELl(kEELl)Adult (m)3,7634472
fOMSQ(fOMSQ)Adult (f)3,5344582
OyBDp(OyBDp)Adult (f)4,9009331
WlYxv(WlYxv)Adult (m)4,2157651
LFdIV(LFdIV)Adult (f)6,1721,1545
2zIm0(2zIm0)Adult (m)2,9689010
zLbv7(zLbv7)Adult (m)3,4059131
EnVEnSweet Silver MelodyAdult (f)4,9371,10229
UJGPP(UJGPP)Hatchling (f, F)2,5178967
ihklcGlowing BlusangAdult (f)4,0661,1698
VUkouYou KNOW HerAdult (f)5,64594616
q75yv(q75yv)Hatchling (F)4,5797774
5UpIGHow Have You BeenAdult (f)2,97583018
dV4tD(dV4tD)Adult (f)4,5421,17412
8LgeY(8LgeY)Adult (f)3,36089315
xVAI5Walkin' on Silvery WaterAdult (f)3,46074810
e0MTi(e0MTi)Adult (f)2,9451,1039
7Zq8JCB Companion CubeAdult (f)2,9571,0738
KJAQaWheeeeeAdult (f)2,6701,0677
oi9pQPot HotatoAdult (f)5,88889420
1oVG5Silver EstablishmentAdult (f)4,04093016
afZaDShiny FaecAdult (f)2,4451,0317
4vcCzPinksilver NoeyAdult (f)3,80091610
lyZkHI'll Never Threaten to Stab YouAdult (f)3,99795315
qD8jmRusty Plastic SilverAdult (f)3,83299111
PXjPBErica8798Adult (f)3,7141,12012
WEUxEVwysqc Sfjrv AdhrcnAdult (f)3,6431,08416
7uqxG(7uqxG)Adult (f)3,90972313
EAdS2You Know - After You MURDERED MeAdult (f)3,7371,23742
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